How to Pinned Tweet – See How TOP50 Social Media Influencers Do It

How to Pinned Tweet – See How TOP50 Social Media Influencers Do It

If you are an active Twitter user, you probably have noticed that you can pin a tweet to your profile page. So the question is – How can you leverage it to maximize its efficiency?

So therefore, here’s my “How to Pinned Tweet” quick and easy tutorial.

But first – Why a pinned tweet should be a must?

And should it to begin with?

Well… Because a pinned tweet is glued to your profile page, it can have tremendous visibility. Also, it is the very first tweet that your profile visitors see and read.

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So therefore, that sticky tweet gives you such an awesome opportunity to advertise yourself, your product or service. It’s like a digital real estate which you should exploit as much as possible.

In this post you will:

  1. Learn how to pin (and unpin) a tweet to Twitter your profile page
  2. Discover different ways to get most out of a pinned tweets
  3. Learn how to analyze your pinned tweet’s performance
  4. Learn how Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers use pinned tweets (case study)

So here we go – First stop:

How-to Pin a Tweet To Your Twitter Profile Page

This is the easy part. It’s so easy that everybody can do it. And it takes only a second or two. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to your Twitter profile page
  2. Pick a tweet that you want to pin to your profile and click on “three dot” (=More) icon below it.
  3. Select “Pin to your profile page.”
  4. Refresh your profile page. Now the freshly pinned tweet should occupy the #1 position in your profile (and remain there until you unpin it or pin something else).

how to pin a tweet to your Twitter profile page

How to Pin Someone Else’s Tweet

Unfortunately, you cannot. Twitter has chosen not to allow you do that. Their game, their turf, their rules. Sorry!

What you can do, however, is use some snipping tool, grab the tweet that you want to pin and turn it into an image. Then tweet and pin that image.

How to Unpin a Tweet

There are two options for doing it. First, when you pin some other tweet to your Twitter profile page, you automatically unpin the older tweet.

Second, if you don’t want to have a pinned tweet on Twitter at all, follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your Twitter profile page
  2.  Click on “three dot” (=More) icon below the pinned tweet.
  3. Select “Unpin from profile page.”
  4. Refresh (Ctrl-F5) your profile page. Now the previously pinned tweet should be gone (No! It is not deleted. It went back to where it belongs in terms of tweeting timeline).


How To Get The Most Out Of Pinned Tweets (list)

Let me give you 10 ideas of some of the most popular options that people use to leverage their pinned tweets:

  1. Pin your own product ad
  2. Pin an affiliate product ad
  3. Pin a tweet that sends twitter followers to your landing page
  4. Pin your newest (or most popular) review or article
  5. Pin your personal quote (something important or inspirational that you want to tell your visitors)
  6. Pin a service you offer
  7. Pin your most retweeted tweet (or a tweet that has received most the most likes).
  8. Pin an compelling question (fantastic way to get tons of replies).
  9. Pin a tweet in which a power influencer interacts with you (great way to build your trust)
  10. Pin an inspirational quote

How to Analyze Your Pinned Tweet’s Performance

Once you have pinned a tweet you obviously want to know how it performs.

Apparently, one thing is to follow the metrics like replies, retweets, and likes. These three are important but they don’t give you a full picture. You need some more data to figure out which pinned tweet performs best (you have to test them one by one).

To give you an example, let me give you two different tweets that I have used as a pinned tweet, and see if you can guess which one performed better:

Pinned tweet #1:

Pinned tweet #2:

So what do you think – which one of them performed better?

The second one, right?


When you go to your Twitter profile and click on Tweets,  you will see a “Your Tweet Activity” widget on a sidebar:

Here you can see your tweet activity

Click on that link “View your top Tweets.”

Here you see how your best tweets have performed (you cannot see my tweets, though).

Note! By default, you will see the tweets from last 28 days. You may want to change it.

Now look at this:

Tweet activity comparison of two tweets

The second tweet gets a little more engagement but it has almost 3 times more impressions. So therefore, as you can see, the first tweet has a better engagement rate.

Now let’s view tweet activity for both of these tweets (click on the link below the tweet):

first tweet performes much better

See! With way fewer impressions the first tweet has achieved more link clicks.

That’s how you can test different tweets and increase the efficiency of your pinned tweet.

Before you start doing that, though, let me show you something very interesting…

… I want to show you how TOP 50 Social Media power influencers use (if at all) their pinned tweets. So keep reading.

How Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers Use Pinned Tweets

1. How Many Power Influencers Have an Active Pinned Tweet

Turns out, only 31 out of 50 Social Media Power Influencers, have an active pinned tweet (at the moment of this research). It is 62%. The other 19 (38%) don use it:

Percentage of top50 social media power influencers who use pinned tweet.

What can you conclude here?

You can conclude that slightly over half of Top 50 influencers have found a pinned tweet useful. For the other half… well they seem not to care. Interesting, isn’t it?

2. How Old Are Their Pinned Tweets

I was curious to know when the power influencers pinned those tweets. Surprisingly, these tweets date back to 2014 (the oldest one was tweeted in April 14, 2014.)

  • Pinned in 2014: 3 tweets
  • Pinned in 2015: 5 tweets
  • Pinned in 2016: 17 tweets
  • Pinned in 2017: 7 tweets (only from Jan. 1 to 15)

When most tweets were pinned

Now let’s see how these tweets from 2016 pan out:

Most tweets pinned in 2016

From the charts above you can easily see that 13 out of 31 pinned tweets (41.9%) are less than 6 weeks old. In fact, 22.6% of them are less than 2 weeks old.

And 8 pinned tweets used by top50 social-media power influencers are older than one year (25.8%)

So to say the truth, it is difficult to draw any definite conclusion here. One fourth of the influencers seem happy with their once pinned tweets. Other (roughly) one fourth seem to pin a new tweet after every 2 weeks

So what can you conclude here? Not much really, right?

Next stop:

3. Images and Videos in the Pinned Tweets

My findings show the following:

  • 8 out of 31 (26%) use neither an image nor a video in their pinned tweets
  • 19 out of 31 (61%) use an image
  • 4 out of 31 (13%) use a video

61% of social media influencers use an images in a pinned tweet

Any conclusions from here?

There is one – You can do pretty well without an image or a video. But, as you can see from the chart above, using an image is a wise move.

Next stop:

4. What Do They Tweet About?

Here are my findings:

  • Product ads – 9 pinned tweets
  • Personal quotes – 7 pinned tweets
  • Product reviews – 5 pinned tweets
  • Articles – 5 pinned tweets
  • Training – 2 pinned tweets
  • Other Calls to Action – 2 pinned tweets
  • Newsletter – 1 pinned tweets

how to: pinned tweet includes mostly these things

From here you can get a rough picture of the most popular content in the pinned tweets. These include product ads, personal quotes, reviews, and articles.

5. What About Replies, Retweets, and Likes?

Considering the huge number of followers of these top 50 social media power influencers… well the following numbers are surprisingly humble, to say the least.

For each metric – replies, retweets, and likes – I will give min, max, mean, and median values. In my opinion, median (the middle value) gives a better picture of the average value here.


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 367 (Chris Sacca)
  • Mean (average): 28
  • Median (average): 6 (yes, six!!!)


  • Min: 0
  • Max: 1314 (Chris Sacca)
  • Mean (average): 212
  • Median (average): 48 (!!!)


  • Min: 2
  • Max: 4298 (Chris Sacca)
  • Mean (average): 417
  • Median (average): 85

As you can see, the best performing pinned tweet of the top 50 social media power influencers belongs to Chris Sacca:

Silver goes to Jeff Barrett‘s pinned tweet:

And bronze belongs to David Meerman Scott’s pinned tweet:

6. Links, Hashtags (#) and Mentions (@) in Their Pinned Tweets

Here’s what I discovered:


Out of all 31 social media power influenceres, 25 of them (80.6%) use links in their pinned tweets and 6 (19.4%) do not.

Nobody, however, use more than one link in their pinned tweet.

Hashtags #

15 influencers (48%) use hashtags in a pinned tweet and 16 don’t use

Those who use hashatags:

  • Min: 1 hashtag
  • Max: 6 hashtags
  • Median: 2 hashtags

Mentions @

Only 6 influencers (19%) use mentions in a pinned tweet. Laura Fitton uses 4 mentions:

Chris Sacca have 3 mentions (see above), and the other two influencers both 1.

7. What About Link Clicks and Follows?

This I don’t know. Why? Because Twitter does not give me access to this data.

The Bottom Line

After doing my research I have come to a conclusion that a pinned tweet plays an important part of your online campaign. Especially because it has a high visibility and can be a great attention grabber.

But at the same time (and to my great surprise) I also learned that a big part of top-notch social media influencers don’t bother to use a pinned tweet at all.


Second, you have to thing carefully what do you want to achieve with your pinned tweet. Do you want to sell your product, or do you want to promote your latest (or most popular) review… Or you do you want to build your trust by giving visitors your personal inspirational quote…?

What do you want to achieve?

Once you have answered to this question, you can compose your tweet, publish it, and then pin it to your Twitter profile page.

What About You

So now that you have read my “How to Pinned Tweet” review, I am very interested to hear, what you do to increase the efficiency of your pinned tweet on Twitter?

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