Is Altronix App a Scam? Read This Before You Rush to Sign Up

Is Altronix App a Scam? Read This Before You Rush to Sign Up

IF YOU want to make money with binary options trading and have come across Altronix software – here is the question that begs for an answer, though: Is Altronix App a scam or not?


Because, first, binary options is a trading opportunity which does not require tons of money to get started. Second, it gives you the impression that it’s not complicated. Thus, it has become an attractive make-easy-money opportunity for ordinary people.

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The biggest problem with binary options is that ordinary people are usually not experienced. AND, if you did not know, binary options trading is a HIGH-RISK business opportunity which is NOT suitable for the Average Joe.

But because binary options attract thousands (if not millions), it has also become a very lucrative business for scammer and all kinds of con artists.

That’s why, before rushing to sign up, you must ask yourself, “Is Altronix App a scam or not?” Hey, don’t just ask! Find out as well.

In the review below, I will give you that answer with proofs. Read through it, and I will show you exactly what it is (and what it’s not).

Quick Review

Name: Altronix App (a.k.a. Altronix Software and Auto-Trader)
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Sign-up – free. A minimum deposit of $250 required.
Founder: Frank Saunders
Skill level: Beginner (allegedly)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict – SCAM!!! Stay Away! Don’t touch it!

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Full Review – Is Altronix App a Scam?

Altronix app is a binary options trading bot (robot) – a software – which allows you to trade binary options and make money in the process. They claim, of course, that their trading robot is the best (and easiest to use) on Earth. But guess what? All scammers toot the same.

Unfortunately, the Altronix app website gives only general statements and provides very little details on what their trading bot is and does.

But, as you will see below, you don’t even need these details. Why?  Because there’s not much truth anyway in their story, so there’s no meaning to read even more rubbish.

Technically speaking, well, according to Frank Saunders (the founder), Altronix app does the following:

  1. Monitors and scans millions of sources (for the newest information)
  2. Analyzing the current data discards old one
  3. Instantly processes billions of bytes of data
  4. Determines the most probable and profitable opportunities available
  5. Enters transactions in milliseconds
  6. Exits at EXACTLY the most profitable time

All this to make your profits go through the roof.

What Do They Promise You?

What can you expect from the Altronix trading bot?

Here’s what:

  • You don’t need to have a background in trading of any kind
  • You don’t need to learn a complicated new program
  • You don’t need to spend hours (or even days) staring at complicated data or doing any research


Because Altronix trading bot takes care of EVERYTHING! Awesome? Please keep reading as there’s more to come.

  • You will enjoy tremendous success with Altronix trading bot
  • It can make you more profit than a building full of professional traders ever could (the laughing point here!)
  • You don’t need any experience
  • You don’t need a lot of money to get started
  • A massive amount of cash will be in your trading account in a matter of days, if not hours.


Altronix App Price

They claim that way inferior tradings bots cost from $1,000 and $5,000 to $20,000. They, however, give Altronix App to you for free (for the first 90 days). But they do it only for the first 50 subscribers. So if you must hurry.

Wait a minute! Keep reading before you hurry to sign up.  There’s nothing genuine in their words, and I am going to prove it.

So is it free or not?

First – this restriction, “ONLY 50 first subscribers get it for free,” this is to create a fake urgency in your brain. Yes, this is a common trick to persuade you to sign up in a hurry.

Second, technically speaking, the software is free indeed. But it does not mean you can start trading (and profiting) without first digging into your jeans.

To start trading with them, you first must open a trading account with a binary options broker of their choice. AND fund your account (minimum $250). That’s how THEY make money – by introducing you to their broker and earning commissions from you.

The truth is – the more money YOU spend, the more money they make. Therefore, after signing up and giving the con artists your phone number, expect a constant flow of sales pitches from the broker – all to make you invest bigger and bigger sums into their system.

My recommendation: Stay away!

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7 Proofs That Altronix App is a Scam

1. Fake Frank Saunders

It is clear that Frank Saunders, the alleged founder of the Altronix app software, is a fictional character. How do I know it? Pretty simple. It is not possible that a person of his expertise has not left ANY traces behind. Search the internet, and you will see – you will find nothing about this particular Frank Saunders.

All other Frank Saunders – yes, they are there. But Frank Saunders, the founder of Altronix – there is nothing about him. It’s a fake character, played by an actor (like in almost every other promotional video run by binary options scams).

Even worse. Many other such binary options scams at least tell you in their full risk disclosure that actors have been used (see here, here, and here). In the case of Altronix, however, they don’t even give you access to their disclaimer.

Furthermore, Frank Saunders looks and feels so fake. It’s like you were following a play in a theater. It’s just not natural:

Frank Saunders, played by an actor

2. Fake Testimonials

Not only is Frank Saunders fake. The other testimonials on the Altronixapp website are fake too. And these are also played by wannabe actors. It’s funny (or is it?) how ordinary people are willing to sell their souls to make $5.

Navigate to and type into the search bar: video testimonials. This is what you will get: Well over 500 people ready to give you a high-quality video testimonial:

There are over 500 fake testimonial offer in fiverr

The problem here is this: In their video testimonials, these people are lying through their teeth. I can’t fathom how people are willing to sell their integrity so cheap.

Anyway, for you, it means you cannot trust these cheesy fake testimonials.

And it gets even worse:

3. The Same Fake Social Media Proofs Are Rotating Month In, Month Out

Look at the screenshot of two “live” streams (from Facebook and Twitter) of social proofs in the Altronix app website:

Altronix social proof looks like live stream - wrong!


However, nothing is live here. The same fake testimonials have been spinning around at least a year already:

Altronix app is spinning the same fake social proofs for years

4. Altronix Uses the Same Fake Social Proof as Citidel

Try these out for size – This is from the Altronix app website:

altronix uses exactly the same social proofs as citidel


And this is from the Citidel Binary Options scam website:

Citidel uses the same fake social proofs


Moreover, such people do not even exist. They’re all fictional characters with stolen face images from the Internet.

Check my Citidel Ltd Binary Options review for more detailed research on Beverly Watkins’s face image (above).


6. Altronix and Citidel Use The Same Idiotic Sentence

See below, and it will convince you – they both use the same idiotic sentence in the headline of social proof:

Citidel and Altronix use the same sentence


What it tells me is that the same owners are using the same template to create a bunch of binary options scams with different names and different advertising campaigns.

But don’t they have any native English speakers to proofread their texts before publishing?

7. Fake Testimonials, Fabricated Profits

It turns out that they don’t rotate the social proofs only. They also rotate the “live” examples of profits too.

When you check these “live” proofs, the total profits are continually growing. It gives you the impression that these people are getting richer by every passing minute.

However, open these same “live” proofs in another browser, and you will see, the counter (total profit) starts from the beginning again:

is altronix app a scam


Real Altronix Is a Legit Company

The real Altronix ( has nothing to do with the Altronix App binary options scam. The real Altronix is “the leading manufacturer of low voltage electronics and power solution.” The company is founded in 1983, with its headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. A good company!

Why the con artists use the name of an honest company? I Don’t know.


Complaint how a person lost his money using Altronix app

It is evident that you are going to lose money with them. Remember, the scheme is designed that way – to drive you into the ground while getting rich in the process.

Similar Scams:

Citidel, Centument, Push Money App, Millionaires Blueprint (=The Free Money System), Tauribot, to name but a few.

My Final Verdict

While researching for my Altronix app review, I could not find ANYTHING truthful about their story or trading software itself. The whole story is a plain lie. Not only that. It is obvious that Altronix is tightly connected to another binary options scam – Citidel. Most probably, these two (and how many other scams) have the same owners.

My verdict – Altronix app is a scam!!! Stay away!!!

What About You

After reading my proofs, what do you think? Is Altronix App a scam or not?

Do you have a personal experience with it (good or bad) that you want to share? Please leave me a comment below.

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  1. Hi Egon. Great Article! This brings back memories from a few years ago. I was trying to make money online with binary trading. Mistake!!! Fortunately, I realized early on that this was not going to make me any sustainable income. I did not use a bot, I tried to do it myself (talk about being stressed out!!!) I compare it to sitting at a slot machine and gambling for hours. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. That is all that binary trading is, a big gamble. Nowadays, I am an affiliate marketer just like yourself. It is a great way, and a legit way to make money from home.
    All the best,

  2. Cinderella says:

    This is the best information ever, I have a lot of people following me to invest in binary trading which I have no idea what they are talking about so I just kept quiet because I wanted to research and understand and deep inside I knew something was not right.

    From reading your review I now know how to answer them and I am fortunate to have tempered with this binary trading thing. Thank you for this information.

    • Hey, Cinderella, and thank you for your thoughts. And I am glad to hear you found the review helpful. Binary Options, as I wrote above, is a very high risk business opportunity. It is not suitable for the ordinary people. If you are interested in making legit passive income online, have you already tried this (free to get started) training? Check out and see if it can help you.

      Stay safe,

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