What Is Centument Ltd – Scam or Legit? Abuse Beyond Chilling

What Is Centument Ltd – Scam or Legit? Abuse Beyond Chilling

What about Aston Martin luxury sports cars, a long dream vacation to Spain, or that beachfront condo in Maui?

These are some of the lucrative promises by Gerald Reed, the founder of Centument Ltd. and a former Wall Street shark.

But…Is the offer real? What is the Centument Ltd after all – a scam or legit opportunity? Can ordinary people (like you and me) with no trading experience under their belt start making winning trades by using Centument?

This review here sheds light on it. So let’s dive right into the details.

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Quick Summary

Name: Centument (AKA Centument Project 2.0)
Centument Login: centument.club
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Minimum deposit of $250. Sign-up process free.
Founder: Gerald Reed
Skill level: Beginner (No skills needed)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 100
My Verdict: Scam! Not Recommended!


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After all, with so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?


Full Review: “What Is the Centument Ltd – Scam or Legit?”

Truth be told, Centument is yet another garbage product in the long list of Binary Options scams. Therefore, to protect innocent people from falling Centument’s victims, I am going to dismantle its pyramid of lies stone by stone and show you its ugly nature.

What Is the Centument Ltd?

Centument Ltd. is the company behind Centument Binary Options trading software. It is 100% automated and “uses existing infrastructure and extremely fast computers to buy and sell assets, currencies, and futures in the financial markets.” (a Centument sales page)

If you don’t know what Binary Options are or how they work, make sure you also read “Are Binary Options Safe? Read Before Opening Your Wallet.”

The Centument Story

The whole Centument story circles around one man – Gerald Reed – a young and ultra-successful Wall Street shark. He made over $4 million a year in his Wall Street years. However, at the top of his game, he decided to walk away from Wall Street and switch from a selfish “shark” to a good guy.


When things got terrible (after Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Bear Sterns got into trouble in the housing crash), the ugly side of these Wall Street bankers was revealed. In Gerald Reed’s own words:

Why Gerald Reed left Wall Street

Why Gerald Reed left Wall Street

Then, what? Well, he decided to become a good boy. In other words, he wanted to give something back to the world.


By creating his own investment firm Centument Ltd. and reveal his top-secret profit-making secrets to the world.

His vision was to help ordinary people (with no trading experience) trade and make money just like the big sharks on Wall Street were doing.

So he founded Centument Ltd and created Centument assets trading software which:

  1. makes use of the best technology available
  2. utilizes all the trading methods the Wall Street sharks are using (combines them into one smart algorithm)
  3. can be used by ordinary, hard-working everyday people with no trading experience (and bring wealth to them)

Long story short, that’s the story. But as you will see soon, its details are not as important as you might expect. Before I come to show it, though, let’s see what Centument promises to give you:

Centument Promises

Here are some of the promises that Gerald Reed gives you:

How Centument can help you make money online

Here is another set of promises:

Gerald Reed scam promises

As I am going to prove you in a minute, most (if not all) of these promises are outright lies. So keep reading.

The Price

Gerald Reed tells me that he is going to give you the software for free. However, to start trading (and making profits), you have to invest a minimum of $250. This is the initial payment to your trading account. Without this investment, you cannot trade.

8 Signs That Centument is a Scam

Warning Sign #1: The Whole Centument Story is Pure Fiction

It is interesting to read how different Centument Ltd software reviews discuss whether the Centument story is authentic or not. And whether Gerald Reed is a real person or not.

In reality, there is nothing to discuss. Why?

Because Centument itself says it to your face. See what the tell in the very first paragraph of the Centument Full Risk Disclosure Statement:

Centument Full Risk Disclosure StatementSee!

There’s no need for any guessing games. Centument’s own statement is as clear as a clear sky. Their whole story is fictitious. Centument founder Gerald Reed is a fictitious character, and Centument video is only for, well, Entertainment purposes!


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It won’t cost you a bean to find out if it can help you.

But not only that. The scammers behind the scheme won’t guarantee you ANY income or success within Centument.

And how could they? Remember, there is NO genius Gerald Reed behind the software, and there is NO genius Centument assets trading software either.

In fact, you have NO idea who is behind the Centument and what algorithm runs the system.

There’s even more in their Disclaimer, though.

Let me tell you that Centument Disclaimer is word-by-word identical to the Tauribot Binary Options scam Disclaimer. The only difference is the brand name in the first line. So you can suspect both scams are pretty much the same. Only the stories and brand names (the facade) are different.


Warning Sign #2: Contradiction in Centument Launch Year

Read Centument’s statement:

When was Centument established

As you can see, the Centument trading platform has been up and running since early 2011.

However, now see this (data from Whois.net):

When was Centument domain registered

First, Centument domain name is created only on January 26, 2016 – Hey! It’s a very new site. So how come Centument has made millions to its members since 2011?

Second, its registrant locates in Panama. Does it look like something you should trust? Not to me.

Therefore, be very careful!


Warning Sign #3: Fake testimonials

First, Centument tries to be convincing by offering fabricated testimonials by fictitious traders. Google any of the names below and you, will see – none of them exists in real life:

Fictitious characters giving fake positive testimonials to support Centument

Second, the same goes for video testimonials:

None of these people giving Centument a positive testimonial, exist in real life

Third, what about Bloomberg, CNN Money, and Money – what about their testimonials?

These, too, are fabricated quotes. Google it, and you will see – None of them have ever mentioned Centument (particularly as a genius marketing tool).


Warning Sign #4: Fake Social Media Accounts and Testimonials

As a next step, let’s put Centument Ltd Social Media claims to the test. Pay attention to the details highlighted in the picture below:

Gerald reed scam - Centument social media scam

1. Gerald Reed’s Twitter Account

As you can see in the image above, Gerald Reed’s Twitter account is either @geraldreed or @geraldeed (it’s not clear enough).

A) If it is @geraldreed, then this is what we get in real life:

Gerald Reed Twitter scam Centument

B) If it is @geraldeed, then this is the result:

Gerald reed Twitter account suspended

So you see! Either way, they show you a fake Twitter account as proof of their claims.

2. Fake Twitter Counters

Have you ever seen Twitter counters like these here (with “courses,” “readers,” and “thousands”):

Centument fake Twitter counters


Twitter counters look like these:

That's how original Twitter counters look

3. Fake Jackson Miles’ Twitter Account @jacksonmiles and his testimonial

Compare the @jacksonmiles fake account above (Centument positive testimonial) with the real Twitter account below:

Centument is faking their Twitter testimonials. This is the real account

4. Fake Melissa Cho Twitter Account @MelChoCA and testimonial

This account is suspended. The same goes for most of the other Twitter accounts shown on the Centument login page.

5. Fake Glenn Hunt Twitter Account @GlennHuntMA and testimonial

This account does not even exist:

The're not such Twitter account as glennhuntma

See! Everything, EVERYTHING that Centument tells and shows you, is a PLAIN LIE.

Warning Sign #5: False Urgency

Con artists – as desperate as an ice cube in a hell – do every trick in the book to make you sign up at once. So they create false urgency.

Check these screenshots from the Centument YouTube video. Notice how they persuade you to hurry:

What is Centument Ltd? scam or legit - fake urgency

What is the Centument - scam or legit? Fake urgency


The next one is particularly impressive. It tells you that if you fail to act today, the next person in line grabs your place:

What is the Centument - scam or legit? Centument's fake urgency

Don’t be fooled. Nobody is waiting in line. And clearly, they have no countdown timer either.


Warning Sign #6: Misleading Badges

Using silly badges is one of the most common tactics of scammers to mislead customers into believing that a product has won some quality awards.

Check these three Centument badges which they parade on the sales page:

Centument badges are sensless and misleading

How do these statements help you? Think about it – they’re pretty much meaningless, aren’t they?

  • Hundred Percent Premium Quality guaranteed
  • The Perfect Choice
  • The Limited Edition

What? Nothing but crappy slogans with a golden window dressing to make you believe it’s a high-end product.

Warning Sign #7: Fake Positive Reviews

Open whichever positive Centument review you want, and you will see – all are written by Centument affiliates, hoping to make some extra cash by bringing you on board.

Affiliate marketing is not a wrong thing to do – in fact, it is a legitimate and a great way to make money online. But only if you promote quality products.

What is wrong here is the fact that all these Centument affiliates promote a scam. They are not interested in helping you solve your financial problems. The only thing they care about is how to make some bucks on you.

That’s not ethical, and I fiercely stand against it.

Let me give you an example:

Here is a passage from one of those Centument fake positive reviews:

Is Centument scam or legit - review

Can you believe it? They tell you that they have found nothing (no misleading information, no fake actors, etc., etc.). They inform you that Centument is not a scam and then give you their affiliate link for signing up.

And they also tell you that soon Centument will go public and stop accepting free members. What? In Centument’s own words, they are making millions since 2011 – how many more years they do beta testing?

Plain and simple – as I already showed you – it’s an outright lie, to create fake urgency and make you register at once.


Warning Sign #8: Centument Complaints

First, complaints on making money from Centument

Want to see another Centument lie? Good. Here’s their bold statement:

Centument lies that its winning rate is 100%

See! They claim that in the last four years, Centument assets trading software has lost money only once.

Here’s what Centument guarantees you (pretty impressive, isn’t it?):

How much you can make from CEntument

Now comes real life:

Centument complaint - negative Centument testimonial

And this:

Centument complaint - it's not that reliable business opportunity as they claim

And this:

Another Centument Ltd complaint

As you can see, Centument’s winning rate is a far cry from their almost 100% promise.

Second, complaints on Centument Customer Service

You cannot find Centument customer service number

There is another:

Centument provides no customer service

See! IF you join them, you land in problems.

By the way, a missing contact page is another definite sign of a scam. Have a look – You find no Centument contact page, no (office) address, no About page, no access to customer service, no email, no phone number, nothing.

Final Verdict

After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that Centument is nothing but a scam. Plain and simple. You know nothing (and I mean it – nothing, ZERO!) about the people behind Centument and that fictitious Wall Street good boy Gerald Reed. Neither you have any knowledge of the Centument algorithms, winning rates, etc.

You are going to buy a pig in a poke.

My final verdict: Centument is a scam! Run screaming!


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Why not give a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.


Share Your Ideas:

Thank you for reading my detailed Centument scam review.

Now, after reading the review, what are your thoughts – What is the Centument Ltd? Is it a scam or legit?

Do you have any experience (good or bad) with Centument that you want to share? Please drop me a comment below.

Stay safe,

Egon (egonsarvreviews.com)




  1. Christian says:

    This sounds too good to be true. Because it is. A software program cannot substitute common sense and knowledge in making stock market trades. So, for anyone to think that they can just pay $250, sit back, and watch the money come in is crazy to me! Guard yourself people from these types of scams. There is no substitute of wealth that is built, not bought.

    • Thank you Christian, for taking time and giving feedback. The problem here is that these con artists know how a human physics work. They have studied and know which buttons to press in order to achieve desired actions from the ordinary inexperienced people. This is the whole science. Once you master it (and they clearly do) you can sell people whatever crap you want.

      Those with common sense, reject it but masses just follow their desire (to get filthy rich with a snap of fingers) and without any logical thinking backing it. That’s why there are so many victims and that’s why I have understood – If I want to keep them falling into these traps, I must make things simple and plain clear for people.

  2. Stefan says:

    Wow, you smashed Centument without mercy! Heck these guys deserve to be begin bars for stealing so much money from lay individuals. Their affiliates should also be punished for promoting and taking a big slice if the pie. I hear that affiliates can earn $250 for every people they bring to Centument. It’s insane! Thanks for warning. This is a great review that should stay right at the to of searches. All the best Stefan

    • Hi Stefan!

      Well, I had to smash them. They made me furious – They’re lying through their teeth and driving people into the ground while getting rich in the process. Disgusting!

      And they keep tooting that their super-duper smart software is for free. Hey! without funding your trading account with real money (YOUR money) you can never use your FREE software. So this “Free” is just one of those tricks in their toolbag to get you sign up under them.

      If you want to see what a REAL FREE means, test Wealthy Affiliate. Your name, your email – that’s all you need and you have FULL access to their Starter Membership program – Getting Started Certification Course, Bootcamp course, support, everything to get you rolling online is there laid in front of you. And it won’t cost you a penny. Don’t like it – wipe a dust off your feet and walk away. Nobody asks you a question or pitch you to pay (like in these binary options scams).

      you know, I had to throw my phone’s SIM card away (and change the no) to get rid of these Binary Options scammers (They just kept calling and calling and calling…)

      That’s why I warn people – stay away from these nasty products.

  3. Norman says:

    There are so many scams that are out there, therefor we should be so careful. The sad thing is there are many people that are falling for these scams and losing their hard earn money. The key is do your homework first and then go from there. Wealthy affiliate however is legit and anyone who are apart of this community knows that wealthy affiliate is the real deal. I would tell any one to join wealthy affiliate for online success.

    • Thank you Norman!

      Yes, we should be extremely careful when choosing between different internet business opportunities. I personally never recommend those programs which you cannot try for free first. Yeah, right, all these binary options scams tell that their product is free but they don’t tell that you have to fund your trading account in the first place. And for that you need to dig in YOUR jeans. It’s your real money which you must give out.

      What I mean, you should be able to try a program completely free. This is why I recommend Wealthy Affiliate – they have a free starter membership and you don’t need a credit card to sign up. Just write your name and email and that’s it – try as much as you like it. And then, if you feel you are not satisfied… Well just drop it and walk away. Or if you feel this is the right program for you, then you can upgrade to Premium level.

  4. Bonto says:

    Thanks Ego for sharing on Centement Ltd. I had always known that all these ponzi and pyramid schemes and all their unrealistic promises are scams and centument is one of them! Yes indeed the disclaimer on their site gives them up right of the bat and any serious person looking for a genuine way of making money online should take note. Any one that wants to make money online should know that get rich quick schemes are scams. The online world requires a lot of dedication and due diligence for one to succeed just like any other business. Thanks for helping people with your post. keep up your good work.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Bonto. You are right – online business, as well as offline business – both require hard work and dedication. It’s not like in offline you have to sweat 5 long years to achieve any meaningful success. But in online – just snap of fingers and money rains down on you. No! you really have to labor a lot in the first place. Later, when you have laid a solid foundation, you can enjoy the freedom that majority of 9-5 workers never can. That’s the good part of it. And that’s why I am doing it. I am willing to labor now in order to enjoy the fruits from my passive income stream in the years to come. And that’s why I recommend to start (if you have not yet) today. Start right now and build (brick by brick) you personal passive income stream. How? Check here for more details.

  5. Right, sir! That’s just exactly why I wrote it. Sometimes I am simply stunned while reading comments to these fake scam reviews where people re desperate to sign up and cannot. And I’d like to scream to them, “Hey! Wait a minute! Have you done any, ANY research on that product? Join them and you will find yourself neck-deep in all kind of problems.”

    It’s just stunning how easily people are deceived. Terrible! That’s why I write those articles and reviews.

    Thank you again for taking time and stopping by, sir

  6. 3esso says:

    Hey Egon
    Thanks a lot for this detailed and comprehensive review
    I don’t know when will these scam binary options come to an end. Every day we hear about a new scam program. I can’t count them anymore.
    What’s really frustrated about these sites, is that they take advantage of the people’s needs. People nowadays are desperate for earning mordant money to increase their income and many of ty hem currently to the online world wishing that they can make money online. That’s why when they pass by a product like this promising them they can make $ 2500 a day, they rush to join. Not all the people as you know have the experience and tools that allows them to filter the scam programs from the legit
    That’s why an article like this helps in protecting and warning those poor people.
    Thanks again for this review and looking forward to more valuable articles from you.

  7. Adrian says:

    I have never heard of Centument Ltd up until now and I’m glad I haven’t as I would not want anything to do with them.

    Your very detailed review spelt it out loud and clear what they are all about, I even looked at Binary Options trading before I joined WA but I didn’t feel right in going ahead with any of the companies that I looked at.

    It just seemed to be too good to be true, you buy the software and it does it all for you and you just sit back and watch the money roll in.

    Centument Ltd uses the same tricks as some of the ones I looked at, the only honest thing here is the Full Risk Disclosure Statement, at least that tells you it’s a scam.

    The best alternative is to build a website through WA, you won’t get rich quick but at least it’s an honest way to make a living.

    • Thank you for taking time and offering a comment, Adrian. I also tried to figure out whether Binary Options were the way to go. However, the broker was just so annoying, pitching me every way possible to invest my money… I just could not get rid of him. They kept calling and calling and calling. Finally, when I left to Indonesia and threw my SIM card away, I got rid of them.

      And (as this Centument Full Risk Disclosure says), Binary Options are so extremely high risk business opportunity that it does not make any sense risking your money that way. There are much better (and safer) ways to make money online. One of those options is to create a passive income through affiliate marketing – where you don’t even have any product to sell. You just help people. And who does not like to help others?

      Thank you again, sir, for your feedback!

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