What About Kim Swartz Scam – Wait Til You See Their Devil’s Horns…

What About Kim Swartz Scam – Wait Til You See Their Devil’s Horns…

“No Scam: Mom Makes Extra $8000/Month in Her Spare Time on The Computer Without Selling Anything”

…Says the title of an article that tells a story about once financially struggling mom Kim Swartz… Who now makes thousands of dollars a month online. Easily.

They claim it is not a scam. In my humble opinion, though, it is a scam.

So, what about Kim Swartz scam?

In the detailed review below you will learn what it is and how it is designed to lure you into their dirty sales pitch? Let’s just dive into the details and see if you can begin raking in the cash… Or they will turn you into a roadkill.

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Quick Review

Name: Kim Swartz Work at Home Report
Login page: http://wahreport.today
Niche: Link Building
Target Audience: Stay-at-home moms
Skill level: Beginner
My Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

My Verdict: Kim Swartz Work at Home Report is a scam. People behind this scheme are not ethical businessmen, and will fleece your wallet if you give them a chance. Please don’t give it them.


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6 Proofs That Kim Swartz Is a Scam

Proof #1 Fake Kim Swartz

Obviously, Kim Swartz is a fabricated character. As I told above, Work at Home Report is a clone website. The scammers behind the scheme (whoever they are) keep cloning their sales page after every few months. Then they change the logo of their fake news portal:


They upload the scam page on another domain (URL)

And, of course, they change the name of the characters (like author of the article, stay at home mom who now makes thousands of dollars, and the name of the product as well.)

For example, this time her name is Kim Swartz. But she’s also been named as Melissa Johnson, Leah Williams, Jamie Taylor, Lisa White, Kelly Richards, etc., etc., etc.

For example, here is a screenshot of our “lovely” Kim Swartz work at home report:

It's suppoosed to be Kim Swartz - stay at home mom who now makes thousands of dollars online


As you can see, it’s written by Jason Goodman and published on February 13, 2019.

And, of course, it tells you the “inspiring” story of how Kim Swartz found Bobbie Robinson’s Online Success Plan. Now she is making thousands of dollars every month from the comfort of her home.

Things start to get interesting, though. Look at the image below (do you notice the content in both pages are identical. Only the name Kim Swartz and the image has been changed.


When scammers mess it up - forgot to change the name in all places

Yeah… the scammers have messed it up here.

They obviously have used the Kelly Richards scam page for cloning – but forgot to change her name in all locations. Pretty funny, isn’t it?

There’s another example…

…and the same same again… This time, though, it is Mary Vahgn who is replacing Kelly Richards…

Again, scammers have messed it up - have forgotten to change the names


I could provide many, many more examples like these above.

Anyway, do you still believe this is a genuine report about a real Kim Swartz and her success?

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Proof #2: Fake News Portal

Everything you see on the Work at Home News portal is a deception. Take a look:

Everything you see here, is a deception

Let’s take a bit closer look at these 7 points I marked on their sales page.:

1. Advertisement

That’s what the sales page really is – an advertisement. Hey, it is not a business (or work at home) news portal. It’s an advertisement. Right from the beginning to the end.

But because the text has been deliberately made small then most readers probably don’t notice it. Thus, they wrongly think it is a news portal.

2. Contact buttons – “Subscribe,” “email us,” and social media links – fake images which don’t work.

3. The Main Menu – fake. Does not work. Every single button points you to the Bobbie Robinson Online Success Plan – which is a similar scam

4. “As Seen in the Media” – fake again. Just links you to the Bobbie Robinson Online Success Plan

5. The Author – Jason Goodman – a fabricated character. Again –  links you to the Bobbie Robinson Online Success Plan

6. Date of publishing – ever changing. They run a small script that gives you always a fresh date and thus fool you into thinking the article is brand new. While it is not.

Proof #3 Fake Comments and Testimonials

Do you think these 3 Kim Swartz work from home testimonials are genuine:

work from home testimonials -

They look genuine but they are not. And I am going to show you they are fake. Let’s put them to the test.

I want to show you what kind of tricks scammers use to deceive you into believing the whole thing is genuine.

First, the date. For all three comments it is the same – February 12, 2019, right?

Now look at the Kenneth’s comment below (notice the date):

Kim Swartz scam - fake comment

See! The same comment but a different date!

What these scammers do is they run a small script on the web page that automatically renews the dates. That’s why these dates are always just a few days old. They want to give you an impression that the discussion is very new, ordinary people make money indeed… And they are making money now.

In other words, the opportunity is genuine but you need to act at once.


Next, please compare these comments from two different websites:


Is kim swartz scam? Yes, it is. These testimonials are fake

You see! Kim Swartz work home scam promotes Bobbie Robinson Online Success Plan while the other scam site promotes Internet Jetset. In both cases, though, the testimonials are identical.

Finally, even the names and images of Simon, Kenneth, and Ben, are not genuine. Take a look (two screenshots from from two different scam pages):

Fake testimonials - same images, same comments but different names and different websitesSuddenly, Simon has completely different face (compare with the image above)… And Kenneth has become Karel…

Can you imagine!

Can you trust doing business with them? Not me…

Proof #4 Fake Expiration of Offer

This is yet another dirty trick in scammers’ toolbox. They use this trick to create a sense of urgency in your brain. In this case, though, it is a false sense of urgency.

It’s false because, in fact, there’s no urgency. Because there is no expiration of offer. But the scammers want you to act at once. They want your money and they want it now.

That’s why they do it. Look yourself:

what is kim swartz scam about? Nothing but a filthy rip off scheme

See! There’s no urgency. Whenever you visit their site, the offer is always there. Hey, it’s a deception. Plain and simple.

Proof #5 No Contact Page, No About Page, No nothing

Think about it. If you visit a legitimate companies’ websites (like Amazon, Ebay, Forbes, Business Insider, HuffPost, or whatever), You always find their About page to read about the company. Also, there is always a contact page so that you can contact with them.

Kim Swarts work at home report, though, don’t offer neither About nor Contact page. There’s nothing.

Look at these buttons at the upper right corner of the web page:

fake "subscribe" and "contact me" buttons

As I told above, these “subscribe”, email, and social media buttons are fake. Yes, they are there to give you an impression as if you could contact them while, in fact, you cannot.

That’s utterly disgusting.

They ask your hard earned money but refuse to reveal who they are and how to contact them.

Proof #6 Kim Swartz’ Deceptive Consumer Disclosure

What is Kim Swartz Consumer Disclosure about? And how to find it to begin with?

Well, you can find it at the bottom of the sales page. And of course – it is in such incredibly small print that most people cannot even read it. And that’s obviously deliberate.

Let’s see what it says. Here’s a piece of it:

Their risk disclaimer confirms, everything is fabricated

What does the small print tell?

“The term “advertorial” is a combination of “advertisement” and “editorial” written in an editorial format as an independent news story, when in fact the advertisement may promote a particular product or interest.

Advertorials take factual information and report it in an editorial format to allow the author, often a company marketing its products, to enhance or explain certain elements to maintain the reader’s interest. A familiar example is an airline’s in-flight magazines that provide an editorial reports about travel destinations to which the airline flies.


In other words, they claim that their case is similar to an airline in-flight magazines. However, I don’t agree.

Why not?

Because advertorials found in those in-flight magazines don’t try to deceive people into believing it’s a genuine story, a genuine opportunity when they are not.

Here however, everything you see is fake and deliberately made to look like genuine.

As I already told above, they have:

  • deceptive page layout
  • fake main menu
  • fake “subscription,” “email us”, and social media buttons
  • fake “As seen in the media” logos
  • fake stay at home mom Kim Swartz
  • fabricated author of the article
  • False (and always changing) dates to give you wrong impression
  • fabricated success story
  • fake comments
  • fake expiration of offer

When everything you see and read is fake, false, and fabricated, do you really believe that the secret treasure chamber they are offering you is real? Maybe that too is fake.

Final Verdict

Kim Swartz Work at Home Report is a scam. Never cherish the idea it could be your lucrative dance partner. They are a bunch of thieves whose main job is to milk innocent folks. Don’t fall for their tricks. Please stay clear.

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What About You?

Thank you for reading my “What About Kim Swartz Scam About” review. I hope you found what you were looking for.

Love to hear what you think, too, in the comments.

Stay safe,

Egon (EgonSarvReviews.com)


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