How to Make Money Gambling – the Martingale System a Sure Way to Win?

How to Make Money Gambling – the Martingale System a Sure Way to Win?

Have you ever stumbled upon a web page that reveals you a „secret“ about how to make money gambling?

A few days ago, it happened to me. I was doing some research when I stumbled across one of those pages.


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Two things happened.

  1. Their strategy looked logical and fireproof—a sure-fire way to play and win.
  2. Because some extra cash would be great, I had a temptation to try it.

Doing my research, I discovered that the „secret“ strategy was, in fact, the Martingale betting system, well known in the gambling world well over 200 years.

Still, my question remained: Can I win roulette using the Martingale?

I am a math teacher, and I saw here a mathematical challenge.

My conscience said, No! Because casinos and not gamblers are the ones who get rich. I don’t think there exists a 100% sure way technique to beat casinos. If there were any, casinos were bankrupt already.

Mathematically I could not find any fault in the system. This fact did not give me peace. There had to be a trick that I was not able to discover.

I did extensive research, and now in this post, I show you exactly whether the Martingale helps you win casino gambling or not.

So let’s dive into the details.

1. How to Make Money Gambling?

The lucrative offer to make money by gambling comes from a man called Heinrich (Harry) Lawler. In his words, he was once a young and successful entrepreneur but later ended up in bankruptcy. His life spiraled downward until he found himself in the streets, broke and broken.

Finally, his elder son came to a rescue mission. He helped his dad rise and join the ranks of those who made money online. Heinrich discovered the Martingale betting system that he called his “secret” technique.

He claims to use the method to beat five online casinos and walk away with $250 profit a day. Thus, he makes $7500 each and every month.


Having gone through the lowest parts of his life and after being able to rise again, he claims to be on a noble mission now, rescuing and helping others.

His key to success?


To prove his case, he provides detailed, step-by-step instructions for how to gamble using his “secret” method.

All of his instructions are simple and easy to follow.

At the end of the web page, he includes five screenshots of the “thank you” emails from his “satisfied” customers. These emails should give you extra confirmation that “his” method works – The Martingale is the best way to win casino gambling.

So let’s see if it’s true.

1.2. The Martingale Betting System

So what is this mysterious Martingale that gives you an edge over casinos?

The Martingale betting system originated from 18th century France. “The idea is that by doubling your bet after a loss, you would always win enough to cover all past losses plus one unit. For example, if a player starts at $1 and loses four bets in a row, winning on the fifth, he will have lost $1+$2+$4+$8 = $15 on the four losing bets and won $16 on the fifth bet. The losses were covered, and he had a profit of $1,” states Michael Shackleford, the founder of The Wizard of Odds.

By the way, Binary Options, the internet-based trading options, also use the Martingale system.

How does the Martingale look like in real life?

“First, you put $1 on the color Red. If it appears red, you win $1. Then you put $1 on the black and play again.

If it appears black, you lose your bet $1. Then you double your bet after every loss so that the first win would recover all previous losses plus win a profit of $1.

how to make money gambling - Martingale results after 4 straight losses and 1 win

When it appears green/zero, you lose your stake. Then you should start again with $1.” (Wikipedia)

1.3. What is a House Edge, and How Does It Affect the Results?

“Usually, casino games provide a predictable long-term advantage to the casino, or “house” while offering the player the possibility of a large short-term payout.” (Wikipedia). This built-in advantage is called House edge.

Your disadvantage comes from this one green/zero spot on the European roulette. The chances to get green on any one spin are 1/37, which is 2.7% house edge.

It means that your chances to win on any one spin are 18/37 or 48.7% (disadvantage). Simultaneously, the casino’s chances to win on any one spin are 19/37 or 51.3% (advantage).


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1.4. Why the European Roulette?

This so-called Harry Lawler recommends playing the European roulette because the European roulette rule with its single green spot gives you a bit higher chance to win than its American counterpart. The American roulette has two green spots (0 and 00), which means the house edge on American roulette is 2/39 or 5.26%.

In this case, your chances to win on any one spin are 18/38 or 47.4%. Simultaneously, the casino’s chances to win on any one spin are 20/38 or 52.6%.

American roulette has 2 green spots, european roulette only one.

Because of this inherent disadvantage, whatever roulette you play, there is no stable system to beat the game. If it were possible to beat roulette consistently with a plan, a casino would have changed the rules a long time ago.

2. Why Does It Smell Scammy?

There are quite a few problems on that web page that make me highly suspicious, to say the least.

1.The page does not have any name. In fact, it’s just a single page with no links to the parent website. The only links are those to the five casinos and an email address for more information. It’s an individual sale page.

2. They attach the same sale page to multiple websites, and I am not sure if the site owners even know about it. Now this smells very scammy.

3. You cannot find the page by typing its exact URL into a browser’s URL field. The only way to find it is through Google search.

Type into Google: “best-making money online scams 2015” and see what you get.

Type into Google best making money online scams 2015


Most of the top 10 results send you to that same sales page.

All top results are the same scam page

4. You find NO information about that mystical Heinrich (Harry) Lawler. His sale pages sit on the first spots in Google search results.

Because of these things, I think he is just a fictional character. Typical for scammers.

5. This fictional Harry does not tell you the truth about the green/zero spot. He says if green appears, you lose $1. That is true only if your stake was $1. But when you betted $64, and the green spot appears, you lose $64.

6. His “secret” and the sure way winning method is, in fact, the sure way losing ticket. Fictional Heinrich persuades you to believe that it’s possible to make regularly good money by using the Martingale. It’s wrong.

So… Is the Martingale a losing strategy?

Yes. And I explain it to you now.

3. What Results Will You Get by Using the Martingale System?

You may be tempted to think the Martingale make you a guaranteed winner.

Make NO illusions!

Far from preventing gambler’s ruin, martingale accelerates it.” – William Poundstone.

“If you enter a trade with Martingale in mind, then you won’t bring money to home.” – Unknown.


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3.1. 3 Reasons That Make the Martingale a Losing Ticket

Now, here you are, trying to figure out how to make money gambling. Read the following and then consider your chances:

1. Casinos have set a house edge to their long-term advantage. It means you are not able to beat them over the long haul. Even a 1% advantage makes casinos winners, but their house edge is 2 to 5%.

2. You have neither unbound resources nor time. If you had, Martingale would be a sure way to win. Whatever number of bets you lose, finally, a winning bet would come, and you would make a profit.

In reality, you cannot bet infinitely. With Martingale, the stakes grow exponentially, meaning you’ll run out of money at some point and be unable to double your bet.

3. Casinos don’t allow you to double your bets infinitely. Even if you had enough resources always to double your bet, you couldn’t do it anyway. Most casinos limit maximum bets on a table. And usually, the higher the maximum, the higher the minimum, too.

For example, on a $5 table, the average maximum bets are limited to $500-1000.

It allows you to double your bet maximum 6-7 times: $10, $20, $40, $80, $160, $320, $640. Once you break the limit, you cannot double it anymore, and you have lost your money.

This Harry Lawler recommends depositing $65. It means you can double your bet only 6 times: $2, $4, $8, $16, $32, $64.

Again, make no illusions. These on-line casinos were created to take your money, not to give you any. Roulette was designed to take people’s money.

“No betting system can convert a sub fair game into a profitable enterprise…” — Probability and Measure (second edition, page 94) by Patrick Billingsley.

4. Testimonials

You can find countless testimonies about ruined individual and family lives, all destroyed by gambling addiction. Here I provide just a few of them. To show you that gambling IS NOT the way to success.

Testimony how gambling destroys lives

Another gambler's testimony


“I am working on the sales line. I’ve been a gambling addict for more than 15 years and lost a total of $300K. I’ve tried many times to quit on my own and made many promises to my wife and siblings, but I could not keep any of them. Each time my debts were cleared, I would be back to gambling and piling up debts again. In the end, I had to leave my home and am separated from my wife and son.“


“Growing up in a family of gamblers, I soon became a gambler at a young age. Over a span of more than twenty years, I’ve won much but lost even more. My growing debts drove me to borrow from loan sharks, money-lenders, family members, relatives, and friends – whatever means it takes to feed my addiction. Once, I promised my mother that I would quit if she would sell her house and repay my loan to loansharks. She did that, but once the debt was settled, I was back to gambling again.”

You find more testimonies here and here.

Here you find a great and worthy to read a testimonial of a once successful businessman who lost all that he had by gambling.

As you see, it’s tough to escape from the gambling hell.

And here come Harry Lawler and his counterparts in their rescue missions and recommend you to become successful by… gambling?!

What?! Should I believe it?

Of course not!

5. What to Watch Out For?

1. System salespeople are selling you false hope. This particular website begins with the title: “Hope is the way to success.”

That is exactly what gambling is. “Gambling is a system of selling hope in exchange for money. Hope springs eternal, but money always runs out. New statistics show just how hopeless your futile dreams of striking it rich are,” states Hamilton Nolan, Gawker’s longest-tenured writer.

2. They’re selling you a “get quick rich” scheme. No hard work needed, just 30 minutes gambling online, and you walk away with €250 a day or €7500 a month.

3. They encourage you to make a long-term commitment. Do it slowly – you have plenty of time to win more” and “Don’t lose your head. Think long term and do not be carried away by thoughts that you can become rich in just one day,” writes Heinrich on his sale page.

They undoubtedly encourage you to set your mindset into long term gambling. They prepare you to lose money, yet they want you to continue gambling.

4. They promote five different casinos: Probably affiliate thing or something. Cosmik Casino, Casino Las Vegas, Titan Casino, Osiris Casino, and Tropez Casino.

Guess who the real winners will be? Not you! These five casinos will be the ones that get your money. You will be their next milking cow.

5. The “thank you” emails at the end of the web page should get you hooked. The emails are well-chosen fabrications:

  • The single mom makes full-time income gambling.
  • The businessman recovers his restaurant business by gambling.
  • The mom takes his kids on vacation by gambling.
  • The whole neighborhood teams up to gamble and support a non-profit Homeless Foundation.

It’s like gambling is something a noble thing to do.

Should I believe it? Should you believe it?

6. Buying Advice

Don’t buy the hype! Gambling is a sneaky way to self-destruction. Casinos love it when you play Martingale because they know they will have all your money before long.

Do you think that they don’t know about the Martingale?

They know. And they are well prepared to combat the Martingale players. You won’t have a chance against them.

An old man, who had spent his life looking for a winning formula (martingale), spent the last days of his life putting it into practice, and his last pennies to see it fail. The martingale is as elusive as the soul.“ – A. Dumas, 1849

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7. Conclusion

People all over the world keep asking: “How to make money gambling? Does the Martingale betting system help me to win?”

After reading the detailed explanations above, you understand why the Martingale is a CLEAR losing ticket. Not only that. Gambling is an addiction, and it’s tough to get out of it.

So back to the very first question: “How to make money gambling?”

The best answer is: Don’t gamble!

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