Is The Tesler App a Scam – Here’s The Ugly Secret That You Ought to Know

Is The Tesler App a Scam – Here’s The Ugly Secret That You Ought to Know

HERE’S their promise:

“Could you use an extra $5,700 in your bank account by the end of today? Would that help out? How about over one million dollars in less than six months from now?” (Steven Abrahams, an alleged founder of the Tesler App)

Promises like these are undeniably attractive, aren’t they? There is a question, though, “Is the Tesler App a scam?”

And what is Tesler App to begin with? Is it safe enough to trust your money to them?

Below, in my detailed Tesler App review, I am going to answer these (and other related) questions. It is critical that you read the review until the end – before you are going to sign up and pour your hard-earned cash into their system.

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Quick Review

Tesler Trading System logoName: Tesler App / Tesler Trading System (Tesler Investments)
Tesler App login
Niche: Binary Options trading
Price: Software free, minimum required deposit $250 (expect to invest way bigger sums)
Alleged Founder: Steven Abrahams
Skill level: Novice (wrong claim)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: Tesler App is a 100% scam and rip-off scheme. Keep clear!

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Full Review – Is The Tesler App a Scam?

As I already told above (and will prove it below), the whole Tesler Trading System (including its founder and CEO Steven Abrahams) is a scam and rip off scheme.

Its narrative is fabricated; paid actors, stock photos, and other dirty tricks are used to sell you dreams and persuade you to subscribe with their nasty rip-off the system.

Therefore, it does not make sense to go too much into the details (because why on Earth waste your time on studying blatant lies?)

But to give you a picture of what these con-artists claim the Tesler App to be, let me give you a short overview of it.

Here we go:

Who Is Steven Abrahams?

Steven Abrahams, CEO of Tesler InvestmentBased on their script, Steven Abrahams is a filthy rich Wall Street shark (his nickname in Wall Street is Mr. Midas) and the founder of the Tesler App trading software. He is the CEO and owner of Tesler Investments, and his wealth is over $384 million.

And guess what? Because he is such a kind and generous guy, he loves to share his wealth with the needy and to give to Charities around the world.

Now, he wants to turn you into a millionaire, and that’s why he is offering you his Tesler trading software, free.

What is the Tesler App?

In a nutshell, the Tesler App (or Tesler Trading System) is a binary options trading robot that is linked to David Brooks broker (Note! I could not find any information on that broker). In other words, Tesler App is a software which allows you to trade binary options. Because it has manual and full-auto modes, you can either trade yourself or let the system do all the trading for you.

If you set the app to ‘trade,’ it will generate at least $5700 each and every day (or $1 million over the next 181 days). GUARANTEED!

Because, according to Steven Abrahams, the Tesler App is so fool-proof that it is mathematically impossible to lose money.

How to Make Money With The Tesler App?

First, the free part – the software part:

  1. Complete the signup procedure
  2. Download the Tesler App
  3. Set the Tesler App to ‘trade.’

Second, the part that requires your credit card:

  1. Create a brand new trading account with David Brooks broker.
  2. Fund your newly created account with a minimum of $250
  3. Start trading.

The first problem here is that before you can start downloading the app, you must give them your phone number. That’s a massive problem because high-pressure salespeople hired by the scammers start calling you. And they start persuading you to invest bigger and bigger sums into the system.

That’s how they turn unaware day-traders into their milking cows.

The second huge problem is that because they link you to a shady unregulated offshore broker, you cannot withdraw your deposits. Even worse, you have nobody to complain about it either. Thus, you can quickly expect to lose all your investments.

OK, let me prove now that the Tesler App is a scam.

6 Proofs That Tesler App Is a Scam

Red Flag #1: Fake Steven Abrahams

Steven Abrahams claims that he is a well-known Wall Street trader (known by a nickname Mr. Midas). He also claims that he is featured by World Finance, Forbes magazine, Bloomberg, etc.

Fake Steven Abrahams claims he's been featured on World Finance, Bloomberg, etc.

However, research as much and as deep as you like, you find no traces of that. Zero. Nil. Nada.

This guy simply does NOT exist. He’s a fabricated character, played by some cheap actor. He is similar to the other fake founders of different Binary Options scams: Andrew ReynoldsJeku Pertu, Todd Salerno, Michael Watson, Mark Bromovich, Timothy Hollingdale, etc., etc., etc.

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Red Flag #2: The Tesler App and Rio Profits are Clones

There is another Binary Options trading scam called Rio Profits. And surprise-surprise, these two are, in fact, identical.

Just look at their home pages:

Tesler app homepage - identical to the one of Rio Profits

Rio Profits website is identical to TEsler app

Not only are the home pages identical. The fake testimonials, sign-up forms, Risk Disclaimer pages, etc., all are identical.

Now, according to Whois, Tesler App was launched first:

Tesler App is registered about half year before the Rio Profits Software

Half a year later, the cybercriminals behind the Tesler App probably just cloned the whole thing and named their new baby Rio Profits.

Which brings me to the next red flag:

Red Flag #3: Fake Testimonials

As I mentioned above, the testimonials on both websites are identical. And, of course, they are faked (I will show you why):

Rio Profit Software - fake testimonials
You can find the same set of testimonials (names, profits, images, etc.) in the Tesler App and Rio Profits websites.

OK. Let me show why these are fake.

First, let’s take the very first photo (the young lady with glasses). This image is taken from the Longevity Photography blog:

Tesler App and Rio Profits use stolen images for their fake testimonials

See! It has nothing to do with Tesler App and Binary Options.

Next, this is sweet:

scammerd did not even bother to change the name of their alleged founder
The same testimonial shows up also in the Rio Profits website. However, the founder of Rio Profits is not Steven Abrahams but Andrew Reynolds. They forgot to change the name…

Red Flag #4: Fake First Testers Jane and Matt

In the middle of the video, Steven Abrahams says that one of the very first testers of the Tesler App was Jane from Wisconsin (a cleaner at McDonald’s) and Matt from New York (a taxi driver):

Both first testers of Tesler App are faked characters.


As you might suspect by now, both photos are random, though, and downloaded from the internet:

the photo of Matt, the first tester of Tesler trading system, is downloaded from Shutterstock

Matt’s picture, for example, is taken from Shutterstock.

Red Flag #5: A False Sense of Urgency

A sense of urgency is one of the most common sales tactics that, honestly, work usually exceptionally well. Its goal is to create a sense of urgency in the brain of potential customers. It’s like, “Hey! The offer is there only for a limited time, and if you want to get it, you must act at once. Or you will miss your chance for good.”

Nothing wrong in it. All businesses do that.

However, the Tesler App is faking their urgency factor. Look at the image below and notice the ‘Live Update’ message! What does that mean?

Tesler app and its faked false sense of urgency.

Simple! The whole thing is live, right?

Now look at this:

Tesler App live update is, in fact, recorded stuff.

It means these nine free places, seven places, five places, or three places were there last month, last week, and even yesterday. And these vacant places will be there tomorrow, next week, and next month as well.

Honestly, I am sick of them shoving lies down the throats of innocent people.

Red Flag #6: No Rio Profits App for Mobile Devices

Now, the next is yet another disgusting lie in their tool-box. Look at the image below:

Tesler App for mobile devices is pure deception.

What do you see here? A perfect Tesler App solution for mobile devices, right? Also, you should be able to download it from the Appstore and GooglePlay.

However, it’s far from the truth.

The truth is,

  1. The image you see is freely downloadable here.
  2. The AppStore and GooglePlay buttons will link you to the Tesler App signup page.


Final Verdict

There are many more red alerts, and my article would become twice as long if I wanted to describe all of them.

I hope that I have already made my point and proved beyond doubt that the Tesler App is a scam. The only things they offer you are lies, lies, and more lies.

How on Earth can you trust a system like that? No, you cannot!

Verdict:  The Tesler App is a SCAM and a shameless rip off scheme. Please do NOT deposit any money into their devilish system!!!

Words fail me to express my total disgust with the people behind the Tesler App scam.

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What About You?

Now that you have read the Tesler App Scam Review, what are your thoughts about it?

Is The Tesler App a scam or legit?

Please leave your thoughts into the comment section below.



  1. Chris says:

    Thanks for the scoop on this opportunity. Anything that promises this amount of success is going to be a scam. You can by the video Steven is in that it is a fake. There are no pictures on the wall and the view out of the window is deliberately blurred. I read your opportunity to make money (all be it on a smaller scale and over a longer period of time) and find quite a few similarities to what Steven is promoting. So why should anyone on line believe you over him?

    Also, one company that everyone needs to avoid is They use high pressure sales to get people to invest more, have zero customer service, don’t answer any type of contact and do not release any funds a person wants to withdraw.

  2. peter d says:

    Same actor as the S2trade scam same faces in testamonals

  3. Jagger says:

    Thanks bro . You just saved me . I was about to click his link . But decided to give it a google search and landed on your article. You are a good man . Keep doing great work

  4. Thankyou for helping innocent people Egon. May god bless you too!


  5. obviously its fake because even if he says that it is fool proof, the biggest foolish thing to do would be to go on the website. I am not trying to offence anyone but please do not try it. I made a fake account and I could tell that right of the bat it was fully fake. This is discrimination against innocent people who are just trying to make money. But people obviously have their own rights and opinions so do what you would like to, but this is just a WARNING! Also, do not go on to any free money making websites since even the kindest people wouldn’t give you their precious money, this all just a scam. Stay safe on the internet and do not do anything you know is not right.
    Thankyou- Anonymous

  6. Freddie says:

    That’s crazy how come nobody ain’t did nothing about that yet sound good but it’s in the way no place possible what are y’all want to scam people nobody out here having problems stuff like that and you think is cool.

    I knew something was wrong with it anyway. You can’t login to your own state I don’t see no you don’t see USA up there at all so I know that was a fluke. Then what is crazy though but then you tell people that is free that’s another red flag I’m glad we get honest people that will see it and will let you know what’s going on so you won’t get scam. I think somebody need to call the feds a report this scam that’s all.

    • Hey, Freddie and thank you for the feedback. I think people (especially those who have been scammed) report to feds and other organisations which deal with scams. The problem is that scammers always seem to be one step ahead of them. And that’s why they never give you their real names. They never leave digital footprints behind. All you have are fake stories and fabricated characters.

      And when feds closes the scam site down the next day it will pop up under a new name and domain name. Some names, locations, etc. are changed and that’s it – the show goes on. And innocent people get victimized. Tragic.

  7. WMP says:

    I’ve never heard of Tesler App before but I’m glad I found out about it by reading this review so I will know to avoid it. It makes me angry when I see programs like this on the internet, this program was created to scam people, they tell you that you will have the ability to earn huge amounts of money with their program but they know that it’s not possible to do this because their program is not legit. This should be a crime, how long has this company been around?

    • Hey, WMP, and thank you for the comment.

      The huge problem with these online scams is that while they are ‘too good to be true’ for the critical reader, these scammers know human psychology. These professional con-men know full well how to be darned convincing, strike the chord, and turn innocent people into their milking cows. They are using every dirty trick in their tool-bag and I have often found myself in a situation when I start to doubt and think – but maybe, MAYBE, this time this product is genuine gold mine. And you know what? I have a temptation to take my credit card and start *investing*.

      Fortunately, I have not done it… But there are tens (or hundreds) of thousands of people who swallow the hook and end up in big trouble. Truly, human greed is limitless. It is totally disgusting to say the least.

      Now, how long has Tesler App been around? Can you imagine, tells that their domain name is registered Dec 19th, 2016 – *after* I had written my Tesler App scam review. Does it sound like a trustworthy investment opportunity? Absolutely not.

      There are much better ways to start making legit money online. With some of them you can even start absolutely free. Look at this for example (my favorite). Try out, see if it can help you.


  8. lina says:

    oh gosh.. thanks for all the information…

    • Hey, Lina, and thank you for the comment. I am very glad to hear you found the Tesler App scam review helpful :)

      Stay safe, ma’am

  9. Chris says:

    Thanks, however I cannot understand how Yahoo Finance accepts to publish this on their page?

    • Hey, Chris, and thanks for the comment.

      It is extremely weird phenomena, isn’t it? I have been mystified by this every time I’ve seen it. Frankly, I’ve seen similar scam adverts in other prominent websites as well. And I’ve never understood why then accept those scam ads…

      Stay safe,

  10. Andrew G says:

    Wow, I see they make it look like a very attractive offer, with Good marketing and high $value promises of course, but as you have cleared the way for us, it appears no one will be taking a serious look any longer after this review, and rightly so based on the lies you have brought out in your research. Thanks and I’ll not look into any further.

    • Hey, Andrew, and thank you for the comment. I appreciate it a lot. Seriously!

      As for the Tesler App scam, the whole narrative is an utter nonsense. Truly, human arrogance is limitless. However, because the scammers excel in human psychology, they know how to hook rip off innocent and unaware people. So sad.

      That’s why every scam-review is so important. To protect (often desperate) people from falling victims to these wicked schemes. As I told, there are much better ways to learn on how to make legit side money online. My personal #1 is this. Wont’ cost a bean either to see whether it can help.

      Thank you again, sir. Stay safe and God bless you :)


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