10 Inspirational Quotes About Blogging, Failures and Passion to Inspire You

10 Inspirational Quotes About Blogging, Failures and Passion to Inspire You

Have you experienced a failure in the past?

It’s not exciting feeling, is it?

In this blog post, I have collected ten inspirational quotes about blogging, failures, passion… Just to remind you and me of how to handle failures and put more life into our content.

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Quotes about Blogging, Failures, and Passion

1. Passion:

That is one of my weaknesses. Having studied math before I tend to go and win by logic. I have studied mathematical logic at a university, and I am trained to be logical. But as Jim Rohn has said: “Effective communication is 20% what you know and 80% how you feel about what you know.”

So it’s not so much about logic but my emotions and passions. Scientific reports are highly logical but who bothers to read them? On the other hand, take passionate charismatic leaders, for example. People tend to follow them even if  they’re not logical. Interesting, isn’t it?

The same about blogging. I can build a highly relevant blog, but if it lacks passion and emotions, it’s dull and lifeless. So these two quotes inspire me to write better blog posts.

2. Failures

“Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again.” – Richard Branson

I don’t like failures. Richard Branson is right – I tend to get embarrassed by my failures. I don’t like when people point their fingers, telling that I tried but failed.

The second problem with failures is that they highly discourage me. I try something and fail. I try again, fail again… AND… I don’t want to try again! Something tells me: “You can’t do it. You are not so good as others. You are not so talented, not so skilled as other people.”

Result? I tend to envy them and have a lonely pity party. Not really motivating

But this same highly successful Richard Branson has launched close to 100 businesses and many of them have been failures. Few examples of his failed business are: “Virgin Cola”, “Virgin Vodka”, “Virgin Brides” (Wedding dress business), “Virgin Vie” (Cosmetics), “Virgin Clothing”, “Virgin Cars”.

So how does he handle his failures and how can he inspire you? He says:

 “My mother drummed into me from an early age that I should not spend much time regretting the past. I try to bring that discipline to my business career. Over the years, my team and I have not let mistakes, failures or mishaps get us down. Instead, even when a venture has failed, we try to look for opportunities, to see whether we can capitalize on another gap in the market.“

If he is not embarrassed by his failures, should I be embarrassed by my ones? NO! So learn from your failures and move on. Don’t spend much time regretting the past. And don’t let mistakes and failures to get you down.

Read more: Richard Branson Fails: Virgin Companies that Went Bust.

3. Failures

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” - Wiston Churchill

I don’t know about you but for me, this quote is very encouraging. I like it. It is short but summarizes it so well. And it’s like another definition of success – walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.

Failures have the power to take me down… But only if I allow it.

It is not so easy to stand up again. However, this quote is from Winston Churchill himself. What’s interesting here is that he is not talking about 1 or 2 failures. He is talking about a string of failures!

Is it possible to walk from failure to failure to failure to failure and yet be successful? He says it is. How? When you don’t lose your enthusiasm. Impressive, isn’t it? So if you fail next time (or if you are in the midst of failure right now) then remember this quote.

4. Blogging, Content Marketing


“Write good content about stuff that you love. Readers will find you.” – Michael Arrington

It’s so easy to fall into the temptation to write content for Google to get a better ranking from the search engine. Or to write content to get people buy your stuff.

But it’s not about traffic! It’s not about Google ranking. It’s about quality content and your passion that count.

There are so many websites out there that desperately trying to sell you their stuff. It’s so easy to let that flow carry you away, and you end up doing the same thing as they.

However, this quote here reminds me and encourages me to focus on creating a quality content what I am passionate about. If I put quality content on my blog then at the end of the day, readers will find me.

5. Blogging, Content Marketing

“Clarity trumps persuasion.” – Dr. Flint McGlaughlin

It’s short and simple quote, isn’t it? A great truth hidden in 3 words only.

Have you noticed that it is quite the opposite in life? Bloggers, marketers, and others try very hard to persuade you. However, if they are not clear, you don’t bother to listen/read them, right? Often things are way more complicated than they have to be.

Recently I saw a survey which evaluated the most important qualities of websites. Undisputed  #1 quality was how easy it was to find what people wanted to find. Website design was not that important at all. This is my own experience too – a website may have an excellent design but if I cannot find an information that I am looking for, it frustrates me and I click away. Or if the content of an article is too complicated, I click away too.

 6. Blogging, content marketing

“Human nature has a tendency to admire complexity but reward simplicity.” – Ben Huh

This is another great quote about simplicity. And here’s the trap! Because complexity is admired, people tend to go after complexity. But it is not rewarded, right? It’s like traffic versus conversions. Which one do you prefer – big traffic numbers to your website with only few conversions… Or a low traffic and high conversions? Big traffic numbers may give you a good feeling but conversions are the ones that bring bread to your table.

The same with complexity and simplicity. Great quote to remind which is more important characteristics.

 7. Blogging, Content Marketing

“Don’t focus on having a great blog. Focus on producing a blog that’s great for your readers.” – Brian Clark

If you are a blogger, this is for you too.  Instead of building just a great blog, it’s better to focus on real problems and questions that people have. It’s something that Stephen Covey has said: “Begin with the end in mind”. You produce a blog that is helpful for your readers.

Many bloggers invest a lot of energy, time, and money into their blogs, only to find out that nobody cares about their products or content. I have read that many (now famous and successful online marketers) have fallen into this trap. They have learned their lesson in a hard way.

Stephen Covey has also said:

If your ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step you take gets you to the wrong place faster.

If my focus is to produce a great blog, I lean my ladder against the wrong wall.

What is the right wall then?

To focus on my readers.

8. Blogging, Content Marketing, Passion

“Blog with passion. Passion spreads. ” – Scott Stratten

Have you ever read some high-school essays? More often than not they put you into sleep, don’t they? Why? Because they lack passion. Students don’t have a choice. They have to write an essay so they write. But the results are dry and dull. I don’t want my blog posts being as high-school essays so I better learn how to write with passion.

And you know what? There’s a real benefit hidden into this quote. What’s that? “Passion spreads”. You get more retweets from Twitter and more Shares from Facebook if you blog with passion. Why? Because if you are passionate, you motivate others too.

 9. Blogging, Content Marketing

“A blog is only as interesting as the interest shown in others.” – Lee Odden

Have you stumbled upon a blog post where you feel right away that the blogger does not really care about you? That there is only one agenda in his mind – how to get you purchase his product. Or he just brags about his own success and pushes you heavily to buy his stuff. I’ve seen such blogs and I never bother to visit them again.

On the other hand, some blogs care about their readers and offer great and helpful content.

And guess what? They make you coming back. So again, it’s not about a blog as such. It’s about others. About your readers.

10 Blogging, Content Marketing

“Blogging is best learned by blogging…and by reading other bloggers. – George Siemens

As in other areas of life you don’t become a good blogger just by snapping fingers. It takes time, a lot of blogging and reading other bloggers. You make mistakes and you fail but as Richard Branson has said, don’t let these failures and mistakes to get you down. Learn from them and move on.


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What About You?

What other motivational business quotes about passion, failures, blogging and content marketing do you like?



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