Treasure Trooper Surveys – How Much Money Can You Make? Review

Treasure Trooper Surveys – How Much Money Can You Make? Review

Can you make money by taking Treasure Trooper surveys? And if so, how much?

There are tons of survey sites out there, all proclaiming: „Take Surveys! The money will roll right in!“ But,

  1. Are they legit?
  2. Can I make money by taking surveys?
  3. Are the rewards worth the time and effort they require?

Treasure Trooper is one of those sites that offer you cash to take surveys and complete various other tasks.

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Treasure trooper surveys - homepageQuick Summary

Name: Treasure Trooper Surveys
Price: FREE
Owners: Not provided.
How long in Business: Launched in 2005
Upsells: None
My overall rank: 4 out of 10

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Full Review

To find answers to the questions above, I decided to do my research and break the program apart.

In this review, I will show you my findings. You will see if and how much you can make within the Treasure Troopers system. Also, you will know if it’s worth your time and effort.

So let’s dig into the details.

Treasure Trooper Surveys – What the Heck Is It?

Treasure Trooper - Earn Cash Survey Site

Treasure Trooper Surveys are paid surveys, a type of site where participants/members get paid to take surveys and complete other advertising offers.  The trick lies here. Large companies pay to survey sites to help them do customer surveys and complete other small and tedious tasks.

You get paid for taking those surveys and completing advertisement offers.

Treasure Troopers offers quite a variety of options and pays if you complete them. You can take up to 8 cash surveys every day, worth up to $1 each. You can make money by filling out forms, sampling products, completing tasks, and performing searches.

They claim that they have paid to its members over $6.5 million since their launch date in 2005. Because you cannot prove it, so it’s up to you if you believe it or not.

1. Registration

1. Registration is free, and there are no upsells. Upon your first login, You will find $3 in your balance. That is to show you how easy it is to make money with them.

2. The site is open to residents of all countries, but as usual with this type of site, its most offers are targeted towards the US, Canada, and UK residents. For others, there are only limited options available.

2. Website Layout

In my humble opinion, their Indiana Jones theme is annoying. To me, the site looks like a game or casino site, not as a business site. Also, they use comic-style dialogs to communicate with you.

Treasure Troopers use comic style instructions

3. Are Treasure Trooper Surveys Legit?

1. Being launched in 2005, it has been around for over ten years already. It’s quite a long time and a good sign. Why? Because most scam sites disappear fast.

2. Treasure Trooper has an active user forum, and they give a lot of freedom to their users to interact with each other. Scam sites usually don’t allow their members to say anything negative about their sites.

3. Their profile page at BBB has only one alert for the website. So, it looks good, doesn’t it?.

There is only 1 complaing at the Treasure Trooper BBB profile


4. But, it’s weird that they provide no way to contact them. Maybe there is a way, but then it’s well hidden into their website and ‘s hard to find. This is not what you expect from honest and ethical businesses, right?


Treasure Trooper Surveys offer different options to make money with them:

Different ways to make money within Treasure Trooper

1. Cash Offers

It gives you a list of tasks with the dollar amount that you will earn when completing them. As you see the image, most of these offers promise you a $0.50 reward. And that even if you sort them by Highest Paying.

Most of the offers promise you under  alt=

After completing the offer, you have to hit the Done button next to it, to get properly credited. Then your task moves to the Pending section in your account, and it takes anywhere between 3 days to a couple of weeks until it gets approved.

Whatever offers you choose to do, it sends you to another website that requires you to sign up (for free), and you suddenly feel that you’re lost. „Well… Where is the task that I was supposed to do?“

I tried to open quite a few tasks, yet every single time ended up at the same place – confused where to find that task?

I am not sure if people bother to spend their valuable time trying to figure out where to find their $0.50 task.


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2. Cash Surveys

Treasure Trooper Surveys website says: „There are six cash surveys that you can take each and every day. If you complete all six, that’s an easy $4.25 that you can earn each day… An additional $127.50 added to your monthly paycheck!”

The problem is that it is for the US, Canada, and UK residents. If you happen to be from some other country, you will see the following message:

Treasure Trooper surveys target US,UK and Canada residents

3. Cash Tasks

Cash Tasks sections provide you with Jobs that you can do.

You earn very little doing these tasks

For example, here is one of them. You have to validate articles and their authors.

Here you have to validate articles and authors

To test your competency, they give you 8 test articles. After validating them, you will see if you are qualified to do the task or not. If your accuracy happens to be too low, they don’t give you the job. You’ve just lost $0.60.

So, it’s not just clicking through the articles for fun. They want you to be serious but reward you with pennies.

4. Cash Videos

Well, currently, they are out of offers. So what else can you do but click away?

Treasure Troopers cash videos out of offers.

5. Treasure Trooper Search

They promise you rewards for your everyday online searches. For this, you have to use their Treasure Trooper search engine.

Treasure Trooper allows you to earn by searching

I don’t know what search engine they use, but it’s obviously weaker than Google. For example, when Google provides 122 million search results for „get cash surveys, “ then Treasure Trooper Search gives you only 40.8 million search results.

But searching with the Treasure Trooper Search allows you to collect their „arrowheads“ (another type of point system to receive rewards). When exactly they give you these arrowheads, I did not understand. But doing with less than ten searches, I had collected 3 of them.

But it is time-consuming to get the bigger reward. To obtain 1 „Golden Egg“ reward, you have to do 100 searches. The problem is they count only three searches a day. You need more than a month to collect your Golden Egg!

You need over a month to collect 1 Golden Egg

6. Treasure Trooper Surveys Referral Program

A referral program means you get paid to bring others into the system.

The Treasure Trooper confesses, „Perhaps the best way to make money on Treasure Trooper is to have other people make it for you!”  In other words, completing surveys, tasks, etc. is not as lucrative as it looks.

Here you see the pyramid of their referral program:

Treasure Trooper Referral pyramid looks like this

To join the program, you have to have at least $5 on your account. The first $3 you get right after free registration. That means you need to earn $2 more to join the referral program.

On the lowest (Bronze) level, you will get 20% of your referrals’ cash offer earnings and 5% of your second-level referrals’ cash offer earnings.

6. Trading Hut

Also, the Treasure Trooper Surveys reward you with digital gold and platinum coins and pearls for playing games. Mabutu’s Trading Hut is the place where you can redeem your cash.

What prizes can you expect?

Mabutus Trading Hut

• 20 Platinum Coins – A $50 Gift Certificate redeemable at many nice restaurants!
• 20 Platinum Coins – A $20 Amazon Gift Certificate redeemable for anything at!
• 200 Platinum Coins – A new, 16GB Kindle Fire tablet with Wi-Fi.
• A $50 Visa gift card redeemable anywhere Visa is accepted!
• 20 Gold Coins – A Bumper Sticker that’s perfect for showing your TreasureTrooper pride! The Sticker says: „ Earn Easy Money Online.“

The message Earn Easy Money should on the bumper Sticker

The message on the Bumper sticker „Earn Easy Money Online“ should make you cautious. There is no easy way to make money online. At least not honestly and ethically.

Earning money online is possible, but it requires a great deal of hard work, commitment, and persistence. Don’t buy the hype of those „get quick rich“ schemes.

7. Cash Shopping

Cash Shopping enables you to earn cashback on purchases you make online (gift cards excluded).

Businesses that give discounts to Treasuretrooper members

At the moment, there are 134 merchants (it will change over time) with whom they have a tie-up. A handy way to get lower prices if you do a lot of online shopping and happen to be their customer.

What Results Can You Expect?

Don’t expect too much, or you will get disappointed. These tasks, offers, etc. are not difficult to perform, but they are time-consuming and may quickly become tedious. Also, the return is tiny.

Let me illustrate the situation.

In Asia, people are used to hiring housemaids. Asian families don’t want to waste their time mopping floors, doing laundry, or washing dishes.

The problem that you face here is this: You don’t wish to do these tasks, yet you cannot live without them either.

So you hire a maid who, for a small fee, does all these “despicable” tasks for you. And you are free for more meaningful and enjoyable activities.

That is just exactly what happens in the corporate world. There are tons of tedious tasks that have to be done but that nobody wants to do. So the companies give these tasks over to survey companies like Treasure Troopers com. For a small fee, you complete these tasks for them.

The problem is this. While they make a killing, you work just for peanuts. Do you want it?

Pros and Cons


  1. Free to register
  2. Pretty good referral program
  3. The low minimum cash out figure ($20).
  4. Cashback online shopping
  5. Treasure Troopers search engine, which enables to collect some extra rewards by doing your routine
  6. Pretty good Forum and Chat room where you get answers to most of your questions.


  1. Poorly chosen website design (at least in my opinion).
  2. Tiny income compared to the time and effort it requests.
  3. Minimal options for citizens outside of the US, UK, and Canada.
  4. The email account you use to register at offers sites will be flooded with tons of junk mail. (So better use your secondary or brand new email account for sites like this one.)

Treasure Trooper Surveys – Testimonials

1. Positive

There are tons of testimonies where people praise the program within the Treasure Troopers. They tell you that they make a lot of money within the program. I think they make money. But as you see, it is not “a lot.”

He earned .61 within


He earned .80 within

He earned .69 within

There are amounts received that I found from Treasure Trooper Forum:

  • $20.67
  • $62.90 (VIP Club Member)
  • $19.75
  • $205.62 (VIP Club Member)
  • $61.95 (VIP Club Member)
  • $20.05
  • $19.87
  • $19.96
  • $24.80
  • $103.17 (VIP Club Member)
  • $56.61 (Vip Club Member)

As you see, most of the peoples’ earnings remain under $20. The more significant sums belong to VIP Club members. To become a VIP, you have to earn $500 within TreauserTrooper in the first place.

Also, I recommend being careful with the program’s praises as all they are looking for new referrals.

2. Negative

Some testimonials warn against the system. There are complaints that it’s hard to get your money out from your account.

Testimony that Treasuretrooper is not worth investing your time or money

Another testimony warning against treasuretrooper


The truth is that you are going to make only small pocket money within Treasure Troopers. Some can make significant income, but these cases are the exception, not a rule.

Buying Advice

Although Treasure Trooper Surveys is a legit company, it is not my recommendation. As far as I can see, you will spend a lot of time making little pocket money within the program. The companies make a killing while you work for peanuts.

There is a testimonial above where a person made $3000 over five years! Hey, it’s only $50 a month!

Now think about it!

Today, after five years of completing limited offers and tasks, what assets does he have? What additional education, knowledge, or skills he has?

Nothing! As much as I see it, it’s five wasted years.

If you started five years ago and spent those five years learning and building up your online business, today, you would undoubtedly earn at least five figures a month.

Not only that.

You would have a powerful, respected website with fantastic daily traffic and revenue. You would have a reliable online business that would serve you for years to come.

Also, you would have an education that would land you a work-at-home job with an excellent salary.

Final Verdict

Treasure Trooper Surveys is a legit company, but I don’t think it’s worth the time and effort required to make such a little money. It might help you earn some pocket money, but it’s not something that pays according to how much time you invest.

Name: Treasure Troopers
Price: FREE
Owners: Not provided.
How long in Business: Launched in 2005
Upsells: None
Overall Rank: 2 out of 5


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Share Your Ideas:

Do you have experience with Treasure Troopers (good or bad) that you want to share? Please drop a comment below, and I will get back to you.



  1. Debra says:

    To the contrary, it is worth your time. I have made money and the site is really fun! I met a friend on there, and when I was talking to her, she said she quit her job to be at this site! Now obviously she has been doing this for a long time, and I would have to consider her an expert, so results aren’t typical, but I would highly recommend it! The person that is doing the review it sounds like they looked at the site and then left it, and doesn’t know much about it. The site is a real money maker! And if you join with my refferal, I don’t make a dime unless you make some money for yourself, so I really do have faith in this company!

    • Thank you for the feedback, Debra.

      Glad to hear if you could make some money with Treasuretroopers. This is only encouraging. And if your friend could make full-time income with the program, that’s even better. But as you said, he has been doing this for long time and is rather an expert (His results are not typical).

      That’s what I emphasized in my review – although it’s possible to make money with Treasuretrooper (I did not deny it), it’s rather waste of time. Especially if you are outside of the US, Canada, or UK.

      I personally believe that if a person is consistent and spends enough time to master a program, he (or she) can make money with whatever program (if it is not an outright scam of course). So yes, if you learn how to do it properly (and have plenty of time in hand) you can make money with Treasuretrooper too.

      But I’d rather recommend completely different path – find your niche (where your passion is), build your website around your niche (this is your online real estate – it’s value only grows over the time). Then create quality content for people in your niche. Learn to drive traffic to your website. Help people find what they need (from Amazon, Alibaba, and other online supermarkets). Collect revenues.

      After five years you will have solid passive income stream and you don’t need to accomplish tedious offers and tasks which you don’t like.

      That’s why recommended Wealthy Affiliate – learn how to create your own passive income stream that will serve you for years to come.

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