What Is Copy Buffett Software About – Warning! A Dangerous Scam

What Is Copy Buffett Software About – Warning! A Dangerous Scam

ARE YOU concerned about the Copy Buffett Software Binary Options Trading bot?

I share your concerns. First, because binary options have almost become synonymous with online scams. Second, because this trading bot here uses the name and fame of the top-notch investor Mr. Warren Buffett.

Therefore, here are some of the questions that beg for answers – What is Copy Buffett Software about? How is connected with real Warren Buffett? And finally, does it work?

Read the detailed review below, and I will show you what kind of product it is and what it does.

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Quick Review

Name: Copy Buffett Software
Copy Buffett Software login page: copybuffett.com
Copy Buffett Software disclaimer: copybuffett.com/terms.html
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Software free for 30 days, minimum deposit: $300
Founder: Jeremy Fin (fictional character)
Skill level: Beginner (wrong claim)
Complete Autopilot: Yes
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: SCAM!!! You will lose your money. Stay Away! Don’t touch it!


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Full Review – What Is Copy Buffett Software About

Copy Buffett Software is a relatively new Binary Options trading bot. Its website was created on February 11, 2016, so there is not much proof yet to know whether it is a reliable trading robot or not.

According to the official narrative (told in their promotional video), the software is created by Jeremy Fin, a long time programmer in Silicon Valley.

His idea was to learn from the best investors, in this case, from Mr. Warren Buffett. While he could not compete with the genius investor in the numbers department, he thought maybe he could create a program that would somehow emulate Warren Buffett’s trading strategies… And thus achieve the same (or at least similar) results.

Six years of blood, sweat, and tears, and at the beginning of 2016, the software was up and running. Not only running but performing precisely the way as it was expected to perform (trading and profiting just like Warren Buffett would trade and profit):

Profits from the trading software

Now, out of his ultimate generosity, Jeremy Fin is offering that software to you for 30 days completely free trial. After that, if you feel happy with it and want to continue using it, they will charge 5% of all of your profits.


Here’s what they promise you:

  • Exclusive access to the Copy Buffett Software for 30 days – completely free
  • No payment request (Wrong! See below)
  • No commitment or need for your credit card details (Wrong! See below)
  • No false promises (Wrong! See below)
  • Complete auto trading pilot with an average of 500 trades per day
  • The program will do all the work for you
  • Live chat with customer service
  • Live chat with other Copy Buffett members
  • Your personal assistant
  • $18,000 a week
  • Live like Warren Buffett (Really? They must be kidding.)


Remember, trading Binary Options always include two parts: First, you have a trading software or robot which allows you to trade. Second, you need to open your trading account with some broker. AND (don’t forget it) you must fund your trading account with a minimum amount (which usually is $250).

This is the money you use for trading. Yes, you can win and make Big Bucks. And you can also lose it. This or that way, it is YOUR real, hard-earned money.

Now, this trading app – the Copy Buffett Software – is free (for the first 30 days). After that, if you will continue your subscription, they will charge 5% of all your profits.

But you must use your money for trading. In the case of the Buffett App, the minimum is $300.


Is Copy Buffet Software a Scam – 12 Warning Signs

Warning Sign #1: False Claim – Completely Free

This fake Jeremy Fin is touting over and over again that everything is free and you don’t need a credit card:

No credit card required. Really?

Now look at this:

you need to fund your trading account using your credit card

So what does that mean?

Simple! They create a false impression as if you can start making huge profits with NO investment from your part at all.

Plain wrong!

The app is free, indeed. But to trade, you need to invest YOUR real money!

Warning Sign #2: – Fake Jeremy Fin, the Founder of Copy Buffet App

Jeremy Finn is the guy in the promotional video:

Jeremy Fin is fake, played by an actor

He claims to be a top software developer for Silicon Valley’s major enterprises – and that for the past 18 years already. Also, he claims to be the one who managed to code Warren Buffett’s genius brain into a computer program (to emulate Warren Buffett’s trading habits).

Now he has that ultra-successful app up running. It’s called Copy Buffett Software.

Well, all the other details of Jeremy Fin and its trading app are not worth any further investigation because…

… Because the app is a fraud. Truth be told, the whole thing (Jeremy Finn, the founder, people giving testimonials, etc.) is fabricated.

First, Google, as much as you like, you will not find such Silicon Valley top programmer as Jeremy Fin. There must be traces left behind by such a notorious person. However, there’s none – no images, no track records, no nothing.

Jeremy Fin, the founder of Copy Buffett Software, is a fictional character, played by a paid actor.


Warning Sign #3: Copy Buffett Testimonials are Fake

Hey! You don’t even need to do any research here. The cyber charlatans themselves confess it to you in their Full Risk Disclosure:

Copy Buffett Software Disclaimer says, they use actors

See! It is clear that the scammers want to make you believe that their clients need privacy and protection. That’s why actors have been used.

Weird! Have you seen respected companies doing that? No. If they wanted to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Warren Buffett, they better listen to him:

“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”


Warning Sign #4: False Claim – The App Emulates Warren Buffett’s Trading Techniques

Their mumbo jumbo (on how they have managed to but Mr. Buffett’s brain into a computer program and achieve the same results as the genius trader) just does not make sense. First, because Binary Options trading and Warren Buffett are two different things.

Second, here are Warren Buffett’s trading techniques (in his own words):

” I never attempt to make money on the stock market. I buy on the assumption that they could close the market the next day and not reopen it for five years.

“Only buy something that you’d be perfectly happy to hold if the market shut down for 10 years.”

“Our favorite holding period is forever.”

“If you aren’t thinking about owning a stock for 10 years, don’t even think about owning it for 10 minutes.”

How does that relate to all those 500 trades per day by the Buffett Software?

Warning Sign #5: Fake Award Badges

Look at these six fake awards below:

Fake awards to make fake impression

First, these badges are not clickable (meaning, they’re fake). Second, what do these messages mean?

  • Copy Buffett Software (everybody can write that)
  • Top 5 Finance Software (awarded by whom?)
  • 100% secured (by whom?)
  • Best Quality Guaranteed 100% (by whom?)
  • etc., etc.

Obviously, they’re nothing but empty slogans to make an impression as if the software is somehow credible.

Plain lie!

Warning Sign #6: No Safety

Not only the award badges are fake. The security icons are also fake (try out – they’re not clickable). It means, in reality, the website is not even secure for transactions.

(not clickable security icons)

False Promises – Start living like Warren Buffett

News is about Warren Buffett, not Copy Buffett software scam

Warning Sign #7: It Connects You With Unlicensed Scam Brokers

Although there are honest and trustworthy brokers, the scammers in the shadow don’t allow you to use them. There is a reason behind it.

Binary Options trading platforms (like the Copy Buffett Software) make deals with certain brokers only. It’s like a win-win situation between the two. When you sign up, create a new trading account and fund it, the broker gets a new customer. And the owners of the binary options robot earn commissions from their broker.

So it’s essential for them that you sign up with the “right” broker – THEIR broker.

And here’s the problem. Copy Buffett App connects you with shady, unlicensed scam brokers like Glenridge Capital, Tradorax, Porter Finance, Secured Options, etc. 

They connect you with scam brokers

See! It’s not only about the Binary Options trading bot. It’s also about the broker. Therefore, make sure you check the background of the broker, too, before making any deposits.

Warning Sign #8: No Contact Page

Search as much as you like; you will find NO contact information on their website (outside of the members-only area). Does it build trust? Of course not. If they are a legit and honest trading company, why hide contact information from potential customers?

Neither you can find any Copy Buffett Software support outside of their members-only area? Again, it does not build trust.

Warning Sign #9: Their Website Is Bearly a Year Old

Whois lookup data

While honest and transparent companies can be very young, the truth is, scam sites usually have a very short life span. They pop up, reap as much as possible, and disappear. Or they pop up again with a new name, design, and narrative.

If it were ten years old site and still successfully operating, you would be somehow sure that it’s a legit company. But when it’s barely a few months old, how on earth can you tell whether they deliver their promises?

Warning Sign #10: No Free Demo

That’s another sign which should make you extra cautious. Why don’t they offer a free demo? They give you their app for free, but the money that you trade is yours. Yes, you need to dig into your own pockets to figure out whether the “free” trading app makes or loses your money.

Expect a rather expensive experiment.

Warning Sign #11: It Has Nothing to Do With Mr. Warren Buffett

Make no mistake – The Copy Buffett Software has NOTHING to do with real Warren Buffett, the investor. If it had, the software would be featured in prominent websites, magazines, newspapers, and other news channels (like Forbes, Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Mashable, etc.)

But there’s nothing. Absolutely nothing. These articles in the Buffett App’s home page – Yes, they are real, but they talk about Warren Buffett, not about the Copy Buffett App:

what is copy buffett software about

You see! Everything is designed to mislead you and make an impression as the world-famous Warren Buffett is behind the product. As to give you a warranty that THIS product is real.

And yet it is not.

Warning Sign #12: Fake Positive Reviews, Promoted by Shameless Bloggers

Like other Binary Options scams, Copy Buffett App runs its own affiliate program. As a result, you will find tons of “positive” reviews, all touting how excellent and profitable the Buffett software is. To prove their case (and build your trust) they throw in lies like this one here (taken from one of such affiliate reviews):

Fake positive reviews tell you lies like this one here:

These bloggers don’t care about you. They are willing to throw you under the bus for personal gain. I already showed you above that Jeremy Fin, the founder of Buffett app, is a fictional character. So how on Earth is he a verified person?

Copy Buffett App Complaints

Let me tell you, the following complaints make me very concerned (and should make you as well):

This person lost his $250 to the broker


Read this too:

The broker persuades him to invest money and threatens him too

The big trouble is, when you sign up to create a trading account, you have to give them your phone number. As a result, they start to mercilessly bully you – all that to pitch you to pump even bigger investments into their system.

Be careful NOT to give them your credit card details!!! Never, ever do that!

complaint: 10 trades, 9 losses

This victim too lost his initial investment $250

another complaint: 4 wins, 17 losses

My Verdict

After doing my research, I discovered the following:

  1. The Copy Buffett Sofware has NOTHING to do with real Mr. Warren Buffett. Honestly, I am wondering when he will sue them for using his name and photos to promote their scam.
  2. Everything you touch is fake.
  3. There are plenty of complaints circulating on the internet about how people have lost their investments.
My Verdict: Is Copy Buffet Software a Scam? YES. It is a SCAM. Stay AWAY!!!

Here’s what Mr. Warren Buffett has to say about it:

“Honesty is a very expensive gift. Don’t expect it from cheap people.”

What About You?

What is Copy Buffett Software about? Well, it is about lying, lying, and lying.

Do you have a personal experience with their trading robots that you want to share?  I am curious about what impression you came away with. Good or bad?

Please leave me a comment below. Thank you :)

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  1. hart says:

    Glenridge Capital is a scam broker, its impossible to make withdrawals. I had to hire a solution professional to get my funds back. Why are they still allowed to operate?

    • Thank you for the feedback, Hart. Your comment will help my readers understand even better the true nature of the Copy Buffett Software and Glenridge Capital broker. And there’s nothing beautiful.

      I also wonder how such vile and obvious scams can so freely operate…

      But because they can, I at least can combat them by raising awareness and warning people from joining them.

      Stay safe.


  2. stefan says:

    Hi there. Yes, Copy Buffet is a scam like all the other so-called auto traders. There are using an outrageous tactic to make people feel more confident trading with binary options. The things in this industry has a system that is practically impossible to profit in the long term. It’s easier to make money in a casino game, to be honest.
    So, it’s very deceitful. Everything is fake!
    Thanks for warning others about this scam!


    • Hi Stefan and thank you for the comment. In fact, I’ve never been in casino but I suspect it’s easier in casino indeed. In the case of casino, the probability to lose is a bit higher than to win. While these Binary Options scams are deliberately designed to squeeze you dry and leave you in ruins. Terrible!

      If somebody wants to make a legit income online, there way better and safer options available. This for example.

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