Wealthy Affiliate review 2020
What could you do with an extra $1200 a month (in 2023)? Dear reader...

If you knew how to make $1200 a month online, would you do the work?

If you would, join – for FREE – 2.6+ million Wealthy Affiliate members.

Get all the tools and step-by-step training you need in one place. Never live in fear of frozen wages or financial insecurity. Ever again.

“Since joining, I turned my website from a hobby into a full-time career: all thanks to the training and support offered here. It really is the best training resource on how to build a business online.”

– Steve, United States

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The trick is to start right now, no matter where you’re at in life.

Honestly, there’s just one big secret: Movement.

You make plans, you gear up for action…

…and then you get moving.

And even in tough times like these…

…Wealthy Affiliate shows you how you can make an honest living from the comfort of your home

You build a legitimate online business.

Something you’d be proud to tell your friends about. Perhaps even pass down to your kids. You give them financial security in these uncertain times. You keep a clean conscience, too.

Every tool and tutorial you need is in one place.

What’s more, you can join today, free . Start now. Peak behind the curtain. You don’t risk a single penny.

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Who am I to tell you this?

My name is Egon Sarv.

I’m just a normal family man who needed money in a struggling economy. I’m also a devout Christian.

Which is what led me to Wealthy Affiliate.

After 7 years working with children in Indonesia, I returned home to a brutal economy. Well, it was after the 2008-2009 economic crisis. But even then poverty, unemployment and financial insecurity dominated the headlines.

Egon with Indonesian kids

How much worse are the things now in 2023. For the average Joe, everything bad seems to be skyrocketed. First there was that demoralizing Covid19 pandemic with all the lockdowns and restrictions, Then came the spine-chilling Ukraine crisis with its endless support packages worth tens of billions of dollars…

Anyway, even then (back in 2013) I realized nothing could be taken for granted anymore.

Job…pensions… investments…

… Nothing.

Well, things are way worse in 2023, do you agree?

I desperately needed to make my own money. “Even if it’s just a side-income,” I thought, “I could save for retirement, take a holiday, help my aging parents. Never rely on someone else’s pay-check again.”

I knew there were ways to do this online.

But it seemed every “opportunity” was a nasty, dishonest scheme. Either I got scammed or I was given a system for scamming other people. Have you noticed this, too?

The Wild West of online business made me physically sick.

I wanted to make money. But I wanted to do it while being true to my faith. By helping people. Giving them real value in return.

At long last, I found Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve been an active member since 2013.

Here’s my Wealthy Affiliate profile for proof (2023):

My Wealthy Affiliate membership - since 2013

My loyalty to the WA training platform says something about it, do you agree?

And as you can see, of 2.6+ million Wealthy Affiliates, I’m ranked number 281 (at the time of writing).

But forget the numbers for now.

Far more important is the freedom an online income brings.

running on the beach
There are two key things in life that money can give you: *free time* and *independence.*

Because once you know how to earn money online, you can make money from anywhere (yes, even from the comfort of your home). You can spend every day with your family. Watch your children grow. Live entirely on your own terms.

Here’s what others have said:

Roderick, the Kindergarten teacher who now makes $1,000 – $10,000 a month:

“I made $4000 in my first year of online marketing. I quit my job after 18 months. I have 1 website that makes me $3000 per month with only 50-100 visits a day. A few of my more serious websites earn between $1000 and $10,000 per month and are still growing.”

Jay, who hasn’t had a “real job” for nearly 10 years:

“I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate since March 2007 and have NEVER looked back. As the direct result from the training and support offered, I was able to quit my day job and replace that full time income with money from my own online business.”

And here’s a member who just made their first $150.

First $150 in commissions
start using Wealthy Affiliate, free

How did I do it? How did they do it?

It’s simple.

You earn a commission on products you recommend to others. That’s it.

No scams. No schemes. No fancy tricks.

Suppose you have a hiking website – and a new backpack you LOVE. Let’s say the backpack cost $100. The backpack company’s commission is 25%.

Tell your readers about it.

For every one who buys the backpack, you make $25.

This is how you make money online with:

  • No product of your own
  • No inventory
  • No warehousing or shipping.

You can make money from anywhere in the world. Even from your hammock in Boca del Toro.

And you do it by sharing your hobbies and expertise with others. It’s fun.

You can do this with anything (and I mean ANYTHING).

There are 3.75 billion people online….

…598,500,000 products you can recommend for a commission.

Here are just some of the companies waiting to pay you.

examples of brands who have affiliate programs

Some pay as much as 75%.

And Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to take full advantage.

You don’t risk a single penny. You don’t even enter any credit card details.

Simply set up your free account here.

You’ll come to a page like this:

My Wealthy Affiliate Reviews - Starter membership signup form

Enter your name and email address. Choose a password and click ‘Create your Free account.’ That’s it. You are now a Wealthy Affiliate – on course to make your first dollars online.

Your FREE starter account includes:

  • A full set of ‘Getting started’ tutorials
  • Free Live Help and mentoring for 7 days. (Use this as much as possible.)
  • 2 easy-to-install websites
  • A helpful community of Wealthy Affiliates. Whenever you’re stuck, post a question on the board. You wake up to specific, actionable answers.

Here are just some of the questions I asked on the community…

my questions to the Wealthy Affiliate community

…As you can see, I woke up to 10, 13, even 27 answers. These are from people in the trenches. Wealthy Affiliates who are using the same material – and know what works from experience.

You don’t need any technical know-how whatsoever. Your websites’ security, hosting, SEO is all taken care of.

You unpack your website faster than an IKEA coffee table.

And see what happens next…

I quit my job and upgraded to yearly
Made $,190.84 last month! Wealthy Affiliate testimonial
Wealthy Affiliate testimonial - $4,552 in the month of August!
WA testimonial - My first $10,000 month!
WA testimonial - March '16 - Best sales month
Wealthy Affiliate testimonial - Made $51,755 with an affiliate program

No! Not everyone makes sums like these. But those who are determined to succeed, eventually make it. Over the years I have noticed that some people hit their milestones faster  – maybe they have some secret talent…

But even those who are not talented but are stubbornly determined to succeed and refuse to give up…

… They too, eventually achieve THEIR dreams.

If you belong to one of these two groups, here’s some good news for you:

At last, everything you need is in one place

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005.

Since 2005, tested by 2.6+ million members. Every possible question you have is already answered and built into the classes.

Everything you could possibly need is in this one place.

You don’t have to run around the internet chasing shiny objects.

You don’t fall prey to any more scams or schemes.

Wealthy Affiliate is your protective bubble.

If you just follow the system…

…Do the work…

…You WILL succeed.

Because the entire process is broken down into 572 short videos. Not a single step is skipped.

You always know precisely what to do next. What’s more, Wealthy Affiliate’s tools make it effortless. Even Eddie, a 67-year-old retiree just set up his free account.

“I liked what I read,” he said. “I jotted down some ideas I have and that’s how and why I created an account in Wealthy Affiliate.”

Why not do the same now?

You can use your free account as long as you like. You don’t commit to anything. You don’t need any payment details whatsoever.

start using Wealthy Affiliate, free

Don’t you owe it to yourself? After all…

Making a living the old-fashioned way is only getting harder

Let’s face it.

Copying your parents and grandparents is only getting harder. Nowadays:

  • 51% of all Americans make less than $30,000.
  • 45% haven’t saved a cent for retirement.

Meanwhile, it costs $65,000 a year to keep a family of 4 in the USA.

In expensive states like New York and California, the number can easily be 2-3 times higher.

Even if you make enough, is it guaranteed for life?

Before joining Wealthy Affiliate, Carol gave 31 years to AT&T. 31 years of early mornings, crowded commutes and being stuck in a cubicle away from her family.

When she got laid off, she was an unemployed 50-something.

Too young to stop working. Too old to make the same money elsewhere.

“With a daughter graduating high-school and going off to college in the fall, retirement was really not an option for me,” she said.

“I have always thought about starting an online business and was very excited to find the Wealthy Affiliate website. I want to be my own boss and in control of my future.”

Making a side-income online might seem difficult. But can you honestly say it’s harder than what you’re doing now?

Shouldn't you at least try Wealthy Affiliate?

Is it harder than leaving your financial wellbeing in the hands of an employer…or government…or “economy”?

Now you have Wealthy Affiliate, the answer is simple: NO.

So set up your free account now and take back control.

start using Wealthy Affiliate, free

That’s not to say this is quick and easy.

Nevertheless, the process IS clear and simple.

572 short video classes take you by the hand – lead you from one step to the next.

All you have to do is follow them.

The process is broken down into 4 simple stages

four simple steps to make money online

Step 1: Choose a topic.

What do you love doing more than anything?

What do you do on Saturdays?

What will make you excited to get up each morning?

You can make money online doing almost anything. So make this your Wealthy Affiliate topic. Choose something you love doing more than anything else.

I’ve seen affiliate businesses in:

  • Horse care
  • Model railways
  • Fitness
  • Investing
  • Meditation
  • Writing
  • Camping
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Music

You name it.

If you care about something, others do, too. What’s more, you’re helping them get more from it. You’re already on the way to making a healthy side-income.

Step 2: Build a website

This takes 30 seconds within Wealthy Affiliate.

They take care of the technical details for you. So building your site is as simple as drag-and-drop.

And remember, you get 2 websites within your free account.

Everything you need to get started.

Step 3: Find your audience

Obviously, you can’t make money without people reading your stuff.

So Wealthy Affiliate shows you exactly how to find and attract your ideal audience.

Not only that, you discover how to keep them coming. As your site grows, you find you’re making money hands-free.

Step 4: Revenue

Discover how to quickly earn your new readers’ trust.

So when you give them an honest recommendation, they’re more likely to buy. The more you do this, the more satisfied your readers become – and the more your monthly income grows.

After 3 years on Wealthy Affiliate, Dom was making $10,000 a month! Here’s what he said:

“Last month (July) I passed $10,000 for the month for the first time ever. I’m roughly on course to repeat that feat again in August, so I can at least feel like it’s stable. Some people might look at that and think “Wow, I want $10,000 a month!” but may be put off by the fact it took three years.

“Others will think it’s fine, after all, three years is nothing in exchange for financial freedom…

“I had pretty much been broke from 2010 until now. I guess a business is less like a sports car and more like a Rolls Royce. It might not accelerate quickly, but it cruises like a beast.”

– Dom, UK

If you get stuck along the way, don’t worry. You have access to:

• Live Chat 24/7: The chat box is always loaded with successful Wealthy Affiliates. Doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is. You get instant help.

A question and first 4 answers

• The Wealthy Affiliate Community: Post your problem on the community’s wall. The answers you need are now flying into your account while you sleep. 

• Bootcamps and classrooms: Your free account includes all the training you need to get started. So you can earn while you learn.

You can even get advice from Wealthy Affiliate’s founders Kyle and Carson. Your very own “millionaire mentors.”

Here’s their response to one of my questions.

Wealthy Affiliate support system - I ask and Kyle the owner answers

As you can see, this wasn’t just a rushed, slap-dash response.

Kyle took real care to answer my question. Business coaches outside would charge at least $1000/hour for this sort of help. You get it all free.

This is why Wealthy Affiliate works so well. Everyone is invested in your success.

If you’re convinced Wealthy Affiliate is as good as I say, you can upgrade to Premium Membership for just $49 a month.

Here’s what you get as a Premium member – compared to your free account.

wealthy affiliate reviews - membership comparison chart

You can also cancel any time without any financial penalties whatsoever.

But none of that’s important right now.

What’s important is you get started.
Otherwise, when will you?

Your free account has everything you need to start making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

You just have to prove it to yourself.

“$6340.95 in the month of November!” – Nathaniell

“Another great month! As long as you never stop learning, hustle hard, and build a good work ethic, anyone can build an online business around their passions. Very excited to see what will happen in December! The majority of my earnings come from affiliate marketing. (Amazon and a few others) I did make an additional $300 off eBook sales as well.

“$4984.15 in the month of October!” – Doug Beney

“Completely forgot to post October’s income report early in November. Better late than never! Income is climbing and I’m expecting an amazing November and December! (Based on the numbers right now, November will bring around $5,475.80).”

“You get out what you put in.” – Dom W.

“You get out of Wealthy Affiliate exactly what you put in. You’ve got the tools you need to get started here, and you’ve got an environment to learn in.You’ve also got a path to follow that will get you set up.

“That’s not going to be enough though. You need to keep learning, you need to keep making mistakes and moving forward, and sooner or later you WILL succeed.

“You can come here with zero knowledge and still succeed, in fact that’s what most of us did.The most important thing you need to do though, is engage yourself and figure things out.”

I believe you can do this, too. Question is: do you?

Please set up your free account now.

You don’t make any commitments whatsoever. You don’t even enter any credit card details. All you need is your name and an email address.

Afterwards click ‘Set up your Free account’ and you’re in.

If you don’t like it, just stop using it. You risk nothing.

arrows pointing down

start using Wealthy Affiliate, free

I hope to see you inside.


Egon Sarv

At the Jakarta airport, Indonesia

P.S. Who do you rely on for your income?

And how certain are you that income is safe?

Nowadays, there is little you and I can take for granted. Whatever happens, it makes sense to take control of your finances. And to do it now.

You risk absolutely nothing here. You don’t even need any payment details.

Please, become a Wealthy Affiliate, FREE.

Enter your name, email address – then click ‘ Set up your free account. ’

The longer you delay, the less likely you are to take this vital step.

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