Do You Blog With Integrity?

Do You Blog With Integrity?

Last Sunday afternoon my kids went to buy an ice cream. On their way back home, suddenly, without any notice a palm tree behind our house fell over the street right into our neighbors’ front yard.

My kids were pretty close to that place, so I thanked God the tree did not hit them.

The palm tree fell over the street
So what caused that tree crashing down?

Worms. Also, it is rotten inside.

You can see its stump here:

This is how a stump of a palm tree looks like
That palm tree, though outwardly big and strong, was, in fact, weak and rotten. Finally, it could no longer hide its weakness and fell over.

Until then it had been a tall, beautiful palm. Now, utterly useless wreckage.

The point?

The same goes for blogging and online marketing.

You are building your internet marketing campaign. But do you blog with integrity (the quality of being honest and fair)? Do you fight to protect your integrity?

Internet Marketing is about making money. Where money is involved there, people tend to compromise their values and morale. And this is the place where your integrity is put to a test. After all, integrity is not tested in shallow waters. Challenges will test it.

As soon as you choose to reject the right way and go the easier, wrong way the worms of destruction begin to eat both your character and your business.

Outwardly your life and business might look healthy and successful but there will come a day when both of them will crash down as that rotten palm tree in the picture above.




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