Honest Way to Make Money Online – 17 Ethical Sites You Can Trust

Honest Way to Make Money Online – 17 Ethical Sites You Can Trust

Am I trying to find an honest way to make money online? Maybe a full-time salary or just some side money?

There are many different ways to do that. The big trouble, though, is that there are TONS of scams online. It is extremely easy to fall into one of those traps.

Don’t be scared, though. It IS possible to make a living online. In EgonSarvReviews.com, I recommend only honest ways to make money online. In this post, I listed 17 trustworthy sites for you. Scroll through the list and see if you find something that suits you.


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1. Wealthy Affiliate

honest way to make money online - Wealthy Affiliate logoMy #1 choice – Here’s what I use to make money anywhere in the world.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform and business community to help you build your own online business from scratch. There are many different ways to earn some extra money online. However, the only real way to make a serious income online is to have your website.

Wealthy Affiliate does precisely that. It teaches you how to do it. Moreover, it has everything in one place – courses, training, tools, services, hosting, community, help, and support. You don’t need to worry and waste time searching the internet for all these things.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to find your niche, set up a website, do SEO, write quality content, and monetize your site. The good thing is that you can join for $0. You can read my Wealthy Affiliate review and look at the Wealthy Affiliate FAQ for more information.


2. IndeedHonest way to make money online indeed logo

A very simple way to find an offline job.

Just fill the blanks “What” and “Where,” and the available job offerings are displayed. There is also an advanced search option and a list of your recent searches. Very simple and easy to use the website. However, most job offerings are in the first world countries (North America, Western-Europe, developed Asian countries).


3. Monstermonster_logo

Another search engine to find an offline job.

More detailed job search engine than Indeed.com. What is good is that the Monster.com homepage shows you right away the countries where they offer jobs. It includes most countries in Europe, North America, and many countries in the Middle-East and Asia/Pacific. Once you choose your country, there are different options to find a job. You can fill in the blanks “Job title,” “Keyword/Company name,” “City, State…” OR you can find your job using the drop-down menus.

SEE ALSO: 20 Creative Home Based Business Ideas You Probably Never Thought About.


4. Epinionsepinions logo

You earn by writing reviews about the products of your choice.

At the upper right corner of their homepage, you find a link “how to earn.” There they show you a process on how to earn with Epinions. They provide you with the guideline on how to write good reviews; community guideline and examples of strong reviews. If your reviews help visitors to make decisions, then income share is distributed to you monthly via Paypal.


5. TutorHonest way to make money online tutor logo

You earn by tutoring.

This website is for students to find a tutor. However, it is an opportunity to make money by becoming a tutor! On the upper right corner of their homepage, there is a link “become a tutor,” and there you find everything you need to know why and how to become a tutor, how to apply, and how you can earn by tutoring. That is an excellent opportunity for retirees and college students but also great additional work for teachers and other professionals.

Tutoring is an online on-demand service, and you can work from the home, office, dorm, or wherever you have a stable internet connection. You can choose your hours (5-25 hours per week), and you assist K-12 students, College S students, and Adult Learners. It is entirely free to become a tutor; only the application is a five-step process:

  1. You write your application;
  2. you do your subject exam and submit your writing example;
  3. you do a mock session;
  4. your background is checked;
  5. you become a tutor.

Also, there is a Tutor.com FAQ if you should need any more information.

Note! Tutor.com’s most active tutors earn anywhere between $800 and $1600, so you can expect something up to these numbers.


6. WAHM wahm_logo

Online Magazine for Work At Home Moms.

The website includes a lot of useful information, such as work at home, business opportunities, helpful articles, WAHM forums, etc. Job offerings (both off and online) are through ads, though, and it is your responsibility to check out if the job offering is authentic or a scam.


7. Bloggerblogger_logo

Earn money by blogging

Blogger.com is one of the most popular blogging software out there. It is easy to use, and it is free. Since Google bought Blogger.com, they integrated Google AdSense. That is the feature that helps you to earn some extra money. Now how does it work? You insert Google AdSense ads into your blog, and visitors may want to click those ads and buy those products. If they do it, you will earn a commission. A more detailed review about Blogger.com is here.


8. UserTestingusertesting_logo

Get paid to test websites

Usertesting.com offers website testing services to companies and organizations to help them 1) iron out bugs from their websites; 2) make the websites more user-friendly. To do that, they need testers – real people who test those sites. They pay you $10 per website test and $15 per mobile test. You find a link “Get paid to a test!” and there you can apply on the upper right corner. So this is an option to earn some side money.

However, it is not a “get quick rich” scheme, as there are three significant distractions: 1. your demographics; 2. an oversupply of user testers; 3. your ability to provide useful feedback. More detailed info here.


9. iStockphoto

Sell your photographsistock-logo

iStock is an excellent online database of royalty-free stock images, media, and design elements. Royalty-free means that you have to pay only once, but you can use the file multiple times. There are different ways to earn some extra money through iStock.com:

1) Become a contributor and sell your photographs through iStockphoto.com. Be creative and work hard, and you may earn your full-time salary here.

2) Through a referral program. That is open only to iStock members who have bought iStock credit or have become a contributor and already uploaded an approved file. Scrolling down their website, you find a link Referral program.

3)Through the iStock affiliate program.


10. MySurvey

Earn rewards for taking surveysMySurvey_logo

MySurvey.com helps you make some side money by taking surveys; only you have to live in the US. If you live somewhere else, then at the upper right corner, you find a link “Our global sites,” and you may want to check if your country is on the list. If it is, then taking surveys and earning some extra money is an option for you.


11. Survey Savvy

Get paid for taking surveysSurveySavvy_logo

Another website that lets you make some side money by taking surveys. They accept members from all over the world, and they even have a referral program where you earn when your referrals take surveys. Just register yourself under “Join” and become a SurveSavvy member.

However, they don’t give any guarantee as to how many surveys you may receive. So it is wise to look at some other options too.


12. Etsy

Sell craftsetsy_logo

Etsy.com is an online marketplace to buy and sell crafts. It is also a community of artists, collectors, creators, etc. On Etsy.com, you can sell handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies. On the Etsy.com landing page, click any of the links above “Art,” “Home&Living,” “Jewelry”… Once there, you see a link “sell” at the upper left corner. Under that link, you get all the information on how and why to sell unique goods on Etsy.com. You have to register first (it is free, and there are no membership fees on Etsy.com), and after that, you can open your own Etsy shop and start selling items. They charge you $0.20 to list an item for four months or until it is sold. Once you sell something, then they charge you 3.5% on the sale price. Everything else belongs to you.


13. Squidoo

Earn by writing lenses (webpages)squidoo_logo

Squidoo is a publishing platform that easily helps you publish your webpages (called a lens in Squidoo). Through these lenses, you can share your interests, connect with new friends, and earn money. There are different ways to make money on Squidoo:

1) Through Amazon, eBay, and Cafepress modules. Squidoo has all these modules, and it puts its ads on your lens. When visitors click and buy these products, Squidoo earns a sales commission and splits it with you 50:50.

2) You can promote your products. For example, if you have your Etsy shop (look at the previous option on this page), you can promote your Etsy items.

3) Your affiliate links. There are many affiliate programs like Wealthy Affiliate, Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction, CafePress, etc. If you register as an affiliate and promote their products, you earn a sales commission, and you don’t need to split it with Squidoo.

4) Squidoo’s Tier Payouts. You can have a share of Squidoo’s monthly advertising revenue. It is paid to the top-ranking lenses based on how they performed on average each month.

Squidoo is not a “get quick rich” scheme; it requires work and determination and about 50 lenses before you can earn an income, but it is fun and worth a try.


14. Just Answer

Get paid by answering questionsJustAnswer_logo

JustAnswer.com is a website dedicated to answering its visitors’ questions. To do that, they need experts in every category (pets, cars, tax, computers, medicine, etc.).

That is an option for you to earn some extra money. Working hours are flexible, and you will answer questions on your own time. First, you are required to register, and then you have different ways to get paid:

1) Become an expert – here, you join a community of JustAnswer.com experts and get paid by answering customers’ questions.

For this

a), you have to complete your online application and profile. You choose your field(s) of expertise;

b) Take a short subject matter test;

c) verify your credentials. They want experts, so every JustAnswer category has its credential requirements.

Once you qualify, you can start earning money.

2) Through its affiliate program.

3) Refer to a friend. If you know a professional who might qualify to be a JustAnswer.com expert, then let them know about him. If your friend qualifies and becomes an expert for JustAnswer, then you earn a referral bonus from him.


15. kgb answers

are by answering questionskgbanswers_logo

This is another website dedicated to answering its customers’ questions. You can make it by becoming their Special Agent.

However, you have to qualify in the first place. You may want to try their Special Agent’s test, and if you pass, you will be invited to join their team.


16. Fiverr

Offer a service and get paidfiverr_logo

Fiverr.com is an online marketplace for all kinds of services. The price for customers starts from $5, and you can market every ethical service that you can offer. If English is your mother language, you can proofread or translate; if you can draw, you can make cartoons… There are thousands of options, so just visit the website and look at what services people are offering, and you will get the picture.

Neuvoo job search website17. Neuvoo

A quick and easy way to find job opportunities for free

Neuvoo offers over 1,000 job listings for online jobs, but they also offer over 3 million offline jobs in the whole US. They index jobs for free from career websites, placement agencies, job boards, and companies. Currently present in 58 countries.

The website works pretty much like Google Careers. Job seekers can research by region, state, industry, or keyword. They also offer a salary calculator, and all this for free!

What About You?

So, in what other honest ways you can earn online? Please drop me a comment below.


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