Automated Daily Income Is a Scam – When You See Why, You’ll Agree

Automated Daily Income Is a Scam – When You See Why, You’ll Agree

“Make money and change your life NOW! Within 5 minutes, you could be making REAL MONEY working from the comfort of your own home!”

That’s the promise of the Automated Daily Income work-from-home opportunity.

Can you trust it, though? And what is the Automated Daily Income to begin with? What if it is a scam?

I am going to answer these and other related questions in my Automated Daily Income review below. Read and see if you like what it has to offer.

[Sidebar: If you are not interested in scamscheck out THIS instead! You’re going to love this.]

Quick Review

Name: the Automated Daily Income (ADI)
Login page:
Founder: Raena Lynn
Price: $49 + upsells worth tens of thousands of dollars (MTTB 21 step system)
Niche: Affiliate Marketing, Franchise Marketing

My Verdict: The Automated Daily Income is a SCAM. It’s nothing but a (poorly) fabricated sales funnel. And what is its purpose? To lure you into buying a subscription to the expensive MOBE rip off scheme.

While it’s possible to make money with MOBE, be warned – you can do that only by selling your soul and a clear conscience (Do you like making money by ripping off others?)

I consider it unethical and cannot recommend it.  Plus, it’s exceptionally expensive.

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Why not give a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.


Full Review – What Is the Automated Daily Income, Scam or Legit?

What is Automated Daily Income?

what is the automated daily incomeSadly, the Automated Daily Income is the almost empty website that serves as a sales funnel to MOBE (My Online Business Empire or My Own Business Education).

Why do I say so?

Because the whole website consists of only three back-to-back sales pages (#2 being as long as princess Rapunzel’s hair). Plus, there are these secondary documents – Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and User’s Disclaimer. That’s all the site has.

All the sales talk has but one goal – to persuade people (including you) to join MOBE.

What is MOBE?

[Sidebar: I have already written a detailed review of MOBE, where I expose its true nature. The review is worth reading, especially when you are trying to figure out whether you can make money with the Automated Daily Income or not.]

Therefore, I make it very short here:

MOBE – My Own Business Education – is a system (in fact, a kind of a pyramid scheme) that pays out fat commissions if you can find people who want to buy its expensive top-tier information products and services.

Honestly, these information products are not bad. They actually teach you a lot of good stuff on how to make tons of money online. The only problem is that they are highly overpriced and focus solely on promoting MOBE. Now that’s bad. Seriously!


To help you promote its products better, MOBE will also give you a done-for-you sales funnel and access to their professional sales team.

What all that means is that everything you get is done-for-you and ready-to-use. Just go out and start making money.

Well… What’s my task, you might ask.

Simple. Find new customers for MOBE. Then link up buyers with the MOBE sales team. The team will close the sale and send you a hefty commission ($1,250 or $3,300 or even $5,500).

Sound great?

Here’s the dirty part of it, though:

First, you will only make money with MOBE when your recruits buy those top-tier MOBE products. These products cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars, to begin with. How many ordinary people can fork out sums like these:

  • Silver Masterclass –  (Price: $2497)
  • Gold Masterclass –  (Price: $4997)
  • Titanium Masterclass –  ($8,997 plus  $199/month)
  • Platinum Masterclass – ($14,997 plus  $299/month)
  • Diamond Masterclass –  ($29,997 plus $299/month)

Second, to earn commissions on these products, you first need to buy them yourself. It means you must dig deep down into your jeans, to begin with. Can you imagine shelling out tens of thousands of dollars without knowing if you can ever earn them back? (more about it below)

Third, all these MOBE information products, done-for-you sales funnels, etc., are exclusively designed to sell MOBE and MOBE only.

Which means you will only make money with MOBE by promoting MOBE.

And this, in turn, means, you will only make money when other people lose it. Why? Because your income comes only from the pockets of your recruits. And that’s how pyramids work.

It’s so utterly immoral.

What About the Automated Daily Income?

Automated Daily Income (ADI) is an example of the MOBE done-for-you sales funnels. It belongs to Raena Lynn (more about her later), one of those MOBE members who is eagerly looking for recruits.

Remember: Automated Daily Income does not have its own product. Instead, it is trying to sell you MOBE’s ‘My Top Tier Business’ 21-step training course (MTTB):

My Top Tier Business 21 Step System Ad

MTTB itself will cost you a tiny $49 compared to many other MOBE’s products and services.

Be warned, though – They are going to use every trick in their tool bag to make you buy as many of their top-tier products as possible. After all, that’s their business model. And that’s how they earn all those fat commissions.

MLM pyramid scheme diagramThey are happy to separate you from your hard-earned cash. In return, they are also glad to teach you how you can make even more money by doing the same to other innocent people.

That’s an obvious pyramid scheme where upper tiers win, and lower tiers lose.

Who is Raena Lynn?

Raena Lynn is the founder of the Automated Daily Income. She is a real person and one of the top recruiters of My Online Business Empire (MOBE). Here is her Twitter account:

Raena Lynn's Twitter account

Notice, she writes in her bio that she is prosperous? By now, you have probably understood how she has generated her wealth, haven’t you?

To recruit even more people, she has set up many different websites that are designed to lure you into MOBE. One of them is the Automated Daily Income, but there are also 45 Minute Payday, RaenaLynn, etc.

By the way, ‘My Millionaire Mentor‘ ( by Ryan Mathews) is another similar scam site that is promoting only MOBE.

The Dirty Part – Automated Daily Income Is a Scam

Here’s why:

Red Alert #1: Fake Raena Lynn

Waitaminute! You just said she a real person…?

True. But not here on the ADI website.

I have no idea why but the Automated Daily Income website is full of deceit. And thus, it easily qualifies as a scam.

Look at her photo in the Automated Daily Income sales page. It is NOT her but a classical stock image:

Raena Lynn Automated Daily Income report - the face image of fake Raena Lynn

You can find the original picture in iStock:

The same stock photo found in iStock dot com

By the way, one of the Forbes articles uses the same image.

See! The photo has nothing to do with real Raena Lynn and her Automated Daily Income scam.

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After all, with so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?


Red Alert #2: It’s Using a Typical Work-From-Home Scam Template

Now that’s hilarious:

Raena Lynn advertises herself and her Automated Daily Income by using one of the most heavily exploited work-from-home scam site templates.

Don’t believe me?

Look at this (Raenna Lynn Automated Daily Income Report):

Raena Lynn using a typical work-from-home scam site template

Now compare this to the Melissa Johnson work-at-home scam (and also Kelly Richards work-at-home scam):

Striking similarities between Melissa Johnson scam and Raena Lynn scam

Hey! Even the checks are identical. Compare these two checks (from two different websites, one given to Raena Lynn, the other to fake Melissa Johnson):

Fake Raena Lynn Automated Daily Income paycheck

Fake Melissa Johsnon paycheck

See! Almost all data is identical. Even the authorized signature is the same. It’s just ridiculous.

Now, let me ask you – IF the My Own Business Education (MOBE) were an honest-to-God legit and moral company, why on Earth waste time on such stinking stuff?

Red Alert #3: Fake Testimonials

Next, let’s put the Automated Daily Income testimonials to the test.

Guess what? These, too, are nothing but fabrications.

Here’s my proof. Look at the testimonials taken from the Automated Daily Income website:

All the testimonials found in the Automated Daily Income site are bogus

Do you believe they’re genuine? If so, compare them with the testimonials found from another scam site. Enjoy:

Another set of same fake comments from a different scam site

See! This crap is the DONE-FOR-YOU SALES FUNNEL that you will get from MOBE (and it comes with a sky-high price tag).

Do you want that?

Red Alert #4: Expect to LOSE Money With the Automated Daily Income

How do I know?

Their Income Disclaimer says so:ADI Income Disclaimer says you probably will not make any money with the program

Also this:

Less than 1% of all ADI members make any meaningful money with the program

Red Alert #5: ‘Featured By” Deception

Look at the heading of the Automated Daily Income website (notice the ‘Featured on’ badges):

Featured by deception on the ADI website

Apparently, the con-artists know that they won’t get away if they use famous brands illegally. Therefore, they do a little dirty trick here to lull you into believing – their site is respected and featured by the most prominent news brands on Earth.

Did you notice the small white text above the badges, though? What does it tell?

…Work From Home Opportunities Has Been Featured On…

It tells that work from home opportunities (and NOT Automated Daily Income) have been featured on Fox News, USA Today, ABC, etc.


Final Verdict

There are many more red alerts (like a false sense of urgency, 100% money-back guarantee, automated income, etc.). But I believe I could already make my point and show – the Automated Daily Income is a dirty internet scam.

It is full of deceit, and its sole purpose is to lure you into costly MOBE subscriptions (the small $49 fee for the MTTB 21 step course is only a bite).

My Verdict: Automated Daily Income is a scam! If you don’t want to get mugged, stay away from MOBE and all its affiliates.

A Better Alternative to the Automated Daily Income Scam. Take a Closer Look, and You’ll See Why

Remember, making money with ADI (in fact MOBE) means that you have to:

  1. Shell out thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars (to buy these overpriced info products)
  2. Recruit people while knowing they will get ripped off

From that perspective, the Automated Daily Income scam (and MOBE) are very different from other internet training platforms like Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how you can start, run, and grow your own legit online business in ANY niche you like. ANY!

Yes, WA has its affiliate program as well, but nobody is tied to it – forced to recruit new members. Instead, Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to become an expert in any niche…

…Hiking, running, gardening, cars, food supplements, books, tennis, dogs, cats, you name it.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to build a successful online business around the niche of your choice.

And the best part, the whole thing costs only a tiny $49 a month (compared to tens of thousands of dollars in MOBE). Not only that, the first Getting Started Certification Course is completely FREE. Try it out.

That’s the polar opposite of what ADI and MOBE  are doing. Seriously!

Check Out Wealthy Affiliate Now. And Wait Til You See What’s Inside It… Trust Me, It’s Simply Brilliant.

Completely Different from the Automated Daily Income and MOBE

What About You?

First, I want to thank you for taking the time and reading my review. I hope you found it useful.

Now that you have reached the end, what are your thoughts – What is the Automated Daily Income? Is it a scam or not?

Do you have any experience (good or bad) that you want to share with the readers of the review? Please drop me a comment below. I will return with a response.

Stay safe!

Egon (



  1. Debbie says:

    Good read. Glad someone was able to break it down to avoid being scammed. But now I see at the end of your response, you mention a link in order to make money from home, etc. ( That has me a bit skeptical in itself. Is it possible that you’re steering people away from another company for personal gain? Is your option truly free? Is there no part, throughout, that demands money to move forward? If this is legit, would you be able to email me additional information on it to my email below? I would be interested, but would hate to be scammed by a de-scammer. LOL Thanks for your insight nontheless on the other program!

    • Hey, Debbie, and thank you for your comment. I sent you a detailed reply to your email. Did you get it?

      Stay safe,

  2. William Eisenhour says:

    Gawddamm bro thanx for pulling my curiosity away. I tried reading her story and I started to catch myself seeing what might go wrong w this. I did notice on top of the featured on sign…why didn’t they say “we’ve been seen on these news sites with tremendous success ” that definitely curbed my interest….i went on Google to request a legitimate phone number to find out more and wasn’t able to find it ! That might’ve been my mistake…remember P.T Barnums famous quote there’s a sucker born every minute….or how bout another famous quote by ? If it seems to good to be true it probably isn’t !…thanx my good man for your interest in pulling me outta my bankruptcy….

    • Hey, William, and thank you very much for your comment. I am very happy to hear I could help you save you from a major financial trouble. By the way, I’ve been once scammed like that. The product looked trustworthy and they offered 60 days money back guarantee. That was the reason I decided to try. Only to find out it was a get-quick-rich scheme. I decided to ask my money back and… Guess what?… Right! There was no contact information. It was not only embarrassing but also annoying.

      The good thing, though, was that I was determined to learn how to make money online (and be more careful next time). That’s how I ended up here. Simply Awesome. Have you seen it already? Check it out.

      Stay safe,

  3. Dana Ratchford\ says:

    Wow – I read this 5 minutes too late. I hope I can get my money back. I’ve been seeing these ads everywhere and finally decided to take a chance. Now I’ve spent money I really didn’t have and I’m not any closer to finding a work from home job. Was the money back guarantee a scam too? Will I have to wait for 60 days to get it back?

    • Hey, Dana, and thank you for the feedback.

      It’s not particularly great feeling to know you’ve been scammed, right? I’ve been there myself and know how it feels. Awful.

      However, saying that, dealing with MOBE and Raena Lynn is still better than all those vile binary options scams. Raena Lynn is at least a real person with her own website, contact information etc.

      There’s a problem though. As I wrote in my MOBE review, their money back guarantee applies only if you go through each of the 21 steps of the MTTB training on the day it’s assigned to you. If you skip a step or do them in different order, you lose the guarantee.

      That’s the problem. The second problem is that after the step #6 they tell you that in order to unlock the remaining steps you must buy another expensive MOBE information product ($2000+ if memory serves). If you don’t buy it, you cannot continue.

      This is dirty trick though. If you refuse to buy it and request access to other steps, they finally (reluctantly) unlock them for you.

      I recommend you to contact with Raena Lynn and ask your money back. Let’s see what she answers.

      As for finding work from home job, (yes, I am using it and that’s how I make money from anywhere in the world).

      Look closer. Perhaps it can help you. It’s free to get started and you’re not committing to anything.

      Stay safe!


  4. Antony says:

    Thank you for your Information, it’s really good information. It’s very helpful for every one.
    Legitimate work-from-home jobs available right now!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Antony. I am happy to hear that you found the article helpful. Making money with MOBE might be legitimate indeed but, as I wrote above, you need to spend the fortune in the first place – before you ever can start promoting all these top-tier MOBE products. Second, as I wrote above, the only way to make money with the Automated Daily Income (MOBE) is to promote MOBE.

      On the contrary, this product here is completely free to get started. And even if you choose to upgrade to Premium, it just costs you a tiny $49 a month (even less if you choose to go yearly). And that’t the only price you pay as there are no upsells – everything you ever need – training, tools, websites, hosting, support, etc. – is already included.

      Plus, you can build your business around ANY niche you like. Just follow your passion and build your business around it. Amazing, isn’t it? Of course it is. Learn more here right now.

      Stay safe,


  5. Dean says:


    This opportunity lost me at the sign up page with the claim that their is only limited availability. Huge RED flag in my opinion any worthwhile opportunity will be available consistently and not use such pressure techniques for a sale.
    When looking for an opportunity you want time to make a considered decision and preferably a free trial so you can see what is on offer.
    Limited decision time + limited info available = RUN


    • Thank you for the feedback, Dean.

      I completely agree with the formula that you provided. Faked limited decision time and pressure to act at once is, as far as I have seen, one of the most common sales tricks in the scammers’ tool box.

      In fact, sense of urgency is widely used sales tactics and if done properly, there’s nothing wrong in it. However, con-artists fake the whole process. Their products are freely accessible over long periods of time but they keep lying to unaware visitors that there are only 9, 6, or 2 free spots left and today is the last day. If you don’t grab it now, you will miss the chance forever.

      How disgusting.

      Legit companies that offer high quality training-business opportunity (like this one here) never do that.

      Stay safe!


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