Bring Fresh Membership… Is it Worth Buying? Look Closer

Bring Fresh Membership… Is it Worth Buying? Look Closer

So here you are – just stumbled upon the Bring Fresh website and are wondering whether it is worth to buy into the Bring Fresh membership?

If so, I understand you as I have been in this situation quite a few times already…

…A new product with all those benefits looks definitely profitable. You read and think, “Hey! This is just exactly what I need.”

The only question is…

…Does Bring the Fresh deliver? Is the product trustworthy?

To help you decide I have done an extensive research on the Bring Fresh. Please read the detailed review below and see if Bring the Fresh is for you.

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Quick Review

Name: Bring the Fresh
Registration Date: 28-dec-2009
Price: $7 one-week trial, $87 for lifetime + lots of upsells
Owners: Kelly Felix, Mike Long
My overall Rank: 4 out 10

My Verdict: Bring the Fresh is a great source if you want to learn how generate traffic to your website. However, because of some shady techniques and many costly upsells I cannot give it a good rating.

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Full Review: Bring Fresh Membership… Is it Worth Buying?

What is Bring the Fresh About?

Bring the Fresh is an online marketing system that includes software to build websites and training to that you need to create a money making online business without previous knowledge and skills.

1. The website building software is designed to do everything for you. It puts your site in the top ranks of search engine results where traffic will naturally come. That, as you know, is the essential component of your online success.

2. Training materials will teach you how to create search engine optimized websites. Also, Bring Fresh provides its product with constant updates, so you don’t need to worry about it either. In addition to this, it is also a powerful affiliate marketing tool.

3. The Fast Start Guide is a comprehensive tutorial that you get instant access after you have finished your Bring Fresh membership registration. It guides you step-by-step to get started with Bring the Fresh, teaching how to set up your website and optimize it for search engines. The tutorial has got good feedback from its users, and they confirm that it helps you put your site on top spots in search engines results.

4. Bring the Fresh Forum is another positive feature of the product with tons of help and advice available. However, there have been complaints by its members that sometimes it may take days to get answers. It’s not my experience, but as I have heard about those complaints, I just let you know, so that you may be prepared.

There are other tools and training materials available within Bring the Fresh, but they come with additional cost. Usually from $100 to $1,000’s.

Owners of the Bring the Fresh

Bring the Fresh (BTF) is created by two successful online marketers, Kelly Felix and Mike Long. Later though they split and Mike Long left Bring the Fresh to focus on the online dating and internet gaming niches.

Kelly Felix used to be an actor before but after discovering a potential of the internet, he made himself an internet marketing expert. He was also behind the Rich Jerk product.

Why Was Bring Fresh Created?

Bring Fresh course is for a newbie who doesn’t have online marketing skills, but also for internet marketing experts. It is developed to help online marketers create top ranking websites which bring tons of natural traffic.

Training materials are delivered mostly by webinars so it should be easy to follow what they did. But not everybody likes to learn by watching videos. If this is your case, you may feel uncomfortable with it.

Both, the website building software and training are aimed to give you everything that you need to succeed financially online.

Bring the Fresh Features

Let me just list the main features here:

  • Website Building Software
  • Fast Start Guide (70+-page step-by-step guide)
  • Bring the Fresh Forum
  • Training via webinars and expert advice with Bring the Fresh
  • Additional tools (article creator, spinner tools, link builders, etc. All these tools are optional)
  • The Form of specialized keywords (as a bonus to those who join Bring Fresh).
  • Money back guarantee
  • Backlink packages (optional)
  • Lifetime membership


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What Results Can You Expect with Bring the Fresh?

They claim that Bring Fresh marketing system helps you

  • Give you high ranking website(s)
  • Optimize your websites to rank on top spots in search engine results
  • Increase natural traffic to your website
  • Learn to build backlinks
  • Find out how to get your site properly indexed
  • Use its affiliate marketing tool for your financial success.

All this looks great, but some things make me very cautious with the product.

The primary concern is the usage of massive upsells. Did you know that these two main training sources, The Fast Start Guide and Bring the Fresh Forum, make only about half of all training materials of the marketing system? The second half is for you to buy at an extra cost. And it is not cheap.

It is called upselling. They have to do it as they are a one-time membership payment. They trick you to join with small $7 trial price, then sell you $87-lifetime membership and after that try to create a repeat customer out of you.

That is typical behaviour in online marketing industry but in my opinion, it is not honest. Don’t you feel cheated when you are promised 100% with $87, and only later you discover that it was only 50%? To get the second half, you have to pay way more money?

Two Major Upsells of Bring the Fresh System

Upsell #1: Done For You Websites.

In this case, Bring the Fresh owner, Kelly Felix, promises to set up a high ranking website for you. You don’t have to do anything, only wait until he hands it over to you. The only problem is that it will cost you extra $500- $2500, depending on the package that you choose.

There have been both, positive and negative feedback concerning the service. There are those who have benefited from it. But also, those who have only lost money with no high ranking website, as promised.

Think about it. Even if somebody gives you such a website, you have neither knowledge nor skills to maintain it. Before long your ranking has vanished. You have lost your money; you don’t have any ranking, and you don’t have skills to make the site back to the top spot.

It is way better to learn how to put a website on the top spot of Google search results. It takes more time of course, but it is like learning to swim or cycle – once you have learned it, the skill is there for a lifetime.

Upsell #2: Bring the Fresh Backlinks.

There are again different packages within Bring the Fresh that you can purchase (from $100 to $1000’s). Then they will send back-links to your website to boost your site’s rank.

It’s not entirely clear how they do it but whatever their methods, I DO NOT recommend to use them.

1. Nobody gives you any guarantees on that. There are complaints from Bring the Fresh members who have bought those back-link packages yet their website rankings never grew. Neither they saw their money any more.

2. Using those back-link packages you may easily get slapped by Google and the other main search engines. You not only grow your site’s ranking, you LOSE your current ranking because of using those shady methods to game search engines. Google is continually improving its algorithms to filter out quality content and flush away those who try to game the system.

To pay $1000’s to purchase packages that harm your business, you have to hate your money…

3. Other Upsells

Bring the Fresh uses number of other upsells to get your money. Recently there have been complaints of people that Kelly Felix and his team offer them expensive mentoring packages (several $1,000’s). That is one of the most common scams online. Provide a product with $7, then sell them $87 package and then another upsell with expensive mentoring.

I do not approve this kind of behaviour. I don’t like if I am treated like that and I stand against those who try to cheat people.

If you are looking for a secure platform, I rather recommend you to join a community where there are no upsells, yet you get unlimited support and also help from experts.

If you still consider purchasing Bring the Fresh membership, keep away from their upsells (products that at an additional cost).

Bring Fresh Testimonials

You can find many positive testimonials about Bring Fresh on the internet. Here’s just one example:

Lordkensal in the writes:

Testimony about Bring the Fresh

You can find many more in WarriorForum. Reading them makes me think that a program is an excellent tool.

That being saidBut there are plenty of people whose experience with Bring Fresh has been negative.

Bring Fresh Complaints

Ray comments in

Testimony about Bring the Fresh

And Jolina comments in the same place:

Bring the Fresh testimonial


These two examples are not the only ones. And these bad experiences make me very cautions about the BTF product. I would like to trust it but if people experience things like that then… I would be very careful.

What Else Should You Know About Bring the Fresh?

There are some good aspects of Bring the Fresh system:

  • The program is developed to be step by step,
  • Fast Starting Guide is a nice tutorial about SEO,
  • They give you money back guarantee

But there are also some major concerns that should make you very cautious

  • They are not honest when selling you the Bring Fresh lifetime membership. All the necessary components for online success are not included in that membership.
  • They use upsells. They use low market price to get you join. Once inside they try to sell you more and more things.
  • They teach you to use some dodgy methods to game search engines and improve your ranking (back-link packages, artificial methods, etc.)
  • You cannot try it for free.
  • Bring the Fresh members have got penalised by Google updates and so they teach other techniques to get traffic without Google.
  • They seem to sell you dreams

Look at these two images below. The first one is a screenshot from Bring the Fresh home page. Sounds like selling dreams, right?

Bring the Fresh Selling Dreams


The second one is a screenshot from one of their member’s website. “Make money in first 48 hours…?!” – Does it not look like a typical Get-Quick-Rich scheme to you?


All these things should make you extremely cautious. Google is always improving its algorithms to rank quality content higher and flush away bad and spammy one. If Bring the Fresh members get penalised by Google and they teach you to avoid Google, my question is – how real are their strategies?

At my #1 recommendation, they learn to build a website and business in a legit way. They don’t teach to avoid Google or to game Google. They teach you how to create a website the way that Google could reward you with a high ranking.

And you know what? When Google released its Penguin update in May 2013, and millions of websites were washed away from the search ranks because of their spammy content and shady traffic methods, these sites from my #1 recommendation skyrocketed in rankings. Just a day after Penguin update was released, Kyle wrote in his blog:

Penguin update impacts traffic

Why did his traffic doubled overnight? Because spammy and low quality content was washed away and quality content got higher ranking. So just be honest, use legitimate methods and Google will reward you.

Buying Advice

If there were no upsells and shady marketing tactics, I would even recommend it. Their Fast Guide seems to be good source of learning about SEO. And compared to other low quality programs, Bring the Fresh offers pretty good study materials.

But because there are too many things that make me cautious, I don’t recommend it. Also, you cannot try it for free. You have to pay $7 for one week trial. You may try it if you want. It’s only $7, and there is a money back guarantee, too.

If you consider purchasing $87 Bring the Fresh lifetime membership, you need to know that it DOES NOT include access to entire BTF system and training. There are other services with monthly expenses that you need (like hosting, etc.), to get your business up and to run.

Before you are going to purchase it, I recommend you to try out my #1 Choice. After doing my research, I found it to be the best and most trustworthy platform to learn about online marketing. It delivers what it promises. There are no upsells and it provides excellent support and expert help. It is free to try for unlimited period of time so you definitely get the taste of its teaching modules, support, community, etc.

Final Verdict

Bring the Fresh is a good option in the area of traffic generation. You will learn great tips and tricks how to get your website on top spots. That being said, though, some shady methods, upsells and penalties from Google updates should make you very cautious.

If you are not afraid to lose $7, you might give it a try. Learn the techniques taught in their Fast Starting Guide. Only you have to pay for hosting too.


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What About You?

Thank you for reading my Bring the Fresh review. I hope you found it useful. Now – what do you think? Is it worth buying into Bring Fresh membership or not?

I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.

Stay safe,

Egon (


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