Kelly Richards Home Profit System – Beware of Its Dark Side (Review)

Kelly Richards Home Profit System – Beware of Its Dark Side (Review)

“Single Mom Makes $89,844/Yr in Her Spare Time on The Computer Without Selling Anything.”

So you have stumbled upon the Kelly Richard Home Profit System and now are trying to figure out whether it is a genuine work-at-home opportunity or not.

To save your time and help you choose, I extensively researched this work-at-home product. Then, based on the findings, I wrote my review. Believe me, there is a stench in the air, so make sure you read my Kelly Richard review before you consider signing up with them.

I am going to expose its dark side now.

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Here we go:

7 Proofs that Kelly Richard Home Profit System is a Scam

Red Light #1: Kelly Richards and Melissa Johnson Are, in fact, the Same Scam

At first, I thought they were different. But yes, the Kelly Richards scam is in fact the same old, same old Melissa Johnson work-at-home scam. They are identical. The scammers use the same narrative, same body text template, same ‘news site’ layout, etc.

Melissa Johnson and Kelly Richards are the same bogus mom

These two are the same one scam and produced in the same ‘factory.’ Only the minor details (like the name of the ordinary mom, her home town, etc.) are different.


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Red Light #2: Fake Kelly Richards

Truth to be told, Kelly Richard, the regular mom of New York (or London, Toronto, etc.) who suddenly discovered a secret “money machine,” does not exist. The whole narrative is fabricated, and she, too is a fictional character.

How do I know?

First, her face image is stolen from the Internet. Here’s how she looks in the faked ‘news’ story:

Kelly Richards scam - using a fictional narrative and stolen photo


And here’s the same photo in the OnlineLearningTips website:

The original location of the bogus Kelly Richards face image


Second, in some other scam sites, though, Kelly Richards looks completely different. Hey! Are these the same people:

Different images of Kelly Richards


And, as I told before, there is also this infamous fake Melissa Johnson and all her variants, including Kelly Richards as well.


Third, it seems like that bogus Kelly Richards is living in almost every single city in the world.

The trick here is that scammers target different audiences with the same wicked scheme. Therefore, the only things they need to change are Kelly Richard’s home town and a country.

Here are some places where she lives:

  • Seremban, Malaysia
  • London, UK
  • New Jersey, USA
  • Toronto, Canada
  • etc., etc.
  • YOUR hometown

Yes, she also happens to live near you. Actually, she lives in YOUR home town. How come? Simple. This phenomenon is possible because the con-artists run a built-in IP detection script in their scam sites. It allows the website to detect your location name and impress you.

You will automatically recognize the name of your home town in the text, “Hey! She lives in my town!”

It should make you think that if an ordinary single mother in your town can so easily make thousands of dollars from home then, well, maybe you can as well.

You rush to sign up and… Let me introduce you the next victim of the wicked online scam.

Don’t let them pull the wool over your eyes. The whole Kelly Richards narrative is a dangerous scam.


Red Light #3: They Lure You Further Into Other Scams

Kelly Richards’ success story, honestly, is just an advertisement, cunningly disguised to further fool you into signing up with other dangerous scams. These scams, of course, will guarantee that you will lose your money.

So what are these guys trying to sell you? Here are some examples:

As you see, the list of scams is long.

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Red Light #4: Fake News Website

The Kelly Richards work-home scam website is deliberately designed to look like a genuine news site. However, it is not!

I already covered this in more detail here and here. So let me add some additional information.

First, you can find the same scammy Kelly Richards article from many shady URLs:

  • etc., etc.


Second, to throw you into confusion, the scammers like to give their bogus ‘news site’ different names. Therefore, you can find the same Fictional Kelly Richards Home Earning System article in the following ‘news’ sites:

Profit Reports and Consumer Daily Alert are fake 'news sites'

  • Finance Reports
  • Daily News 7
  • Action Report 8
  • News Courier 9
  • Consumer Daily Alerts
  • Work at Home Report
  • etc., etc., etc.


Third, The Kelly Richards article is always published… Today!

It’s yet another nasty trick, to make you believe as though the article is as fresh as a morning newspaper.

Here’s the proof:

Made to look like the article is published today


Red Light #5: Fake Comments

As you might suspect, the comments in the comment section are fake as well. As you will see in a moment, the scammers have not even bothered to use their imagination for these. Instead, they’ve copied and pasted the comments from other sites.

The following is one of the comments you can find in their comment section (in the bottom of the Kelly Richards work-at-home article):

Even the comments are stolen from the internet


And here’s the original version of it, located on the SoundCloud website:

The comment is copied from the Soundcloud website


Red Light #6: False Urgency

False urgency is a dirty trick in scammers’ toolbag. Its goal is to pitch their potential victims to act immediately.

How do they do it?

They say that time is running out rapidly, and there are just a few free spots remained. This is your once-in-a-lifetime dream-come-true opportunity, and if you don’t want to miss your chance, you must act immediately.

However, the same sales pitch was there yesterday and the day before yesterday… And it will be there tomorrow, next week, and next month as well.

Here’s my proof:

False urgency - always changing deadlines

Come back tomorrow, and guess what? Yes, they have given you a new deadline. Hey! There’s no deadline. All they want is to make you feel as though you are going to miss something extremely valuable.


Red Light #7: Quick And Easy Money

While it is absolutely possible to make a full-time income online by working from home, you must remember that there are no quick and easy ways of doing that.

Anybody who is touting you that there is such a quick and easy way to get rich online is either lying to you out of ignorance or deliberately deceiving you.

Making money online requires is pretty much the same as making money offline. Both require a great deal of hard work, patience, and determination.

However, often people believe the hype as though making money online does not require any effort at all. Just snap your fingers, and an insane amount of cash would fall from the sky, right into your hot little hands?

Listen! It is entirely POSSIBLE to make real money online in a legit way. However, you still need to invest your time and work in the first place. There are no “push-one-button” money machines.


Final Verdict

Verdict: Kelly Richards Home Earning System is nothing but a scam!!! Do everything possible to keep yourself safe from this pestilence (plague).


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What About You?

Thank you for reading the Kelly Richards Home Profit System review. I hope you found it useful.

Now… What are your thoughts on this? Is Kelly Richard scam or not? Do you have any experience with it (good or bad) that you want to share? Please leave your comment below.

Stay safe!

Egon (



  1. S. H. Love says:

    Egon, I just read this in an email sent to me: It is about Kelly Richards’ Home Earning System:

    EXPOSED: Single Ocala Mom Makes $7,397/Month From Home And You Won’t Believe How She Does It! =>

    Here is another one sent to me through email: Count Down To Profits

    • Thank you very much for the links, S.H. Love. I appreciate it a lot. I had not seen these sites before so I will review both of them asap. It’s just tragic how these shameless scammers rip off innocent stay at home moms. Utterly disgusting.

      Stay safe!


  2. K-Lani says:

    Thank you, It’s so hard not to wanna do just about anything to get out of Debt! But reading your review saved me from another huge mistake.

  3. Rita says:

    Thank you for the research i was looking to make money online and was looking to see if there was a legit place to go to make money w/o taking my money. She seems to be a scammer. Glad i did not go there. Thanks again for saving me from a scammer.

    • Hi, Rita,

      I am glad to hear my review helped you. Kelly Richards work at home opportunity is an obvious scam – designed to trap and bite innocent stay-at-home moms looking for genuine ways to make side money online. Glad to hear you did not give them your money.

      And thank you for dropping me a comment. I appreciate it a lot.

      Stay safe!


      • Daisy says:

        I had a same email to i would like to forward it to you but i dont know how i want all this bs to stop

        • Hey, Daisy!

          Thank you for very much for your reply. Just hit forward and send it to

          Unfortunately, it is not easy to stop them. I have seen once the criminals found themselves in hot waters, they close the website and open a new one under a new name while the wicked scheme is still the same. It happens all the time. What I can do while combating them is to raise awareness about these vile shameless scams.

          Hope you have a great week.

          Stay safe!


  4. Tina Strahan says:

    Tina in HOT Arizona! Just today I got a solicitation email from Kelly Richards! ( July 13 2017) First clue that it was total scam was the big bold print telling me this offer ended TODAY! But for me the clencher was the fact that several times during her pitch she tells you “Do not share this information with “anyone”. It’s “top secret” and how she’s going to pay for other costs out of her own pocket! All you have to do is buy their software at a one time only discounted price. I’ve heard similar “scams” all with the exact type of job you’ll be doing and the exact same amount you “can” make everyday. I hope eventually these dirt bags are put out of business!

    • Thank you very much for the comment, Tina. I appreciate it a lot.

      You got that email, really? Wow! If you don’t mind, could you forward that email to me, please. And if it is ok for you, I would like to use it in my review – just to warn people from emails like these.

      As for the “top secret,” “do not share this,” and other claims like these, well their mind-blowing arrogance is limitless.

      Thank you again for sharing your experience,

      Stay safe,


  5. Eve says:

    I believe your claims. People are scandalous. Thanks.

    • They are, sadly. And because of that so many innocent people fall victims to all kind of wicked schemes. That’s why I work hard to raise awareness about online scams and how to create a passive income online in a safe way. Because it is absolutely possible. However, it will never be a push-a-button-and-money-starts-to-rain-down way. It requires work, determination, focus, perseverance… But once it runs smoothly, it will serve you for years. That’s the good thing in it. And that’s why it is worth to invest your time and energy into it.

      Thank you for your comment, Eve :)

      • june says:

        Thanks for your research on the scammers. You saved me a whole lot from being scammed.

        • Hi, June, and thank you for giving me feedback. I am happy to hear you found the article helpful. It turns my stomach to see how they are scamming innocent people. Stay safe :)


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