What Is the Best Keyword Tool? Its Features and Benefits.

What Is the Best Keyword Tool? Its Features and Benefits.

Are you trying to figure out which keyword tool you should choose?

It can be hard to choose as there are so many keyword tools out there. All they come with different features, providing a good amount of metrics that you have to make sense.

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The question is – What is the best keyword tool that does its job and at the same time is quick, simple and easy to learn?

In this blog post, I am going to show why Jaaxy Enterprise is above all others.

Different from many other “top” keyword tools on the market today, Jaaxy Keyword Tool is created by successful online marketers who knew exactly what a high-end keyword tool has to do. They did not stuff their tool with fluff or redundant features to draw more sales.Jaaxy is a power tool.

Every single feature here has been created and optimized to save your time and make you more competitive.

1. Jaaxy Features and Benefits

Here is what Jaaxy Search page will look like.
Jaaxy Enterprise Keyword Tool

Below I cover all these Jaaxy features and their benefits

1.1. Search

The Search function has a submenu with Site Rank, Competition, etc. I will cover all of them a little later. But there is another great benefit of Jaaxy Search function. It allows you to search:

  • by Keyword Phrase
  • by URL.

1.1.1. Search by Keyword Phrase

Just type in the keyword that you would like to search and Jaaxy gives you stats for your initial keywords (yellow background) and for 30 related keywords. (I explain it a little later)

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Search Results

1.1.2. Search by URL

In this case, instead of typing in a keyword phrase you type a URL of a website. Jaaxy scans through that website and gives keyword suggestions based on the content of that site. Here is a blog that talks about parrots. After typing in its URL, Jaaxy provides us with keywords based on that website.

By the way, this is an excellent way to do some spying after your competition. You don’t only find out what content your competition is producing, you also find great keywords based on that content.

Jaaxy keyword tool content related keywords

1.1.3. Keyword Data

Let’s say I want to search “boat engines“. I type it in, and this is what I get:

Jaaxy Search Results

What do All These Columns Mean?

1. Checkbox

This column is related with Keyword Lists feature. It allows you to select and save keywords into different lists for later use. For example, you may want to create a new keyword list for each blog post that you create. This way your keywords are well organized and easily found.

2. Keywords

As said before, here are shown the initial keyword and related keywords.

3. Monthly searches

Here you see an approximate amount of searches that particular keyword has in a given month. It is second most important metric after QSR. When choosing good keywords, I recommend aiming, at least, 100+ monthly searches.

4. Estimated traffic

This number tells you how much traffic you can receive if your site is ranked #1 on that particular keyword.

5. QSR

QSR stands for Quoted Search Results, and this is the most important metrics here. It gives you a “website competition”. It shows, how many websites compete for that EXACT keyword. I give a more detailed explanation of QSR and its benefits in my Jaaxy Review.

Once you have QSR for all the keywords, go through the list and see which ones look good. Jaaxy Enterprise allows you also to sort the data by all these columns and this gives you an even better picture.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool QSR sorted

6. KQI

Keyword Quality Indicator – this is a visual indicator to tell you how good the keyword is. Green is awesome keyword and allows you to rank high on Google SERP. I don’t recommend to use keywords in red as they have too high competition.

7. SEO power

This is a combination of the traffic, QSR and the level of competition on the scale from 1 to 100. The higher the number the better the SEO power. It is another indicator to help you select better keywords.

8. Domain availability

Domain availability can be very beneficial, especially if you plan to earn money by selling websites. It lets you see if a particular domain name is available or not. As you see at the image below, the keyword “used boat motors sale” has all 3 major domain names .com, .org and .net available. For “marine engines” all these 3 domains are already bought but with just one click you can find other options that are available.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool domain availability

Now you can go ahead and purchase the domain that you like. Clicking that link takes you to GoDaddy.com with the domain name already set to buy. Domain name market is a million dollar business and these low competition keywords help you get a first page ranking in search engine results. If you a buy .com domain name for a high ranking keyword, you basically own the keyword. Then you can just set up a simple website and sell it at some auction. This is another way to make money online.

9. To Do

This column allows you to add keywords to ToDo list. If you find an interesting keyword but don’t have time to deal with it right now, you can literally just click on that and it’s going to put it into To Do list. You find your To Do List if you hit To Do List tab on the main menu:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool To Do List

Here you see 2 extra columns that we have not covered yet:

  • Write this now – Here you can write a brand new article for StreetArticles.com based on this particular keyword.
  • Incomplete/Complete – Just an indicator to show, if you have finished with the keyword or not.

1.1.4. Related Keywords

After you have done at least 1 keyword research, you will see on the left side a Related Keyword column. These keywords are a little bit more beyond the other relevant keywords. They don’t have data right away. All you have to do is click on any of those keywords and Jaaxy will give you a data for it.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Related Keywords

1.1.5. Brainstorm queue

Jaaxy-Keyword-tool-swap-buttonAt the right side of the Related Keywords column, you see a small green swap button. Hitting it changes the column into Brainstorm Queue – another beneficial feature inside of Jaaxy. If you cannot come up with any keywords you can use Brainstorm Queue to help you find keywords. This is a list of previously saved hot topics of major online players like Google, Amazon, Yahoo, Twitter, etc.

1.6. Site rank

Just type in a keyword and URL of the website and Jaaxy gives you the exact page and position in Google search results. It’s extremely beneficial feature as it allows you to check if your website is climbing upward or is falling downward.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Site Rank

1.7. Competition

The tab next to Site Rank is a Competition tab. This a great Jaaxy feature that will show you if there are any articles or videos relating that keyword. Using “boat engine” keyword we see that the field is pretty open. It tells that there is a video in Youtube, position 3. Other video websites show that there’s no-one that has taken time to create a video based on this keyword. So go ahead and create a video. Or write an article on StreetArticles.

Jaaxy Keyword tool competition feature


All these are great sources where you can create articles and videos and then link back to your website. Create unique content for these sites and all these link back to your site.

1.8. Website SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

It gives you TOP10 results with the URLs. As you see you can also take a look of results with Bing and Yahoo. In the 3rd column there is View Details link. It’s going to extract the data from that actual site. So you can see all the information about that site.

Jaaxy Keyword tool Website Serp

The reason you want to look on this stuff is that you want to get a sense of your competition. That is essentially your SERP competition. That gives you ideas why they are ranking on the first page. It’s pretty cool, isn’t it? You can pay attention if there is any particular trend that would help you rank on the first page of Google too.

1.9. Affiliate Programs

Jaaxy enables you to search available affiliate programs based on your initial keywords. It searches through Commission Junction, Click Bank, Link Share, etc. Let’s say I want to find affiliate programs related to my “boat engines” niche. Then some available affiliate programs are these:

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Affiliate Programs

1.10. Brainstorm

Jaaxy’s Brainstorm is a very beneficial feature that helps you keep you finger on the pulse of hot trends in the world. It scans through Google and Twitter trends, Amazon, Alexa and Yahoo, then gives you a list of hot topics of each of those platforms. With one click you can save these topics into Brainstorm Queue for later use.

Jaaxy Keyword tool Brainstorm

If in one moment you happen to run out of ideas of your next blog post, just open Brainstorm Queue at the left side of Jaaxy window (using swap button next to Related Keywords) and the list is waiting you.

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Brainstorm queue

2. Keyword Lists

It is a very useful Jaaxy feature that allows you to save keywords into different lists for later use. Just check the boxes for each keyword that you want to save, then hit the green “Save Selected” button. Jaaxy allows you to save keywords into a new or an existing list. What I usually do is that I open a new list for each new blog post. This way my keywords are well organized, and if I need them, it is easy to find them.

Keyword Lists feature allows you to view the content lists but also export the data into .csv or .txt formats. This way you can either analyse the data or quickly copy-paste all the keywords into your blog post tag.

3. Search History

Yet another great feature to find awesome keywords. Let’s say you have some spare time while waiting in the grocery store line or in a hospital. You do some keyword research and find some great keywords but you don’t have time to save them into a list. No problem as Jaaxy saves all your search history. Once in the office you can open search history and find those awesome keywords again.

4. Training

Once you create Jaaxy free account (you can do it here), there is also 4 videos to help you to get best out of Jaaxy. In addition to that there are 3 bonuses for you to download:

  1. 1,000 High Traffic, Low Competition Keywords. Here you find 1,000 hand picked keywords that are set-up for SEO success.
  2. Niche Research Bonus. Learn how to utilize Jaaxy to uncover hot niches in minutes.
  3. Domain Industry Secrets. Learn How to discover low-cost domains and sell them for much more.

But it’s not all. Once you choose to go for full priced Jaaxy (Pro or Enterprise), you get an extra bonus package not included in the Jaaxy website:

  1. Video training – the low hanging fruit or “easy to rank” keywords. (61 minutes)
  2. Video training – Buying up Google ready domains ($180 value). 81 minutes. If you want to make business from buying and selling domains
  3. Keyword Riches 2013/2014 edition. It walks you through the process about how to create a business out of keywords.

You can purchase Jaaxy Pro or Jaaxy Enterprise here.

5. Jaaxy Affiliate Program

Jaaxy has its own Affiliate program too. Each person that joins Jaaxy, is automatically an affiliate. It means that you can promote Jaaxy through affiliate links. You will earn an additional 10 search credits for each person you refer to Jaaxy and who signs up for free. If the person creates a free account, you are his referral for life. If he chooses to go for the full priced tool, you earn $8 per month recurring affiliate commissions.

A breakdown of the commission structure is:

$19 Monthly Sales = $8 per month recurring commissions (average $100 per sale)
$199 Yearly Sales = $80 per sale

6. Conclusion

This was the overview of all the features of Jaaxy Enterprise. You saw how easy it was to find awesome keywords inside of Jaaxy. And remember, Jaaxy was created by successful online marketers who knew exactly what the wanted from the tool. There is no fluff data. Every single Jaaxy feature has included to save your time and maximize your keyword research.
Try Jaaxy Now (FREE):

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