1 Sure-Fire Way to Master The Language of Blogging

1 Sure-Fire Way to Master The Language of Blogging

My one-year-old daughter is beginning to speak. It’s just fascinating to listen to how she tries to say out new words. Most of them are not correct yet. But we understand her. Almost every day, a new word is added to her vocabulary.

I have always been impressed by how little kids begin to speak. I have wondered how they learn the language. And not only to speak but to speak correctly.

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I am not a native English speaker, so I struggle to get my grammar right. I struggle with vocabulary, etc. These little kids whose mother language is English don’t seem to struggle with these issues. Or… They still do?

Where I observe my kids, I have noticed the following. Before a child can say a new word, she has to hear that word tens and tens of times in the first place. Only then, she tries to follow the example.


A few days ago, my daughter started to use a new word, „swing. “ Now, when she wants to swing, she points to the swing and says, „Dad! Swi..“. She cannot say the word yet, but it’s coming already, and I understand her.

But she did not get superior wisdom that this particular activity was called swinging. No!

She had heard us in saying to her:

„Do you want to swing, honey?“

„Let’s swing, honey.“

Before she was able to say „swi…“ she had heard the word a hundred times maybe.

And this is how her language develops. She hears and observes, learns the meaning of a word. Then, finally, she tries to say the word herself.

I think this is pretty much the same as the language of blogging. When I first started to blog, I was pretty much in the same place as a newborn baby. I didn’t know any word to say.

Then you begin to read other blogs. You listen to them, read how they do it. And then you try by yourself. Your first attempts are probably rough.

Darren Rowse has said: „99% of great bloggers are not awesome on day 1. Their awesomeness is the accumulation of the value they create over time.”

99% of bloggers are not awesome on day 1

It’s true. It takes time to develop your skills.

I believe you can read. If you can’t, why are you here?

But think about it? Did you begin to read overnight? You went to sleep in the evening, not knowing any letter and then when you woke up the next morning you were able to read fluently?

Did you learn to read that way?

No! It took time, right? It was a process.

You can also walk. How did you learn to walk?

With the snap of fingers?


It was a process again. Many trials, many failures. But eventually, you learned to walk. Just a few months ago, I taught my daughter to walk. It took time for her to learn it. Even now, she is not 100% comfortable with it yet.

Learning to ride a bike is also a process. These days I am teaching my three years old son to ride a bike. I know what it means. It’s not that you sit on the bike, and off you go.

Developing all these skills requires time and patience.

Learning to ride a bicycle

And the same with the language of blogging. It takes time, patience, and many errors to develop good blogging skills—the same with SEO and other internet marketing issues.

Should I Give up…?

Think about this.

What happened if you had given up learning to walk? You are still a one-year kid and are trying to get to walk. But you can’t. You fell. At the same time, you see older kids running to and fro. You see adults walking in a relaxed mode. But when you try to do the same, you fall and get hurt.

Then you give up: „Ahh… I can’t do it. It’s not for me. These kids and adults, they’re more talented. Poor me… I can never walk.“

Luckily, you did not give up. And because of this, you can walk, run, jump, etc.

It’s the same with blogging. If you’re doing your first steps, if you’re learning your „first words“ of that „new language, “ don’t compare yourself with the „adults“ – people who have done blogging for years already.

I give you an example.

I run my blog for about a year now. I have been involved with computers for more than 26 years, but I had no contact with neither blogging nor Internet Marketing.

After one year, I am still struggling to blog and get traffic.

Is it normal?


But consider this:

Another young guy, Brian Dean, has run his blog Backlinko.com also for about a year. And he has had tremendous success.

He has 90,000 unique monthly visitors.

And do you know what?

I am jealous. And sometimes a little desperate.


Because he has a one-year-old blog, and I have a one-year-old blog. But he has tremendous success while I look more like a failure…

So… Should I continue or… Should I give up? Maybe blogging is not for me? I am not talented.

These are the questions that I ask myself.

But you don’t know the whole story.

Just a few days ago, Brian wrote in one of his blog posts the following: „Backlinko may generate over 90,000 unique monthly visitors today, but this success came after I struggled for YEARS. In fact, the first site that I launched in 2008 was in the nutrition space. And it failed.“

90,000 unique visitors don't happen overnight.

Ahh… Here’s the secret!

When did he begin blogging? In 2008. When did I begin? In late 2013.

The difference is this. While I have the only 1-year experience, he has seven years of experience.

Now I ask the same question again, „Should I give up and quit?“

If Brian had given up after his first blog failed, he would not have 90,000 unique visitors (or ANY visitors) today.

Luckily, he didn’t give up. He failed, but he was determined to master the language of blogging. And today, his harvest is more than plentiful.

I ask you: By the end of 2015, am I able to get 90,000 monthly visitors?

Most probably, no.

But am I able to get these 90,000 monthly visitors by the end of 2020?

Most probably, yes. Suppose I keep working hard and don’t give up.

So should I give up now?

Should my 1-year old kid give up learning to speak because she cannot do it as well as older children and adults do?

The answer to both questions is No! Absolutely No.

You didn’t learn to speak, walk, or ride a bike in one day. In the same way, you won’t learn to blog in one day or even one year. It takes time, a lot of perseverance, and also many trials and failures. But don’t give up, and eventually, you will succeed.

The time and effort that you invest now will reward you for years to come.


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