My Residual Profit Review – It Made Me Ball My Eyes Out. Look Into Why

My Residual Profit Review – It Made Me Ball My Eyes Out. Look Into Why

“GET paid up to $750 a day! Guaranteed. This is an easy, profitable opportunity to earn $1000’s every week from home. No experience required,”

– declares the homepage of My Residual Profit.

Wow! If true, nothing short of amazing, do you agree?

But – will it deliver as they promise?

Let’s take a closer look in the My Residual Profit Review below. Let’s cut through all the theatrics to the meaty reality and see whether it is a real deal… Whether you have found a “Golden Key” to success… Or just stumbled across a cunning online scam?

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Quick Review

Email processing home businessName: My Residual Profit
In business since: 2010
Price: $25, no monthly fees
Type of Business: Pyramid (recruiting people)
Alleged Skill level: Beginner (not true)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: My Residual Profit is a scam and not a very good one. It is well known that you need to get in very early on a pyramid scheme to make money off of it. However, My Residual Profit has been around too long and has likely exhausted the supply of would-be members. Stay clear.


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My Residual Profit Review (Full Review)

What is My Residual Profit About?

They owners of My Residual Profit promote their program as an “Email processing home business” opportunity:

the My Residual Profit review

They tell it’s easy…

My Residual Profit is an easy profitable work from home opportunity. Allegedly

…And requires no previous experience or specific skills:

No experience required

And the best part – You can start raking in the cash…

My Residual Profit is a scam

Sound good to you? It sounded great to me. Until…

…But before I explain how My Residual Profit works, let’s see what they promise.

My Residual Profit Promises

  • Get paid up to $750 a day. Guaranteed.
  • Guaranteed to get paid instantly $25 for each email you process.
  • No experience required
  • All payments go directly into your account
  • One time $25 membership fee
  • No monthly fees
  • You can run My Residual Profit anywhere in the world
  • You will receive amazing bonus worth $10,577.37

Again, pretty attractive offer, do you agree?

How Does It Work

With My Residual Profit, first, you (a visitor) become a member by paying $25. This is one-time payment for pre-written ads (more about them below) and Step by Step instructions. Then…

…And here’s the kicker:

Then you do exactly what was done to get YOU to participate:

  1. You are going to post ads online (the words are provided for you)…
  2. …to direct people to a website (the website is provided for you as well)…
  3. …where new people pay their $25 for their membership…

…and it goes on forever.

What Is the Product?

No, there’s no product. The whole business plan is to recruit new members in the system and get their $25. Then teach them to do the same for others.

They call it ‘Email processing’ while, in fact, it is nothing but spamming others with My Residual Profit ads and emails while trying to recruit them.

Is My Residual Profit a Scam?

Yes, My Residual Profit is a scam. In my humble opinion, here’s why:

Warning Sign #1: It Is a Pyramid Scheme

As I already explained, the only way you can make money within My Residual Profit, is by recruiting new members. There’s no product to sell, no value produced… It’s just about moving money from one pocket to another. From lowel levels to upper ones.

Warning Sign #2: Not Enough People on Earth

The huge problem with My Residual Profit is that there are only so many people on Earth who are willing to pay $25 to participate in this kind of pyramid.

Think about it.

To make $7,500 a month (as they promise), you just need to recruit 10 new members every day. It’s not much, right?

But remember, all these 10 new members want also… $7,500 a month. Which means, on the day 2 all these 10 people recruit 10 new members. So there are already 100 people involved.

  • Day 3: 1,000 people involved
  • Day 4: 10,000 people involved
  • Day 10: 10 billion people involved

Can you really make money with My Residual Profit?


On the day 10 the system requires 10 billion people. But hey! There’s only 7.6 billion people on Earth!

See how quickly you run out of resources! And that counts only 1 (one!) work day for each new member.

Which, obviously, means that whenever a member within the system makes $7500 a month then a great majority of new members can only lose money.

That’s true – A huge majority of members only lose money!

And this brings me to the next red alert.

Warning Sign #3: Way Too Old Testimonials

The problem described above probably explains why all 6 testimonials on the My Residual Profit website are so outdated.

Look, most of the affiliated domains for this scheme were registered in 2013 and 2014, which is also when the testimonial videos were made:

is the my residual profit a scam? old testimonials from 2014

See! These two (plus 3 other) testimonials were published on Youtube back in 2014. It’s 4 years ago.

The only remaining testimonial comes from 2015 (3 years ago).

Which, apparently, suggests that the pyramid may have run its course, at least until it’s reinvented and relaunched over again with a new domain name.

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Warning Sign #4: Fake Guarantees

A closer read of the disclaimer also parses the site language more closely.

Get paid up to $750 a day. Guaranteed! Really?For example, “Get paid up to $750 a day! Guaranteed” is not actually a guarantee.


Because any amount of money (less than $750) can be considered “up to” $750 a day, right? So the statement isn’t a statement of fact or of a guarantee.

The My Residual Profit Disclaimer actually states:

“Forward-looking statements give our expectations or forecasts of future events.”

Truth be told, you can easily identify these statements by the fact that they do not relate strictly to historical or current facts. Instead they use all kind of ‘clever’ words – such as “anticipate,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “intend,” “believe,” “plan,” etc., etc., etc.

All these words and terms are in connection with a description of potential earnings or financial performance.

“Any and all forward looking statements here or on any of our sales material are intended to express our opinion of earnings potential.”

So therefore, notice, statements of future earnings are to be interpreted as matters of opinion, rather than as a guarantee.

It, of course, gives you false assurance as if your daily/monthly earnings are guaranteed. While they are not.

In fact, seeking a refund or “…entering a dispute in an attempt to get a refund is also strictly prohibited and is considered fraudulent. To do so puts you in direct violation of this policy and could result in legal action!”

Warning Sign #5: They Encourage Spamming

This is another clear red alert that the My Residual Profit is a scam. And a naked scam.

Or what other legit and respected business would encourage spamming Craigslist and your social media boards:

That's what you will do

Can you imagine!

First, let’s take your family and Facebook friends.

Do you really feel comfortable spamming your family members, relatives, workmates, and Facebook friends? Do you feel comfortable recruiting them in the shady pyramid scheme?


Once you have done that, where else will you turn to post ads? Yes, you are right – Nowhere.

Second, Craiglist. Here too, you have an increasingly difficult uphill battle.


Because you have to compete for Craigslist space with other “members” spamming the same program. And the exact same ads:

You will get the same exact ads that we use

As a result, your income quickly dries up.

Even worse. My Residual Profit doesn’t even do the work of teaching you how to build your own landing page or website, so you can spam on your own behalf.

So, there isn’t even an educational benefit to the program. The one upside is that it’s probable that, if you spammed all the sites you could, you might find someone else who would participate, and thus recover your $25 investment.

But, believe me, that’s an extremely poor use of your time.

Warning Sign #6: False Sense of Urgency

Look at this PS. statement here:

register right now to secure your place

This is a plain lie. Whenever you visit their site, the opportunity is always there waiting you.

Remember, it is designed to create a false sense of urgency in your brain… And to get you act at once. In short, they smell blood and close in for the kill.

Don’t be fooled.

My Final Verdict

It’s almost refreshing to see a pyramid scheme that doesn’t pretend to be anything else…

…That doesn’t disguise itself in a bunch of words and links and secret codes.


My Residual Profit says exactly what it is – a pyramid scheme. And thus a scam. Please stay away. Don’t waste your time.


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What About You?

Thank you for reading the My Residual Profit review. I hope you found it helpful. May I ask you, what are your thoughts about the program? Is My Residual Profit a scam or not? In your opinion, is it a pyramid scheme or a genuine work from home opportunity?

Do you have personal experience with My Residual Profit that you want to share?

Please drop me a comment below. As always, your thoughts are more than welcome.

Stay safe

Egon (



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