Is The Obcasio a Scam or Legit – Read This Before You Sign Up

Is The Obcasio a Scam or Legit – Read This Before You Sign Up

“YOU CAN make $2,000 every single day, $14,000 this week, $60,000 this month, and $730,000 this year!” – Michael Watson, alleged co-founder of the Obcasio software


Wait! Here’s the very first question that begs to be answered – Is the Obcasio a scam or legit? Is it genuine?

I run detailed research and am going to answer the question above in the Obcasio review below. It is important that you read through it before you decide to sign up for Obcasio.

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Here we go:

Quick Review

Name: Obcasio
Obcasio login / /etc.
Niche: Binary Options
Price: minimum required deposit: $250
Alleged Founder: Michael Watson
Skill level: Complete Novice
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

Verdict: Dangerous SCAM!!!  I give zero recommendations to the program, which shows no transparency and lies with a straight face.


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Full Review – Is The Obcasio a Scam or Legit?

The Narrative

Michael Watson, the alleged founder of Obcasio software, does not bother to give out much about himself or his genius Obcasio trading app. What you mostly get is a pure sales pitch.

However, something he still tells us, so let’s try to digest it:

Before the 2005 market crash, Michael Watson was one of those Wall Street sharks, working for the most significant investment banks in the world. However, he had a dream, and it was to launch his own trading organization.

When the global financial crisis hit the markets in 2005, Michael saw his opportunity. He left his job, rented an office in Manhattan, and recruited some of the best traders into his team.

To make a long story short, Michael’s team developed and launched the Obcasio Binary Options trading software.

In 2014 Michael Watson opened the doors to 100 new members (ordinary people of the streets). He gave them free access to the Obcasio software and guaranteeing them a minimum daily profit of $2,000 every single day.

The Offer

This year, Michael’s team is taking on another 100 people (just 20 people per day) over five days. Today is the final day. One hundred people in total, all guaranteed to start making $2,000 per day, starting now.

Today is day 5, your last chance.

Note!! It is critical that you read through the whole review before you hurry to sign up with Obcasio. I will show you precisely what you can expect from it.

But before that, let me give you a list of their guaranteed promises:

$2,000 profits daily


  1. Obcasio will guarantee you minimum $2,000 every single day, $14,000 a week, $60,000 a month, $730,000 a year – for life.
  2. The initial deposit of $250 is the only deposit you ever need to make.
  3. With Obcasio app you won’t need any previous knowledge or expertise in trading
  4. For you, Obcasio is 100% hands-free. Its autopilot does all the trading for you.
  5. 100% of profits you make are yours to keep
  6. The Obcasio membership is 100% free of charge. Neither are there any hidden fees
  7. Thousands of dollars are literally a mouse click away

Well, if these promises are genuine, it is pretty much dream come true. The question is – Are they authentic?

What if they are fake? Is the Obcasio a scam or not?

Now I am going to prove that it is a scam – designed right from the very core for the sole purpose of ripping you off and leaving you in ruins.


Red Flag #1: Bogus Michael Watson

Michael Watson, the founder of the Obcasio trading app, is nothing but a fictional character, played by a paid actor. This time, however, they have hired Miah Washburn from Portland to do the job.

See yourself! Here is fictional Michael Watson, the alleged founder of Obcasio:

fake Michael Watson, the CEO of Obcasio


Below is a screenshot of Google search results on the actor Miah Washburn (the same person, right?):


This man plays Michael Watson


Lie #2: Fake Testimonials

As always with such shady schemes, all testimonials are fabricated as well. In other words, these testimonials are thrown together based on the script and then, if needed, played by some cheap actors).

In the case of Obcasio scam, however – surprise, surprise –  they have used real actors from Portland, Oregon.

Let me give you some examples.

First, Sarah Priestly, played by Eleanor O’Brien

Here’s Sarah Priestly, giving her test run in the Obcasio video:

Fictional Sarah Priestly, played by the Portlan Solo actor Eleanor O'Brien

And here is the screenshot from the Broadway World, Portland, featuring Eleanor O’Brien:

Actor Eleanor O'Brien behind the fictional Sarah Priestly

Here you can find her LinkedIn page.

Second, another fiction testimonial, played by a real actor from Portland:

another fake testimonial played by an actor

You think the guy [pictured] is an average from Joe who accidentally stumbled upon Obcasio software and is now accumulating thousands of dollars every day?


The truth is, the guy in the Obcasio video is Gary Powell, another actor from Portland:

Gary Powell acting in the Obcasio video ad as a lucky member


Not only that. Gary Powell has participated in other online scams as well – Jarvis Formula Binary Options scam, Nesdek Inc scam, Quantum Vision System (playing Dr. William Kemp), etc.

I struggle to understand what causes respected people falling so low that they sell their soul to such wicked schemes.


Third, bogus member’s reviews:

Obcasio fake members have stolen stock photos

As you can see in the image above, the face image of Wing Sor is a stock photo, downloaded from Eric Clarke’s face image, however, belongs to Brendan Gallagher.

Red Flag #3: Every Day is the Final Day

As you might suspect, their video is not a live show. It was recorded at least a year ago. It means, every single sentence and promise in it is burned into the video.

So when that bogus Michael Watson pitches you with his “Today is the final day,” this too is recorded a long time ago:

Obcasio video creates false urgency in the minds of its victims

Inevitably, it means that every single day since day 1 is your final day to sign up with their ‘lifechanging opportunity.’

Not only that. The screenshot above was taken on March 9. Notice, it’s the final day, and there are the last 19 places available.

However, the screenshot below is taken on March 14 the same year, and suddenly, there are 20 vacant seats:

the obcasio review - false urgency- 20 spaces available

Then, after 5 minutes the number drops down to 12:

fake urgency- 12 vacant seats available

It’s like people are rapidly grabbing for the few remaining places, and if you want to gain free access to Obcasio, you must hurry.

However, refresh your browser window (Ctrl-F5), and the free spots are up to 20 again.

How come?

Simple – It’s called a FALSE SENSE of URGENCY. The scammers’ only goal is to make you sign up at once.


Red Flag #4: No Real Information Provided

Finally, this is a huge warning sign – the reality that the shadow figures behind the Obcasio trading app don’t give away any real information whatsoever:

  1. You find NO truth anywhere in the Obcasio website.
  2. You find NO real information about the founders and owners behind the product.
  3. You find NO real testimonials
  4. You see NO contact information
  5. NO real Obcasio company with an actual physical address.
  6. NO transparency

No nothing!

The only things that they will give you are a fake narrative with fake demo and fake testimonials. How on Earth can you trust them?

I can’t! You can’t either!

How Will They Scam You?

Here’s how:

required minimum deposit is $250

To start trading with Obcasio software, you first need to open a new trading account with a Binary Options broker of THEIR choice. This broker, however, is some shady unregulated offshore company.

Second, you need to fund your newly created account with a minimum of $250. It is real money, YOUR money.

Third, the Obcasio sign up process requires that you surrender them your phone number. It means that you can expect tons of phone calls from the scammers. Their single goal doing that is to make you invest bigger and bigger sums into their system.

Not only that. The con-artists will also use every trick in their toolbag to make you give away your sensitive credit card data as well.

After that… I leave you to guess.

Final Verdict

After doing my research, I have found

Verdict: Obcasio is nothing but a dirty SCAM! Designed to rip you off. Stay away!!!


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What About You?

Now that you have read the Obcasio review, what are your thoughts?

Is the Obcasio a scam or legit?

Please leave your thoughts into the comment section below.






  1. Jenny says:

    Hi Egon,

    I’ve never trusted binary options, I guess there might be a company that does honest trading using this method but I’ve not found one. Obcasio seems to be on of the worst I’ve have seen.

    I’ll definitely be staying away from this, thank you for the warning.

    Any sort of trading requires you to have money you’re happy to lose, I just can’t bring myself to see this as an investment opportunity, to me its gambling and the phrase ‘a fool and his money are soon parted’ popped into my head when I read this.

    I’d much rather build a profitable business using a legitimate method, affiliate marketing.
    Thank you for highlighting these cowboys.

    • Hi Jenny and thank you for the comment.

      I don’t like trading binary options either. The big trouble with them, though, is that binary options look like an easy opportunity to make some quick cash. So they are highly popular and con artists exploit that popularity a lot. As a result, thousands (if not millions) of innocent people fall victims to these wicked schemes.

      It is just tragic. That’s why I write these reviews – to raise awareness about these dangers and save people from falling victims. Als, I try to offer legitimate and safe opportunities to make some side money online. One of them (in my humble opinion the best one) is here.

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