The Explode My Payday Review – You Gotta See What I Found. Look Closer

The Explode My Payday Review – You Gotta See What I Found. Look Closer

“This One Simple Loophole Can Have You Cashing 3 Checks a Week,” proclaims the headline of the Explode My Payday sales page.

Try to leave the page, though, and a new aggressive ad pops up, screaming, “Wait! Wait! Wait! Don’t make a huge mistake! You Can Learn How $237/Day Profit Is Possible!

Awesome! But is it a real deal? Or is it a scam?

The Explode My Payday review below will shed some light on the matter – just to make your choice easier. Please read through the review and see if it is the right thing for you.  And is it a genuine opportunity to begin with?

OK, let’s dive into the details now.

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Quick Review

Explode My Payday review and the logoName: Explode My Payday
Creation Date: 2016-07-18
Alleged Founder: Meagan Harper
Skill Level: Beginner
Price: $47
Overall Rank: 0/10
My Verdict: T

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The Explode My Payday Review (Full Review)

The Narrative

What is the Explode My Payday about?

The photo of alleged Meagan HarperIts sales video claims that Meagan Harper is a founder and owner of the Explode My Payday (more about her below).

However, neither Meagan nor her sales pages don’t bother to explain how she created her “money-making” system. She just says that over the last two years, her secret system has made her over 2 million dollars.

Now Meagan is offering the very system to you. For free. Why? Because she is expanding her business. And there are two reasons why she wants to expand it:

  1. To make even more money
  2. To help others and pay it forward [What a noble mission!]

Anyway, to achieve these two goals, Meagan claims that she needs a total of 45 new people to join her. She is looking for individuals who are looking to succeed in business and life.

And that’s where you come in.

So… Why is she doing it for you?

According to her sales video, Meagan’s long-term vision is to get Explode My Payday in the hands of thousands:

Meagan Harper's long term vision with the system

It’s obviously a lie, but I come to it a bit later.

At first, though, Meagan is starting with just 45 random people in 45 random cities worldwide. Why? Because she wants to prove that her Explode My Payday works. No matter where you live or how little you know about online marketing, the Explode My Payday delivers and makes you over $1,000 a day.

That’s why she is looking for 45 people only. She calls them (you) her Beta-testers. She gives them (you) the software, training, etc., for free. However, in the coming months, when Meagan will go public with her system, she plans to charge no less than $5,000 for it.

How the Explode My Payday Works

Again, Meagan does not tell much about her magic “money” system. She only gives out some extremely vague explanations. Like, her system “drives traffic from all over the Internet straight to your site.”

To what “your site?”

Well, Meagan’s team will build that site for you.

Second, the Explode My Payday system “will give you the ability to manipulate and flow all the online traffic to your gateway, which in turn produces transactions that you make money from.”

Third, her system requires zero skills and is entirely automated:

What is the Explode My Payday about?

Fourth, they give you everything that you need to get started.

Fifth, her team “will give you the tools to drive the traffic… Then gather your links to direct 96% of internet traffic and direct it to your personal site. This, in turn, will produce commissions for you in your account.”

Now… People who know nothing about driving internet traffic may see it as a genius idea indeed. However, in real life, it is an entirely different story.

There is simply no way you can flow all (or even 96% of) the online traffic to your site. No way! So it is nothing but a sales pitch – to hook unaware people.

Explode My Payday Promises

Next, let’s see what Meagan Harper promises to you. First, let me start with the promises found right on her sales page:

  • 100% Risk-Free: 60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
  • Newbie Friendly: New Customers are our FAVORITE!
  • Dedicated Customer Service: Our Team Is Ready To Help, No Matter Your Experience Level!

Sound great, right? Hold on, though. There are many more bold promises, buried deep in their sales videos. Let’s take a look at these as well:

  • You don’t need any experience
  • You will get everything you need to get started
  • All the necessary training provided
  • Setting up the system takes only about 15 minutes
  • Over $1000 a day with just 15-20 min of “work.”
  • Requires zero skill and is entirely automated
  • Her team will do all the work for you.
  • You don’t have to sell anything or grind at anything
  • If you want, you can get your own coach
  • Besides set up and choosing your portals, there’s literally no effort on your part
  • The system will be yours forever, with lifetime updates

I want to ask them:

  1. If the Explode My Payday system is fully automated… And your team will do all the work for me and… And there’s no effort on my part… Then why on Earth do I need that “all the necessary training?”
  2. And why on Earth do I need a personal coach?


I’d like to begin this section with two questions.

  1. If Meagan Harper is going to give you her system, training, etc. for free… Why is there a price tag attached to it?
  2. How much does her system cost?

Let’s start with the “why?” question.

1. Why the price tag?

Again (I must confess), Meagan’s explanation is extremely vague and unsatisfactory.

Anyway, here’s how she justifies the price tag:

First, she claims that she and her team are going to host your Explode My Payday account (the one she is going to set up for you).

And then she says, “Unfortunately the Explode My Payday system will not be able to function properly without this. And unfortunately, I can’t pay that fee for you due to legal internet restrictions.”

And after that she asks you to pay the one-time fee, saying, “…that one investment, consider it your Internet real estate. It’s a piece of property on the Internet that you own.”

Now that is complete BS. Listen! She is outright lying to you. Your Explode My Payday account is not your Internet real estate and web property. Your personal website is your web property and your Internet real estate.

And there are no legal restrictions that do not allow you to give (or sell) your website to another person (or business).

It seems to me that it is just a poorly fabricated justification for a price tag.  All the shadow figures (behind the scheme) want is access to your credit card (or bank account). And that’s dangerous. Be aware!

2. Explode My Payday Price

Now that is almost as confusing as the justification of the price-tag itself.

When you land on the Explode My Payday login page, the initial price you see is $47:

Discount a Limited time only? A plain lie

Notice the subtitle, which says, “$150 Discount Limited Time only!” It’s a blatant lie. The price is always there. It’s never $197. The scammers just try to persuade you to act at once. That’s why they put time pressure on your shoulders.

Moreover, it does not take a minute to see the price drop. The new price is $37:

Explode My Payday price - disctount 81% off

And this is not the final price. Why?

Because soon (and somewhere), you will see a new pop-up window that takes another $20 off from the initial $47. Meaning, the new price is $27:

Limited time again? Don't buy it.

Do you notice the “Only for Limited Time” slogan again? Don’t buy it. As I mentioned above, it’s just a common trick in their toolbox.

And finally, they offer you their “the very last chance” discount:

%96 off - the final price:

Huh! Can you navigate through the labyrinth of all these different discounts?

And this brings me to the next part of the Explode My Payday review – Why I think the Explode My Payday is a scam.

Red Flags

Red Flag #1: Fake Meagan Harper – the Founder of Explode My Payday

The Explode My Payday sales videos claim that this young lady in the picture below is Meagan Harper, the founder, and owner of the Explode My Payday system:

Fake Meagan Harper

This is not true, though. Because it is just a random stock photo, happily sitting on the internet and waiting for downloading:

Real stock photo, ready to download


Do you still believe the young kayaking lady is Meagan Harper? I seriously doubt that.

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Because, “If you are an individual who wants to make a significant achievement in life, your chances of doing it while working for somebody else are remote.” – B. Suarez


Red Flag #2: Fake Testimonials

Four people give their testimonials in the Explode My Payday sales videos. As you can see, they are

  1. Bobby Marshall from Little Rock, Arkansas
  2. Megan Elizabeth from Erie, PA
  3. Leanne Bakker from Tustin, CA
  4. George Lloyd from Blackpook, UK (by the way, there’s no such place in the UK as Blackpook. It is Blackpool)

The Explode My Payday testimonials - all are fake

Why are these testimonials fake?

Well, it is pretty easy to prove. For that, it is enough to pick just one person and prove that he (or she) is fake.

So let’s do that. Let’s pick Megan Elizabeth from Erie, PA, for example – the woman with long curly hair.

No, she is not Megan Elizabeth. She is a self-made actress who (in  Fiverr) offers professional (but fake) video testimonials for a small price:

Testimonials are, in fact, recorded by Fiverr actors

I’ll be your professional video spokesperson…” proclaims her ad. In other words, she makes money by recording fake video testimonials.

And yes, she can even use custom backgrounds and different dresses if you are willing to pay a bit more.

Thus, one of her customers seems to be the Explode My Payday (or whoever is behind the scheme).

You see! Neither this nor any other testimonial has nothing to do with the performance of Explode My Payday. These people get paid for lying through their teeth.

If this is not a fraud, I don’t know what is.

Red Flag #3 False Sense of Urgency

I already explained about this common trick in a scammers’ toolbox. Truth be told, “Sense of Urgency” is a great (and compelling) persuasion method in marketing…

…But you should only apply it fairly.

Say, your “Sales” campaign ends after three days. Then you can tell your customers, “Only three days left. Hurry!” Nothing wrong with it. This, of course, as long as your ‘Sales’ truly ends after three days.

But if one’s campaign continues indefinitely and he says to his customers, “Only three days left. Hurry!” Then what? Then he is a deceiver and a liar, right?

And that’s just exactly what you see here. The Explode My Payday campaign keeps going, and nobody has any plans to end it. Yet their sales page and sales videos are full of deceptive declarations, like:

After today, this video will be taken down forever. A plain lie.

Here’s the next deceptive claim:

There is at least one more open spot available - a lie again

There are many more such false declarations – all applying to “sense of urgency.” Take a look:

  • “Registration if OPEN as of Friday, April 05, 2019. Act now!” – A LIE!
  • “The video will be taken down at midnight on the date above this video” – A LIE!
  • “I’m only looking for a handful of people; only one in your city.” – A LIE!
  • “The spots filled up too quick” – A LIE!
  • “$150 discount limited time only” – A LIE!
  • “You have just under 20 minutes to make your payment…” – A LIE!
  • “Today is the last day of my three-day recruitment” – A LIE!
  • “Only 8 minutes left to subscribe” – A LIE!
  • “Today is the last day. And now you have 20 minutes to confirm your spot” – A LIE!
  • “Hey… Hold on!!! A discounted spot just opened! Take $10 off.. Only for a limited time” – A LIE!
  • etc., etc.

All these declarations are nothing but lies – intended to persuade you to make your payment at once.

Remember, the scammers are always after your money (or your private, sensitive information).

And this brings me to the next red flag:

Red Flag#4: She Doesn’t Want Your Money? Really?

Here’s what that fake Meagan Harper says,

I am not asking you for your money? Oh, wow!


If so, how about this:

They give you only 20 minutes to make your payment.

The fake Meagan Harper keeps touting, “The Explode My Payday is free. It’s free; it’s free. I’m not asking you for your money.”

Yet sooner rather than later, she arrives at the point where she asks you to take out your credit card and make your payment.

Don’t believe for a second that for a mere $17, they will give you a magic “money machine” that will make you over $365,000 a year.

That low $17 entrance fee is just a hook to get you on board. Once you have joined the system, the scammers will quickly turn you into their milking cow. How? There are different techniques. One of the most efficient methods is a boiler room scam.

Red Flag #5 Explode My Payday is a Get-Quick-Rich Scheme

Sure enough, the Explode My Payday Risk Disclaimer boldly says, “We don’t propose this as a “Get Rich Strategy.

However, their sales videos paint you a completely different picture. Take a look:

Over 5,000 a year, with no previous experience???

What does it say? That you can make “over $365,000 per year, with no experience.” In other words, their system will make you rich.

How? Well, they continue:

Just 15 to 20 minutes per day

So basically, no work required, right? Not only that…

Even a child can do it. Really?

… It’s going to be quick and easy money.

Now tell me that it is not a get-quick-rich system?

Red Flag #6 Fake Trust Seals

Trust seals (or security badges) are there to confirm that your payment process is safe. That nobody can come and copy your credit card details.

However, out of three security badges in the Explode My Payday checkout page, only one (McAfee Secure) works. The other two – Norton Secured and Secure Payments – don’t work:

Out of 3 trust seals only 1 works

The “Norton Secured” badge links to a blank page. And the “Secure Payments” seal is just a simple image file.

It means you are not really protected. The seals are there just to give you an impression as if your transactions were protected.

Red Flag #7: What Does Their Risk Disclaimer Say

Now that is interesting. Please read:

zero gurantees are made that you attain any results.

“…as a matter of fact, zero guarantees are made that you’ll attain any results.”

Here’s the thing – If the system is fully automated and Meagan Harper’s team will do all the work for you, how on Earth is it possible to achieve no results?


…The scammers have not designed the system to help you make Big Bucks. In fact, any money. They have designed the system to rip you off.

Red Flag #8: Lies, Lies, More Lies

There are many, many more lies in their sales videos. Let me quickly list just some of these:

  • “You are targeted specifically for the city you’re in.” – A LIE!
  • “It is reserved for only a handful of exclusive people” – A LIE!
  • “This video is private and confidential” – A LIE!
  • “Consider yourself sort of a beta-tester for this” – A LIE!
  • etc., etc., etc.

Final Verdict

There are so many lies and deceptions in the Explode My Payday sales pages and videos that I cannot but conclude…

…Explode My Payday is a scam. Stay clear.

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What About You?

Thank you for reading the Explode My Payday review. I hope you found helpful and it answered your questions. Now, what do you think – Is the Explode My Payday a scam or a genuine work-from-home opportunity?

Please drop me a comment below.



  1. William Burke says:

    Explode my pay day screwed me

    • Hey, William, and thank you for the feedback. I am sorry to hear that you fell victim to the Explode My Payday scam. And we know who they are – professional thieves who use every dirty trick in their toolbox to get what they want – and it’s your hard earned cash.

      Thank you, William, for sharing your experience with Explode My Payday (even though negative). It will warn and protect their other prospects.

      By the way, have you seen/tried this internet marketing platform already? They have a completely free Starter Membership (no credit card required) so you don’t need to spend a penny (or surrender your credit card details) to see if it can help you.

      If you have not seen, just check it out.

      Stay safe,

      Stay safe,

  2. Kevin says:

    I have more time then money.Time I have lots . Money none broke and homeless ,and live on streets ,hungry,and need to get my dog to vet a s.p. I’m still trying to figure that one out .Every wants money for web site that I don’t have . If somebody paid for it I would gladly pay them back as soon as I make some money .or if I got hooked up for free that would be nice. I need to make some money .I got plenty of time .

    • Hey, Kevin, and thank you for the feedback. I am so sorry to hear about your current life situation.

      However, the good news here is that you have plenty of time. And that is crucial when one wants to succeed online. Because building up your own passive income stream requires time and work. People don’t fail online because they don’t have money. They fail because they either don’t have time or they don’t want to invest their time.

      Now because you have time – that element, crucial for success, then there is another very good news for you. And this is – you can succeed online even with very little money (or no money at all). It’s different from building up an offline business because here you don’t need to rent an office/store/wearhouse rooms; you don’t need to hire people who or buy a large quantities of products, etc., etc., etc.

      You can start learning and practicing without paying any money for it. All you need is your will to learn and determination to achieve your financial goals. If you do not give up, you will reach your financial goals.

      To achieve that, though, there are 3 crucial things that you need:

      1. You need your own website (like I have this one here)
      2. You need a good training platform that offers you systematic and easy to follow lessons (with practical tasks)
      3. You need help (or a good support system).

      If you want to read more about it, please visit my Get Started page – it will guide you step-by-step through the getting started process.

      There is another good news for you. The good news is that you can get all these 3 things in one place (without paying a dime for it).

      1. Yes, they will give you (not 1 but 2) free websites + free (state of the art) hosting.

      2. They will give you a free Getting Started certification course (with practical tasks); plus hundreds of other training materials.

      3. They will give you an excellent support system. Whenever you get stuck, just ask your question or describe problem and there are people who are willing to reach a helping hand to you.

      If you are interested, go here now. See if this doesn’t blow you away.

      Again, Kevin, to succeed online you don’t need money. You need a will to succeed, time to work (that one you have plenty ;) and a good training platform. If you want to work for your success, you will achieve it. Probably after a year (or two) you are out of your terrible situation. And after 3 or 4 years you should do already pretty well.

      So there’s just one big secret – Movement. Or, as Gary Halbert famously said, “Movement is the big secret behind getting stuff done.”

      Check this out now.


  3. Justina says:

    Wow. Its an eye opener. How can I report such if I do get into this lie?

  4. Teodorescu Corina says:

    Hi Egon Sarv. I pay for this site about $ 47 . My daily job is in sales door to door. When I first find this site I was very happy and I introduce it to a friend of mine from USA to try it. She also pay the same sum. The think she ask for money back latter on. But I lost my money because I did not start anything . Time was running and daily job keep me busy. So I had lost the 47 usd.
    I was searching in my computer the file I saved about this site. Can’t find it.
    Skype me at valcorina. Let’s keep in touch. Best regards! Corina

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