Is Lisa Westbrook and Her Work at Home Special Report a Scam? Reality Check.

Is Lisa Westbrook and Her Work at Home Special Report a Scam? Reality Check.

JOBS NET published a special report about Lisa Westbrook – how a single mom of New York found a fantastic opportunity that allows her to make thousands of dollars a month online. Now they are offering the same opportunity to you.

Well, if so, there are some pressing questions like, “Is Lisa Westbrook report genuine? Can you replicate her success? Or… Is work at home special report a scam, and you should run screaming?”

Frankly, it can be super easy to blow through a lifetime of savings in just a few clicks. Therefore, before you join the program, please read my detailed review on the Lisa Westbrook work-home report.

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Quick Review

Name: Lisa Westbrook Work at Home Special Report
Login page: (+ other URLs)
Niche: Binary Options trading, Affiliate Marketing, taking surveys, etc.
Target Audience: Stay-at-home moms
Skill level: Newbie (Plain lie)
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict:

Lisa Westbrook Work at Home Special Report is a 100% scam sales page. Its layout is a deception; its content (the narrative, testimonials, comments, etc.) is 100% deceit; the photos are stolen from other websites, etc., etc., etc.

Do *not* place your bets on Lisa Westbrook opportunity or you will get ripped off. Stay away!!!

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Full Review – Is Work at Home Special Report a Scam?

What I am going to do now is prove that Lisa Westbrook and her JobsNet report is nothing but a shameless scam. Before that, though, let’s start with the narrative.

The Narrative

Jobs Net portrays itself as a business news portal, which is brought to life to help you with finance, tech, economy, market news, investing, etc. And, as their brand name says, it is also here to help you with legit online jobs.

JobsNet work home scam site

Their current work at home report says, “Single Mom Makes $89,844/Yr in Her Spare Time on The Computer Without Selling Anything.” It reviews Lisa Westbrook – a single mother of three in New York and how she became a kind of success story.

According to the report, Lisa lost her job last year and, as a result, struggled for many months going from one dead-end job to another. Until one lucky day, she stumbled across a brilliant business opportunity online. Lisa “discovered a tight lip secret to getting a break in life and making money online.” Now she is making $6,000 – $8,000 a month online in her spare time. WOW!

The opportunity is so simple that Lisa – as a complete dummy – could make $4,000 in her first month.

So what is that tight lip secret that allows her to make thousands of dollars a month in her first month? And if it is legit, can you replicate her success? After all, there are only these three simple steps listed in JobsNet website that you should take:

  1. Click on the Home Profit System link, fill out a basic online form, and hit submit.
  2. Follow the instructions to set up your account at Home Profit System
  3. Your first check (about $500 to $1,500) will land within a week or so.

Ridiculously simple, right? Tempting?


… If making money online were as simple as that, why on Earth every single stay-at-home mom is not a millionaire yet?

Guess why? Because the whole narrative – everything in the JobsNet website – is a deception. It is a filthy scam, and I am going to prove it to you now.

Lisa Westbrook Work At Home Special Report Is A Scam

Red Alert #1: JobsNet is a Fake Business Site

As a matter of fact, Jobs Net is nothing but a scam sales page. Yes, the scammers have designed it to look like a leading business news portal and blog, but it is not. Look at their website (explanations below):

Lisa Westbrook Jobs Net work home special report

1. Advertorial

See yourself! In the fine print it says that the whole thing is only an advertisement. In other words, it is not a business news portal.

2. Fake Subscribe Button + Social Icons

non-clickable imageNo, you cannot subscribe here. Neither are there any social media buttons. Because… Well, it’s just a non-clickable image file.

3. Fake Main Menu

Do you think JobsNet gives you advice on Finance, Tech, Economy, etc.? Wrong. Because, remember, JobsNet is only a sales page, and its sole task is to lure and hook people (including you) and draw them to their main scam sites (where you will brutally get ripped off). Therefore, every button on the JobsNet main menu will point you to one single place – that scam site.

What site is it?

Depends… Sometimes it is the Instant Cash Method, sometimes Take Surveys for Cash, sometimes The Crypto Traderetc., etc., etc.

All of them vile rip off schemes. Run!!!

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4. The Headline of the Article

Again, do you think the headline is unique? Well… It is not. Scammers behind the scheme are exploiting a standard template as a bite – to hook you (and other innocent folks) into their wicked rip-off traps. To drive my point home, I give you three more examples:

standard scam title templates

Truth be told, there are tons of such almost identical “reports.” The scope of this particular work at home special report scam is simply stunning.

5. Fake Date of Article

As you can see on the JobNet screenshot above, the work-at-home report about Lisa Westbrook was written on January 30, right? Well… It was not.


Because the scammers manipulate with the date. Whenever you visit the site, it shows you the date of… yesterday. Here are some examples:

Lisa Westbrook article date manipulation


6. Stolen photo showing fake “Lisa Westbrook.”

Undoubtedly, the young lady in the picture is not Lisa Westbrook. Why not? Because she is Liz Frazer – a famous writer, broadcaster, and mom-blogger. You can find her blog here (By the way, it’s a fantastic blog!)

Liz Frazer, The Telegraph article

(More about fake Lisa Westbrook below. Keep reading)

7. Fabricated Lisa Westbrook Success Story

Job Net reviews Lisa Westbrook and her impressive success story, right? Wrong. Because, again, these cyber pirates use a standard template instead. See yourself:

Sometimes it is Lisa Westbrook, Sometimes Kelly Richards, sometimes Leah Williams...


Different names, different cities, but the same fake scam story. By the way, here’s my Leah Williams scam review, and here’s the Kelly Richards scam review.

Red Alert #2: Fake Lisa Westbrook

Ok, now let’s analyze that Lisa Westbrook. Is she a real person? The answer is No. In reality, I have already proved my case above, but let me give you one more proof. Look at three images taken from 3 different scam websites:

Fake Lisa Westbrook

Do you still believe that Lisa Westbrook and her success story are genuine? If you do, please email me. I got a few bridges to sell to you at great prices!

Red Alert #3: False Sense of Urgency

Again, the scammers manipulate with the date, all so to create in your brain a false sense of urgency. Here’s how they do it: Whenever you visit their sales page, the deadline is…

…You are right, the next day (or tomorrow).

The scammers manipulate with dates to create false sense of urgency



Red Alert #4: Fake Comments

Typically, the comments and testimonials of scam sites are manipulated as well. The same here – they are not genuine. To prove it, I give you just one example. Let’s take a random comment below the Lisa Westbrook work-home report:

Fake testimonial

Now let’s Google that comment and see what happens. Wow! Identical comments spring up like mushrooms after the rain. See yourself:

two more copies of the same fake comment

Red Alert #5: It IS a “Get Quick Rich” Scam

Look at this:

Lisa Westbrook is making $4,000 within her first months. WOW

Now let’s translate all this in plain English: Being a complete, utmost dummy in making money online, the Home Profit System allows Lisa to make $4,000 within her first month!? And the task is as easy as using Facebook.


Now, if that is not a “get quick rich” scheme, then I don’t know what it is.

Because, yes, it is possible to make $6,000 – $8,000 a month online and beyond (look at these solid proofs here). However, unless you are a seasoned marketer with tons of expertise under your belt, it certainly won’t happen within your first month (especially if you are a complete novice). And especially if you hope to make that money by filling forms, taking surveys, and surfing sites.

Final Verdict

Listen! Lisa Westbrook Work from Home Opportunity IS a SCAM and “GET QUICK RICH” scheme. It is aimed to lure innocent folks into the high-pressure sales pitch, then ‘rape them’ of their life savings. Hang up. Don’t engage!

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What About You?

Thank you for reading my Lisa Westbrook review. I hope you found it helpful. Now, what do you think – Is Work-at-home special report a scam or not?

Do you have any experience with it (good or bad) that you want to share?

Please let me know your views by dropping a comment below.



  1. Paco says:

    Is this another scam site?

    • Hey, Paco, and thank you for asking. Yes, Lisa Westbrook’s Work at Home Special Report is a complete scam (as I have proved above). There is nothing genuine on their website.

      Stay safe,

  2. Gamera says:

    Debunks other scam sites to sell his own scam. No better than all the other jerkoffs.

    • Hi, Gamera, and thank you for your feedback. Do you mean me with your comment? If so, then you shoot from the hip but offer no proof to your claim. I, for example, take my job seriously. I cannot claim this or that program is a scam if I cannot prove it. Take the same Lisa Westbrook work-at-home special report. I say this is a blatant scam, and I have proved it in my review.

      Now you, Gamera, claim that my recommendation as a better alternative to the Lisa Westbrook work-home scam is also a scam. But you give us no proof. Please prove it if you don’t want your words to be just empty.

      OK. I have done it for you. In this detailed Wealthy Affiliate review I prove the opposite – I prove that the Wealthy Affiliate training platform is NOT a scam. Polar opposite. It is an entirely legit opportunity for all who want to learn how to make passive income online.

      Please read, and you will see how it can help people.


  3. Mike Anderson says:

    I think your linked site is also a scam. I get very leery of any business dealing where the seller casually states “I am a devout Christian.” If you wish to make another skeptical, always be certain to mention how smart you are, how honest you are or how deep your faith is. If those things are true, it will be evident to those around you. You don’t need to say a thing. Egon…be gone!

    • Hey, Mike, and thank you for your feedback.

      You wanted to offend me, didn’t you? Well, I am not offended :)

      OK, let me explain why I wrote that “I am a devout Christian.”

      First, you said that if it is true, it will be evident to people around me. You are absolutely right. People around me know well that I am a devout Christian. They see my everyday life – my family life, my work life, my prayer life…

      However, my visitors don’t see it. They stumble across my site (or some article) and they don’t know if the author (me) is trustworthy or not.

      How can I prove that I am trustworthy? Well, I could also ask, “Mike, how do you prove that *you* are a trustworthy person?”

      As for me, I decided to prove my case by emphasizing my faith. Because my faith to God is real. It’s not about bragging. It’s just one specific fact about my life and personality. I really believe in God. And because of that there are certain things that I won’t compromise.

      Everybody knows that business is about making money. But a clean conscience is much more important than tons money (at least for me). I want to keep my conscience clean and I won’t exchange it to cash.

      Second, why “devoted?” Because the word ‘Christian’ can be confusing. There are millions of people in the world who are (often) baptized and officially even church members but, in fact, live ordinary lives (lives without God). People who are devoted to God, have God in the first place in their lives.

      It means, if they have a chance to make money by deceiving people, they refuse to take that chance.

      Take it or leave it. It is up to you, sir. Nobody forces you to trust me.

      Third, what about my linked site – is it a scam too? Well, it is easy to test. How? Because

      1) They have a free starter membership option (no credit card required). It means, you can just register and start using (testing) the platform – to see whether it is a real deal or a scam. No money, no obligations.
      2) There is also a premium membership (which costs $49 /month) but this is optional. There are no upsells, no hidden paywalls.
      3) Even if you decide to upgrade to premium, there is no obligation to continue. You don’t like it, you cancel your registration and that’s it.

      So, Mike, I challenge you – Put it to the test and see if it is a scam or a real deal. Put it to the test!

  4. Sunaina says:

    Good post.
    Keep sharing with us.

    • Hey Sunaina,
      Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. I am glad to hear you found the article helpful.

      Stay safe,

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