Don’t Make Excuses for Why You Can’t Get It Done

Don’t Make Excuses for Why You Can’t Get It Done

I remember when I was a math teacher in Kendari, SE-Sulawesi, Indonesia, then once I had a following conversation with a 9-year old boy:

Me: „Can you show me your homework, please?“
Student: „I don’t have it, sir.“
„Last time I was sick and I did not know what to do?“
„Do you have a phone?“
„No, sir.“
„Does your dad have a phone?“
„Yes sir, but he out of town.“
„Does your mom have a phone?“
„Yes, sir.“
„Do your friends or their parents have phones?“
“Yes, sir.”
“Can you call them if you want?”
„Yes, sir.“
„So why you didn’t call them and ask about homework?“

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1. People Like to Make Excuses

Did you know why there was silence? Because he could not find an excuse anymore. He was cornered and had to confess, he WAS able to ask about his homework. Instead, he preferred not to do it and tried to get away by offering an excuse.

And this is exactly what we like to do. We are lazy to find ways, so we prefer to make excuses.

I told that kid and his friends around me about my situation 35 years earlier. The year was 1979 and I was 9 years old at that time. In 1979 the internet was not created yet, mobile phones were not created yet. There were only few people who had TVs and home phones that time. At least in the Soviet Union. It was kind like a stone age compared to our contemporary world today. Yet even then, 35 years ago, I could not make an excuse that because of my sickness I had not been able to do my homework.

If I am able to go to school tomorrow, I am clearly healthy enough today to find a friend and ask him about tomorrow’s homework.

These type of excuses were unaccepted 35 years ago, the ages before the internet and mobile phones were created, how much more today?

Or we just try to find excuses why we can’t get things done.

2. The Story of a Dumbbell

Look at the image below. Do you know what is it?

Don't Make Excuses for Why You Can't Get It Done

Right. It is a dumbbell. But not some fancy, branded dumbbell you can buy from a sports store. It is a self-made dumbbell. Made in Indonesia.

I have lived in Indonesia for more than 6 years now. I have lived and visited different islands here. Almost everywhere, I have seen those handmade dumbbells. I have seen them in Sumatra, I have seen them in Java, I have seen them in Bali, Lombok, Kalimantan. And I have seen them here in Sulawesi.

Just yesterday I saw another one thrown away, laying in a bunch of garbage.

Now let me tell you this. I have never seen those handmade dumbbells in my home country Estonia. Or in other western countries. Yet here in Indonesia I see them everywhere. Why?

Let me tell you. In the West people who want to train using dumbbells, are able to buy them. There’s no need for handmade training equipment. But here in Indonesia where majority of the population is very poor, people are not able to buy a set of fancy Kettler or Powerblock dumbbells.

The fact that there are so many handmade dumbbells, tells you one thing. Indonesians who want to train, don’t make excuses. They don’t complain: „Pity me. I can’t train because I am very poor. I have to feed my family, I never have enough money to buy an expensive set of dumbbells.

No! They don’t make such excuses. Instead, they use their God’s given creativity, take two empty cans (or whatever they find suitable), fill them with concrete and connect it with a stick. That’s it. Done. You can start exercising.

Clearly these dumbbells are not so fancy as those bought from the store but they do their job.

3. About Attitude

My point is this. It’s not so much about situations but about our attitude. People have problems. Always have had and always will have. You can’t escape problems. Neither you can pray to God to live a problem free life. He has never promised to give it. Having more money doesn’t solve all your problems either.

If you are facing a challenge or a problem don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Instead, find ways to overcome your challenge. Or like one of my friends once said: „I am a problem solver. Give me problems. I like to solve them.“ Knowing him, I also know that he was not boasting. I know my friend is a problem solver. Are you?

The world is in the midst of great turbulence at the moment. New international conflicts, wars, sanctions, deathly diseases, etc. pop up here and there and with ever increasing frequency. It only gets worse by each next day. A recent report says that by the year 2100 the Earth’s population could hit 12 billion. If 7 billion people can’t live peacefully, how would it be possible with 12 billion? If 7 billion has been able to destroy the big part of our ecosystem, what about 12 billion?

Look at the boy in the photo below:


I made this photo just yesterday night while shopping veggies at one of the local markets here in Kendari, SE-Sulawesi. This boy actually LIVES here. His parents run a small fruit stall and this is their home. It’s unbelievable, but people live literally live in those conditions. And kids have to grow, play, study, do their homework, etc. Here, in this very place.

As you see this young boy is practicing for the next day. He does not complain that his situation is too bad, he does not have proper, western style facilities, he can’t practice. He can. And he does. He found the way! Impressive, right?

4. Conclusion

Life is already tough and making excuses does not help you in any way. So better find ways to solve your problems.

If you don’t have a job to feed your family, find alternative ways. Don’t just sit and wait: „Give me a job.“ If there is no job, create one. Become an entrepreneur. There is an excellent platform and training center to start from scratch. I help you to get started. The best way is to build your own website and learn how to make revenue. Also, there are other ways to make some side money online.

But whatever challenges or problems you face, don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Instead, find ways. And if you are discouraged, read some motivational quotes about keep going and overcoming adversity. It helps. At least, it helps me.

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What About You?

Do you have questions or thoughts about it. Feel free to drop a comment. I like to hear your thoughts about it.



  1. That’s an excellent post, Egon. I think, the reason why people make so many excuses just to not do what they’re supposed to or to change something is, that it simply seems to be the easiest way out. They just don’t realize that this won’t change anything at all. I know because I’ve been there, done that.

    I excused and procrastinated my life a lot and as being wised up now, I could still smack myself for that…lol.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing and I hope many people benefit from this and stop making excuses.


    • Thank you for the feedback, Nicole. It’s so good to hear peoples stories and testimonies about their struggles and how they solved them. So your comment makes a good contribution here. Thank you again. :)

  2. What a great post. I am always putting things off until tomorrow instead of doing them straight away! – I’m sure many people are guilty of this. I am trying to get into the routine of doing just a little every day. The important thing is that you TAKE ACTION in some form.

    By the way – I love your graphics on the homepage – how do you make them?

  3. great post…was very informative and educational

  4. This is a great post, Egon!

    People make excuses basically because they fear the unknown. They are terrified of stepping out of their so-called comfort zone for any number of reasons, including the fear of failure and being scammed. However, your website has provided the gateway to finding a genuine online business.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Thank you for the feedback and encouragement, Ade. You’re right, the problem with scams is that they hurt. Both emotionally and also financially. Who likes to be fool? Nobody. And who likes to give his hard earned money to scammers? So in the end of the day, how many bunches like these are you able to withstand? Luckily, there are many honest opportunities too and one of the best ones (if not the best) is Wealthy Affiliate training platform. Free lifetime Starter membership. Who else offers something like that? It gives you a good opportunity to try the product as long as you want before you decide to upgrade to Premium.

  5. Most people tend to make tons of excuses just to not do a certain task (and I am one of them!), because they will be out of their comfort zone and they will feel weak. At most times it takes a necessity to push oneself in doing a task.

    I thank you for creating this very inspirational article showing that even you have just few resources it is still you who will make it work and will be the one responsible for bringing it into success.

    • Thank you Bernie for the feedback. I think in some way we all have this tendency. Our flesh likes a comfort zone. In fact, I just learned myself the lesson, seeing those self-made dumbbells. I am happy, if it was helpful. Thank you again for your feedback :)

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