What About 10kwealthcode com – Are You Entering a Kill Box?

What About 10kwealthcode com – Are You Entering a Kill Box?

“DISCOVER the “secret formula” that has our members prospering within days of joining us.”

“Blueprint to Wealth.”

“An Amazingly simple way to generate an extra $1,500 to $15,750”

So what about 10kwealthcode com website and all their lucrative promises? Because you can find these (and many more) dream-come-true slogans in their sales page. Can you trust them, though? Is it a real deal?

Or… Should you run screaming?

Find out in this detailed 10K Wealth Code review below.

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Quick Review

Name: 10K Wealth Code
Website: www.10kwealthcode.com
Creation Date: 2019-06-12
Skill level: Newbie
Price: starting from $3247
Overall Rank: 0/10
My Verdict: 10K Wealth Code is a scam. It may look to you as a genuine opportunity but it is not. If you join them, it is going to cost you thousands of dollars. There are much better (and way cheaper) ways to learn on how to make legit income online.

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Full Review: What About 10KWealthCode com

What Is 10K Wealth Code

According to their own words, 10K Wealth Code is a fully automated system (or program) that allows you make anywhere thousands of dollars weekly. And the best part of it? You can make all these Big Bucks without having to be involved in the process.

Sound great, do you agree?

So how is it possible? Let me explain.

How Does 10K Wealth Code Work

You can join 10K Wealth Code at 4 different price levels (I’ll come to the pricing options in a minute). So when you join the program, you literally become their affiliate. They give you your own unique username and other tools that help you attract new prospects.

Each time your prospect becomes a customer, you earn commissions from him.

What does that mean for you? And what are you expected to do?

Now here’s good news for you. The 10K Wealth Code team has promised that they will do everything for you. And the word ‘everything’ here means… Everything.

So all you need to do is collect your commissions.

Awesome? Just keep reading

Here’s how it goes…

First, as I mentioned above, they give you your own information hotline web page with a unique username. Everything is already set up for you so you don’t need to do anything here.

Second, when prospects find your webpage, like what they see, and decide to join the 10K Wealth Code program, they call to your information hotline.

Third, the 10K Wealth Code automated system filters out qualified prospects (even though I suspect all prospects qualify – more about it below)

Fourth, Success coaches personally call to those qualified prospects, answer all their questions and close the sales for you. After that they personally walk them through the getting started process.

Fifth: You earn a fat commission for every user that signs up for 10K Wealth Code system through your unique link.

So far so good. So…

…What Does 10K Wealth Code Promise You?

Below I list some of the promises that they give you in their website:

  • “Cannot fail system” – generates a stable, 5-figure income every month
  • Every time a prospect says yes, you make from $1,500 to $15,750
  • Thousands of dollars weekly delivered right to your front door
  • It has nothing to do with sales, MLM, network marketing
  • You never have to take any phone calls
  • You never have to sell anything to anyone
  • Without you having to be involved in the process
  • They (i.e. their success coaches) make all the phone calls and answer all the questions for you.
  • 100% hands free for you
  • You never have to touch a thing
  • Almost no time required (just a few hours a week)
  • Work only 1 hour  a day
  • No technical knowledge required
  • No sales skills required
  • No trainings to attend
  • No ongoing monthly product fees

And here’s why they call it 10K Wealth Code. Because…

what about 10kwealthcode com

In other words, they claim that this system can make you $10,000 every 10-14 days. If true, then very impressive indeed.

Okay, let’s go to the next stop now. This is…

…Who Is 10K Wealth Code Intended For

You are probably suspecting already that this program is for everyone. Why? Because if everything is done for you… And you do NOT need to do anything… And if NO specific skills are required from you…

…Then obviously everybody qualifies. Do you agree with me?

Or, as they put it in their promotional video, the program is for part-time students, retirees, construction workers, working professionals, etc. In other words, for everyone.

And this brings me to their…

…Fully Automated System

The people behind 10K Wealth Code promise to give you a custom marketing funnel coded with your personal username. Plus, their professional success coaches are going to do all the work for you… And close all the sales for you.

And that’s the reason they can assure you that you don’t have to explain (or sell) anything to anyone. Because their success team deals with all objections and rejections, do all the explaining, telling, and selling.

As a result, each and every time they make a sale for you, you rake in the cash.

Why do they do that? Why is it a hands-off system for you?

The owners of 10K Wealth Code system reason like this – It is easier and cheaper for them to do everything for you, than to train you to do the job yourself. So they have a fully professional team of success coaches who do all the heavy lifting for you (in a professional level).

Plus, they have the 10K Wealth Code software which finds all your prospects, then filters out only those who qualify to join the program.

What about profits? Well, they are happy to split the profits with you.

So how much you can make with the 10K Wealth Code program? Before I answer this question, we need to take a look at their pricing plans.

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What About 10kwealthcode.com Price?

The amount of cold hard cash that you must shell out here is just mind boggling. Seriously! Take a look.

There are 4 different product levels and you just must to see those price tags:

10K Wealth code pricing

Can you imagine!

In other words, here’s what you have to fork out if you want to join their “done for you affiliate marketing system” (admin fee included):

  • Level 1: $3,247
  • Level 2: $7,447
  • Level 3: $14,647
  • Level 4: $21,847

Sound very expensive, do you agree?

So where do ordinary people take that much money? Here’s some recommendations, by the “boys behind the curtain:”

10K Wealth Code funding options

Wow! So THAT’s what they are targeting… Thieves, aren’t they?

OK, now that you are familiar with their pricing plans, let’s take a look at how much money they offer you.

How You Will Make Money With 10K Wealth Code

It all depends on which product level you are. The higher you are, the more you can make (I will give the prices with the admin fee):

$3,247 Gold level – you make $1,500 per sale.

$7,447 Platinum level – you make $3,500 per sale

$14,647 Diamond level – you make $7,000 per sale

$21,847 Ultra Royal level – you make $10,500 per sale

And then they have a hefty bonuses… For those who signup within the first 48 hours.

The 10K Wealth Code Bonus

Again, it all depends at which product level you plan to go in.

If you go in at level 2 or 3 within the next 48 hours, they will give you a full level upgrade.

And if you go in at level 4, they will pay you 25% more from all of your sales. For life! It means, you will make 75% of each sale.

They give you  other bonuses as well but these are just different info-products (i.e. e-learning products), like:

  • Surefire surfing security
  • Surefire market research
  • Internet marketing profits
  • Sales funnel fast track
  • How to create content fast
  • How to set up WordPress
  • etc., etc., etc.

By the way, this “How to set up WordPress” comes with the $7,000 Platinum product package. It’s just grazy (as with other “bonuses.”


Because you can learn that stuff for free. You definitely don’t need to pay $7,000 to learn how to set up a WordPress blog. Here’s how you can start a new WordPress blog, free… In 4 simple steps and under 3 minutes.

Proofs That It 10K Wealth Code Is a Scam

Even though at first, 10K Wealth Code looks like a genuine work-from-home opportunity be warned, though. This high-ticket system is clearly NOT what it looks like.

Here’s why:

Red Alert #1: Zero Real People Revealed

What I mean with this?

Look… I think you know who is the owner of Facebook; and you know who is the owner of Microsoft. And… If you do not know, just google and the answer is right there.

Not in this case, though.

The www.10Kwealthcode com website does not reveal you ANY people behind the system. Yes, there are videos in their website where some of their people market their program but nobody bothers to tell you who they are.

Why do I think it is deliberate? They don’t want to tell you who they are.

The man’s voice (most probably a robot) in the video just tells you, “Hey, this is something very important that I want to tell you… ” and that’s it. But who is talking? Who created the platform; who is the owner… They don’t tell you.

I searched their website for names behind the system. And could find none…

They tell you that they have 75 years of expertise without giving ANY proof:

75 years of expertise? Really?

Who are these experts? They don’t tell you.

Is there any proof that they have that expertise. No, there isn’t.

The only thing they do is… They throw in a bunch of “testimonials.” Which have embarrassingly poor quality and, most probably, are fake as well.

Because it’s so easy (and cheap) to buy a bunch of fake testimonials. There are (probably) hundreds of people in Fiverr alone who are happy to sell their soul (and integrity) to the devil for as low as $5 – and record a fake testimonial for you. To prove it, see here, here, and here.

And even in those “testimonials” you can hear the person’s first name, “Hey, I am Jack.” Jack who?

The truth is, I could not find any other name from the whole website.

This fact alone makes me extremely cautious. Because legit businesses do NOT behave like that. They tell you about themselves. It’s public. They build on mutual trust.

Red Alert #2: No Narrative, No Contact Information, No nothing

Again, very alarming. Because they ask you to open your wallet and shell out 3,000 to $21,000 and they don’t even bother to create an About page.

They tell you nothing about their company, about their background or how to contact them (except the phone number to their boiler room

Actually, they don’t tell you anything about how they created the 10K Wealth Code. Neither they give any names of photos of the people behind the system. None. No names. No photos. No address…

No contact information (except the phone number to your “success coach.”

No nothing…

Now this makes me extremely suspicious. Because legitimate companies do NOT behave like that. They tell you who they are; when and how the company was created; who are its founders/owners/leaders. They provide their address and all other contact information.

Here – nothing.

Red Alert #3: 10K WealthCode com is a Clear Get-Quick-Rich Scheme

Do you agree with me, – If something is 100% hands free system… a cannot fail system… which generates a stable five figure income month in, month out…

What About 10kwealthcode com - Is it really a 100% hands free system as advertised?

…Then it has to be a Get Quick Rich scheme? Because what else it can be?

Take a look at the 10K Wealth Code promises again:

All their promises prove that it is a Get Quick Rich scam

If they claim that their system is…

…Hands free (no work required, no skills required, no time required, etc., etc.)

…A cannot fail system (Has the human race EVER created any cannot fail system?)

…And generates 5-figure monthly income each and every month


Yes, in my humble opinion, it is Get Quick Rich scam. I recommend… Better run screaming!

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Red Alert #4: It’s a Clear Boiler Room Scam

I don’t know if you have heard about the term ‘boiler room.’ But I have written a detailed article on it, “What Is a Boiler Room Scam – And How to Smell a Rat.” I seriously recommend you to read it because this is just exactly what you see here.

In short, those scams that use high pressure selling as their main strategy (mostly by phone), are called boiler room scams.

First, they need to get your phone number. They can do it by asking or by putting the phone number field in the sign up form; etc.) There are different tactics to achieve it.

In the case of 10K Wealth Code scam, it has been solved this way:

Success coach hotline

They ask you to call them (the only way you can contact them), and that’s how they get your phone number.

Second, once they have your phone number, their high pressure sales people (the boiler room people) will call you and “do all the explaining, telling, and selling…”

…And that’s just exactly what you see here (10K Wealth Code):

Read yourself:

Their success coaches will close all the sales for you - that's what they claim

See! They have all the capability to close the sales. They are that good. As a result, you (and other “qualified prospects”) lose money.

Look at the 10K Wealth Code affiliate program, it’s block diagram below (it’s only a part of it but this is enough). Please notice the phrase, “Closing team/Coach calls them back.”

High ticket affiliate program block diagram

This “Closing team” or “Success Coaches” – this is what is called a boiler room. It is a team of high pressure sales people who use extremely efficient (and often dirty) tactics to rip you off.

Now look at this:

Here's how the prospects get ripped off

What do you think, where do they get these $1,500 to $15,750 to pay you?

You are right. They get the money from the prospect’s pockets. So what does the prospect get? And this brings me to the next red alert…

Red Alert #5: There is NO product. They Are Selling Just Hot Air

They obviously try to convince you that they sell information products (called e-learning). And if you join them, you start selling (e-learning) information products as well:

E-learning is their exact product niche

However, the reality is polar opposite. Their “done for you marketing funnel” is completely different. They obviously don’t sell ANY e-learning products. All they sell is a lot of hot air.


Simple. Here’s how:

1. They advertise their make-easy-money “opportunity.” If you stop to listen, they tell you that with their done for you (100% hands free) system you can easily make thousands of dollars every month. All you need to do is…

2. Call their hotline. After that their high pressure sales people will call you back, do all the explaining, telling… and of course they close the sale. Which means that…

3. You sign up and pay their extremely expensive entrance fee (for respective product level + admin fee).

4. Now they give you their “done for you website” which promotes the same 10K Wealth Code. You also pay for advertising.

5. If you find prospects, they do all the explaining, telling, and selling for you. And each time a new prospect has paid and become a member, they split the profit with you. They get 50% and you get 50%.

6. Rinse and repeat.

Now let me ask you – What about all these e-learning info products? Where are they? Do they sell them? No. Will you start to sell them? No.


Because these products are not needed. All they need, are new prospects and their money. Just to move money from one pocket to another.

Do you get the point?

Red Alert #6: The System Does NOT Need You

Not only they need ANY products. They don’t need YOU either.

How come?

Simple. Think about it. They claim it’s easier for them to do all the heavy lifting for you (= all the marketing work) and split the profits with you… Than teach and train you, then send you out to do all the work.

Sound logical, of course. But it’s not.

Here’s why:

Let’s do numbers.

1. Let’s put you into the equation.

For this, say, you decide to buy the 10K Wealth Code ‘Gold Level.’ It means you pay $3247 to join the system. And let’s say you pay another $100 for advertising.

After that they do all the hard work.

Now, let’s say this advertising campaign brings in 10 customers. Let’s assume, they also pay $3247 each (to join the 10K Wealth Code system).

This $32,470 in total. You get $15,000 and they get $17,470.

2. Let’s take you OUT of the equation.

This time they are the ones who pay $100 for the advertising. And they do all the hard work. And again, let’s assume that the advertising campaign brings in 10 customers who join buy the Gold Level ($3,247) each.

Again, it makes $32,470 in total but in this case they rake in all the profit. They don’t need to split it with anyone. Why give you $15,000 if you don’t do any work?

Do you get the point?

What I want to say, is – Affiliate programs are win-win situations, but only when affiliates do the heavy lifting. If not, there’s no meaning to bring them in.

Conclusion: 10K Wealth Code is a scam. They do not need your advertising greenbacks to make moolah. They make moolah by selling you a lot of hot air for an extremely expensive price.

Red Alert #7: False Sense of Urgency

This is yet another dirty trick in scammers’ tool box.

Now, nothing wrong using sense of urgency in your marketing campaign. In fact, it is a widely used tactics. For example, if you offer a special launch price just a few more days… then obviously you can tell your customers – “Don’t mull it over too long. Last few days of launch price.”

That being said, what you see here, is a complete and utter deception:

48 hour action taker's bonus

Do you see how they apply ‘sense of urgency?’ You must act fast, right? Again, nothing wrong with it if…

…If the offer ends after 48 hours.

But it does not. I personally tested it a couple of weeks ago. And even today, their 48 hour action taker’s bonus is still there for me to grab.

It’s a clear deception. And this is another reason why i claim – 10K Wealth Code is a scam.

Red Alert #8: Risk Disclaimer

Next, let’s look at their risk disclaimer. That is quite interesting as well. Take a look:

The risk disclaimer says you can make no money at all or experience significant losses

You see!

Where’s that “100% hands free system” that generates thousands of dollars every week?

Where’s that “cannot fail system” that generates “a stable five-figure income, every month?”

cannot fail system for generating a stable five figure income every month

If there is a strong probability that you can make no money at all or experience significant losses…

… Then it is clearly NOT a “cannot fail system.” Therefore, this is another proof that it is a scam.

Red Alert #9: They Don’t Tell That You Also Must Pay for Advertising

Look at their high ticket affiliate program block diagram (here’s only the left side of it):

They tell you nothing about the need of paying for advertisement

See! Even though they keep touting that after paying an extremely expensive entrance fee (from $3,247 to $21,847) you can start earning Big Bucks right away, turns out, this is not the case.

Because, to start making money with them, you need to pay for advertising as well. Only then you can expect income.

And this (paying for advertising) is not an one time payment. Truth be told, here’s what they tell you, “The more you pay for advertising, the more you can earn.”

In other words, once you join their system, you will become their milking cow.

And they never tell you about that in their promotional video. Disgusting, isn’t it?

Final Verdict (Buying Advice)

Let’s be honest – These ripoff artists can tell you whatever they want. They can promise you the riches of ancient Incas by the next Monday.

The reality is polar opposite, though. Their promises don’t hold water. In the review above I have given you 9 proofs that all their promises are nothing but flat out lies and 10K Wealth Code is a scam. And that’s why you need to run screaming.


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Share Your Ideas

Thank you for reading my detailed review on NNN. I hope you found it useful and eye opening.

As always, I’d love to hear your opinion about the product. Now that you have read the review, what do you think – is it a scam or a real deal?

Let’s hear it in the comments.


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