Is Triana Software a Scam or Legit? Unbiased Review 2016

Is Triana Software a Scam or Legit? Unbiased Review 2016

Is Triana Software a scam or legit? Is Trianasoft safe? Can I make money with Trianasoft?

These and other similar questions beg for answers, don’t they? After all, that’s your hard-earned cash, which you plan to invest. Therefore, you cannot take it lightly.

Note! Before starting my Trianasoft review, let me clarify: I don’t promote the product. With this review, my intention is to keep you in safe waters. Therefore, please read the following before you join Trianasoft.

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Now, back to the topic – Is Triana Software a Scam or Legit?

Quick Summary

Name: Trianasoft App
Author: Michael Wedmore (founder, CEO, president) David Campbell
Niche: Binary Options Trading
Price: $250 – required minimum
Skill level: Beginner (no computer or trading skills needed)
My Overall Rank: 10 out of 100
Final Verdict: SCAM! Keep away from it. Use this if you want to make legit income online.

Is Triana Software a Scam – Full Review

Michael Wedmore launched his baby – Trianasoft – in March 2016. So, it’s a brand new product. With this in mind, you have to be extra cautious because it does not have any track record.

But Michael Wedmore did not do it alone. He teamed up with David Campell, and they together developed a new binary options trading robot, unseen to the world before. With a full auto-trade mode and winning rate of 92%, the riches of the world are finally within your reach.

However, there is a catch – you have to act at once. Because tomorrow the door might be closed already.

Let’s get to know the unique baby of Michael&David. And, let’s start with the founders of that extraordinary trading robot.


Michael Wedmore

Trianasoft founder Michael Wedmore

Unfortunately, he does not tell us much. And he has left no traces behind that would confirm his words. So, you trust him or not.

In the past, Michael Wedmore was on a salaried job and worked as a hedge fund manager. However, in 2013, he chose to walk away from his job and start his entrepreuship. Why? In his words, “I wanted to raise my daughter outside of Manhattan and to do something different.” That’s when he started the Trianasoft Corporation. And that’s when he teamed up with David Campbell.

And that’s all he tells you about himself.

David Campbell

David Campbell explaining Triana software algorithm

Michael Wedmore introduces David Campbell, as one of the brightest minds in the world. Also, he calls him a genius.

At Trianasoft David Campbell is the head of research and development department. He claims to never been a trader himself. Instead, he is a mathematician. He handpicked all the mathematicians, programmers, and coders with whom they developed the Triana Software trading program.

Now, his baby software generates him millions.

The Main Idea Behind TrianaSoft Binary Options

Why was Trianasoft created? According to Michael Wedmore’s words, “To make a lot of money.”

Michael Wedmore tells why he created Trianasoft App

Michael Wedmore promoting his baby – Triana software

According to David Campbell, the Trianasoft trading program bases on “The Butterfly Effect” –  a concept that small causes can have large effects.

Long story short, David and his team developed a program which, using the Butterfly Effect, can trade successfully with a winning rate of 92%. Wow!

You will be given two options – either you want to trade (manual mode), or you can set Trianasoft on “Auto Trade” mode. Then, it trades for you. In the second case, you don’t need to do ANYTHING.

Impressive, isn’t it?

Wait. There’s way more to come.

Lucrative Trianasoft Promises

  1. Instant profit – Setup in 10 minutes, profit in 20 minutes.
  2. In the beginning, you can make from $500 to $600 per day. Later, you will earn from $5,000 to $10,000 per day.
  3. Neither computer skills nor trading experience required.
  4. You don’t have to research complicated data – According to Trianasoft, their software is a genius, which does everything.
  5. They have their “magic “Auto Trading” setting that does all the job. It means that “after the initial 15 to 20 minutes to set up your new accounts and to customize your trading preferences, virtually no time is required on your part.”
  6. You can access your web-based TrianaSoft account from anywhere on any device (PCs, tablets or smartphones).
  7. With Trianasoft, “you’ll be winning roughly 92% of all your trades.”
  8. Your money is VERY safe with Trianasoft. And, the rare but occasional loss will never be a major setback. (image)
  9. When you invest “$250 to $500 per day in the early going rapidly could grow into several thousand dollars a day.” Note! Pay attention to the phrase “could grow” (not, “will grow“). Therefore, be careful!


The signup process is free indeed. Then, the initial down payment is $250. This is to open your account with Trianasoft. They use your $250 for trading and multiplying it.

However, they highly recommend you to invest much bigger sums into their system. The bait, of course, is the fortune that Trianasoft will be going to generate you. Of course, you can reach your goals with the initial $250, but it takes ages in that case. Therefore, they pitch you to fund your account with way bigger sums.

All this to make you super-duper rich quickly.

10 Signs That Prove – Trianasoft Is a Scam

And now, the Triana Software looks impressive, doesn’t it? The big trouble, though, is that I have stumbled upon some few bright-red warning signs. These should make you super suspicious. Take these signs seriously. After all, this is your money that you are planning to invest.

Let’s go through these signs and see if they make you.


Warning Sign #1: It Smells Like a “Get Quick Rich” Scheme

Let me tell you; there are tons of “Get Quick Rich” schemes on the Internet. Mostly, they’re all scams, designed to get your money and leave you hanging. Trust NONE of them.

Trianasoft seems to be just another get quick rich scam scheme

Don’t trust any product that promises you to get quick rich with no work from your part.

Making money online or offline are no different in that respect. Whether you want to build up an online business or offline business – Hey! You still need a great deal of commitment, time, energy, hard work and perseverance. There are no shortcuts.

Anyone that tries to convince you otherwise is just not honest with you.

And here you have the Triana Software, which is outright “Get Quick Rich” product. Don’t buy into all this nonsense. The money you will invest in their system, you will probably never see again. Sad, but in most cases, true.


Warning Sign #2: Michael Wedmore – a Fake Person.

Seems, this Michael Wedmore does not exist. It is a fictitious character played by some local actor.

Why do I think so?

Simple. Traces. Or, rather no traces.

Michael Wedmore – the CEO and the president of a million dollar corporation has NO traces on the Internet. Does he have a Facebook page – No. A Twitter account – No. A LinkedIn or Pinterest accounts – No.


Try the Google Image Search. You will find nothing except those pages connected to Trianasoft.


Warning Sign #3: David Campbell Is a Fake Quantitative Analyst.

In the Trianasoft promotional video David Campbell introduces himself as a mathematician. Also, he introduces himself as a quantitative analyst. Now, this strange profession should give you an impression that Mr. Campbell is a real high-level scientist. He lives so high above YOUR world that it would be foolishness to question his techniques and methods.

Listen to him a minute or two and you see this guy has never been a scientist. Neither his language nor vocabulary is scientific.

But, ok, let’s do some research. After all, he is “one of the top brains” in the world.

David Campbell Trianasoft position

Guess what? You find NOTHING about that uber-intellectual David Campbell.

Here, for example, is the list of top quantitative analysts in the world. Maybe he is here?

example of list of quantitative analysts

You will not find David Campbell here. Nor anywhere else.

Just for an example, let’s take one of the names from the list above – Paul Wilmott. Go ahead and google his name. Immediately, you will find his bio, his scientific accomplishments, publications, books he has written, etc.

Screenshot of Paul's Wikipedia page

Can you find something similar to David Campbell?

Nothing. NOTHING.

Sometimes, people don’t understand (or don’t think) that one cannot become a top scientist without leaving traces behind. Especially today – in the world of the Internet and Social Media.

For a Ph.D., you have to study-work-research in a respected university. You have to be a scholar, attend conferences, publish several articles in scientific magazines, etc., etc.

All these things leave traces behind.

However, you find nothing about David Campbell. NOTHING. He is a hoax. He is an actor, trying to get you join their high-end binary scam product.


Warning Sign #4: TrianaSoft, Citidel, and Tauribot Have the Same Software

Michael Wedmore and David Campbell claim their Triana Software is a unique – there is nothing similar in the world.

Now, listen. There’s nothing unique in Trianasoft. Binaryscamalerts writes in their scam review:

“It is exactly the same trash code the con-artists from Citidel and Tauribot used to trick and cheat innocent victims. They even use the same fake social widgets that rotate up and down. Its the same people rehashing the same stupid sentences in a boring and repetitious manner. This social profile feed was also used in the Altronix Trading App, another sub-standard auto-trader with hyped up results.”

Trianasoft App, Citidel App, Tauribot App, and Altronix Trading – all four have the same software. Only, Tauribot and Altronix have different color themes.

See yourself (notice the highlighted parts):

Triana Software similarities with Citidel and Tauribot binary options

Triana Software similarities with Citidel, Tauribot, and Altronix trading apps.


citidel screenshot is similar to trianasoft

The surprising similarity with Triana Software, isn’t it?


Tauribot and Trianasoft have the same software

See. Tauribot app has the same software. Only the logo and color theme are different.


Altronix App similarities with Trianasoft and Citidel


Warning Sign #5: Fake Testimonials

Trianasoft deceives customers by creating fake identities

All the testimonials or “Recent members’ profits” on Triana Software login page are fake. The photos are stolen from the Internet. And the profits… Well, they’re just numbers. Everybody can write them. I can. You can…

Let me prove it to you that they are fake. For this, let’s take that Mathilde Madsen from Gl. Rye, Denmark.

I run a Google Images Search with her face photo.

Mhm… Wow! This particular lady is, in fact, Raquel Wilson. She is from Dakar, Senegal. Her Twitter account is here:

Twitter account of Raquel Wilson

Her youtube page is here:

Youtube account of Raquel Wilson

Same photo, isn’t it?

You see how easy it is to steal photos and create fake identities.


Warning Sign #6: Contradictions between Michael-David Words and the Trianasoft Disclaimer

Michael Wedmore and David Campbell words contradict with their disclaimer

What Michael Wedmore claims:

“It’s always been a dream of mine to enable real, average people to trade and profit in the markets.”

What David Campbell claims:

With Trianasoft “Trading has never been easier or more profitable!

After all, remember, with Trianasoft, NO trading experience required, NO computer skills needed. Trianasoft software is a genius and does EVERYTHING for you. And the winning rate is 92%.


Here’s what Trianasoft Disclaimer says:

“Investing in financial instruments involves a high degree of risk and may not be suitable for all investors.”

Hey! Apparently, somebody is lying here.

Warning #7: Michael Wedmore Does Not Want Your Money?

Michael Wedmore claims he does not want your $10,000

Of course, he does. This, by the way, is the same claim that Walter Green says in his Millionaire Blueprint scam video.

See. To get you in, they convince you that they don’t need your money. But the minute you are in, they pitch you to fund your account with thousands of dollars.

Triana Software - customer complaint because of aggressive promotion

I know what that means. They just don’t leave you alone.


Warning Sign #8: Only 1334 Youtube Viewers

There are only 1334 Trianasoft promo viewers at Youtube

Think about it. They have a “tremendous money machine” – a binary options robot that makes you filthy-rich super fast and they have only 1334 viewers up until now.

Does it sound like a reliable product? Not to me.


Warning Sign #9: Fake Urgency

As always, they make you feel there is great urgency to act at once. So, what’s the bait?

The Trianasoft is a brand new product and still needs some help from beta testers. After that, Michael Wedmore will price the product at whopping $10,000 for a subscription.

Trianasoft will be priced at $10,000

However, he needs beta testers. And if you are willing to join him (notice!) now, he is ready to give you Trianasoft for free:

Michael Wedmore gives Trianasoft for free

But, you have to act at once, as there are only 25 beta tester openings available! (Did you notice the urgency?)

Trianasoft is looking for only 25 beta testers

Listen. It is a trap to get you join them. Their video is sitting in YouTube since March 15, 2016, and they still have not found 25 beta testers? Give me a break.


Warning Sign #10: Positive reviews only from Affiliates

That’s the same problem as with the Millionaire Blueprint and other scam products. You cannot find ANY positive reviews about Trianasoft except those who promote it. Find a positive review and I can bet the link to Trianasoft website is an affiliate link.


Final Verdict and Buying Advice

What’s the bottom line? Is Triana Software a scam? Sadly, the answer is YES. It is as SCAM. Therefore, I cannot recommend it.

Name: Trianasoft App
Author: Michael Wedmore (founder, CEO, president) David Campbell
Niche: Binary Options Trading
Price: $250 – required minimum
Skill level: Beginner (no computer or trading skills needed)
My Overall Rank: 10 out of 100

Final Verdict: SCAM. Better don’t touch it. 

However, this is only my opinion that bases on my search results. If you still want to try to make money with the system, be very careful. You will enter into a high-risk territory. And it is better if you are prepared to lose all your investments.

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Before you go:

Your thoughts are important to me so please do me a favor and tell me what do YOU think. Is Triana software a scam or not? Do you have any experience (good or bad) with it that you want to share? I kindly ask you to do it by dropping me a comment on the comment box below.


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