How Do You Get on the First Page of Google? Here’s How.

How Do You Get on the First Page of Google? Here’s How.

The first page of Google is your aim, right? Awesome!

Because this is by far the most valuable online real estate. This is where the big majority of organic traffic to your site comes from. So my question is: How do you get on the first page of Google?


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This is how much traffic gets the first page of GoogleThe facts speak for themselves:

The top 3 places of Google search results get 61.5% of all traffic.

Top 10 places (the first page of Google) get 91.7% of all traffic.

In this post, I am going to show…

how I got on the first page of Google.

how others (mostly newbie marketers) have got there.

I deliberately chose newbie marketers to make my point plain clear. If they can do it, you can do it.

Now I want to tell you something really cool.

On October 24th, Jaaxy2.0 was released. Jaaxy – already excellent keyword research tool got better than ever.

In case you’re not familiar with the Jaaxy Keyword Research tool, here’s my Comprehensive Jaaxy Review. And in this article, you will find all Jaaxy features and benefits.

But before I dive into the new and upgraded features of Jaaxy 2.0 (and how they help you get on the first page of Google), let me quickly go over why Jaaxy was created in the first place.

1. The Purpose of Jaaxy

Jaaxy Keyword Research tool is created by two highly successful internet marketers Kyle and Carson, who are also founders of hugely popular internet marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate.

These two guys entered into the Internet Marketing world in the early 2000s and quickly learned that all the keyword tools available were pretty much useless.

„There was never a keyword tool that we found useful in the industry out of the 100’s that were available. Nothing could ever replicate or automate the processes we manually did for keyword research,“ says Kyle, founder of Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool.

The main problem with many keyword tools is that they are not created by internet marketers. They are created by businessmen whose aim is to sell the product and make money. These businessmen have no idea what a keyword research tool needs to do. That’s why these tools include all kinds of needless bars, charts, and other bells and whistles, often wholly redundant. Also, their data is often pure fluff.

This is why Kyle and Carson decided to create their keyword research tool named Jaaxy. They wanted a tool that they could benefit from. Jaaxy is created by marketers for marketers. It aims to help you get the top spots in Google search results. Whatever niche you target, Jaaxy is here to provide you the high ranking and low competition keywords.

Today, with Jaaxy 2.0, the already excellent keyword research tool has become better than ever. „It was built to be more reliable than ever, faster than ever, more efficient than ever, and designed with a seamless user experience in mind,“ describes Kyle their newest upgrade.

Why did they do it? The answer: The 1st page of Google.

Please try Jaaxy for free (no obligations, no credit card required):

what is the best seo keyword research tool?

2. New Features and Benefits

All these new and upgraded features are there to make your keyword search even faster and more efficient. The less you waste time searching high ranking keywords, the more content you can publish.

2.1. Threaded searching

With this new feature, Jaaxy 2.0 allows you to search up to 5 keywords at once (within Enterprise). In Pro, it will enable you to search up to 2 keywords at once.

Jaaxy 2.0 has threaded searches


It means that you don’t need anymore to wait for the results. Instead, you can do another search and later return for the results.

My personal experience is that Jaaxy is fast. Once you have finished typing in your second keyword, your first search results are already waiting for you. So if you are not a power user, those two threaded searches are enough to do time efficient keyword research.

2.2. Search process bar

This new feature shows you graphically how long you have to wait for your search results. Now you know exactly when the search results will be available and don’t need to sit in the dark.

2.3. Alphabet Soup Technique

I have greatly benefited from this technique, and I always use it when searching for new long-tail keywords. Alphabet Soup Technique is one of the best ways to find them. Only you had to do it manually. When the feature has been integrated into Jaaxy, it provides hundreds of keywords to choose from.

This way, I found some excellent keywords just in minutes. Doing the same thing manually, I could probably never found them.

Great long tail keywords provided by Jaaxy

As you see, most of them are high traffic (Avg) and low competition (QSR) keywords.

The Alphabet Soup technique is terrific, but the frustrating part of it is that the list is almost infinite. It’s time-wasting to go through all the letters and letter combinations in the alphabet.


Let’s say my keyword is „hiking gear. “ Typing into Google „hiking gear a“ gives me four other long-tail keywords “hiking gear amazon,” “hiking gear and clothing,” etc.

These are most often searched keywords

These are the most often searched keywords in Google. Typing „hiking gear b“ gives me another set of long term keywords. This way, you can continue until x, y, and z. This is called  Alphabet Soup Technique.

But that’s not all. There are still tons of options uncovered. „Hiking gear ab,“ Hiking gear ac, “etc. provide you even more keywords. Do you get the point?

And this is when you type those letter combinations after the keyword.

You can also type them before the keyword (this time without space): „ahiking gear,“ bhiking gear,“ abhiking gear, “etc.

There are tons of options, and it’s virtually impossible to go manually through all of them.

This is the place where Jaaxy’s new Alphabet Soup feature comes in to help you out. Just type in your root keyword (hiking gear,  in my case), and you get the whole list of most searched keywords in Google.

New Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Feature


Here you see the example of results that I got using the Jaaxy Alphabet Soup feature. The following images give you a glimpse of all you get.

Results of Jaaxy 2.0 Alphabet Soup

When you scroll down or move the alphabet slider, you find even more long-tail keywords:

long tail keywords

Each keyword in the Alphabet Soup list has a link “Find Data” next to it (far right). Hit that link, and Jaaxy tells you how good or bad that particular keyword is.

Please try Jaaxy for free (no obligations, no credit card required):

2.4. Site Rank History

The new Site Rank History is yet another excellent feature in a Jaaxy toolbox. I show how you will benefit from it.

Once you have published your next post, you also want to know how well it does and where it sits in Google search results?

You can open Google, type in the keyword that you used in your latest post, and then try to find the post in the Google search results.

There are two problems, though.

  1. Sometimes, Google shows you that you are ranking on the first page because you visit your site so often. So if you find your post on the first page of Google, it does not necessarily mean it IS on the first page.
  2. It’s tedious work to scan through search results pages to find the position of your posts.

With Jaaxy Site Rank, it’s more than simple. Just type in the blog post’s main keyword and URL, and voila, both the Google rank and the respective page are right in front of your eyes.

Jaaxy 2.0 new Site Rank History feature

This feature was already available in Jaaxy 1.0.

Now with Jaaxy 2.0 Site Rank History, you will see the current position AND the position change (upward, when your article has gained positions, or downward when your article has lost positions.)

Jaaxy keyword research tool gets you to the first page of Google

It’s a handy way to see how your posts and articles are doing out there. In other words, You see how competitive your site is.

2.5. Google/Bing/Yahoo Search Analysis (formerly just Google)

This upgraded feature allows you to „spy“ after your competition and see what they are doing. In the previous Jaaxy version, you could use it only in Google. Now with Jaaxy 2.0, Bing and Yahoo search engines are added.

Jaaxy competition analysis

Type in a keyword, and Jaaxy will return the search results’ top pages for those three major search engines. After clicking View Details next to each position, you will see detailed data about the web page (meta keywords, links on-site, backlinks, etc.).

Jaaxy competition analysis, view details

“This feature truly gives you a competitive edge,” explains Kyle why they created it.

In other words, it helps you outrank your competition and climb higher in Google SERP.

Please try Jaaxy for free (no obligations, no credit card required):


3. What Results Will You Get From Jaaxy 2.0?

I can confirm that Jaaxy is more than capable of putting you on the first page of Google Search results.

When I started my online campaign, I knew nothing about keyword research. Yet with Jaaxy, my blog posts are continually moving upward in Google search results.

This is how I got to the first page of Google

Even though I was a complete newbie, but having such a useful keyword research tool as Jaaxy, I was able to make my posts into the first, second, and third pages of Google.

Now, with Jaaxy 2.0, it is even easier to achieve. The tool is more powerful than ever, faster than ever, more efficient than ever. The same money buys you much more.

3.1. Testimonials

Here are some testimonies by Jaaxy users. Most of those testimonies come from newbie marketers who don’t know much about internet marketing, keyword research, or SEO. Yet with Jaaxy, they can get into the first page of Google.

The following is an excellent testimony from one of the newbie marketer who learned to use Jaaxy:

Testimony about how Jaaxy keyword tool put a guy into the first spot in Google


Pinpoint writes:

Testimony 2 about Jaaxy performance

Onyekatchi about Jaaxy:
Testimony 4 about how Jaaxy gets you to the first page of Google

Beach J. writes about Jaaxy:

Testimony 3 about how Jaaxy gets you to the first page of Google


4. Buying Advice

If you are a power user, I recommend you to go to Jaaxy Enterprise. It is Jaaxy in steroids and saves you a considerable amount of time. You will have access to more keywords and more data with less time.

If you are a newbie or not so power user, Jaaxy Pro is more than enough for you.

Still, I don’t recommend purchasing before you have tried it. I don’t recommend to buy anything without trying it first hand.

As for Jaaxy, you have 30 free searches, so go ahead and try it out.

When comparing different keyword tools, bear in mind that there are tons of keyword research tools on the market created with one sole purpose in mind – to get your money.

Jaaxy was created from a completely different perspective. Kyle and Carson DID NOT create Jaaxy to sell it. They created Jaaxy as a personal power tool for themselves. Only later they decided to make it available for others too. But even today, Jaaxy’s primary purpose is to provide them the best keyword data in the world.

This way, you find no redundant bells and whistles in Jaaxy. Everything is tuned up to make your keyword research smooth, intuitive, and efficient.

5. Conclusion

Finding high ranking and low competition keywords are crucial to getting on the first page of Google. With these new and upgraded features described above, the Jaaxy 2.0 keyword research tool has made it easier than ever for you to achieve that.

With the price of 3 Big Mac Meals, you will have access to one of the most powerful (if not the most powerful) keyword tools on the market today.

The good news is that there is a Jaaxy 2.0 FREE trial available. I highly recommend trying these free 30 searches (no obligation, no credit card required).

Please try Jaaxy for free (no obligations, no credit card required):



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