Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam – My Eyes Got Bigger and Bigger… Look Closer.

Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam – My Eyes Got Bigger and Bigger… Look Closer.

“If I could show you an easy proven and guaranteed way to make $379 a day and more, working part-time from the comfort of your home… Would you be interested?” – Raena Lynn, the founder of 45 Minute Paydays.

Not bad, if the offer is genuine. But what if it isn’t?

Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam or legit? And if it is legit, how can you make money with it?

I am going to answer these questions in the detailed review below. So please keep reading and see if this work-from-home opportunity is for you.

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Quick Review

Name: 45 Minute Paydays
Login page:
Founder: Raena Lynn
Price: $49 + massive upsells (tens of thousands of dollars)
Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Franchise Marketing
My overall rank: 3 out of 10

My Verdict: 45 Minute Paydays is a SCAM (While what they do is half-true, it also half deceit, therefore qualifying as a fraud).

While it’s possible to get rich with 45 Minute Paydays, be warned – First, your chances are remote. Second, it’s going to cost you an arm and a leg (peace of mind and a clear conscience). Would you enjoy swimming in money while ripping off others?

I consider such business unethical and, therefore, cannot recommend it.

A Better Alternative to the 45 Minute Paydays. It’s Legit, Ethical, and FREE to Get Started.

Listen! If you are looking for ways to make money online, there are much better, safer, and more CHEAPER ways to learn it than the 45 Minute Paydays. For example, here’s my top recommendation. Find out if it can help you.

Why do I like it? First, because it’s legit, moral, and transparent. No spamming. No scamming.

And the best part of it –

  • It is 100% newbie-friendly
  • You can choose absolutely any niche you like  (a topic you love doing the most)
  • It has one of the best support systems out there (if not the best)
  • It’s FREE to get started
  • Thre are no upsells

And yes, I am using it every day.

When You Take a Closer Look… Wow, It’s Downright Incredible.

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Full Review – Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam?

What Is 45 Minute Paydays?

To make it short, 45 Minute Paydays is a small website that serves as a sales funnel to MOBE company (My Online Business Empire or My Own Business Education).

In that way, it is similar to My Millionaire Mentor (by Ryan Mathews), Automated Daily Income, and many-many other such websites.

By the way, 45 Minute Paydays, Accelerated Income, and Automated Daily Income belong to the same woman – Raena Lynn – and are, in fact, just duplicates:

Do you notice the difference between these two websites?

45 minute paydays and Automated Daily Inocome are but duplicates

Do you notice any difference between these two websites?

All these sites (and probably many others) are pretty much identical and will lure you into the costly MOBE subscription.

Remember, $49 for the MTTB 21-step training is just a bite. Once you have joined the MOBE ranks, expect sky-high upsells. Seriously!

Who is Raena Lynn, the Founder of 45 Minute Paydays?

Although many 45 Minute Paydays reviews (as well as the Automated Daily Income reviews) claim that Raena Lynn is a fake character, this is not true.

Raena Lynn is a real person. She is a divorced mother of two from Idaho. I am not 100% sure, but I have come to the conclusion that her story is genuine – Raena is a former teacher who struggled to make ends meet and support her kids…

…Until she discovered My Online Business Empire (MOBE).

Thanks to MOBE, she was able to create a passive income online, achieve financial freedom, and is now doing exceptionally well (Notice the “prosperous and free” remark in her Twitter bio):

Raena Lynn's Twitter account

Where did all her wealth come from?

Simple! By promoting MOBE and its top-tier products, then earning fat commissions ($1,250, $3,300, and even $5,500).

This clearly begs the question of whether you can emulate her success. And how does the 45 Minute Paydays fit into the picture?

Keep reading, and I will show you how she did it and what it’s going to cost you.

How Can You Make Money With MOBE?

I have already written a detailed review of MOBE, so I don’t want to repeat myself here. I kindly ask you to read the review (It’s entirely worth it, especially when you are on the fence about whether to start making money with the 45 Minute Paydays or not).

Here’s how it works:

Matt Lloyd, the CEO, and founder of MOBE discovered that it’s easier to get rich by selling top-tier products than the cheap ones. So he has created the whole plethora of expensive products and services under the MOBE brand.

Almost all of them (if not all) are information products and teach you how to make money online – more precisely, how to promote MOBE.

My Top Tier Business 21 Step System AdHis most popular product is MTTB or My Top Tier Business. It is a 21 step internet training that will help you set up, run, and grow your own online business.

There is good and bad news, though.

The good news is that MOBE is pretty much done-for-you business opportunity. You’ll get the training, personal coach, and access to their professional sales team (who will do all the selling for you).

The only thing YOU need to do is go out and recruit new members (link up potential customers and the MOBE sales team). Every time they buy from MOBE, you make money.

The bad news is that it’s not a cakewalk, especially for newbies.

Second, within My Online Business Education, you are limited to promote MOBE and MOBE only. Terrible!

Even worse, to make commissions from any of the top-tier MOBE products and services, you must buy those products and services in the first place.

Here are a few examples:

Overpriced MOBE Mastermind products

Do you have that money, to begin with?

Don’t think for a second you can make thousands of dollars in commissions by only paying them $49 for the MTTB training.

An Example:

Say, you want to promote MOBE Diamond Mastermind ($29,997 + $295 a month) and earn 90% commission from each sale. Then first you must buy that Diamond Mastermind.

Hey! You must be a filthy rich before you can even consider joining the system.

But it’s much, much worse:

The only way you can make money with MOBE is by promoting MOBE products. It means you will only make money when your recruits lose it. And the person that recruited you makes money when you lose it.

This scheme is called a pyramid scheme where upper tiers win money while people on the lower levels lose it. Pyramid schemes are illegal and highly unethical.

That’s why I cannot recommend making money with MOBE. While it’s possible to make tons of money by selling those top-tier products, you will do it by the price of your soul and a clear conscience (you will start making money by ripping off other innocent people. Then, teaching them to do the same to others).

So what about the 45 Minute Paydays? How does it fit into the picture?

Raena Lynn, the founder of 45 Minute Paydays, is one of the top recruiters and coaches in My Online Business Empire. And 45 Minute Paydays (as well as the Automated Daily Income, etc.) are her way to find and recruit new members.

That’s the sole purpose of the 45 Minute Paydays website. It’s just a sales page that points you to the $49 MTTB 21 step training.

And be careful – the tiny $49 entrance price is only a bite! Not only that. These meaty $1,50, $3,300, and $5,500 commissions are but a money carrot to make you join MOBE.

Rember! Once you have joined their ranks, they will use every single trick in their tool bag to make you buy as many of these overpriced top-tier products as possible (after all, that’s their business plan – to make you fork out cash until it hurts).

Then, as I wrote above, they are happy to teach you to do the same for other innocent people.

Do you feel comfortable making riches like that? I doubt it.

Can You Make Money With the 45 Minute Paydays?

I can confirm you  – most probably you will not make anything with it

How do I know?

Their Income Disclaimer says it:

Income Disclaimer says - average income is less than $700 a year

See! Even active affiliates generate under $700 a year on average. It’s less than $58 a month.


Can you imagine! The MOBE people expect you to buy MOBE products worth thousands of dollars, and that’s what you get in return?

Wait! There’s more gripping information in their Income Disclaimer. Take a look:

Most MOBE members make no money with the system


Because, first, as I told, it’s a pyramid scheme:

MLM pyramid scheme diagram

Second, driving traffic to a website is not a cakewalk, especially if you are a complete newbie. And especially in the make-money-online niche. Because it’s the hardest, most competitive, and most saturated niche of all. There’s no other niche harder than that.

Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam?

Yes, it is a scam. Here’s why:

Red Alert #1: Fake Raena Lynn

While Raena Lynn is a real person (as shown above), in the 45 Minute Paydays sales page she is using a random stock image:

Random stock photo used for Raena Lynn

The photo is downloaded from iStock and used in different articles (see an example). It has nothing to do with Raena Lynn.

My verdict: It is deceit.


Tired of Scams? Check Out THIS Legit (and Ethical) Opportunity Instead.

I’ve Seen A Lot Of Work-from-Home Opportunities, And NOTHING Comes Close To This One.

As Soon As You Look Closer, You’ll See Why.


Red Alert #2: Fabricated Testimonials

While some of the testimonials found in the 45 Minute Paydays website belong to real people (they got rich the same way – by ripping off others):

Genuine people giving these testimonials

…There are also fake testimonials:

100% fabricated testimonials
Testimonials in the 45 Minute Paydays site

Now compare them to these:

Fabricated testimonials found in the ADI site
Testimonials in the Automated Daily Income site

Ridiculous, isn’t it?

My verdict: It is deceit.

Red Alert #3: False Sense of Urgency

How many free positions in your area? 9:

It's always 9 free positions -false sense of urgency

However, scroll down, and you will see this:

Now it's 3 free spots - false sense of urgency

Scroll up, and it’s ‘9’ again. It’s always 9 (or 3) free spots, visit their website whenever you want.

My verdict: It is deception

Red Flag #4: Fake Paychecks

Now, this is sweet. Look at the paychecks found from the 45 Minute Paydays report and Melissa Johnson work-from-home report (another scam):

Fake Raena Lynn Automated Daily Income paycheck

Fake Melissa Johsnon paycheck

It’s utterly laughable, isn’t it?

If the 45 Minute Paydays and MOBE are legit and moral, why on Earth produce such crap? Why give your campaign such a death blow?

My verdict: It is deceit.

Final Verdict

After thoroughly researching the 45 Minute Paydays, I have concluded:

…It is not a 100% fake system (its owner is still a real person, it promotes an actual product, it’s possible to make money with it, etc.) However, it shamelessly deceits potential buyers and persuades them into buying a costly rip-off scheme called MOBE.

Moreover, you can only make money with it when other people lose. I find it highly unethical and, therefore, cannot recommend it.

Much Safer Way to Make Legitimate Money Online

Whatever the reason why you want to make money online…

…Be it your financial freedom… more quality time with your kids and spouse… security in old age… desire to travel the world… more time for your hobbies or sports… pay your bills…

You know the “why.” I can only confirm and encourage you – You are on the right track. Seriously!

YES! It is absolutely possible to make side money (or even a second income) online. Yes, it is possible to do it WITHOUT paying tens of thousands of dollars for training and ripping off others.

Really? Really!


Here is, in my humble opinion, by far…

…The most complete and newbie-friendly program for creating a thriving internet business from home.

And the best part of it – It’s FREE to get started. Click on the link to learn how you can do it.

What About You?

Thank you for taking the time and reading my 45 Minute Paydays review. I hope you found it useful.

Now, what are your thoughts? Is 45 Minute Paydays a Scam or not? Please drop me a comment below, and I will return with a response.

Thank you again.

Stay safe!

Egon (



  1. Simon Crowe in Asia says:

    Wow Automated Daily Income and 45 Minute Paydays have the exact same website! It’s very typical for scams like this to use cookie-cutter websites like this, changign nothing but domain and heading isn’t it?

    And those upsells are ridiculous! When ‘companies’ sell a gateway product at $49 and then try to upsell you… it obviously shows they don’t believe in the product they’re selling, otherwise you wouldn’t need the upsells.

    If they don’t believe in it why should I? Thanks Egon, totally agree with you here, obviously 45 Minute Paydays is a complete and outright scam!

    • The problem with the MOBE (and all its affiliate brances) is that the whole business plan is designed and built up the way to rip off its members, then teach them to do same to others. That’s what I absolutely don’t like here. The small gateway price $49 is only a bite and designed to lure you into subscription.

      Then, after step 6 (in that 21 step training) they ask you to pay additional $2500 or they won’t unlock the other steps for you. So basically, everything is about the amount of money that they can squeeze out of you.

      Upsells are obvious red flags to me. They give me a warning signal that the company (or people behind it) is not honest and tries to deceive me. Not good.

      Companies that respect their customers/members and truly want to help them succeed never behave like that. Wealthy Affiliate for example – They have two memberships only: Starter Membership, which is completely free, and their all-inclusive Premium membership ($49 a month). That’s all they have.

      It’s not like you have to pay through your nose for every single piece of information, step, or training (like in MOBE). No! With the WA Premium membership you will get EVERYTHING you need to start, run, and grow your successful online business. That’s why I like Wealthy Affiliate. I pay one time and that’s it – I will get everything? Sounds great, right?

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