Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam…? Wait, WHAT? Look A Little Closer…

Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam…? Wait, WHAT? Look A Little Closer…

does Wealthy Affiliate program work? Or is it a fraud?Is My Wealthy Affiliate a scam or not?

Well, to start with, what gives a person the right to say, “This program is a scam,” or, “That company is a fraud?”

The answer is quite simple. First, look at the ways that people get victimized by online scams. Second, put the program to the test and see whether it does the same to its users.

That’s what I am going to do below, in my ‘Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam’ review. First, I am going to show how online fraudsters scam people. Second, I will put Wealthy Affiliate to the test and prove that it does not have any symptoms of online scams.

Let’s dig in, shall we?


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Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam – Review

Let me start with the term ‘online scam’ (or ‘internet fraud’). What is the internet fraud definition? Well, by definition:

what is online scam definition

Next step, what are the most common online frauds and how they scam unaware people?

According to Heimdal Security – A Norwegian security company that develops security software against cyber-criminal attacks, the following 11 types are the most popular schemes:

[Sidebar: I add the primary goal of the scheme in parentheses – what the conmen want to get from you]

  • Phishing email scam – (your login credentials, personal and financial data)
  • Money laundering scam  – (your money – savings, etc.)
  • Greeting card scam – (your money, also private and financial data)
  • A guaranteed credit card – (or bank loan) scam (your money)
  • Lottery scam – (your money)
  • Hitman scam – (your money)
  • Romance scam – (your money)
  • Travel scam – (your money)
  • Fake Antivirus software scam – (your login credentials, personal and financial data)
  • Hijacked (Social Media) Profile scam – (your login credentials, personal and financial data)
  • Get Quick Rich scams – (your money)

internet thieves are always after your moneyAs you can see from the list above, the type of scheme is not really necessary. They all want to steal:

  1. Your money
  2. Your personal data (including login credentials, etc.)
  3. Your financial data (credit card details, bank account details, etc.)

At the end of the day, all three boil down to only one – money. YOUR money.

Because once they have your personal information, they can sell it to other criminal gangs (=get money). And by having your financial data, they can empty your bank accounts or credit cards… Or trade that data to other criminals (=get money).

Now, as you can see below, if Wealthy Affiliate were a scam, it would fall into the ‘Get Quick Rich’ scam category. Therefore, let’s look at this category closer.

How Do ‘Get Quick Rich’ Schemes Scam People?

First, what is a get rich quick scheme to begin with? What is Make Money Online scam?

Without going into too much detail, here’s how Wikipedia defines it:

A get-rich-quick scheme is a plan to obtain high rates of return for a small investment. The term “get rich quick” has been used to describe shady investments since at least the early 1900s. … Get rich quick schemes often assert that wealth can be obtained by working at home.

tropical scenery and yacht
Get Quick Rich Schemes always sell you dreams

In other words, get-quick-rich schemes have some distinctive features:

  1. You get high returns for a small investment
  2. They involve only a little (and often easy) work
  3. The wealth accumulates quickly
  4. Usually, you can obtain it by working at home.

Because it involves ‘fast,’ ‘easy,’ ‘big money,’ and ‘working from home,’ there is a mind-blowing need for such type of business opportunities. And guess what? Cybercriminals love that fact. And they are exploiting it to the utmost.

Fortunately for them, it’s effortless to achieve. All the scammers need to do is an appeal to one basic human need – money.

Ripping off unaware people
Get Quick Rich products are typically some rip off schemes

Thus, these online con-men will lure you into believing that by buying their program or following their teaching, you can quickly and easily rake in wealth on the internet. Some examples of their tactics are non-existent jobs (example), high-risk investment opportunities (example 1 / example 2), upselling (example 1 / example 2), etc., etc., etc.)

Also, they lure victims into giving away sensitive personal information and financial data (such as credit card data, etc.)

There are many more creative ways in their toolbox to make people part with their money. Remember, these online charlatans are incredibly creative, and their tactics often highly sophisticated.

If you don’t want to get mugged, you must be very careful. Seriously!

How Does My Wealthy Affiliate Work?

So what about Wealthy Affiliate (WA)? What is Wealthy Affiliate, and is it a scam?

Let me answer both of these questions?

To begin with, I have already written a detailed review of how Wealthy Affiliate works and how you can make money with Wealthy Affiliate (see here). Therefore, I don’t want to repeat myself here and am going to give you just a very general description.

To put it simply, Wealthy Affiliate is a very transparent internet training platform and community. On the one hand, it’s like an online business university (gives you training). On the other hand, it is like a social media network that is oriented to internet marketing (gives you support).

Wealthy Affiliate is all-inclusive, which means you get everything from one place. Everything you need to start, run, and grow a successful online business.

If you want to learn more about WA, please read here.

Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam?

Now I am ready to give you four proofs (there are many more) that will show – Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam.

Proof #1: Wealthy Affiliate Founders Are Real Persons

Sounds trivial, but it isn’t.

Why? Because remember, scams and frauds are illegal criminal activities. Therefore, internet gangsters do everything to hide their true identities.

As a result, all they give you are bogus founders (played by paid actors), fabricated testimonials. etc. (example 1 / example 2 / example 3).

You never know the real people behind these shady systems and products. They leave you no contact information, no postal address, no nothing. Everything is either hidden or faked.

Now that is the polar opposite with Wealthy Affiliate. WA is very transparent. Kyle Loudon and Carson Lim – the founders of Wealthy Affiliate are real people. Their WA accounts are public and accessible to everyone:

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam review - Kyle's Wealthy Affiliate account

Carson Lim WA account page

Both of them are blood and flesh; both have families, authentic social media accounts, etc. And both are actively involved in helping WA members daily:

Example of Kyle helping a WA member

Proof#2: There Are No Upsells in WA

As I wrote above, upselling (and hidden paywalls) is one of the most common tactics in the arsenal of online charlatans.

However, you find no upsells in Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has two distinctive memberships and nothing else. The first one is a Starter Membership, which is somewhat limited but completely free. The second is a Premium Membership, which is $49 a month (cheaper if you choose to go yearly) and is all-inclusive.

wealthy affiliate reviews - membership grid

Yes, WA Premium membership is all-inclusive. Everything is unlocked for you, and there are no additional paywalls.

Proof #3: WA Is Not a ‘Get Quick Rich’ Scheme

Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate, keep repeating that the Wealthy Affiliate training platform is not a Get Quick Rich scheme.

Here’s one of the quotes by Kyle that defines how you can succeed within Wealthy Affiliate:

“We live in a world where our success is differentiated by how hard one works versus the other. Look around at anyone that has achieved any level of success around you, and they all share one characteristic (hint: it’s not always intelligence).


Here’s another one:

“Plain and simple. Focused hard work will always pay off if done over a sustained period of time in the business world.”

And yet another one:

“Unlike most of the push button scams that tell you success is instant, I can tell you quite the contrary. It took me work. It will take you work. But you can and WILL achieve success.“

That’s just precisely what Kyle and Carson have advocated all through the last 10+ years. To tell the truth, the following statement was the very first paragraph of the newly born Wealthy Affiliate (back in 2005):

“First of all we need to agree on something. Making money on the internet is not easy. If it was easy everyone would be doing it, making millions of dollars a year and doing it from the comfort of their own home. If you are lazy and are not willing to put in some hard work please leave the site now as this isn’t a scam to make a quick buck.”

See! Wealthy Affiliate mentality is entirely different from scammers. It has nothing to do with Getting Rich Quick attitude.

Proof #4: No False Sense of Urgency

A false sense of urgency is another popular tactic of online scams.

It’s like, “Hey! This is your opportunity of a lifetime, but there are only a few (9, 6, or 2) free spots left. So if you don’t want to miss it, you must act at once. Today is the last day, and after that, the opportunity is gone for good.” 

However, visit these scam sites tomorrow or next week or next month – these 9, or 6, or 2 free spots will still be available. These scammers are lying through their teeth.

Can you find anything like that in the Wealthy Affiliate sign up page? No! See yourself:

Remove term: how does wealthy affiliate program work how does wealthy affiliate program work - WA signup page
Can you find any urgency factors in the Wealthy Affiliate signup page? Right, there’s none.

Why Do People claim Wealthy Affiliate Is a Scam?

Because there are still very many people who think making money online should be quick and easy. They want to snap fingers and get money raining down on them from heaven.

Unfortunately, that’s the mindset that they have when they join Wealthy Affiliate training. And when the overnight success does not happen, some people get disappointed, throw the towel in and quit. Then they go out and start touting, “Wealthy Affiliate is an online scam. If you join them, you will lose your money.”

Plain wrong!

The only way you can lose money with Wealthy Affiliate is when paying for the Premium membership and then do nothing. In that case, it is a waste of money, indeed.

Think about it. Isn’t this the same with universities? If you pay high university tuition fees and then don’t bother to go to classes, do your homework, etc. Isn’t that a waste of money as well?

Of course, it is.

The same with Wealthy Affiliate. After all, it’s an ‘Online Business’ training center. Plus, you can always stop if you feel it’s not for you. There are no financial obligations whatsoever.

Final Verdict

Based on the proofs provided above, I can state clearly my conviction –

Wealthy Affiliate is NOT a scam. It is an excellent training platform and community for those who want to learn how to start, run, and grow their own successful online business.


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Why not do it now, before something else gets in the way. And don’t forget you have nothing to lose.

What About You?

Thank you for taking your time and reading my ‘Is My Wealthy Affiliate a Scam’ review. I hope you found the information useful and it answered your questions.

Do you have any other unanswered questions on Wealthy Affiliate? Please write it into the comment section below, and I will return with a response.

Stay safe!

Egon (




  1. Minhaj says:

    Hi Egon

    I agree with you Wealthy Affiliate is not a scam, I like the way explained what scams are and the examples you provide and how wealthy affiliate is different.
    One thing I appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is that they don’t tell you it’s easy but provide you with all the tools and training to give you the best chance at online success.
    Thanks for the article

    • Agree Minhaj. Kyle and Carson – the founders of WA – are very clear on that, to succeed online you must invest your time and work. There simply are no shortcuts. Saying that though, they provide everything you ever need to succeed online – all the tools, training, support, hosting, everything… Awesome!

      So if you are willing to do the work, WA is there to help you achieve your goals.



  2. Yunier Gonzalez says:

    This was a fresh of breath air since most programs on the web are just scams or a pure sales page.Wealthy affiliate seems like a very good resource for affiliate marketers wanting to learn the ins and out of the business. I actually enjoy how wealthy affiliate lets you join for free with more access to other features if you want to go premium.

    • Wealthy Affiliate is an awesome resource for those who want to make money online through online marketers. In fact, for ten years Wealthy Affiliate has created more work-from-home entrepreneurs than any other online program in the world. That’s simply amazing, do you agree? And yes, probably one of the reasons for this is that they allow you to start for free. The other reasons are its strict spam-free environment, five-star certification courses, and super supportive community.

      There are many more but my personal feeling (and experience) is that these are the main reason why Wealthy Affiliate has been such a success story over the last 10 years.

  3. Dave says:

    I’m glad that this is not an overhyped scam. Finally, I can get to make money online with it. But I was wondering how long it would take me to get a good flow of revenue every month with wealthy affiliate if I created a website about treating acne.

    Would you have any idea?

    • Hi, Dave, and thank you for taking time and dropping me a comment.

      Obviously, before I can answer your question, the term ‘a good flow of revenue every month’ should be defined more specifically. What does it mean? People are different. One person is happy with extra $500 a month, the other is not happy if it is under $10,000 a month.

      Then, what’s your background? Are you a complete novice or you have at least some years of experience under your belt? It makes a huge difference.

      Then, how much time can you afford? The more time you can invest, the more faster you move forward. Plus, some people are just a bit more talented than others. For some, it just come a bit easier than for others.

      As you can see, all these factors (and probably many others) have impact on the outcome. Therefore, it’s very difficult to predict. And (sorry to say) I know almost nothing about treating acne.

      All I can say, is it won’t happen within first weeks or even first couple of month. Remember, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get quick rich scheme. Instead, it will help you build up your own successful internet business. It takes time and had work. But it will reward you for years to come.

      However, I can assure you, if that’s your niche and you want to achieve success online, if you don’t give up and quit, eventually you will achieve success. That’s most important.

      Did it answer your question, sir?

      God bless you,


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