The Career Journal Online – Scam or Not? What You Must Know

The Career Journal Online – Scam or Not? What You Must Know

IF A REGULAR MOM of three can make a staggering £7,650 a month from home… then this is undoubtedly something that you should consider as well.

To help moms like herself, Lisa White shares her money-making secrets in the Career Journal Online.

Waitaminute! Ask this before you rush to sign up, “Is the Career Journal Online scam or not?”

If it is not, well, go and sign up. But if it is a scam, then better stay away from it.

Here’s where this review will come to help you out. I will give you a detailed analysis of what the career journal online is and what it does for you.

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Quick Review

Name: The Career Journal Online
Login page:
Niche: Binary Options
Target Audience: Stay-at-home moms
Skill level: Beginner
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: It’s a massive SCAM!!! They are using all their tricks to make you invest in their Binary Options trading scams! Stay clear!

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Full Review – The Career Journal Online Scam

The Career Journal Online is supposed to be an online journal for those looking ways to make income online. It should guide you through various topics like finance, tech, investing, stock, etc.

All these things the Career Journal Online offers you. Or does it?

However, as I will prove it below, this so-called journal is an entirely different animal. And the dangerous one. So keep reading, and you will see why I gave you this warning.

The Narrative: “Cambridge Mum Makes a Staggering £7,650/Month And You Won’t Believe How She Does It!”

work at home mom from Cambridge - Lisa WhiteLisa White is a regular stay-at-home mom from Cambridge, UK. She has three kids at home, and (as it usually is) she lost her job. Sad! So sad!

But instead of having a lonely pity party, she decided to improve her desperate situation. She started to look for honest ways to make money online, and that’s how Lisa found about trading online. It sounded like a great opportunity for her (as she had to stay in the home with her kids).

She dug deeper and discovered it as was Binary Options trading opportunity – perfect for an inexperienced person like she was (Note! Contrary to this claim, Binary Options are NOT for inexperienced people. See here why).


She always invests the same amount  – in the beginning, £300, later £250. According to the ‘Online Wealth Markets’ robot (the Binary Options trading robot that Lisa uses), she has consistently enjoyed an 80% winning rate. Now Lisa makes between £6,000 and £7,000 each week from home. How? By trading Binary Options.

Her current income from trading Binary Options is so good that lately, she could buy a new BMW 5 series (see the image below). Also, a few months ago, Lisa’s family could turn their dream vacation in Maui, Hawaii, into reality (picture below).

Impressive, isn’t it?

Can you emulate the same results as that regular young mom of three from Cambridge?

Well, please keep reading, and I will show the true colors of her story.

Scam Alert #1: Fake News Journal

Their website – The Career Journal Online – is deliberately designed to look like a professional News Journal, specialized in online jobs. However, everything, EVERYTHING in it is an imitation.

The name, the menu, social sharing, featured, etc. See yourself:

The whole career journal website (and Lisa White) is a hoax

1. The logo (Career Journal Online)

There’s no such legit journal as the Career Journal Online. Even their URL is And as I will show you below, this is just one of many, Many, MANY similar scam sites. Just keep reading.

2. The main menu

You can find NO information on Finance, Tech, Media, Portfolio, etc. Every single button on the menu sends you to their Binary Options scam site.

3. Social Sharing

Facebook: 18K+ likes, 32K+ shares, Google+: 624 shares, etc.

Hey! Another plain lie. Why? Because it is just an image – the non-clickable image. Nothing but an imitation of social sharing. To make you an impression as the article is heavily shared on the social sphere.


Better ALTERNATIVE to the Lisa Westbrook Home Profit System That Will Help You Make $1200+ a month Online. And these testimonials are proof.
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After all, with so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?


4. “As Featured” Logos

Again, pure imitation. None of these logos (Bloomberg Business, Telegraph, Financial Times) are clickable. The logos should build your trust, but they are used illegally, and thus, it is nothing but deceiving.

Truth be told, they are afraid of being caught, so they have changed the original logos a bit:

5. The Author

As you can suspect, the author of the article (Amanda Winston) is also bogus. First, you cannot find such a person on the Internet. Second, all three links (the name of the author – Amanda Winston, and the two links next to it) lead you to the same binary options scam.

6. Lisa White

As I will show you below, Lisa White, a regular mum from Cambridge, UK, who lost her jobs, etc., is a fabricated character.  Let me give you some facts and see what you think.

Here we go:

Scam Alert #2: Fake Lisa White (= Fake Melissa Johnson)

As I told above, The Career Journal Online is just one of the many almost identical scam sites. These sites target stay-at-home moms from different countries (UK, Romania, India, etc.). And that’s why they give their star mom Lisa White/Melissa Johnson each time a different name and different background.

Look at the image below. I took these screenshots from four different sales pages, from four different websites (one of them funny – probably a blank template with “fill the blanks” still there:

melissa johnson work home scam (fake Lisa White, Cambridge, UK work at home mom)

As you can see yourself, the photo is stolen from the Internet, and there is no regular mom Lisa White from Cambridge. The image is used to create Melissa Johnson from Craiova, Romania, Melissa Johnson from… From where exactly?

Do you need even more proof?

Great! Next, let me show you some extracts from the body text (again, from two different sales pages):

melissa johnson scam, Lisa White scam

See! They use the same template to create a plethora of different scam sales pages and trap as many stay-at-home moms as possible.

There is more bogus stuff in the article, and when you read further, you will learn the dirty tricks of scammers.

Scam Alert #3: Other Stolen Images

In her testimonial, fake Lisa White (and fake Melissa Johnson as well) tells that her work-at-home online business allowed here to buy a new car – BMW 5 series:

Both fake Lisa White from Cambridge and fake Melissa Johnson use the same stolen image of BMW 5 series

However, this photo is stolen from the internet (look here for proof) and used in other scam sites as well.

The same is true for the following photo:

This stock photo is used by many binary options scam sites

Next stop:

Scam Alert #4: False Claims

As I told above, the Career Journal Online scam is designed to make you join a Binary Options scam of their choice. So how do they do it? By lying, of course. Here’s one of those lies (spelled out by fake Lisa White):

Binary Options perfect for an inexperient person - Plain wrong

Make no mistake. Trading Binary Options is high-risk business and NEVER EVER suitable for inexperienced people with zero financial knowledge. If there is anything incredibly simple in Binary Options at all, then it is losing your money. Nothing is surer!

I can tell you; these con-artists are real bloodsuckers who prey on beginners. Once you have signed up and funded your trading account, expect to fund it with even more significant sums AND never see your investments again.

Scam Alert #5: Fake Comments

In the screenshot below you see just the first three comments:

The same comments (under same or different names) appear in many scam sites

Try these out for size too:

The same fake comments used to target people from denmark

Now here’s another scam – Richard Branson Binary Options scam (Note! Richard Branson has nothing to do with it) – and it uses the same comments. Also, in that review, I show you a couple of other identical comments from different scam sites.

Scam Alert #6: Different Logos, Same Scam

Let me show you a header section of The Career Journal Online:

Career Journal Online, Biz Weekly, and Career News Online are identical scams

Well, now look at these header sections below:

Different websites, identical scams

As you might suspect already, all of them have the same Lisa White or Melissa Johnson (or Mette Sørensen from Copenhagen) narrative as described above. If this is not an outright scam, then what is it?

Final Verdict

There is nothing true in the Career Journal Online and its article on the Cambridge mum, who makes a staggering £7,650/month.

Verdict: The Career Journal Online is a dangerous scam sales page that tries to trick you into joining and investing your hard-earned money into their Binary Options scam. Stay Away!

Legit Ways for Stay-at-Home Moms to Make Legit Income Online

As I told above, there are different ways on how a stay-at-home mom can make honest money online. However, if you are dead serious about creating a reliable passive income stream to support your family, here are the steps you should take:

  1. Find your niche (your passion)
  2. Build a website around your passion
  3. Create quality content in your niche (It’s about helping people)
  4. When more and more visitors come to your site to learn from you, help them find products that they need (from Amazon, etc.)
  5. When they go and buy, you will earn commissions.

That’s how thousands of work-at-home moms make full-time living (and not only moms). And that’s how you can too.


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What About You?

Do you have any experience with the Career Journal Online scam that you want to share?

Please let me know your views by dropping a comment below.



  1. sara says:

    great review and highly helpful. i have been looking for jobs lately and came across many such “work from home” adds. I have been trying to find our if these websites truly work or scam and i cam across this article, i must thank the writer :)

    • Thank you very much for the encouragement and kind words, Sara. I am glad to hear you found the Career Journal Online review helpful. As you probably already figured it out, big majority of all these “work from home” ads link you to nasty scam sites. They keep touting you can be filthy rich by tomorrow morning and at the same time they are preparing for the kill. As Alice Cooper pointed out, the devil is smart. She is not going to come dressed in red pajamas with horns on her head. No! She will be disguised as something you can trust, or think you can trust… like some legit work-at-home opportunity. However, when you take a closer look, you will see nothing but utter deception (just like in the Career Journal Online opportunity above).


      If you compare that with Wealthy Affiliate for example, they’re as contrasting as night and day. Wealthy Affiliate, for example, never promises that you will get rich with a snap of fingers. Truth be told, it’s polar opposite. They tell that you can and will succeed online but you will need to work for it in the first place. You build up your own passive income stream and that very stream will bring you financial independence later. Even better, you can start completely free – no credit card required.

      Sara, if you have not tried Wealthy Affiliate yet, why not try it right away. It won’t cost you a bean to figure out if it can help you,



  2. jessie palaypay says:

    It seems quite odd that the title is called career journal, yet it talks about trading binary options.

    These scams seem to be everywhere and its funny the lengths they would go through. I hear the most common thing they do is not only rent out nice houses but also use cash (not theirs probably) to place on the beds to make it look like they make lots of money.

    I am glad you did your research and helped all of us out,


    • Hey Jessie and thank you for the comment. Also, thank you for the kind words.

      Yes, it is odd, isn’t it? These editorial style scams are designe to lure unaware people into different rip off schemes (including binary options). And hey, binary options trading is so awfully speculative and high risk business opportunity that they’re clearly not suitable for the average Joe (or Jane) on the street.

      And yes, I’ve seen that’ they rent luxury sports cars, nice villas, even private jets to shoot their promotional videos and make an impression as if they have made all those riches by that specific piece of full-automated software only.

      Yet, because the scam artists have studied human psychology, they obviously know how to strike the cord and make people pay through their nose. Utterly disgusting, to say the least.

      Thank you again for the comment, Jessie.



  3. Riaz Shah says:

    Hey Egon,
    Wow I have to admit, this is a very well written, well-researched review! Must have took days for you to finish but man, those stole images to make it look like they own them are really getting on my nerves.

    I hate these liars, I’m pretty used to spotting scams but you sir, have eagle eyes. The Lisa White from Rwanda is a laugh, I can’t believe how sly these scammers are. Thanks for exposing the Career Journal for what they really are, you just helped me dodge a bullet :D

  4. Michel says:

    Very clever and well done for picking up all these ‘fake’ things within the site. It must have taken a lot of work on your part.

    My only advice to everyone is to look up reviews like this one on anything that you want to join, as somebody always has something to say about a home business, and this, in the long run, could save you a lot of money and tears.

    • Thank you for taking your time and dropping me a comment. And thank you for the encouraging words. In fact, few years ago I fell a victim to a pretty similar scam. One of my student’s email account was taken over by scammers and they started to spam people in her contact list. However, this email was the very first one, that’s why I trusted her recommendation. Later, I found out it was a scam and her email box was used for spamming. But for me, it was too late.

      Therefore I completely understand – innocent people (especially if they know nothing about dangers in the internet) are just so vulnerable. These con-artist paint a rosy picture before their eyes and tell it is super simple to make 4 or 5 figures per month and you have many who are already running to sign up. Sure way to lose money. That’s why I write these reviews – to warn innocent people and protect them from all kind of devilish fraudsters.

      Thank you again for the comment, ma’am :)

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