Spend to Earn? Sounds Like a Scam. Is Ibotta a Scam? Lets Look Closer…

Spend to Earn? Sounds Like a Scam. Is Ibotta a Scam? Lets Look Closer…

In recent years, E-Commerce websites have literally sprouted left and right. To get their fair share of the audience for their niche, they often result in giving discounts and coupons which appeal to a very large demographic.

This is what prompted sites like Ibotta to come up with new mobile apps and websites that help consumers save more money in the long run. However, many are still wondering about the integrity of such sites and often ask, is Ibotta a Scam?”

Online Deals and discounts are all the raves around the Internet nowadays. It has been like that for the past decade. Online rewards and couponing sites offer support to these money-saving deals and often make money out of it as well through preferential ad placements.

So here is what I learned about Ibotta App:

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Quick Review

Name: Ibotta (Ibotta App)
Founded: 2011
Founder: Bryan Leach (Denver, Colorado, US)
Niche: Mobile technology, couponing, mobile applications
Price: Free
Ibotta Customer Service: Click here
My Verdict: Ibotta is not a scam. That being said, be extra careful with all your transactions.

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Full Review: Is Ibotta a Scam – Ibotta App Review

What is Ibotta?

This is probably the first question to ask before jumping to conclusions and ask, “is Ibotta a scam?

Ibotta is a mobile app that allows shoppers to earn some cash back from their purchase as long as they will be able to provide valid proof of purchase. In essence, it is a couponing app that gives you some rebates after performing specific marketing-related tasks like filling out a survey or liking pages and whatnot.

This app is slowly gaining popularity, especially with the shopping demographic. Still, non-shoppers are starting to take notice as well, especially with the deals and rebates that they offer upon sign-up. The interface and the features that it has makes it a viable companion to a coupon warrior.

Features and More Ways to Earn

The mobile app itself is pretty straightforward and easy to use and as much as technology grows every year, so does its features as listed below:

  • Receipt Uploading – the Ibotta mobile app allows you to upload your receipt to your mobile phone directly. It uses your phone’s camera as the lens and provides you with a clear digital copy of your receipt. You can then use this digital copy as proof of purchase so that you can get your cashback or whatever option you would want to take advantage of.
  • Cashback – once you upload the digital copy of your receipt, you can then select the partner of your choice where you can redeem your points. In turn, it earns you extra cash under your account, which you can use to purchase another product, which begins the cycle anew.
  • Bonuses – this is an app-specific feature that lets you earn additional cash by merely performing the related tasks or achieving the specific milestone using your account. Bonuses are accessed on the Main Menu, and you only need to tap on a particular bonus icon to reveal how you could get it. Just like video games, completing a bonus provides you an opportunity to unlock and complete another bonus item.
  • Refer a Friend – this is a very generous app where you can earn money by having a friend register and sign up for the same services as you do. There is the regular referral bonus with a sizeable incentive, and then there are the special ones that Ibotta releases from time to time, within a specified period only.
  • Expiration Notification – just like paper coupons, any offer online has an active expiration date, which is displayed prominently. Apps like Ibotta do not like it when you miss out on an opportunity, so it sends push notifications whenever a promo that matches your activities nears its expiration date. You can set these notifications to the desired number of days before expiration.
  • Spending Trends – the Ibotta app tracks your spending activity, as well as your receipt submissions, rewards, and pending referral invites. This often results in notifications and a report that can show you the shopping activities that you have had, including how much you spent and how much you have earned.

Get Started with Ibotta

To access Ibotta and know more about it through navigation, you would need to download it either from the Google Play Store or at the App Store. Once done installing the app, you would then need to complete your registration form and then open the App to begin.

Be prepared to provide your financial details as they would need it to charge your purchases and offer you your rebates.

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How Does Ibotta Work?

With all its features, it’s easy to get confused and lose your way while using the app. Here is the step-by-step process of how Ibotta works.

1.  Open the mobile app and go to the Home screen. Here you would see the offers that are available for you.

2.  Finish the tasks that are assigned to the offer so you can add it to your account. Remember, the more offers you can add, the more cash you can get back.

3.  Once the offers are in your cart or My Offers list, proceed to the retailers where Ibotta works and purchase the items that you wanted. Take note that some offers are exclusive to a particular retailer, so read everything carefully.

4.  You can then redeem your credit or cashback using the following methods:

  1. Manual Receipt Submission – using the mobile app, access the Redeem section, and select the retailer where you purchased the item from. Take clear pictures of your receipt and choose the offer that it matches to.
  2. Preferred Partner or Loyalty Card Submission – certain retailers require consumers to connect their loyalty card with Ibotta and add exclusive offers from there. This should be done before shopping, and you will get the credit after redemption is successful.
  3. Mobile Shopping Submission – this is more for online shopping where in-app or app to app purchases are bound to happen. There is no receipt upload required, although keeping the order confirmation email will be necessary.
  4. Wait for your credits to reflect within 48 hours after each successful redemption. You have the option of keeping it there until it grows to a sizeable amount, or you can withdraw the amount through partner banking institutions.

Bottom Line

Ibotta seems to have direct access to your transactions with partner retailers, and they can see your spending trends and activity. This means that they do have control over what happens, and while they can still be held liable for broken promises and unfulfilled commitment, you need to take a step back and assess the situation.

What is one side saying, and why are they keeping quiet? Sometimes, Internet connectivity might be a cause for delay in responses. Still, most of the time, the proper process of reporting proof of purchases was not followed, which would then result in wasted “could have been” earnings.

Just like any other online app where you are required to enter your banking details, be careful with your transactions, and always take the time to read the fine print. Never assume that bad online experiences are results of negligence and apathy, but sometimes, just sometimes, the problem lies within the consumer for not paying attention and not understanding what they are getting into in the first place.

Final Verdict: Is Ibotta a Scam?

Based on my findings, Ibotta is not a scam. That being said, you must be extra careful with all of your transactions.

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 What About You?

Thank you for reading my ibotta review. I hope you found it helpful. Now that you have reached the end of the review, what do you think – Is ibotta a scam or legit business opportunity?

Do you have any experience with ibotta (good or bad) that you want to share? Please drop a comment into the comment section below.

Thank you very much.

Stay safe,

Egon (egonsarvreviews.com)



  1. Владлена says:


    Я хотел поделиться очень важными новостями, которые распространялись по интернету о нашем будущем благополучии.

    • Hey, Vladlena,

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately, I had to delete at least 99% of it. First, because it was as long as Rapunzel’s hair. And second, because it was completely out of context. I know what you wanted to share but it was the wrong place to do it.

      God bless,

  2. I used a code from an article I saw. It linked my account to them, and I cannot get them off my team according to Ibotta. I would mind if they were given an incentive to get people in, but I want them off now. I guess I have to just close my account.

    • Hey, CJ, and thank you for your feedback.

      Maybe that’s what you need to do – to close your account. I once gave my phone number to one online scam (my mistake). They kept calling and calling me and it was so annoying. Obviously, they could not understand a plain English language when I said that I won’t buy the product and I don’t want them to call me back.

      They just kept calling me – almost every single day. From different numbers.

      Finally, I could not but throw my sim card away, close my number and get a new phone number.

      That’s what can happen with these shady online opportunities.

      Thank you again for sharing.

      Stay safe,

  3. Charles Tenney says:

    I was scammed by a pop up on the ibotta site claiming that I had won a 1000 dollar gift card from Walmart today.

    I thank you for your info. I am fairly new to the Internet and learned a lesson from this. I am considering your work from home offer and don’t blame me for asking,but how can I be sure it is legit? Thank you again for your help, sincerely, Charles Tenney.

    • Hey, Charles, and thank you for your feedback. Also, I am very sorry for so late reply. Somehow, I missed your comment.

      As for the work from home opportunity that I recommended… How you can be sure it is legit?

      Well, what scammers want from you is your money, do you agree? That’s why they need to lure and trick you into their system. As much as I have reviewed different scams, they almost always (99.9%) are Get-Quick-Rich schemes. They promise you heavens by, say, next Monday and persuade you to sign up at once. Once you have done that you stumble upon their first paywall ($250 or something similar). They tell you that with this money (initial down payment) you will start to make moolah.

      Once you have given them your email address, phone number, and credit card data, they link you to their boiler room. In other words, high pressure sales people keep contacting and persuading you to pour additional funds (hundreds and thousands of dollars) into their program. That way they milk you dry.

      In this case, however:
      1. It is completely free to get started. In fact, their Starter Membership is free for lifetime. They have a Premium membership as well ($49/mnth, and cheaper if you go yearly) but you are never forced to upgrade.
      2. If you decide to go Premium, you only pay for those months that you subscribe (=buy their service). Once you decide to stop – well, you stop and that’s it. You won’t pay them a single cent anymore.
      3. It’s not a Get Quick Rich scheme. Instead, it is a all-inclusive training platform (including all tools, training, support, etc) for those who want to build their own legit passive income stream from scratch. Even if they start as complete newbies. Doing that, though, requires that you invest your time and work into it. Building up a new online business from scratch requires work. It’s not easy. But, hey, it’s 100% worth it! But it won’t happen with snap of fingers by next Monday.
      4. You can choose whatever niche you prefer. Scams force you into a very specific niche (like Binary Options, or some other type of risky trading/investing activities). Here, however, it’s for you to pick your niche – be it coffee lovers or kite surfers, mountain hikers or medical students… It’s completely up to you to choose. Where your passion is?

      Do these 4 points help to clarify? But never mind what I say, try it out. See if it can help you. It’s 100% free (Starter membership) and you won’t lose a cent. And no obligations either.

      Stay safe,

  4. Sara says:

    Can they steal your credit card info by seeing your receipt and possibly your identity?

    • Hey, Sara, and thank you for the feedback and for the question.

      No, if you did not give them your credit card information, then they don’t have it. You must check your receipt but as much as I know, receipts never have sufficient information to start using one’s credit card online.

      Stay safe,

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