Leah Williams Work at Home Opportunity – Online Wealth News is Flat Out Lying.

Leah Williams Work at Home Opportunity – Online Wealth News is Flat Out Lying.

DO YOU want to learn how to make $10,000-$15,000 a month online?

Leah Williams work at home opportunity offers you a fantastic chance to quickly make Big Bucks online.

Sound fascinating?

Make sure to read the detailed review below to see whether Leah Williams work at home opportunity is for you.

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Quick Review

online wealth news - fake information siteName: Online Wealth News
URL: http://onlinewealthnews.com/uk2/quantum.php
Registration date: 2015-11-23
Owner/Founder: Unknown
Niche: Work from home business opportunity/Binary Options
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My verdict: Online Wealth News and Leah Williams Work at Home business opportunity are flat out online scams. They’re nothing but lies, lies, and more lies. Stay clear!!! 

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Full Review – Leah Williams Work at Home Scam

That's how the Online Wealth News site looks like
Online News Wealth – allegedly a financial business news site

In short, Online Wealth News is reportedly a financial news and information site that, among other things, also features an impressive story of Leah Williams – a regular mom of two.

According to the article, Leah Williams was struggling hard to make ends meet. Until she accidentally stumbled across a fantastic work-at-home business opportunity. That opportunity changed her life for good and turned her into a new millionaire mom.

Now Leah wants to pay back and help other struggling moms around the world. That’s why she is willing to share her story with the readers of Online Wealth News.

Sound interesting?

Can you replicate her success and fill your coffers with wealth untold as well?

Please keep reading as there is a dark side to this story.

Red Alert #1: Online Wealth News is a Bogus Information Site

Undoubtedly, the scammers want to make an impression as if the Online Wealth News is a real deal – a legit business information website.


First and foremost, to build your trust and lure you into one of their many fraudulent ripoff schemes (more about that below).  To protect you from falling victim, I am going to rip apart their whole game plan and show its real and ugly face.

Before that, though…

…How Scammers Use Cloning and Geo-Targeting

These techniques will help you understand how this (and other similar) scams work.

First, how cloning works

As you will see below, the scammers behind the Leah Williams scheme clone everything that they can clone. Apparently, doing so helps them increase profits with very little extra work.

So what do they do?

They create one trading app (a complete crap as they don’t put any money or research into it). Then these con masters clone it and launch it under 10 or 20 different fake brand names. Next, they create a sales page that looks like a genuine financial news website. And, as you might suspect, they clone this one too (again, they run it under different fake brand names).

Second, how geo-targeted advertising works

Geo targeted advertising

Geo-targeting is “the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different content to that visitor based on his or her location, such as country, region/state, city, metro code/zip code…” [source]

What does that mean?

When you live in the US, you will see a sales page that targets only US citizens. However, if you live in Australia, the exact same sales page is just slightly different – to target Australian citizens. Etc., etc., etc.

I will give you examples below.

In the Leah Williams scam, you will see both of these methods (cloning and geo-targeting) at work.

Online Wealth News – a Fake Business News Site

Look at the allegedly “genuine” news site called Online Wealth News:

Leah Williams Work at Home Scam


[Sidebar: All the content, all the features on this “news” site are fake. The brand name, social icons, search bar, main navigation, “As seen on” badges, comments, the article itself, … – everything is fake. Everything is designed to look authentic while, in fact, it’s just an empty shell and a lot of hot air. I have already proved it here, here, and here so I don’t want to repeat myself here.]

For the moment, though, let’s focus on the target audience. Whom do you think these cold-hearted scammers target?

Moms living in the UK, right? It means, if you happen to live in Great Britain and google for “work at home jobs mom” or “legitimate work at home jobs for moms,” it’s probable that you will hit that sale page.

Now look at this sales page below (notice the only difference between the two):

Online Wealth News - fake information site promoting Leah Williams success story


See! Suddenly Leah Williams is not a Londoner anymore but is from Melbourne, Australia Weird, isn’t it?

Try this one too:

legitimate work at home jobs for moms - Leah Williams from New Zealand


There are more examples like these. Like Leah Williams from Singapore and other English speaking countries.

How come?

Simple. That’s how geo-targeted advertising works. Here you can see how the URLs of these sales pages differ:

url of the Online Wealth News sales pages

The problem is that it is flat out lying. Leah Williams is FAKE. Plain and clear.


“Be Self Made” News Site – A Clone of “Online Wealth News”

Next, let me give you an example of one of those clone sites. Here’s a screenshot of “Be Self Made.” It’s identical to “Online Wealth News,” isn’t it?

Fake Be Self Made News site advertises Leah Williams
Be Self Made news site is a clone of Online Wealth News.


This time Lea Williams is from Kings Lynn, though.

In the next example, the mom is called Jennifer Taylor, and she is from Bolton:

This time Jennifer Taylor name is used

Try this one too (Leah Williams has changed into Daniel Williams):

Daniel Williams Be Self Made Scam site


It should be clear by now that there is a whole family of bogus sales pages – all designed to target different audiences in different parts of the world.


Next, let’s dig a bit deeper into Leah Williams’s character and see what comes out.

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Red Alert #2: Fake Leah Williams

Although I have already proven that Lea Williams is a fabricated character, let me give you one more proof (these two screenshots are taken from two different scam pages):

Leah Williams and Melissa Johnson have the same face image


The reality is that the charlatans in the shadow have a long list of names for the same fabricated ‘new millionaire mom.’

Sometimes she is called Melissa Johnson (from… many different countries). In other times she is called Lisa White from Cambridge, UK, Theresa Andrews (from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US), Mary Vahgn (from New York), Jamie Taylor(US), Maria Shutova (Varna, Bulgaria), Kelly Richards (from New York), Alina Cruz (Manila, Philippines)…

And yes, sometimes she is Leah Williams from UK/Canada/New Zealand/Singapore, or even Daniel Williams.



Red Alert #3: Online Wealth News Points You to Fraudulent Rip-off Schemes

Finally, let me show you what these scammers offer you. Say you decide to accept their invitation and join them – How will you make money then…? And will you make ANY money at all, to begin with?

Here are just three examples of the programs they offer:

Example #1: The Quantum Code scam

Leah Williams Online Wealth News points you to Quantum Code scam page


Example #2: The Infinity App scam:

Online Wealth News Jennifer Taylor scam points you to the Infinity app scam


Example #3: The Millionaire Blueprint scam:

Online Wealth News promotes the Millionaire Blueprint scam


Don’t think for one second that the Millionaire Blueprint, Quantum Code, or the Infinity App are going to make you Big Bucks.

Why not?

Because these programs are nothing but well-orchestrated schemes that are designed for the sole purpose of ripping you off and leaving you out to dry.

Again, I have already done extensive research on all three programs. Therefore, please read my detailed reviews on the Millionaire Blueprint, the Quantum Code, and the Infinity App, and you will see they are dirty scams.

As a matter of fact, Leah Williams work at home opportunity (and its clones) point to many more scam products. I list some of them:

Remember! None, NONE of them will make you rich. None of them is going to shower you with $5,000 to $15,000 a month. It’s just cheap talk and nothing else.

My Verdict:

Verdict: Online Wealth News is a SCAM that links you to fraudulent ripoff schemes!!! Please do not give them any money. 


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What About You?

Thank you for reading my detailed Leah Williams Work at Home Scam review.

What’s your opinion? Is the product a scam or not? Do you have any first-hand experience with it that you want to share?

Please tell me by dropping a comment into the comment section below.

Stay safe!

Egon (EgonSarvReviews.com)



  1. Warren says:

    I had not heard of this one yet. Do you realize that if everyone made over $100k per year, “in their spare time from home”, nobody would work a real job? There are still folks out there scratching out a living each day, so I guess the conclusion you come to is spot on.

    I love how they tailor each site for the geographic location. It seems the London mum and the Melbourne mum both invented this at the same time.

    • True, sir. If making Big Bucks were that easy, everybody would be a millionaire. The scammers almost always use geo targeting. In fact, genuine companies use it as well (most Google ads are use the technology) but doing so they don’t lie to you.

      It is one thing when while staying in London you see ads promoting hotels in London. It is completely different thing (a clear lie) when the ad says to British moms that Leah Williams is a Londoner. And to Australian moms it says that she is from Melbourne.

      That’s disgusting to say the least.

      Truth be told, he whole site is so full of lies that it’s just sickening. Would take me 5000-6000 words to analyze all of them.

  2. Israel says:

    Hey Egon!

    Man, every day there’s a new scam on the Internet. I didn’t know this one.

    It’s disgusting how people takes advantage from others who are desperate and rips them off like that.

    I hope people reads this article and stays away from it.

    Thanks for brining awareness about these online scams!


    • Thanks, Israel,

      When I research and review different scams online, I often feel utter disgust against these people who so shamelessly lie through their teeth while knowing they are luring innocent people into cruel ripoff schemes. And it’s true, every day you can find new scams online. As I showed above, it’s pretty easy to clone an existent scheme, give it a new brand name and market again.

      Unfortunately, these scammers shine in human psychology and know how to hook unaware them. As a result, thousands get scammed, ripped off, and victimized. Sad! Very sad!

      That’s why I work hard to protect people from falling victims to these cruel scams.

      God bless you,


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