What About the Commission Blueprint. And Why You Should Be Worried.

What About the Commission Blueprint. And Why You Should Be Worried.

Commission Blueprint – Is This Internet Marketing Course A Scam?

The skinny on this review, for those who want to cut to the chase and find out if Commission Blueprint is a scam or not:

Commission Blueprint and Commission Blueprint 2.0 are yet another instances of an affiliate marketing program where the primary objective is to recruit more people to sell Commission Blueprint.

Quick Review

Name: Commission Blueprint / Commission Blueprint 2.0
Website: www.commissionblueprint.com/evolution/
Registered On: 2008-07-29
Founders: Steve Clayton & Tim Godfrey
Skill Level: Beginner
Price: $97
My Overall Rank: 1/10
My Verdict: Avoid Commission Blueprint and look for better affiliate marketing opportunities. They exist…


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Full Review – What Is Commission Blueprint About?

Commission Blueprint is a training program for affiliate marketers. It’s been around for more than ten years but launches every few years with a revised name and updated information.

So you can find it as:

  • Commission Blueprint (2008)
  • Commission Blueprint Evolution (2011)
  • Commission Blueprint 2.0 (2015).

Oddly, The Commission Blueprint is a different product from a different person. And Instant Commission Blueprint 2.0 is yet another product from yet another person.

For example, Commission Blueprint is advertised by Steve Clayton and Tim Godfrey:

What About the Commission Blueprint


When the product name changes to Online Marketing Classroom, it is promoted by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth.

Commission Blueprint 2 - Steven Clayton, Aidan Booth

That being said, all of the original Commission Blueprint products are very similar to each other. Also, all these products are packaged in the same way. Many of the examples and screenshots are also recycled from one product to the next. Remarkably, the video training appears to be still distributed on physical DVDs, but it is still depicted that way in the images, as a fanned-out array of discs.

The entire family of products is still available, with different offer configurations and price points. But let’s go ahead and look more closely at just Commission Blueprint 2.0 since it is the latest iteration. Like its predecessors, Commission Blueprint 2.0 claims that you will be able to:

  • Generate over six figures a month without spending anything on advertising
  • Discover shocking secrets and internet loopholes to make big money online
  • Amass a million-dollar fortune
  • Discover a fail-proof method of making money online
  • Make money without having your own product, email list, affiliates or partners, marketing experience, or web design skills
  • Make money with no capital and without spending a dime
  • Use cunning tactics to reach the first page of Google

Amazing, isn’t it?

The Price

The Commission Blueprint 2.0 costs $97 (thus belying the claim that you don’t need to spend any money) and includes:

  • Ongoing email and forum support
  • Exclusive access to Commission Blueprint tools and software
  • Step by step training with videos and instruction manuals (all Commission Blueprint products include some configuration of video training and printed training but the exact number changes, sometimes even on the same page)
  • Case studies
  • Exclusive access to their affiliate network

Interestingly, Commission Blueprint 2.0 claims that there will never be any upsells or OTOs once you have purchased their product. If it’s true, that makes it highly unusual within the affiliate marketing landscape.

But guess what? It isn’t true: Commission Blueprint 2.0 does have upsells.

How Does Commission Blueprint Work?

There is a reason why you don’t need your product or website to use Commission Blueprint. It is because you will be selling their products on commission, as part of their affiliate network.

For example, they teach 22 ways to make money online, and some of those ways are:

  • Resell the Commission Blueprint video training
  • Turn the Commission Blueprint training into reports to resell
  • Turn the Commission Blueprint training into eBooks for Amazon
  • Distribute the Commission Blueprint training as a series of emails
  • Give away Commission Blueprint training as bonus content on your website
  • Use Commission Blueprint training to create a podcast
  • Translate the Commission Blueprint training and sell it in other languages
  • etc.

Do you sense a theme?

Many of the internet marketing techniques taught through Commission Blueprint are true and accurate information (although it would be wise to choose the most recent iteration of the product for the most relevant information). The techniques and principles are good practices and effective.

That being said, what Commission Blueprint lacks is the information that would be critical if you were marketing your own product or business. That’s the problem. They don’t paint a full picture of the internet marketing landscape; it’s focused only on what you need to know to sell Commission Blueprint.

Is Commission Blueprint a Scam?

The truth is, the only way Commission Blueprint is NOT a scam is if you only are interested in selling Commission Blueprint. If your career path to make money online involves becoming a Commission Blueprint salesperson, then this is definitely the product for you.

However, if you want to learn the best and latest internet marketing techniques, establish your own niche, and build your own business online, then Commission Blueprint is obviously a scam. Why? Because it claims otherwise.

If the latter is your case, then Commission Blueprint is not for you. Because Commission Blueprint 2.0 goes a step beyond merely not delivering on their promises.

The fact of the matter is, by teaching people to simply click and use the Commission Blueprint software to replicate their Commission Blueprint template websites…

Commission Blueprint customizable website templates

…and by keeping the same affiliate marketing scheme going for so long, new customers are virtually guaranteed to fail.


Because the existing affiliate market is so saturated, and the number of negative Commission Blueprint reviews is so large, that it effectively sabotages anyone new from ever being successful selling their product.

What may have worked for Commission Blueprint affiliates a decade ago definitely doesn’t work today. And it only gets worse over time. A complete newcomer, thinking that this is a path to making money online, doesn’t stand a chance with these methods and tools.

Final Verdict

All of the Commission Blueprint products are scams and should be avoided.

There are better, more reliable, and more comprehensive internet marketing training programs available. And there are better, safer, and more comprehensive affiliate marketing programs available too. No matter how you are seeking to make money online, Commission Blueprint isn’t it.


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Share Your Ideas

Thank you for reading my Commission Blueprint 2 review. I hope you found it helpful. So now that you have reached the end of the review, what are your thoughts about the product? What about the Commission Blueprint – in your opinion, is it a scam or not?

Share your thoughts by dropping me a comment below.


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