What is Make Money Hack About And Why You Should Be Worried? Here’s Why

What is Make Money Hack About And Why You Should Be Worried? Here’s Why

A visit to makemoneyhack.com lands you on a squeeze page, promising that if you give your email, you can learn a way to make $500 a day. Every day.

The lack of access to more information or alternatives to giving your email address raises red flags that this may be a scam. So, what is Make Money Hack about? Let’s dive right into the details and see what type of product it is.

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Quick Review

make money hack scam reviewName: Make Money Hack
Website: www.makemoneyhack.com
Creation date: 2018-02-05
Owner: David Harris
Price: $30 per month for the Power Lead System and $23,97 for the Affiliate e-Wallet
Alleged Skill level: Beginner
My Overall Rank: 0 out of 10

My Verdict: It’s impossible to determine what Make Money Hack is without giving David Harris your email address. The fact that there is no disclosure, disclaimer, or privacy statement, makes that a bad decision. The fact that David himself seems to explain that it’s an MLM scheme makes it even worse. Avoid Make Money Hack.

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Full Review: What is Make Money Hack About?

Googling “make money hack” leads to a proliferation of similar, scammy-sounding sites and domains, except Scamxposer.com. That site gives makemoneyhack.com a 5-star rating and says that it is “simply the best step-by-step home-based business” he’s come across.

But wait!

Scamxposer.com is run and operated by David Harris, the same guy who owns the makemoneyhack.com domain. In fact, of the sites that are highly reviewed on Scamxposer.com, the top 5 lead to domains owned by David Harris, and a few of them lead to domains that are protected from Whois listing.

The same with the Make Money Hack domain:

Make Money Hack registrant contact is hidden

Scamxposer claims to be unpaid and unbiased, with reviews that are carefully researched and tested. In fact, Scamxposer’s Facebook page explicitly says: “None of us at Scamxposer.com own any of the online business opportunities we recommend,” a claim which is proven untrue by a few minutes on whois.com. The top comment on their Facebook account is this one:

“Years ago, you recommended a company named Teamvinh. I know quite a few people who wasted a lot of time and money on this so-called business, Myself included. So since you recommended that losing proposition, how can I be assured the others you now recommend are of worth?”

Who Is David Harris?

The great thing about Google Authorship is it’s relatively simple to track down the website owner. David Harris (doubt that’s his real name), has a Google+ account that doesn’t appear active. In fact, he doesn’t even have many followers. By no means am I saying that the amount of followers you have is a sign of your quality. The Internet is definitely not a popularity contest.

However, when you follow over 1,000 people, and only a few seem to follow you back, despite you operating a large scam review site, one has to wonder the real reason why. Maybe the real reason is that everyone knows that the reviews aren’t authentic or genuine?

Don’t want to venture too much into this, but it is something worth considering.

Is Make Money Hack a Scam?

It seems safe to say that makemoneyhack.com is probably a scam of some kind, but what kind is it?

Unfortunately, due to the generic quality of the name, the most reliable source of information on the subject is David Harris himself. In his review, he seems to explain that Make Money Hack is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) scheme with a hybrid profit sharing and “pass up” payment method.

Despite the lengthy review, David doesn’t quite explain what the product is or how it works, even though he owns it (a fact not disclosed on Scamxposer). Even the claim that a person could make $3,000-$15,000 a month with Make Money Hack is promised on Scamxposer, and not on the Make Money Hack landing page.

Scamxposer has attracted attention from other websites, who note that the top-reviewed products are often scams, and that other user comments on the site appear to be false (or at least so vague that they can’t be trusted). They also note that Scamxposer recommendations change quite frequently.

Therefore, it appears that David Harris is engaged in a few MLM schemes (although Scamxposer claims to dislike MLM schemes), and perhaps a few other schemes. And it also appears that the Scamxposer website is intended to legitimize those other sites and schemes and promote whatever he is currently engaged in.

In fact, all search results for “make money hack” either lead to unrelated schemes or 5-star reviews from Scamxposer.

Unfortunately, “David Harris” is a widespread name. It has been used in email scams (abandoned bank accounts, fake lottery winnings), and other online scams, including romance and dating scams.

What is Make Money Hack about?

A commenter online claims to have been scammed by “David Harris” at davidsphoneshop.com (a domain registered to a Lindsey Harris), but these may be multiple different people.

It is possible that the generic quality of the name “David Harris” is deliberate, as is the generic quality of the name makemoneyhack.com. It confuses original research and makes it impossible to determine what the actual offer of makemoneyhack IS without giving David Harris your “best” email address:

Make Money Hack does not show you their sales video unless you submit your best email address

After submitting my email, THIS is what I discovered.

I discovered that the mysterious Make Money Hack money machine is *nothing* but a very brief sales page that links you to the 24/7 Viral Cash System (I will review it soon).

[Sidebar: By the way, the Make Money Hack sales video (or review video) is freely accessible on Youtube. So why keep it in secret?]

As I told, I will review the 24/7 Viral Cash System asap. Here I just mention that they offer you:

  • Affiliate program (you earn $20 for every new referral)
  • Accelerated Leverage Compensation Plan (clear MLM/pyramid structure)
  • 50% matching bonus on everyone you personally refer (MLM/pyramid again)

And guess what?

Exactly. The MLM portion of the program is where “your income goes viral.”  It means that the members of the Viral Cash System make moolah by moving money from lower levels of the pyramid to the upper levels. And by recruiting new people, then teaching them to do the same.

In other words, you pay your uplines, and your downlines (your referrals and their referrals) pay to you. That’s how money in those pyramid structures flows – from the bottom to the top.

And here’s the kicker:

While those members on the upper levels of the pyramid get rich indeed, the vast majority of the members (those on the last two-three levels) only lose money. That’s for sure.

Final Verdict: Make Money Hack is a Scam

Make Money Hack, and Scamxposer, and many of the sites that have positive reviews on Scamxposer, are all scams, designed to give the appearance of legitimacy to the projects and schemes of David Harris. Stay clear!

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What About You?

Thank you for reading the Make Money Hack Review. So what do you think about it? What is Make Money Hack about? Is it a legit home-based business opportunity, or is it a scam. Please drop me a comment below.

Stay safe,

Egon (EgonSarvReview.com)


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