Is Citidel Investment App Scam – Lying With a Straight Face.

Is Citidel Investment App Scam – Lying With a Straight Face.

Have you seen these fascinating promises made by Citidel Binary Options?

All these, “If you sign up and fund your account with an initial $250, Citidel’s Auto-trading feature starts to rain money on you.” The question arises – Is Citidel Investment App scam? Or, is it a sure-fire way to financial success?

With the detailed review here, I want to share light on the Citadel Investment App, its promises, features, etc. So let’s dig right into the details.

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Quick Summary

Name: Citadel (AKA Citidel LTD Investment App)
Niche: Binary Options
Price: Signupup process free. A minimum deposit of $250 required.
Alleged Founder: Dr. Kent Grifly
Skill level: Beginner (No skills needed)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 100

Final Verdict: Citidel Investment App is an outright scam! Everything you see is fake. If you don’t want to burn your hand, stay clear.

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Full Review – Is Citidel Investment App Scam?

Who is this dr. Kent Grifly?Fictitious Dr. Kent Grifly

What does he say about himself? This is his story (in his words). The first thing I want to say is that everything in that story is a lie. But this is his story:

Dr. Kent Grifly used to be a regular person with a noble desire – to add value to the world. And he happened to have the conviction that he will see it through.

(I am just wondering how come that all the scammers I review have the noble purposes in their lives. All of them!)

Anyway, let’s push forward. It took him 24 years of struggling, but he just kept pushing until he found success.

He founded Grifly Capital LLC and became its chief investment strategist and chairman. So, he is an investment management industry professional since 1983, and over 160 people are working in his team.

Now, it is getting more entertaining. The Citidel promotional video says:

Dr Kent Grifly from Citidel Ltd a nationally recognized? Really?

This is an ugly lie.

Is it nationally recognized? You cannot find that guy or his views or forecasts from the Internet. NONE!

dr Kent Grifly participates on economic forums and conferences?

Really? Check out, and you will see that it is an outright lie? Nowhere you will find Dr. Kent Grifly as a speaker. It is a fairy-tale to make you join their ranks.

Did dr. Kent Grifly really earned his degrees from Iowa University

Let’s check. This is what we get:

There's no Kent Grifly in the Iowa Uni

Long story short, Dr. Grifly developed Citidel – his secret software, the blueprint of what he has used to generate over $144,000 every month, for the last five years.

Now, his main goal is to give the public a chance to profit from his wonder-software, which brings us to the next topic.

What is Citadel Investment App?

It is portrayed to you as a genius trading app, which does all the hard work leaving you to check a growing bank account only.

international financial agencies predicted Citidel impacts the worldwide economies.

Lie. You cannot find any such prediction.

Citidell the biggest innovation in trading software and trading apps.

Lie again. You find nobody calling Citidel that way.

Is Citidel really a new way of trading?

This claim is so plain foolish that there’s no meaning to comment it.


What Does Citidel Promise to You?

There are quite a few lucrative promises that Citidel makes: Let’s list some of them here. But don’t take them seriously. Soon, you will see, why.

  1. After completing your signup process, you will get a full, free pass to one of the Dr. Kent Grifly’s conferences (valued $399).
  2. After signing up, you will get the final product of Dr. Kent Grifly for free. You will have a chance to meet him in person.
  3. With Citidel Investment app you can make $1,300 every single day
  4. After setting up an Auto-trading feature, the only thing you need to do is spend 15 minutes a day checking on your successful trades and growing bank account. (Really???)
  5. They guarantee (How???) that after signing up with Citadel money won’t be an issue for you anymore
  6. Four hours after signup, you are going to be stunned by the results.
  7. You will make massive profits.
  8. You will have a lifetime license to the Citidel Investment app software – with no cost at all.


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How Much do I Have to Pay?

They give you the Citadel Investment app for free. Unfortunately, it does not end here. The thing is that after the signup process is finished, they will assign you a Binary Options broker that is available in your region. To open your account with the broker, though, you have to make an initial investment of $250.

This is an absolute minimum, but you can be sure they pitch you to invest more. They have overly aggressive sales reps who will pitch you for funding your account with much bigger sums. This money, sadly, you will never see again.

Basic Requirements

This is definitely a trap. They make it so ridiculously easy only to get you to join them and fork over at $250+, which you will never see again.

Here are the requirements:

  1. Access to PC, mobile phone, or tablet.
  2. Ability to open any browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.)
  3. Ability to click a mouse to turn Auto-Trade ON.

If you can click a mouse you qualify to trade with Citidel. Really?

They are kind like mocking you, aren’t they?

However, Citidel’s Full Risk Disclosure Statement tells you a totally different story:

Trading with Binary Options involves a high degree of risk

Wow! Somebody’s lying here. And lying BIG. Of course, Binary Options are speculative and involves a high degree of risk. You must be prepared to lose all your investments. It has nothing to do with the ability to open a browser or click a mouse.

Don’t get confused. Binary trading is deliberately made to LOOK so easy while it’s NOT. But the scammers make it look as it’s kind like a do-it-yourself thing.

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7 Proofs That Citadel Is Scam

Proof #1: Citadel Investment App Is a Dangerous Malware!

Let’s face it – the app is nothing else but a piece of criminal software. It is “designed to solicit personal information using a variety of false advertising and hack tactics.

“After downloading this fake App, you will be deceived, manipulated, and tricked into funding an account with shady and, in many cases unregulated scam broker where your money will be intentionally lost and stolen.” (BinaryOptionsAlert)


Proof #2: FBI Warns Against Citadel Malware

Click on the FBI link and check it out. The Citadel Investment App is, in fact, a severe malware. They give it to you for free indeed. But as soon as you download and install it into your computer, it takes it over. Then, it activates the ransomware called Reveton. The screen gets frozen, and they tell you that you have violated the United States federal law.


Yes. They tell you that you have visited child pornography sites and other illegal content, and your computer’s IP has been identified.

Now, that will make you scared, won’t it? Hey! You don’t want your computer to be associated with child porn because that’s basically a jail sentence waiting to happen.

And they know you will be scared to death. That’s why they instruct you to pay the $100 penalty to unlock your computer.

And guess what?

People are happy to pay. The big trouble, though, is that they pay to scammers.

But even after paying the fee and unlocking your computer, the Citadel malware continues to operate in it and is used for committing online scamming and banking frauds.


Proof #3: Citadel Fake Trading Experts

So, here they are – Citadel trading experts right on the Citadel Ltd. home page. As for Dr. Kent Grifly, we already discovered. He is a fictional character. But what about others. Are they trading experts as Citadel website claims?

Let’s take randomly two of them – Susan Wyclofer and Rob Delanu. Then, let’s do some research and see what we can find about them.


Susan Wyclofer

The first thing that I do is that I save her picture and do a Google image search. Guess what I found?

It is a stock image of an anonymous senior woman, downloaded from the Shutterstock – the database of Royalty-Free Stock images. See:

Susan Wyclofer is a fake Citadel trading expert
Susan Wyclofer is just another fake character Nothing to do with trading experts


Rob Delanu

Let’s see if he can stand the test. Unfortunately, nope. The image of this guy is widely used on the Internet for different testimonials. To prove my case, I give you some examples.

On the Zchex Inc. website, the same image is used to give an attractive testimonial. However, this time, his name happens to be Ron Anderson:

Rob Delanu is another Citidel Ltd fake trading expert

Then, the Cooper Dental Group uses the same image in their slide show:

the same photo used for Cooper Dental Group slide show

Not only that. You can find the same guy showing up as Karel S. from Prague, Czech Republic. Also, as Harry Peack, etc. His face is extensively used on the Internet.

Therefore, don’t be fooled by these fake “trading experts.”

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Proof #4: Citadel Fake Social Testimonials

Testimonials have high selling power, and that’s the reason marketers widely use them. This is also the case here. Let’s put them to test. I take the first one in the left-hand list – Beverly Watkins. Posted 1 minute ago.

Citadel social testimonials are nothing but fiction characters


Well, quite a few hours ago it was posted 14 minutes ago:

Citidel Ltd social testimonials are fake

In fact, the same testimonials circle there for months, and nothing changes except the time when they’re published.

But this is not all. Let me google the face image of Beverly Watkins. These are a few examples that I found:

Citadel fake member has 2 youtube accounts under different names


Below you see two more fiction characters, which use the same photo:

Citidel fake member shows up as different person

You can find many more names under that particular photo.

Proof #5: Fake Positive Reviews

This is the same as with other similar binary options scams (see here and here) – You can find tons of positive reviews. The first problem with all these reviews, though, is that all they are written by affiliates. They want to make money by recruiting you, and they don’t care a bit whether you lose your hard-earned savings or not.

They are lying with a straight face and throwing to your face “facts” like:

  • “Citidel LTD Investment App was endorsed all over the world,”
  • you can check up for that information on the internet, and you will see that it is not blacklisted anywhere,”
  • It is the best app that you can use to make a lot of money. It is tested and trusted,”
  • Too many success stories!!”


The following is a screenshot from one of those Citadel “unbiased” scam reviews, which declares Citidel safe to invest.

Citidel uses fabricated characters as their success stories

The sad truth is that people trust such fake reviews and are easy prey for scammers.

Yet, as soon as you open Google, it is easy to prove this and other similar reviews wrong. You cannot find a place on the planet where the Citidel LTD Investment app is endorsed. You just saw that even the FBI warns against the Citadel scam. And clearly, Citadel is NOT the best app to make a lot of money.

However, it is one of those apps that is used to steal your money and leaves you hanging.

Proof #6: Citidel has the same Software as Trianasoft, Altronix, etc.

There are even more Binary Options Scams in the market that use the same software. Only the color scheme is sometimes different. I have already reviewed the Triana Software. Not only Trianasoft but also Tauribot and Altronix share the same crap code with Citidel. See yourself:

Binary options scams use the same software

Proof #7: Citidel Sales video Is Fictitious

How do I know?

Simple. They tell it. The ONLY place where Citidel Ltd is honest is the Citidel Full Risk Disclosure Statement. And guess what they say there?

The CitidelLtd sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the CitidelLtd 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes.


Final Verdict

Well, hopefully, by now, I’ve got you to the point where it is plain clear to you – There is nothing honest in Citidel. Everything, EVERYTHING is fake and fictitious. Lies, lies, and more lies.

Verdict: Citidel Investment App is an obvious scam. In NO way I can recommend investing in Citidel Binary Options.


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What About You?

So, now that you have seen all the facts about Citidel, what do you think? Is the Citidel Investment App scam or not?

Do you have any experience with Citidel that you want to share? Please drop me a comment and tell me what do you think.


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