Is the Mercari App a Scam – When I Took Closer Look… It Shocked Me

Is the Mercari App a Scam – When I Took Closer Look… It Shocked Me

Are you looking for an online flea market where you could sell items you don’t need anymore (and thus make some side money)? Or maybe you want to buy stuff with a cheap price?

If so, Mercari App is one of such online marketplaces that you may want to consider. There is a big trouble, though – The internet is flooded with complaints against Mercari. So therefore, you may want to ask, “Is the Mercari App a scam?”

Is the the platform trustworthy and safe enough to make business with it?

The Mercari App review below tries to answer these (and other related) questions.

So let’s dig right into the details:

Quick Review

Logo of the Mercari appName: Mercari App
Mercari App
Mercari App download: App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android devices
Niche: Online flea market
Price: (Download: free; buying: free; selling: 10%)
Founder: Shintaro Yamada (Japan)
My Overall Rank: 5 out of 10
My Verdict:

Mercari App is legit make-money-online opportunity…

…That being said, approach Mercari with great caution! There are tons of complaints against the platform circulating in the internet (more on that below). Sadly, way too many former members (both buyers and sellers) have had awful experiences with the app. Hence my rank 5 out of 10.

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Full Review – Is the Mercari App a Scam?

What is Mercari App

Mercari, a Japanese company founded by Shintaro Yamada, is the Japan’s “biggest community-powered shopping fair,” which has recently expanded to United States. It advertises itself as “a hassle-free and secure way to buy and sell items straight from your mobile device or tablet.”

In other words, Mercari is a mobile app which allows people buy and sell goods online right from their phones. 

What items you can sell on Mercari?

Truth be told, pretty much everything. You can sell fashion, electronics, jewelry, console games, etc.

Mercari is an online flea market

Also, as you might expect, you can sell new, used, and hand-made items.

How Does It Work?

The whole process is pretty similar to eBay and other online shopping marketplace. If you are not familiar with it, here’s how it goes:

How to Sell on Mercari

the mercari app login pageFirst, you obviously need to create your Mercari account and download their app. After that you can start listing your items by uploading their images and adding some details. Uploading has been made extremely simple as the the app allows you to shoot photos and automatically upload them.

Second, when the buyer has picked the item and paid for it, the Mercari App allows you to create and print a shipping label in your home.

Third, send the item to the buyer.

Fourth, Once the buyer has received the item, he…

  1. Will use the Mercari App to confirm that he has received the purchase
  2. Will rate his/her experience transacting with you.

Fifth, Only after the buyer has verified that he/she has received the item and it is as described, Mercari releases the payment to you (seller).

Sixth, After the buyer has finished rating your service, you can rate the buyer.

Note! On Mercari, buyer’s rating completes the sale.

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How to Buy on Mercari?

First, download the Mercari App from the Apple Store or Google Store (all transactions go through the app):

To buy on Mercari you first need to download the app

See! You cannot buy or sell on Mercari without downloading their app.

Second, select an item you want to buy and pay for it.

Note! Mercari will hold your payment until the item gets delivered and you verify that it is as described.

Third, If you are happy with the item, close the sale by rating the seller. However, if the item was not as described, go through Mercari to initiate a return.

Note! On Mercari, if you return the item, you lose the ability to rate the seller.

Is the Mercari App a Scam?

So far so good! So what’s the problem? Is the Mercari App legit? Or is it a scam?

As I discovered, there are some huge problems connected with the Mercari flea market platform that you may want to know before starting buying/selling on it.

As far as I understand, the biggest problem is not that the marketplace is filled with dishonest sellers and buyers… The biggest problem is that Mercari cannot (or don’t want to) deal with the fraudsters.

As a result, its best two groups of people – good buyers as well as good sellers – fall victim to the system. And that’s tragic.

Who are the winners?

  1. Mercari
  2. Fraudulent (dishonest) sellers
  3. Dishonest buyers

Let me list some of the main problems of Mercari App and see what you think! To make things easier to understand, I split these problems into two parts:

  1. Problems connected with sellers
  2. Problems connected with buyers

Here we go:

The Mercari App Complaints

As I told above, Mercari online flea market seems to be heavily filled with scammers (both buyers and sellers). Therefore, either way you go it’s easy to fall victim to their fraudulent schemes.

If you are a seller, you get scammed by dishonest buyers (they will buy from you, then after receiving the item they cancel the transaction and get refunded…) And if you are a buyer, you get scammed by fraudulent sellers (you buy a brand new item, they send you used one instead, etc.)

And to make things worse, often people won’t get any help from Mercari.

Therefore, just to give you some examples, here are some warning signs for you:

1. If You Are a Seller

Payments not received:

People complaint that they don't get payments from Mercari App

No payments received from Mercari App

No payment - Mercari complaint

Accounts of Honest Sellers Get Shut Down

Many good Mercari sellers find their accounts banned

Good Sellers Get Suspended

Honest people get often suspended by Mercari App

There are many more complaints, like:

  • Awful (also ignorant and lazy) Customer Service
  • Mercari approves buyers deceptions
  • Offer no help to sellers
  • etc., etc., etc.

2. If You Are a Buyer

Full of Fake Items

Mercari allows selling fake items

Sellers Can Leave Retaliation Negative Feedback…

…And thus hurt your otherwise faultless buyer reputation (In eBay you cannot do that). This is huge problem if anyone can give you a stinking rating that is not true and you have no way to defend yourself.

Remember, you must live with that negative rating. There are cases where other sellers refuse to do business with the buyer because of that one bad feedback:

In Mercari sellers can give negative ratings to buyers

Refunds Delayed

Is the Mercari App a scam? Mercari complaints

More Mercari App Complaints

If you plan to sell or buy on Mercari, I highly recommend to at least scroll through the following complaints and feedback. herehere, and here.


Because then you have a much better picture of what you can expect from the Mercari platform. And thus you can stay safe.

Final Verdict

My verdict: The Mercari is a LEGIT platform to buy and sell stuff (and thus make some side money online). That being said, because of huge amount of complaints against Mercari App, please approach it with great caution. This is just to make sure you won’t get ripped off.

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What About You

First, thank you for reading my review. I hope you found the information you were looking for.

Now that you have read the Mercari App review, I’m curious to know your thoughts about it. Is the Mercari App a scam or not?

Also, do you have a personal experience with Mercari (good or bad) that you’d like to share?

Please drop me a comment below and I will return with a response.




  1. Hey there,

    I was about to get this app and start selling when I jump on the part where you said that most people complain of delayed payments.

    And worst of all, it has been suspended for 13 days! Man, I don’t want to suffer the same problems. Do you have any other alternatives I can use?

    • Hi, Dave, and thank you very much for the feedback. I appreciate it a lot.

      I am glad you found my review helpful. Also, I am happy to hear you did not give your money to scammers. Frankly, they don’t deserve it.

      As for the alternative ways to make legit (side) money online, have you tried this? Take a closer look and see whether it can help you. It won’t cost you a penny to figure out if it is for you.

      I personally like it very much (I use it since 2013 and I am very satisfied with their service). Here’s why.

      Stay safe and God bless you, sir :)


  2. April Whitmire says:

    I had been selling on Mercari for about 6 months and because l had one customer that made a complaint. They suspended my account but told me they wouldn’t delete my account until all my sales were final so l still had money coming to me. Then when the buyers had rated me and my money was released they told me that they were going to put a freeze on my funds for 60 or 90 day’s. So l can’t get my money until August. Please tell me where they have the right to hold my money. Their rules are if the buyer doesn’t make a complaint in three days then the sales are final. They don’t have a 60 to 90 day return policy. Please if anyone reading this has any advice, share your thoughts.

    • Thank you for the feedback, April.

      As for your problem, that’s why these schemes are designed in the first place – to rip off innocent day-traders. It’s tragic but that’s how it is. The reason why you cannot withdraw your funds is that the scammers have already divided and spent the loot. You may want to try but remember, people behind the Mercari app are heartless online criminals.

      Is your broker regulated or unregulated? If it is regulated broker, you can submit a complaint and see what happens. If it is some overseas unregulated broker, I am afraid you can kiss that money goodbye, there is no way to get it back.

  3. Good review. I was a sucesfull seller in mercari, no problem with buyers, suddenly one day got message from mercari telling me I have another account with them (not true), they cancelled my account (no proof or exlanation). When they cancel an acct, they erase your email so you are not able to login anymore, they kept the money you have at that time and they have no phone number, you loose the only way to comunicate with them.

    If you create another acct to see if you can claim or ask why your initial acct was cancelled then they will say that have you have 2 accts and cancel that one too, is a lose-lose situation. Dont do biz with them, avoid it at all cost

    • Hi, Mil, and thank you for the feedback. Your comment will help my other readers understand the true nature of the Mercari App. The more I read Mercari App complaints and testimonials, the more it seems to me that it’s like gambling – If you’re lucky you can make good business with them. But when luck against you, things will go out of your control and there’s nothing you can do to stop the downward spiral.

      I got scammed once that way. I don’t remember the product name anymore but those scammers offered me 60 day money back guarantee. I was carried away by it and forgot to check how to contact them. Then when it dawned to me that it was a scam and tried to contact them to ask my money back… Only then I learned that they did not provide any contact information. I learned the lesson the hard way.

      So if Mercari App closes your access to your account, they effectively stop you from communicating with them. So awfully dishonest!

      Yes, if you don’t want to get mugged, better don’t do business with them. There are much better platforms to build your own passive income online. Like this one here.

      Stay safe.


  4. khayla vorachak says:

    the old, free version of mercari was good. the respond turn around time was great, and they actually listened to the problems. i recently downloaded the app and found out now there’s a commission fee that must be paid to them, customer service does not respond, and they make it very difficult to find their customer support email. it takes them weeks to respond to me. i had an old account with my bank info linked that i couldn’t get into and they wouldn’t end the reset password to my email, so i had to make a new account. i asked them to delete my old account so i can link my bank account and lo an behold they cancelled both, so now i have money i sold in limbo. now they won’t answer me

    • Thank you Khayla. Your feedback sheds more light on Mercari and how trustworthy platform it is. And hey! What they are doing is NOT nice! In fact, I have no idea why turn a honest and successful trading platform into a scam like this. Truly, human greed (and stupidity) are limitless.

      Your comment only confirms one thing – Stay away from the Mercari App. Even if it was a good trading platform in the past, it is outright toxic now.

      Stay safe.


  5. audrey songer says:

    My daughter bought an iPhone on this app. When it came it did not have a SIM card and T-Mobile will not unlock the phone without the phone number or account number previously linked to this iPhone.

    The seller will not respond to our emails and we can’t get a response from mericari either.

    Now, I have a heartbroken 13 year old who is out her birthday money.

    • Thank you for the feedback Audrey! It’s cruel, isn’t it? It is especially heartbreaking when children get ripped off like that. Words fail me to express my total disgust with the Mercari App.

      I understand – all platforms have dishonest members. But it’s Mercari’s business to deal with them and help their honest customers. If they don’t do that… Well, then there is just one advice: Stay away from it. Don’t touch it. Toxic.

  6. I have all 5 star rating from all my buyers and I came across a buyer who asked a lot of questions before she buying which it is fine and I did all I can to answer her questions and I also informed her about the shipping time. Then she agreed and made the payment. So by helping her I shipped out her order the next day. Then she complained and asked me why I shipped so fast. And she wanted to cancel. I told her that I can not cancel but can offer her a return for refund once she received it. She said that she doesn’t want to deal this way and went ahead to file a complain with mercari. Mercari without any question closed and suspended my account. I have other orders that is in progress and some already received and pending to rate. Mercari just deleted all the orders where my customers already received their items. So I messaged them and they stated that I will be able to deposit my funds where I have to complete my transaction. the point is you can not complete the transaction because the account is no where to be accessible once it is closed. They don’t inform you of what will happen to the completed transaction which you didn’t deposit to you bank yet. Literally I feel they have stolen money from me because my customer already paid for the items but mercari gets to keep the fund because my account is suspended?

    • Hey, Eugene,

      Thank you for your feedback. Sad to hear you had such a terrible experience with Mercari. You are not the only one suffering that way. I have read many complaints where people have lost money in a similar way. And, in fact, that’s just exactly why I put a strong warning sign up and advised my readers to approach Mercari with extreme cautios. Yes, it’s possible to make good business using their platform. However, just one bad customer and your Mercari accounts will be mercilessly shut down.

      Awful, to say the least.

      If you want make a legit side-money online, Eugenie, have you already tried this? This is what I use to make legit side money online. After all, it won’t cost you a bean to find out if it can help you.

      Stay safe.


  7. Hi, I just recently made my first purchase on the Mercari App. After couple of days and several messages to the seller with no response, I made contact with customer service. They were quick to respond and said that they would contact the seller. A few hours later I heard back from the seller. She apologized and said she would ship the item..

    A shipping label was created but three days later it still hasn’t shipped. Another message to customer service after two days of waiting was met with no personal response but a new message on the item page telling me to wait a total of three days.

    The seller is not responding again. So… Being foolish and thinking that I may not receive this item, I took a chance and made a second purchase. Seller will not respond to messages.. So frustrating. I’m afraid to complain too much at this point because after reading some awful reviews there is a good chance they could suspend or deactivate my account.

    Fingers crossed it works out. Live and learn.

    • Hi Renee, and thank you for sharing your story. You are right, it’s frustrating. Very frustrating. After reading complaints like this one it becomes more and more obvious that Mercari is increasingly unreliable platform. It’s more like a lottery – if you’re lucky, everything goes smoothly. If not, you get pissed. Bad. Very bad.

      I really hope you will get your things sorted out, Renee.

      Stay safe,

  8. Don’t touch Mercari! Never had these issues even in EBay! Broken, counterfeit items received no refund! Last straw paid $110.00 money they take immediately btw, for a purse. Seller up and closes shop?! No idea. Just gone…. no notice even about refund from them! Even so takes 5-10 days! Why??? Such crap. Once I get my refund NEVER EVER AGAIN. I hate this place.

    • Hi, Cherie and thank you for the comment. I am saddened to hear you have had such a negative experience with the Mercari App. At the same time, I am glad you decided to share it to my readers and warn them. Thank you very much. I am baffled by the fact that so many people get deceived (in fact scammed) by these dishonest *business* people.

      Stay safe,

  9. This review was very helpful, I was going to download Mercari App, cause I heard they sold iPhones, which I’ve been looking to purchase for my daughter. But thank you so much for the insight it’s not worth the headache! Will not be downloading this App, thanks again.

    • Hey, Dee, and thanks for the comment. I am glad to hear you found my Mercari App review helpful. Also, I am glad I could save you from potential troubles and lost money. There are ever increasing number of complaints against the Mercari App and it is becoming increasingly evident is that the platform is NOT trustworthy.

      Stay safe,

  10. I sell on Mercari. My complaint is that I have real gemstones from sapphires to emeralds set in nickel free silver. I am selling them for less than $100. Still sitting on there over 6 months. I have bought a few things. My biggest complaint is that I am unable to contact anyone from Mercari by phone or email. The only way is to use a message. I’ve sold a few items but need to try someplace else. For me the Mercari App is not a good app for selling. I don’t give away new unused real precious and semi-precious gemstones.

    • Hi, Sueanna, and thank you for sharing your troubles with Mercari. This is very alarming indeed and your testimonial will only confirm the fact that Mercari is not a trustworthy business partner.

      I still hope you can settle with them and get back everything that belongs to you.

      Stay safe,

  11. I’m in the middle of being shut down by Mercari, they are telling me all the things you all speak of. So basically, I will not be seeing my $300 dollars. So discouraging🙁
    I really needed that money. Or I wouldn’t be selling! Funny how you have to have a tracking number when shipping. But when they say a buyer is shipping back, no tracking .. Mercari are thief’s!

    • Hey, Robin, and thank you for sharing about your personal experience with Mercari. I am saddened to hear you are about to lose a good chunk of your money… Seems to me they (Mercari) are good at one thing: to reduce their customers to tears… Terrible!

      I still want to thank you for sharing your story to my readers so they can be more careful.

      Stay safe,

  12. Caveat emptor

    Buyer Beware


    My first hand experience with Mercari was the purchase of a pair of sweat pants for a friend of mine. I had done a Google search for the product and went shopping on Google. One product was purchased and at the time I had never heard of Mercari and I did not even realize I was buying from a “business” I thought the seller was a private seller on eBay. The pants were shipped to my friend and when she opened the package the sweats were in her words “gross!” They were way oversized and on top of that they were old, and severely worn out. When my fiend told me, I said don’t worry I will have a return label sent to you. I am a seller on eBay and I knew my way around eBay. I was fortunate to find the order information and went to the web site for the seller. There was NO contact information. This was NOT eBay! What I realized in short order is that this “company”, Mercari is the antithesis of eBay. The seller has a “Store” on Mercari but there was no information about the seller or any way to contact them. I kept searching and eventually discovered a way to contact Mercari via email. I sent the following message:

    “Reference to ♡NESSA’S TREASURES ♡

    I purchased a pair of sweat pants for a friend of mine and they are several sizes too large. How do I return the item to the seller? There is no way to contact the seller directly.”

    I received this reply to my email:

    “Chelsea (Mercari)
    Nov 30, 10:07 AM PST

    Hey HDS,

    Thanks for reaching out to us!

    I’m so sorry your sweatpants did not arrive as expected. I know this must be incredibly frustrating but I am more than happy to help you resolve this.

    I went ahead and created your return request. Please attach pictures of the item within 24 hours so we can review your request.

    Make sure your pictures:
    – are clear and focused.
    – show the entire item. Front, back, sides, and any discrepancies.
    – include every item you received.
    – show the packaging the item was received in and the shipping label, if available.

    To expedite the process, please reach out to your seller and ask them if they will accept the return.

    Thanks for your patience!

    Team Mercari”

    The first thing I thought was very peculiar, was the salutation, HDS, which is the ID of my Google account. I had signed my message to them using my first name. It made me think this was a form reply generated by a computer which had use the “name” from my Google account as my name in the salutation.

    There are several very unusual points to their unprecedented request for photos of the product:

    1. The original image, yes only one, of the sweat pants on the Mercari site was of poor quality such that no details could be seen. The image of what was being represented as the pants was pants laid out on the floor.

    2. They requested photos be taken of the product! In all my years of buying and selling on line I have NEVER been asked to take photos of anything I was returning and I did not request photos from the one customer who requested a return from me.

    3. The photos, plural, were to be clear and focused.

    4. Images were to show the entire item.

    5. Images of the front, back, sides.

    6. Images of the discrepancies.

    7. And not to miss anything else they wanted every item photographed.

    8. Plus they wanted detailed images of the packaging and the shipping label.

    9. And they wanted all these images within 24 hours!

    I was flabbergasted! Not only did they insult me by asking me to take a photo of the sweat pants but they wanted images from every angle inside and out! Plus images of the packaging and the label?!?! In 24 hours??!! As a buyer I have to document an item as described above to be able to return it but the sellers can post an out of focus poorly illuminated single image of a product they are selling? They should make their sellers adhere to the standards of the buyers!

    I have never been so insulted and accused by any seller or organization in all the years of my on line dealings!

    But it gets even better. The final sentence in the reply letter from “Chelsea” requested that I, “…please reach out to your seller and ask them if they will accept the return…” I had clearly stated that there is no way to contact the seller. I guess “Chelsea” can’t read.

    When I incredulously re-read the message, I realized it was a form reply and was truly generated and sent by a computer. No real person could be so lacking of intelligence and common sense in replying to my initial message. Aside from the issue of photographs there are several glaring points about the message.

    1. The salutation did not use my name provided in the initial message I sent, the computer got the ID from my Google account.

    2. The sentence in the message, “ … I’m so sorry your sweatpants did not arrive as expected.” is totally out of order. The sweat pants did arrive as expected.

    3. The fact that the sweat pants were much too large was not “… incredibly frustrating …” it sometimes happens when ordering clothing sight unseen.

    4. Further, “Chelsea” wrote that she had initiated a “… return request.” Which is a bit peculiar especially with the aforementioned strict requirements for images within 24 hours.

    5. They are requesting images of “… and any discrepancies…” There are discrepancies on old worn out sweat pants all over the place.

    6. The reason the sweat pants were being sent back was because they were several sizes too big. However, had they been the correct size they would have been returned because they were severely worn out.

    7. The request to, “…include every item you received…” Is a clear indication this message is a form generated by a computer. There was obviously only one item.

    8. And I must plead with the seller and, “… ask them if they will accept the return…” if they will accept the return, IF. Really? If they will accept the return?

    My reply to the mindless computer:

    Nov 30
    to Mercari

    Thank you for your reply. There is no way to contact the seller so we will have to do this through you.

    The request for photos of the sweat pants is never done and sounds like a stall tactic method to summarily deny the return with no intention to even consider a return – I have never been asked to take photos of an item I have returned in my entire life. Further, the 24 hour time limit for photo submission is also another stall tactic with the same summary denial of return intent.

    The person for whom I purchased the sweat pants lives 180 miles from my location and for me to get there will take me 3-4 hours travel time one way and I am unable to do that. She currently lives in a work release dormitory with severe limitations and have none of the abilities to return the package with the severe limitations you impose. Residents there can only place a prepaid label on a package and deliver the package to the director for posting.

    What I need from you is to send a prepaid label to my friend. The address is:

    Lorem ipsum dolor
    sit amet consectetur
    adipiscing elit 10001

    Do not send it to me, I do not have the pants.

    I appreciate your help in this matter.

    To which the mindless computer sent me this:

    “Chelsea (Mercari)
    Nov 30, 1:55 PM PST

    Hey HDS,

    Thanks for getting back to me. I understand this can be a frustrating process.

    To process your return request and verify the condition of the item, I’ll need well-lit zoomed out photos of the entire front and back. Please also include the packaging, if available, and any other items received.

    We ask for photos, so we can better understand the request and make a fair decision for our buyer and seller.

    As for the 24 hours, we just want to give our users a fair amount of time to be able to fulfill this request.

    If you have any issues or further questions, please let me know within 24 hours, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!

    Thank you for your patience!

    Team Mercari”

    1. Again with the salutation and someone really likes the word “frustrating”.

    2. We ask for photos, so we can better understand the request and make a fair decision for our buyer and seller. What is there to understand the pants are way too big! And how will photos allow Mercari to “…better understand…” the pants are too big?

    3. At this point there is no arbitration involved between the seller and buyer because the seller cannot be contacted by the buyer and Mercari has not made any attempt to contact the seller. So there is no precedence to, “… make a fair decision for our buyer and seller…” Mercari should be satisfying a paying customer.

    4. “…As for the 24 hours, we just want to give our users a fair amount of time to be able to fulfill this request…” And 24 hours should be plenty of time? If you have nothing else to do, work, kids, shopping, errands, etc., etc., etc. Customers have lives, we do not sit around all day buying stuff on Mercari and have nothing else to do but take 12 pictures of every item we need to return. And as I pointed out the photographs and 24 hour limitation is part of the scam to summarily deny the return with no intention to even consider a return.

    5. “…If you have any issues or further questions, please let me know within 24 hours, and I’ll be happy to assist you further!…” Which is all part of the scam if you don’t get back to them in 24 hours you loose, sucker! And we keep all your money, all part of a very well thought out plan to summarily deny the return with no intention to even consider a return.

    My reply to the mindless computer:
    Dec 1

    to Mercari

    I am sure you read my previous message but I think you missed a key concept with the section about the limitations. I previously wrote, “. . . residents have . . . severe limitations and have none of the abilities to return the package with the severe limitations you impose. Residents there can only place a prepaid label on a package and deliver the package to the director for posting…”

    There are no cameras. No one has any cameras nor any device which incorporates that function. NO CAMERAS. When I say residents, ” . . . can only place a prepaid label on a package and deliver the package to the director for posting…” I mean there are no cameras, no sissors, no stamps, etc., etc., etc. They can ONLY place a prepaid label on the package.
    What I need from you is to send a prepaid label to my friend. The address is:

    Lorem ipsum dolor
    sit amet consectetur
    adipiscing elit 10001

    Do not send it to me, I do not have the pants.

    I appreciate your help in this matter.

    To which the mindless computer sent me this:

    “Chelsea (Mercari)
    Dec 1, 4:17 PM PST

    Hey HDS,

    We don’t want you to have to deal with the hassle of returning, so I went ahead and issued you a full refund of Mercari Credits.

    You can view your Credits by going to My Page > Settings > Credits. You can use your Credits for purchases on Mercari, but don’t forget that Credits expire after 30 days.

    Please note that in the future we will not be able to honor returns as such and this is a one-time courtesy.

    Thank you for understanding.

    Team Mercari ”

    1. So now this has become a “…hassel of returning…” I am hassled customer, I am a hassle of a customer to deal with?

    2. They have been so gracious and “…issued you a full refund of Mercari Credits….” A substitute for the cold hard cash I spent on the sweat pants. Cold hard cash Mercari will KEEP if I don’t buy some other junk from them and FAST! I only have 30 days to spend it. Would anyone with common sense buy anything else from a business that treats paying customers like this? As I said, all part of a very well thought out plan to summarily deny the return with no intention to even consider a return.

    3. And another stern warning, “…we will not be able to honor returns as such…” Grammatically this statement makes no sense. But I believe they are just kicking me in the teeth.

    4. And they will not offer such a wonderfully gracious gift EVER! “… and this is a one-time courtesy…”

    My reply to the mindless computer:
    Which I also sent a carbon copy CC in the header of the email to the Better Business Bureau

    Dec 2

    to info, Mercari
    Well Chelsea,

    You consider making a paying customer satisfied a “HASSLE”?!? And you insult me with a 30 day “credit” and a stern warning, “. . . that in the future we will not be able to honor returns as such and this is a one-time courtesy.”

    On the contrary – I am not a “hassle” to be dismissed with simple keystrokes. I insist on a refund. The sweat pants were and remain several sizes too large. That was obvious as soon as the package was opened and the pants were looked at. The condition of the pants is unchanged. If they were new, unused, and had all the tags they remain in that condition. If they were 15 year old, moth eaten, stained, with holes in the knees, they remain in that condition. The pants have not changed. There is no reason for you not to accept them and issue a credit on my charge account. Especially now that you have defaulted. Send a return postage label to:

    Lorem ipsum dolor
    sit amet consectetur
    adipiscing elit 10001

    Thank you for satisfying a paying customer,

    To which the mindless computer sent me this:

    Dec 3
    Alex (Mercari)
    Dec 3, 5:58 PM PST

    Hi HDS,

    I’m sorry for the confusion. The “hassle” Chelsea was referring to, was the hassle of your or your friend having to return the pants to the seller. As a courtesy, and to make this process much easier for you, Chelsea reimbursed you in Mercari Credits without requiring you to return the pants.

    Per your request, I’ve issued you a full refund in your original form of payment. Please keep in mind that it usually takes 5-10 business days for your financial institution to reflect the refund in your account.

    Additionally, I’ve removed the reimbursement Credit from your account.

    Please keep in mind that, in the future, all returns will require photo evidence.

    Team Mercari

    Did we finally get a reply from a person with a pulse? Unknown but maybe, still.

    1. “… The “hassle” …” There is never a hassel of returning an item if the business is legitimate, reputable and honest. I have returned items to eBay and Amazon and other known reputable businesses who know why they are in business and who keeps them in business, the customer. In fact it is easy.

    2. “… Mercari Credits …” I was given a store credit to a company that I would never ever consider making another purchase from in my life. How courteous of them.

    3. “… without requiring you to return …” And they did not even require me to return the sweat pants, which, had you seen them you would wonder why they were even trying to sell such worn out, very used clothing in the first place. The seller did not want them back because they were worth nothing.

    4. “… full refund …” The ONLY thing Mercari finally did correctly after my persistence, insistence and involving the Better Business Bureau was to issue a credit to my card. Yes, it did come through which is why I am only now writing this review.

    5. “…removed the reimbursement Credit …” Oh yeah and they jerked that nice fat store credit away from me. I am really disappointed, I could have used that to buy more useless stuff.

    6. “… in the future, all returns …” This is the biggest JOKE! He thinks I was treated so fairly that I will return to buy some more useless junk and I might want to return it.

    There are plenty of legitimate, reputable, honest business out there that have well established track records of exceptional customer service. Do not bother considering buying or selling with Mercari you will get burned.

    Once agin I say:
    Buyer Beware and in this case Seller Beware


    • Hey, Dan, and thank you for taking your time and writing about your experience with Mercari in great detail. It’s rather lengthy but I decided to publish it because it’s your story, your experience, and certainly there are people whom you will help with your story.

      Thank you again and stay safe!

  13. I have been selling and buying on Mercari for about 6 months with few to no problems. However, the one I’ve just encountered is very disheartening and agregious!
    Victoria’s Secret Pink items are hot sellers and I’ve become quite a collector and keep up with their newest trends. I had a hoodie from their Fall 2017 line which is a destroyed type wash with factory rips in the cuffs and hem.
    I posted this for sale with CLEAR pictures and it was BRAND NEW! I just didn’t like the way it fit me. It was purchased for $48. The buyer never rated and I had to wait the 3 days for the payment to be released. 10 days later, on Christmas I got a series of nasty messages from this woman telling me I did not send her what was pictured.
    I again explained it was a new sweatshirt and asked her to identify the problem. She did not. I also told her she had 3 days to inspect and return and she did not. I ended up blocking her and immediately wrote to Mercari in which they responded the transaction was complete and no further action would be taken. 3 days later, after this woman had now had this hoodie for 2 Full weeks I received a message from Mercari saying she was being allowed to return it and they took funds back from another sale from me!
    She apparently made up yet another lie about not being able to contact them sooner and so now I am not only out the $40 but I’m sure I will be receiving a damaged item back! Not only is it ridiculous to allow someone to return an item they’ve been in possession of for 2 weeks but I have all GREAT seller ratings and am an honest seller and this woman has about 5 buyer ratings that are probably all generated from not rating! Why should this be allowed?

    • Hey Melissa, and thank you for sharing your story. It’s just so sad to hear honest sellers like you (and, in fact, buyers as well) get ripped off like that and Mercari even supports such vile behavior. I am still very thankful that you decided to share your negative experience to my readers. That way people get a better picture of what kind of animal the Mercari platform really is. Because by now everybody should see Mercari is NOT trustworthy.

      Stay safe,

  14. This is a sale I had on Mercari for 2 items totaling $2800, after Mercari fees I would have had a net profit of $60.

    Mercari took my Ssi number (no place does Mercari show protection of your personal information), Mercari approved my listing, Mercari approved the buyer, Mercari approved the sale, Mercari sent me shipping labels? Mercari asked me for receipts for my products which I produced paid in full! But no payment to me?

    I have done a lot of internet research, MERCARI has complaints, petitions and consumer affairs complaints againts them in the thousands. They have illegal tactics like asking for your Social Security number, they keep buyer and sellers money with no explanation.

    This is illegal. No one has the right to keep your money it must be given back.

    I urge anyone that has had a problem with MERCARI to contact federal trade commission (you will get to talk to a real person at the FTC within 3 to 5 minutes of waiting on hold) (unlike MERCARI–who never answers the phone or an email) and Internet (IC3.ORG)

    The more people that file complaints the faster you will get your money back. Federal trade commission will get your money back.

    Contact the IRS, who will be getting a 1099K on all the “KEPT” funds? Will Mercari pay taxes on all the Monies stolen from sellers?

    The list of illegal practices Mercari is committing is staggering, keep searching you will find them! Look at the “FINE” print!

    • Hey, NBK, and thank you for sharing about your experience with Mercari (even though it’s highly negative experience for you). However, because of your comment more people get warned and more people will be saved from falling into that nasty trap.

      It’s just terrible… Such an ugly behavior by Mercari is an obvious slap on the face of their most honest and loyal customers. It is basically a “Screw you” to all of their customers. It’s like, “We do whatever we want and we don’t care.” Why on Earth you do that? Because obviously, they are so destructive of their own long term interests, through their stupidity, greed, and arrogance.

      I hope you will get your money back and they get what they deserve.

      Stay safe,

  15. Wow, so far, two transactions have been completed (me getting paid) and 4 items are currently on their way to the buyers. After reading this and other reviews online, I’m pretty nervous about those four arriving on time and getting my funds.

    • Thank you very much for your comment, Chester. I am glad to hear the first two transactions of yours have been positively completed. Hallelujah. I pray that everything would go smoothly for you, without any distractions or negative experience. But yes, there are just way too many complaints against Mercari and you must be always careful when dealing with them.

      Stay safe,

  16. Hello! am a long time user of Mercari, but I’ve experienced absolutely none of those problems that you’ve mentioned, is this version of Mercari you’re using the US version? the Japanese Mercari is an absolute pleasure to buy/sell with, a large majority of the people I’ve met are friendly and polite, and their products are really well preserved. The customer service is also extremely fast and helpful! I’m struggling to reconcile my experience with what you’ve described in the blog post above :(

    • Hey, Leila, and thank you for the comment. It is glad to hear there are people who have such a positive experience with Mercari. If you scroll through the comments here, you will see, it’s not only me who says so. A big majority (if not all) of the commentators here have had a bad (or extremely bad) experience with Mercari. You might be correct – that the US (or international) version of Mercari is the problematic one. It is good to know the Japanese version works well.

      Thank you again for the comment, ma’am,

      Stay safe,

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