Work at Home for Mothers – WAHM Review

Work at Home for Mothers – WAHM Review

If you are like me – someone who is in work-at-home business because of your desire for independence and financial freedom – one of the main questions you have is this …

… Where to find proper education and a good support team to get help from?

“Great question. Now where do I get that?” you ask.

If you are a stay-at-home mom and looking something for Work At Home for Mothers, well, there is a website called WAHM. They are more than willing to give you all the support you need.

Can it help you?

Read the review below to see whether WAHM is for you and what it has to offer you.

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Quick Review

Name: WAHM (Work At Home Moms)
WAHM login page:
Creation date: Sep 13, 1996
Niche: Work-at-home opportunities for mothers
Price: Free (WAHM Forum: from Free to $15/month)
Skill level: Beginner
My Overall Rank: 8 out of 10
My Verdict: Great source of information and job offerings for current (and future) work-at-home moms. I recommend it highly.

Work at Home for Mothers – WAHM Full Review

What is WAHM?

WAHM (Work at Home Moms) is, according to their own words, “the online magazine for work-at-home moms.” The magazine, as you will see below, is mostly free (awesome!) and includes pretty much everything that present (and future) work-at-home mothers need – both to get started and to keep going.

It has a tremendous collection of great and relevant articles, different job offerings. It has a business directory and an huge WAHM community (in the form of WAHM forum). Because it is difficult to succeed (or even survive) alone. You need a good support team to rely on.

So… Let me show you one by one how each of these sections can help you on your work-at-home adventure.

Work At Home Jobs

This section is divided into a three sub-sections – Sales Jobs, Customer Service, and Blogger/Writer (these three are the most popular jobs that can be accomplished from home). Each of these sections gives you a long list of job offerings (Jan 2017):

1. Sales Jobs: over 840 job offerings:

There are over 840 sales jobs offerings in the WAHM website

2. Customer Service:  over staggering 22,200 job offerings:

There over 22,000 customer service job offerings in the WAHM website

3. Blogger/Writer: 36 job offerings for work-at-home moms:

there are over 36 blogger/writer job offerings in WAHM website

Another good thing is that you can search jobs by keywords and location. It’s a tremendous help because you don’t want to scroll through the 22,000 offerings one by one, do you?

WAHM search bar makes it easy to find a job

The negative side here is that big majority of the available jobs are in the United States. I found 32 jobs in Canada, 41 jobs in Germany, and 22 jobs in Mexico. No jobs in UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, or Singapore (all English speaking countries). Not so good for moms living in those (and other) countries.

Business Opportunities

For whatever reason, this section is completely emtpy and they don’t tell why.

Work at home for mothers - WAHM business opportunities: empty

In some other websites (like different survey websites and PTC websites) I have seen it happening when the researcher does not live in the United States.

Here however… Well, I don’t know. They don’t tell.


This section is a massive treasure trove for all who are dreaming about quitting 9-to-5 job and starting a work-at-home adventure. And for those who already are tracking on that route. You will find here tons of massively useful blog posts and articles.

To make it easier for you, the articles are divided into six sections:

  • Finding Work (you can find articles on: Business Opportunities, Freelance Jobs, Online Jobs, Small Business Ideas)
  • Starting Your Business (you can find articles on: Building a Website, Business Plans, Licensing and Legal, Start-up financing)
  • Home and Family (Home-Office, Parenting, Productivity Tools, Time Management, Work-Life Balance, Working with Family)
  • Home and Business Finances (articles on: Accounting, Budgeting, Insurance, Loans, Taxes)
  • Marketing and Advertising (Branding Your Business, Marketing Basics, Online Marketing)
  • Recipes (Baking, Crock Pot Recipes, Dessert Recipes, Kid Friendly, Main Course Recipes, Quick and Easy, Soup Recipes)

I personally have found them extremely interesting and worthy to be read. For example, try these out for size:

By the way, the last article above lists “Blogging for money” and “Affiliate marketing” as the first two low-cost home business ideas. I completely agree with the author. Both are tremendous opportunities and I recommend them as well. If you are interested, here’s how to get started (I give you all the details).

Coming back to the WAHM articles, you have plenty to read even if you are not a work-at-home mom. You can find articles from finding a good work-at-home job to marketing and advertising your own products or service. Everything is covered and the content is just wonderful!


Those who run the WAHM website, have put its forum (at least partly) behind a paywall. It is probably because in the forum you will find a huge WAHM community (over 200,000) and live help.

As you can see in the image below, there are three different membership programs (Registered WAHM, Super WAHM, and WAHM Professional):

Wahm forum has three different membership levels

Some more stats (January, 2017):

  • Threads: 734,123
  • Posts: 3,193,542
  • Members: 243,693

Pretty impressive, isn’t it? So if you want to get in touch with other work-at-home mothers this is definitely the place you can find them. And if you should ever get stuck, you can be sure The WAHM forum will help you out.

To make your life easier, the WAHM Forum is divided into 7 sections:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Promote Your Business
  3. Sponsored Forums
  4. Work-at-home professions
  5. Sales Companies
  6. Saving Money
  7. WAHM Life

In the bottom of the page you can see currently active members and guests.

Private Messages

As you can suspect, the Private Messaging feature makes the WAHM forum even better because it enables you privately contact with other Work-at-home moms.

Advertise on WAHM

If you already are a Work-at-home mom, WAHM website is also a great place to advertise your own product or service. Why?

Because, first, WAHM is one of the leading online sites in their niche (work at home moms). Second, they have a quite an enormous and active community of like-minded members networking with each other. And third, WAHM members are highly engaged, averaging close to 8 pages and “almost 10 minutes on the site per visit.”

Some stats to prove it:

Monthly Unique Visitors: 160,000
Monthly Pageviews: 1,500,000

Business Directory

As you can see from the image below, the WAHM business directory allows you to apply different filters (name, category or/and location):

Work at home moms - business directory - vendors by category

Computer Coding did not show me any vendors (at the particular moment). Cosmetics gave me 2 vendors, Crafting 1 vendor, and Bath and Body product 3 vendors.

These are just some examples to give you a glimpse of what you can expect.

Customer Support

You can contact WAHM Customer Support through:

WAHM Pros and Cons


  • Tremendous source of great articles on work-at-home business opportunities
  • At least partly free forum
  • Long list of work at home legit jobs to choose from
  • Solid database of awesome articles on to help moms who want to work from home.
  • Active and helpful forum


  • Most work at home legit jobs available only in the United States
  • The font size of the body text and spacing between lines are a bit too small for reading.
  • An empty Business Opportunities section

Final Verdict

After doing my research I have come to a conclusion that WAHM is, in fact, good not only for Work-at-home moms. It is a tremendous resource for everyone who is building up his/her work-at-home business (or who is still in the planning stages).

The biggest negative for me was that the jobs section is very US centered.

My verdict: Highly recommended.
My overall rank: 8 out of 10

What About You?

What are your thoughts on WAHM and Work at Home for Mothers opportunities?

Please let me know by leaving a comment into the comment section below.


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