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Do you wonder whether you could earn some side-money (or even second income) online? Or is it beyond reach?

Especially if you happen to be an utter novice with zero experience under your belt.

If it sounds like you, let me state clearly my conviction…

…Yes, making side-money and even full-time income online is POSSIBLE! You can do it as long as you have desire to do it.

To boost your self-confidence, here is a widespread myth, busted by top-notch mail order marketer Benjamin D. Suarez:

“Myth: I don’t have any experience in anything.

 Fact: Nobody has any experience in what they’re doing until they start doing it. Once you actually start doing something, you learn very quickly. It’s the fastest, most efficient way to learn.” – Benjamin D. Suarez 

See! It’s completely fine to start from ground zero. Remember, nobody was born as an expert. Once you start doing, you learn very quickly.

Now… Before you begin your online journey, though, you need to pay attention to some of the critical issues. The reason for this is that if you start with wrong expectations and wrong mindset, you are doomed to fail.

Really? Really!

However, as Amanda Marshall famously said in her song…

I believe in you
And all I want to do is help you to
Believe in you

… So do I. I believe in you. And I believe you can and will achieve success online.

I have full confidence that if you start with a right plan, road map, and the courage to press on to your destination, it will lead you to the surest path to success.

That brings me to the first topic…

1. Start With Right Mindset!

nose-diving into the waterAre you ready to jump into the make-money-online world and learn to swim…

Then it is crucial that you jump in with the right mindset. Or… Soon you will jump out faster than a speeding bullet, while being utterly frustrated and discouraged.

[Sidebar: To avoid such embarrassment, I did extensive research on the topic (it was when I began my online journey). I wanted to know why some people succeed and others fail.]

After massive reading and observation I found that if you want to succeed online, you must address these three issues in the first place:

  • Believe that you can do it
  • Take action and don’t give up
  • Be consistent

Let’s take a closer look at these three:

1. Believe That You Can.

Somebody has said, “If you don’t think you can succeed then you won’t.”

It is very true. Especially in the middle of difficult times. As long as you believe that you can reach your goals you keep pressing on. Lose this belief though, and you also lose your motivation to work. After that it does not take long before you walk away.

There are a great number of successful marketers out there who all started from scratch. They tell you that IT IS POSSIBLE to succeed online.

Why then do so many quit?

Because most people don’t believe that they can do it. Believe me, most folks out there (all over the world) try only for a few weeks. As soon as they meet first hardships they get discouraged, throw in the towel and quit.

So sad!

Luckily, you are not one of those. And that’s why I am willing to take my time and help you get started.

Here is another important myth for you, busted by Benjamin D. Suarez:

Myth: Another breed of people are the only ones who can do big things.

Fact: The only difference between you and the person doing the big things is that he or she just thought he could and started doing them.”

See! Those who have won, are NOT another breed of people. They just believed they could, and started doing.

That brings me to the second point…

1.2. Take Action And Never Give Up

There are quite a few definitions of “success” but my favorite one goes like this:

If you know where you are (point A) and know where you want to go (point B) and start moving toward it then every step that you make toward it, is a success.

In other words, to reach the end point B you must take action. Otherwise you will never get there. Or anywhere. Plain and simple.

So you want to:

  1. Make sure where you are right now (point A)
  2. Make sure you know what your goals are (point B)
  3. Start moving toward your goals.

If you don’t stop… or turn around… or change the course then one day you will reach your goals.

Therefore, before jumping in, make sure that you have that flaming desire burning in you to go until to the finish line.

Take a short break here right now and think about it a little. Tell yourself:

…[Your name], you want to make money online, are you determined to go until you reach your destination?

STOP! Don’t just say: “Yes, I am!

It does not help you much. You must think about it. Seriously!

Ask yourself: “If I start today, am I determined to go until the end? Even in the midst of distractions, difficulties, and setbacks, am I still determined to press until the end?

Did you do it? Great!

Now that you have made your mind, the next step is to set your goals and start moving (more on that in a minute).

Before that though, the third point…

3. Be Consistent

Willingness vs. Being Able To

Consistency is another critical thing that you need to address before jumping into the make-money-online world. Remember, without consistency you will fail.

Take whatever course you like (language, some musical instrument…) – They are all hammering the same truth: If you want to learn it, you must be consistent. A short practice every day is way better than 16 hours in one day and zero practice in the next two weeks.

Let me ask you – Are you WILLING TO consistently work for your internet campaign?

Here’s the problem though?

Maybe the will is there but are you also ABLE TO? This too is crucial! (What are the distractions, etc.?) You need to address this issue before you get engaged.

How much time do I need invest every day? 

Well, it depends. The more you can afford the better. The more you give, the faster you move forward.

To give you some numbers as a guideline, I have read that 10 hours per week is an absolute minimum. Then it takes about 3 to 6 months to see some results.

But hey! Even then it is full worth it.

Let’s face it. Even if you see your first fruits after six months, it is still worth its weight in gold! It’s like being a farmer. They sow in the spring. Then they wait for months until they can enjoy the harvest.

Remember, you don’t need to work every single day. The Bible also says that work six days and on seventh day have a rest. Taking one-two days per week off is OK.

What is important though – Are you able to work on a regular basis?

How long does it take until I succeed?

Remember, starting online business usually won’t accelerate like a race car. It is NOT the “Get Quick Rich” way. Take it as a long-term project (especially if you want to go for reliable, full-time income).

Many successful online marketers tell you that the first 2-3 months they did not see any income. It takes some time to build the whole thing up. However, it pays off later and will reward you for years to come.

Many people fail online because of this very fact – they approach their online business as a 100 m or 200 m race while it is a marathon.

Approach your online hangout as a marathon and you will most probably succeed.

Don’t Skip This Step!

Here is a simple task for you (for your online success):

First, find a pencil and a piece of paper. Don’t worry, I am waiting.

Did you find? Great!

Second, write down the following 5 questions:

[Sidebar: Your approach should be that your online campaign is a marathon – a long term campaign. Set your mind somewhere from 6 months to 1-year minimum (1 year is a better option).

If you succeed faster – Congrats! If not then you won’t get discouraged.]

  1. What do I want to achieve online  (point B)?  …………………………… (i.e. $1000 a month)
  2. Where am I right now (point A)? ………..…………………………………………… (i.e Complete newbie)
  3. Do I believe that I can do it? ………………………..
  4. If I start today, am I determined to go until I will achieve my goal? ………………………………….
  5. Through the one year period, am I determined to consistently invest my time and energy into my campaign?

Third, give your honest answers (you give them to yourself, not me).

Fourth, put the paper into your purse or wallet and take a look every so often. It will keep you motivated.

Don’t skip this step!

Now You Are Much Better Prepared Than Others

Listen! If you seriously addressed these previous issues, then I can tell you that you are already much better prepared to enter into the online business world than most of other people.


Because the statistics says that something like 97% of the online marketing newbies quit within their first year. They quit because of these very reasons.

You, however, don’t need to be afraid of the failure. Because you are prepared. Awesome!

2. Only 3 Things You Need

Now it is time to get more technical. There is another set of requirements that you need to succeed online. At least, this is what most of the successful online marketers say to you:

  1. You need a website;
  2. You need help (a support team);
  3. You need to learn and practice regularly.

Let’s take a look at these three too.

1. You need a website

Why do you need a website? Because websites are building blocks of the internet. There are many different ways to earn money online (tutoring, speed typing, selling crafts, etc.), but if you want to make a solid income online then there is only one way to go…

…You need a website!

It might be frightening at first, but do not be afraid!

Everything is made so simple these days, it is possible to build a fully functional website in 4 simple steps under 3 minutes!

Impressive, isn’t it?

There are also great step-by-step courses and training available, and you don’t need to pay a cent for it. But yes – to make a real money online, you need a website (how and where to get it, more on that in a minute).

2. You Need Help

Let’s face it. It is extremely difficult to survive online alone. Ever so often you will get stuck and need help. Where do you get it? From random blog posts? Forums?

Good luck then! Because that’s what you need.

Way better solution is if you have your personal support team – people you can trust and ask questions whenever you need help.

Put differently…

1. You start your online campaign from scratch – Do you know all those details about internet marketing? You are in the point A and start moving toward the point B – Do you know your next step? On the way you often make mistakes and also get stuck – Who helps you out? It is frustrating! It is even more frustrating when you don’t have anybody to ask for help (Been there, done that).

2. The internet is developing rapidly. Things that worked one year ago (or even few months ago) might be totally outdated today. How are you as a newbie able to figure out what works today? You read from some random article that this is the way to go. But maybe it was the way to go yesterday, not today? So how do you know what works today and what does not?

You need help and a good, trustworthy support team. The question is where to get them?

3. You need to learn and practice regularly

As a teacher I have noticed that those students who learned diligently and put things into practice, were the ones that succeeded. Yes, they often made mistakes. Yes, they often got stuck and didn’t know what to do next. But they asked for help and practiced again, got stuck, asked for help, practiced again… Finally they succeeded. The same here.

As a teacher I also noticed that with each next project the students became more skilled. What once was painfully difficult had become habitual later. It is exactly the same here: you learn and practice. If you get stuck, you ask for help. It can be painful at first but when you practice regularly you develop your skills and finally you become an expert.


3. Good Place to Get All These 3 Things – FREE!

There are tons of options to learn about online marketing. But not all are trustworthy. I have read that for every trustworthy source there are roughly 75 scams online. This number grows. You should be very careful to avoid scams!


My #1 choice

Yet NOT ALL sources and websites are scams! There are some very good and serious platforms out there only you have to find them. I want to suggest you one that I personally have found extremely good and trustworthy. It is Wealthy Affiliatea training platform and business community for those who want to learn and build their online business from scratch. Wonderful thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can get all these 3 things (website, training, help and support) plus so much more from one place and you can join for FREE!  There are training, tutorials, “Getting Started” course to help get you into the right direction and to lay a foundation for your online campaign. Wealthy Affiliate free Starter Account includes

  • 3 classrooms,
  • 500+ training modules,
  • 2 free fully functional WordPress websites,
  • phase 1 of the Bootcamp course,
  • networking and commenting,
  • help and support from founders (usernames Kyle and Carson) and other skilled marketers (many of them are doing 6 figures) etc.
  • All this is for an unlimited period of time.


Why is WA free?

Because you want to try it first, don’t you?  It is the same as if you want to buy a new phone – you go to a store and before you buy you want to try it. The same here.  The scams require you to pay first and if you don’t like their product then you will have a headache to get your money back. Most often you even won’t. On the other hand, you can join Wealthy Affiliate for FREE. There is a PREMIUM option too (if later you should consider this as it gives you access to even more training) but free Starter membership is great for starters.


Join Wealthy Affiliate with $0.

Now when you have prepared your mindset and know the basics you want to do the next step. My suggestion is to register yourself as a free STARTER member, then do all the free stuff. I have also joined Wealthy Affiliate and my username is: egonsarv. You see, I am using my real name. So you can also contact me within Wealthy Affiliate.

To get more detailed information about the Wealthy Affiliate platform, feel free to read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and have a look at my Wealthy Affiliate FAQ.

If you have any questions just leave them below. I am more than happy to get back to you and help you out.


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