20 Examples: Headings, Subheadings – How to Propel Your Visitors into Buyers

20 Examples: Headings, Subheadings – How to Propel Your Visitors into Buyers

ARE YOU looking for some great examples of headings, subheadings working together?

Below you will find 20 such examples – I took them from famous ads, written by some of the best copywriters in history.

Truth be told, there are so many more copywriters to be added into the list… And even more ads… But even these 20 examples already make a 2000 words long article.

Therefore, I think these examples of headings, subheadings should give you a good picture (or at least a start) of how these genius copywriters have used headlines and subheadings to persuade their customers to buy. Then you will learn how and why you should use subheadings.

Note! Would you like to study other ads by these (and other) top-notch copywriters as well? Here are swipe files of 112 greatest ads written by 15 Hall of Fame copywriters

Let’s dive right into these examples now.

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Examples – Headings, Subheadings Working Together

Let’s start with the advertising pioneer, Claude C. Hopkins

1. Claude Hopkins – To Housewives Who Buy Condensed Milk

Subhead: Condensed milk is wasteful. It is sweet and unnatural. It has but limited use. Please let us explain why Van Camp’s Milk is better.


  • Condensed Milk is Nearly Half Sugar
  • Van Camp’s is Pure Milk
  • 28 Percent Solids
  • Paying a Double Price for Sugar
  • Unfit for Cooking
  • Use Only One Milk

Heading at the end: Van Camp’s Milk

Subheading at the end: Evaporated – Sterilized – Unsweetened

Next three ads – written by John Caples

2. John Caples – They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano But When I Started to Play! –


  • Then I Started to Play
  • A Complete Triumph
  • How I Learned to Play Without a Teacher
  • Play Any Instrument
  • Send for Our Free Booklet and Demonstration Lesson

3. John Caples – They Grinned When the Waiter Spoke to Me in French

Subhead:  – but their laughter changed to amazement at my reply


  • A Tense Moment
  • How I Learned French Without a Teacher
  • My Friends Looked Startled
  • Try It 5 Days FREE

4. John Caples – Announcing: Famous Writers School

Subhead: Now… no matter where you live, you can learn to write from these successful writers… right in your own home and in your spare time


  • Four separate courses
  • You are a class of one
  • Trained writers needed everywhere
  • Send for Famous Writers Talent Test


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Next ten ads – written by Eugene Schwartz


Subhead: He has already shown thousands of men and women how to “bootstrap” themselves into their own spare-time business… pull in as much as $1,000 to $10,000 net profit in thirty short days, without even risking their present jobs!

And he’s willing to prove this to you – face to face on April 26th – without your risking a single penny!


  • Here’s how:
  • Is this seminar for you?
  • If you’d like to start a spare-time business with as little as $100 spare cash –
  • If you’re already in business for yourself –
  • FREE!
  • NO-RISK ENROLLMENT APPLICATION (Enrollment will be limited)

6. Eugene Schwartz -Why Models Stay Young Till Sixty!

Subhead: Revealed at last! By the world’s most beautiful women – who make their living by being, and staying, young! What they really do to:


  • These Beauty Secrets – And Dozens More Just Like Them – Earn These Women Up To $100 An Hour! Now They Are YOURS For Only A Few Pennies Apiece!
  • Take Slimming, For Example! How Would You Like To Eat What You Want, When You Want It – And Still Get And Stay Slim Forever!
  • And This “Frozen Slenderness” Is Only The Beginning Of The Stunning New Beauty These Top Models Can Give You! Without Your Risking A Penny!
  • These Models Say Old-Fashioned Huff-And-Puff Exercises Are OUT! If You Want A 28. Inch Waist At Age Sixty – Do This Instead …
  • And Much, Much More! But Read Them All – Prove Them All, From Cover To Cover – Without Risking A Penny!

7. Eugene Schwartz – 37 ingenious SPARE-TIME BUSINESSES that require almost no investment, and net you up to $200 EXTRA INCOME every week!

Subhead: How would you like to get a commission on almost every house sold in your neighborhood, without registering as a real estate agent, or even leaving your front porch.


  • All Yours Free in this “Make-Extra-Money-While-You-Sleep” Report
  • He Made a Million Dollars by using His Brain and His Spare Time – and Other People’s Work and Money!
  • Everything Worked Out for You. All You do is Follow Instructions – And Open a New Account at Your Bank!
  • 99% Non-Selling! Most are Selling – Perpetuating (They Make Money For You While You Sleep)! And All are Based on Simple Tricks and Twists That Could Easily Give You a Year’s Pay in the First Three Months Alone!

8. Eugene Schwartz – Builds You A Memory In 4 Short Weeks So Powerful It Is Beyond Your Wildest Dreams Today

Subhead: Quite frankly, this is an almost unbelievable advertisement for what has justly been called, “The Most Explosive Memory Course Ever Written.”


  • Never Forget Anyone’s Name Against As Long As You Live!
  • Memorize An Entire Magazine At A Single Reading!
  • Carry Your Own Telephone Directory in Your Head!
  • Become A “Human Computer” Overnight!
  • With this Revolutionary New Course, You Don’t READ your Way To A Super-Power Memory. You PLAY Your Way To It!

9. Eugene Schwartz – How Modern Chinese Medicine helps BURN DISEASE OUT OF YOUR BODY…

Subhead: lying flat on your back, using nothing more than the palm of your hand!


  • “…Self-healing, which is the natural result of doing these exercises on a regular basis, is guaranteed.”
  • For example, let us give you a simple internal exercise that energizes the heart.
  • And these are the results Dr. Chang promises you –
  • Plus All this – by Dr. Chang
  • As Dr. Chang said, “If one never has a mild illness, then a serious disease will never develop.”

10. Eugene Schwartz – Don’t Pay One Penny Till This Course Turns You Into a HUMAN COMPUTER!


  • What’s the secret? It’s as simple as this –
  • Power-learning is a trick! You can teach it to yourself in as little as five short minutes a day!
  • The very first hour after you pick up this book, you may marvel at your new ability to master facts!
  • Proof number one – skyrocket your reading speed – in minutes!
  • Proof number two – skyrocket your vocabulary – in minutes!
  • Proof number three – skyrocket your power to handle figures – in minutes!
  • Which fields do you want to shine in? Business! Reading! Culture! Science! Social Leadership!
  • Do you want to develop “total concentration!”
  • Do you want to develop a “tape recorder memory” for the spoken word!
  • Do you want to develop the ability to make other people “hang on your every word!”
  • Yes! And do you want to develop the ability to zoom ahead in the advancement facts, the promotion tests that are your gateway to big money!
  • Designed to Sell for $50 – Now Yours For a Small Fraction Of That Price!

11. Eugene Schwartz – Do You Have The Courage To Earn Half A Million Dollars A Year?

Subhead: This is a private advertisement. It is meant for the tremendously ambitious man only.


  • To Make Gigantic Sums of Money, You Throw Out All The Rules That Small, Safe Men Live By Every Day.
  • 1. Opportunity Radar!
  • 2. Stop using your own money!
  • Timing Greatness!
  • The Power of saying No!
  • Doubling the Profit From Each Deal!
  • Million-Dollar Tax Angles!
  • Don’t risk Disappointment! Send for Your Copy Today!

12. Eugene Schwartz – Free Book By 57-Year-Old Swim-Suit Model Reveals A Top-Secret Way to Lose Weight… Extremely Fast!


  • Their Jobs Depend On It!
  • Please Send No-Money… EVER!
  • [Phone no]

13. Eugene Schwartz – The Amazing Diet Secret Of a Desperate Housewife


  • Melts Fast Fat
  • No Hunger
  • 76% More Energy
  • Simple And Easy
  • Healthy And Safe
  • No Exercise
  • Automatic Weight Loss
  • A Sparkling New Body
  • No Risk

14. Eugene Schwartz – The Amazing Money-Making Secret Of A Desperate Nerd From Ohio!


  • More than 7,300,000 Replies
  • Who Needs This Secret?
  • How To Make Maximum Money In Minimum Time!
  • More Than 20,000 Checks Par Day!
  • Postdate Your Check Or Money Order For 30-Days Ahead!
  • By First Class Mail!
  • [Phone no.]

15. Next two ads – written by Gary Bencivenga. He is being considered as America’s best copywriter

Subhead #1: “Kurobuta” pork, the red-hot foodie obsession of 2005, becomes…

Heading: “The Greatest Easter Ham I’ve Ever Tasted!”

Subhead #2: “Outrageously Juicy, Flavorful and Melt-in-Your-Mouth Tender.”

Subhead #3: And now you and your guests can be among the tiny handful of Americans who will savor and serve this astonishing ham…

but only if you reserve one by Monday, March 14, 2005


  • The Ham That Has It All!
  • Flash! A Light Bulb Pops On in My Head!
  • What Makes Me So Sure?
  • And Why Are These Porkers Superior?
  • Oodles of Rich Juice Seethe from This Ham!
  • Comes in Two Sizes… Which Is Better?
  • How to Cook and Carve the Perfect Ham
  • Bring on Those Leftovers
  • We Must Receive Your Order No Later Than Midnight, Monday, March 14, 2005
  • P.S.
  • Order Now!

16. Gary Bencivenga – Announcing an “apprenticeship program” for aspiring millionaires


  • Proof that you can make a million
  • How to live richer now
  • A Chance to make the most of the 1,700 hours you work each year
  • Your Four-Way Guarantee
  • Accept Lessons 1 and 2 Free!
  • Free Bonus for Prompt Response! 63 Ways to Cut Your Taxes – Now

17. Benjamin Suarez – Ohio Man Discovers The Secret of How to Escape The American Rat Race

7 Simple Rules Net This Working Man Without Any Money or Experience $145,000 in First Year. Says You can Do It Anywhere. He Does It While Travelling In His Motor Home.


  • QUESTION: “OK, Ben, so how in the world did this all start?”
  • QUESTION: Excellent point. Is this when you developed your system?
  • QUESTION: So this is when you came up with this big system?
  • QUESTION: That must have been a tense moment waiting for the results to come in?
  • QUESTION: Incredible. When did you start making your first big money for yourself?
  • QUESTION: I can’t even imagine getting that money all at once. What was it like?
  • QUESTION: This definitely could be a movie script. Hod did things go after that?
  • QUESTION: You’ve been a ti for 3.5 years now. Were the succeeding years as good?
  • QUESTION: That’s quite a system. I understand now you’re ready to tell everyone how you did it?
  • QUESTION: What can you tell me about the book?
  • QUESTION: Did you say you can make big money within days?
  • QUESTION: How much money do you average on a system?
  • QUESTION: You said you need no special talent or expertise. Who can do it?
  • QUESTION: What are the odds of success?
  • QUESTION: O.K. So, why do you want to reveal your system to other people when it’s obvious you’re making loads of money with it?
  • QUESTION: Retiring, huh? You’re how old?
  • How will you make your book available on a limited, controlled basis?
  • QUESTION: I shudder to ask how much a book cost?

18. David Ogilvy – Every Secret but one* is in this book

David Ogilvy - examples headings subheadings
David Ogilvy, Advertising Hall of fame [Copyrighted free use]

  • The man behind the successes
  • Ragout to riches
  • Tells how you can do it
  • Some typical examples:
  • Why this book has become a national bestseller!
  • No Risk Offer… 10 Day Free Examination

19. David Ogilvy – One Day With This Man Could Make You Rich!


  • Here’s how:
  • Is this seminar for you?
  • If you’d like to start a spare-time business with as little as $100 spare cash –
  • If you’re already in business for yourself –
  • Act now! Reserve your place today!
  • FREE!
  • Our Unconditional Guarantee!
  • No-Risk Enrollment Application

20. Joe Sugarman – Exercise Your Heart Without Beating Up Your Legs.


  • Rebounding – a better form of exercise?
  • Gravity never worked so hard for you.
  • The Bouncer Exerciser gives everyone his way.
  • Engineered for safety.
  • Order Now Toll-Free


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What About You?

Your opinion is important to me. Therefore, tell me, please, what you think about the topic? Did these examples of headings, subheadings teach you anything? If so, please tell me by dropping a comment below :)


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