Is The Copy My Websites a Scam – Look Closer And You’ll Realize What It Really Is…

Is The Copy My Websites a Scam – Look Closer And You’ll Realize What It Really Is…

“Copy my FREE weird trick to make $1,000.00 per day, starting TODAY!” 

You can find this promise at the top of the website of ‘Copy My Website!’ What a funny name, isn’t it? So how about the ‘$1,000 a day’ promise? Mhm, is the Copy My Websites a scam? Or can you make $1000 per day indeed (as they claim)?

I will answer these and other related questions in the detailed review below. Please read, and you will exactly see what kind of animal it is.

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Quick Review

Name: Copy My Websites
Login page:
Alleged Founder: Jake (Jake, who?)
Niche: Website Marketing
Price: $37

My Verdict: Copy My Websites is a “Get Quick Rich” SCAM!!! PLEASE STAY AWAY!


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Full Review – Is The Copy My Websites a Scam

Let’s hear the case before we judge.

1. What Is Copy My Website?

It is one of those make-money-online opportunities which allegedly allows you to make tens of thousands of dollars online.


Jake (Jake, who?), the rather secretive founder of the Copy My Websites, claims that he has found a way to make millions of dollars online.

He makes it through websites (this is a no-brainer). In other words, he knows how to turn a new (blank) website into a goldmine. Now Jake is willing to give you a brilliant opportunity. He allows you to copy his money machine websites so that you could use them and make a fortune as well:

You can copy his exact websites that made Jake his fortune

For a tine price tag ($37 – more on that below), you will get templates of the exact websites that Jack is using to make his millions. These are yours to use.

Not only that. You don’t need to be an expert. Truth be told, you don’t need to do anything. Everything (websites, content, SEO, marketing… Absolutely everything has been done for you. The only thing you need to do is log in a few times a week and see how much money these websites have done for you.

Wow! Stunning, right?

Wait! Keep reading because there’s more to come.

The most interesting thing, in my humble opinion, is that while you are watching the promotional video, Jake has already created an online business for you.


He already HAS copied his websites for you, AND these websites are already making money for you.

Copy My Websites makes $135 in the first 5 minutes

Wow! WOW WOWWW!!! In the first 5 minutes.

So, once you have finished the signup process and paid $37, he will give these websites over to you.

2. How Much Money Can You Make With the Copy My Websites?

According to Jake, you can make at least $1,000 per day.

Copy My Website promises you at least $1000 a day

To prove his case, he also provides plenty of testimonials. Here are some examples:

  • Steve: $2,500 just in one month
  • Brenda: $89 on her first day
  • Courtney: $2,000 in one week
  • Alyssa: $17,000 in her first two month
  • The young lad in the video: $2,700 in one day
  • The elderly man: $7000
  • The middle-aged man: $4000 a day
  • The couple: in 4 months $70,000

It’s a bit rough, but you get the picture, right? The picture is – these copies of Jake’s websites make people tons of money.

3. Why The Copy My Websites Is a Scam

There are many hot-red alerts that not only make me highly suspicious. Hey! These alerts are screaming like fire trucks. Their sirens penetrate my peaceful mind and leave me angry. Really, really angry.


Because they make it plain clear that the Copy My Websites is such a wicked scam – designed to rip off innocent people (men and women, parents, grandparents, etc.). Disgusting!

To prove my case, let me list some of these signs:

Red Alert #1: Can You Make Money by Copying Websites?

Jake’s claim that you can make Big Bucks by simply copying websites is an utter BS (sorry).

Let me explain. Yes, it is indeed absolutely possible (and legit) to make money from websites (and that’s how millions of people and businesses do it). But you cannot do it by merely copying websites – Even if the original sites are highly successful.

To monetize a website, you need traffic. Because this is where its customers come from. No traffic means no revenue. And while you can copy the website, you cannot replicate its traffic.

Let’s take Facebook, for example. Facebook is a website in the first place, and it has over 2 billion members. Its daily traffic is enormous. Now let’s assume that you make an identical copy of the original Facebook (let’s name it Facebook B). Can you hope that Facebook B could also get over 2 billion members?

No! Because people don’t need two Facebooks. All their friends are on the first Facebook! But that is what Jake claims – once you copy his successful websites, you can achieve his success as well.

Utter nonsense!

Red Alert #2: These Charlatans Make You Buy a Pig In a Poke

Seriously! Let me ask you:

What does Jake tell you about himself? The answer is, “Nothing.” He does not bother to tell you even his family name. You have zero information about who he is, where he comes from, or what his background is.

What does Jake tell you about his business? Name of the company, postal address, contact information, phone number…? He gives you absolutely nothing.

The only thing they give you is a single email address. And even then, you have no idea who is behind that email.

What does Jake tell you about the way his websites make money? Nothing again! He does not reveal it. The only thing he tells you is that he is making money. But how? Maybe he is running some highly illegal internet fraud. Even porn or something?

The fact is, you don’t know, and he does not tell you.

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Red Alert #3: Rapidly Dropping Price

Jake says he will get his websites to you for tiny $37 only. However, as soon as you start navigating away from his site, the price automatically drops down to $17.

sudden drop of price - Now only $17
That’s what scammers do – they quickly drop a price to keep you on the page

This fact itself tells you something’s terribly wrong here. The product does not have any value. They are just pitching you to join their corrupt system and shell out some bucks.

Red Alert #4: False Sense of Urgency

This is what scammers always do. They know human psychology pretty well and, thus, are always trying to create a false sense of urgency in the mind of their victims.

How does it work? Simple. They leave you an impression as if the brilliant opportunity is available for just a minimal time frame (or there are only a few vacant spots available). Time is running out rapidly, and if you want to grab your seat, you must act at once.

No time for hesitation. If you don’t sign up immediately, other people will come, take your seat you will miss your opportunity for good:

That’s the very technique they are using here too:

False sense of urgency - my doors will be closing tonight

These shameless con-artists are lying through their teeth. How do I know it?

Look at the image below. Their promotional video was uploaded in January 2017. Didn’t these doors close in January?

Nobody is going to steal anything. It's a lie.

Listen! It’s only a trick to persuade you into signing up and surrendering your money to them.

Red Alert #5: Copy My Websites Cannot do Math

Jake is touting that with his weird trick of copying his websites, you can make $1,000 per day.

So let’s have a closer look at these Copy My Website testimonials:

fabricated testimonials

As a former math teacher, I could tell right away that these numbers are as random as a deck of cards at an Indian casino.

See yourself! Say my website (the one Jake copied for me) made $175 in the first 10 minutes:

$175 in the first 10 minutes


Frankly, $175 in 10 minutes equals over $2,000 an hour. And this equals over $48,000 a day!

If so, how come that his copy for Brenda fails to make $100 in 24 hours?

Let’s translate these results into one month (and one day) revenue:

is the copy my websites a scam

Again, how come identical copies produce such different results? Some people make $2500 per month while others $120,000.


The next crucial question: Which type of copy will YOU get? A performing one or under-performing one?

It’s kind like a lottery, isn’t it?

As you can see, out of these seven testimonials, only two copies made over $1000 a day. All others failed to reach Jake’s promise (remember – all copies were identical).

Listen! All these testimonials are but fabrications. They’re there to make your greed glands start to salivate.


Red Alert #6: Your Website Is Already Making Money

And this is the funniest of all. Jake claims that while I was his watching his promotional, he already copied his website for me. And this website – MY website – is already making money. See in the image above – MY website made $175 in the first 10 minutes.

Now I just need to sign up, pay $37, and collect my money-machine.

How far it is from the truth!


The promotional is a recorded video and uploaded into Youtube in January 2017 (also pictured above). There’s no ‘YOUR special’ website. Remember, everybody sees the same video. Everybody sees that THEIR website has already made $175 in the first ten minutes.

I can’t think of a dumber action; I really can’t.

Final Verdict

The Copy My Websites is an utter scam. Listen! These scammers pulling strings behind the scene are not your friends. They are using every trick in their toolbox to lead you into deception and separate you from your money.

Don’t let yourself be fooled, and please do not pay them $37 (not even $17).

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What About You?

Now that you have finished the Copy My Website review – what are your thoughts? Is The Copy My Websites a Scam or legit?

Do you have any experience with the product (good or bad) which you want to share? Please drop me a comment in the comment section below.

It will help those folks who are on the fence and don’t know whether to buy or not.

Thank you!



  1. Maryann Pizanelli says:

    Help I signed up for th I S payed $37 can’t download site .any advise on what to do I haven’t even heard from them .thank you

    • Dear Maryann. That’s what you can expect from different scam sites – only problems. Often, the only things these con artists sell you are hope and air. Often, they don’t have any product to sell.
      I’ve been scammed like that in the past. At the end of the day, I lost my money and learned the lesson.

      In my humble opinion, it’s better if you don’t even try to get that scammy download completed (when scammers are behind the product, whatever you download from them, is plain dangerous – steeling your sensitive data like passwords, credit card information, etc.)

      Instead, try to get your money back. When you scroll to the bottom of the page, you will find their “Refund” link. Open the page and try all these options available. Hopefully at least some of the will work for you.

      The problem with most of the scams is (as I wrote in my review) that they don’t give out any contact information. You don’t know who is behind the product and how to contact. You see that they give you 60 days money back guarantee but once you begin asking your money back, you discover that you have nobody to ask it. Terrible!

      In this case, seems to me, The ‘Copy My Websites’ are advertised by Clickbetter system. So you may want to contact them and ask for refund. Hope it will work for you (it did not for me).

      Please let me know about your progress.

      Finally, if you really want to learn how to make a legit side-money online (or even second income), there are much better ways to do that. Here is my top recommendation. I am personally using it every day and that’s why I can recommend it: 1) It’s genuine (spam free, scam free), 2) It’s free to get started (you won’t buy a pig in a poke), 3) It’s founders are daily actively involved by helping their members, 4) No upsells 5) Nothing to download 6) 100% newbie friendly… There are many more advantages but the greatest one is this – you can try for free and see if it is for you.

      Stay safe!


  2. Maryann pizanelli says:

    Just we wrote along msg on hw I’m getting ripped off and asked for your advise on hw to handle this .I don’t know what happened was filling out my name and lost the page .thank you

    • Hi Maryann and thank you for dropping a comment. I can’t tell what exactly happened when you were writing your comment but it came through. As you can see, both of your comments are here. I try to help you as much as I can. I will answer to your first comment.

      Hope you can solve the issue,


  3. TD Bauer says:

    Thanks for the review of “Copy My Website”. There are so many scams out there it is just mind boggling. I for one am glad there are sites like yours that call them out for what they are, and point people in the direction of legitimate online business opportunities.

    One key thing that always stands out to me is that if a ‘online business opportunity’ tells you that you can make money fast and easy, there is a good chance it is a scam. Also, I tend to be skeptical of opportunities that want you to pay them something up front without being able to test the product.

    • Thank you for the feedback, TD. I totally agree with you. The spread of this online disease is just over one’s head. The tragic side of all this, though, is that so many innocent victims (tens of millions of them) get victimized.

      Therefore, if I can give something back to the world, I do my part by raising awareness about these wicked schemes and offering safe ways instead.

      And you are right, sir – Scammers always appeal to “quick and easy money.” As a result, people expect to be handed plates of money with minimal effort and thus become an easy prey. So sad!

      Success will never happen that way. Both, off- and online business require that you invest your time and work – that’s how you will succeed. And that’s just exactly what this awesome internet training platform is teaching.

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