41 Navy SEAL Inspirational Quotes and Sayings – Never Quit. Never Consider It.

41 Navy SEAL Inspirational Quotes and Sayings – Never Quit. Never Consider It.

Do you want to succeed online as desperately as young Navy SEAL trainees who are trying to earn their SEAL badges? If so, you need some tremendous motivation boost.

Because otherwise, in those low moments, you might be tempted to throw it in the bush and quit.

You don’t want that, do you?

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Therefore, this post here should skyrocket your determination into the stratosphere.

Really? Really.

By the way, this is Part 2 of my Navy SEAL quotes. You can find part 1 here: “33 Navy SEAL quotes that keep you going.”

The reason why I found these quotes so crucially important is that (as you will see below), everything starts in our minds. You will win or lose in your mind.

And therefore, being mentally strong is so awfully critical, if you ever want to succeed in life and business. Because both of these offer you plenty of challenging situations.

“It is a rough road that leads to the heights of greatness.” – Seneca, 50 A.D.

As for the quotes below, I highlighted certain parts in some of them – those that I found particularly insightful. I hope you will find them as well.

Also, I have handpicked all these Navy SEAL inspirational quotes with bloggers and internet marketers in mind.

Let’s face it – achieving a breakthrough in the internet world requires hard work and perseverance. There will come times where you will hit low points…

… Points where everything seems to be covered with darkness and hopelessness.

How you get through when you are in those lowest points in your business life?

… Give up and quit?

If you don’t want to quit, you need to find ways to motivate yourself to keep going. It is as simple as that.

And that’s why I have written these posts about Navy SEAL quotes that keep you going.

Note! There are two things that I want to mention before coming to the quotes:

  1. I have included only those Navy SEAL quotes that are useful for bloggers and internet marketers.
  2. To make it simpler, I have grouped those quotes into four sections:
  • 6 Navy SEAL Sayings for bloggers
  • 17 Navy SEAL Instructor Quotes for bloggers
  • 7 Navy SEAL Hell Week Quotes
  • 9 Quotes From “The Navy SEAL Training Guide: Mental Toughness”
  • 2 Navy Seals Quotes on God

Read and see how SEALS keep their spirits soaring high:


1. Navy SEAL Sayings

1. “Cowards never start. The weak never finish. Winners never quit.”

2. “You’ve only got three choices in life: Give up, give in, or give it all you’ve got.”

3. “Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.”

4. “Stay positive. Stay fighting. Stay brave. Stay ambitious. Stay focused. Stay strong.”

5. “I lead by example in all situations.”

6. “My strength didn’t come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself up every time I was knocked down.”


2. Navy SEAL Instructor Quotes

1. “The only easy day was yesterday.”

2. “Get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

3. “It May, or May Not, Pay to be a Winner.”

4. “Pain is weakness leaving the body” (Meaning: Training to be a Navy SEAL is painful. But as you get stronger, you don’t feel as much pain.)

5. “You need to train harder and longer than your enemies to survive. It’s not luck that makes Navy SEALS the most elite combat unit in the world – It’s hard work on a daily basis.”

Navy SEAL instructor quotes

By U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Chad J. McNeeley [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. “You Don’t Have to Like It, You Just Have to Do It.”

7. “It’s All Mind Over Matter, If I Don’t Mind, Then it Doesn’t Matter.”

8. “Nothing Lasts Forever”

9. “If You Ain’t Cheating, You Ain’t Trying” (Meaning: In combat, the larger force dictates the rules… and Navy SEALS are ALWAYS the smaller force. To win they need to break the rules.)

10. “It Pays to be a Winner”

11. “There Are Two Ways to Do Something … the Right Way, and Again”

12. “All in, all the time.”

13. “It’s all mind over matter. If I don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.”

14. “If you work together as a team and put out as hard as you can for a short period of time, you’ll get to rest while everyone else pays for not working so hard.”

15. “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.”

16. “Anybody want to quit?”

17. “Nobody remembers a loser or a quitter.”

3. Navy SEAL quotes of Hell Week Training

Just in case you did not know (I did not), Hell Week is a grueling five and 1/2 day-long training. It is the ultimate test for SEAL trainees, designed to separate “the wheat from the chaff.” It includes brutal physical conditions – cold, wet, and devastatingly hard operational training on fewer than four hours of sleep.

Hell Week is the one single event that forces the majority of SEAL hopefuls “ring the bell” and quit.

Read the quotes of SEALS who made it through Hell Week. And read how they made it through:

Here we go:

Hell Week Quotes


1. “They could beat you, run you, make you endure untold cold and pain, and kill you……but they could never make you quit.” – Walter Diaczenko, BUD/S Class 48

2. “You don’t ever let quitting enter your mind as it is a sickness that will weaken you. /…/ Never quit, never consider it!” – Ron Seiple, BUD/S Class 34

Navy SEAL inspirational quotes

By U.S. Navy photo by Photographer’s Mate 2nd Class Eric S. Logsdon [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

3. “The trick was to just get through whatever was happening.” – John Gulick, BUD/S Class 45

4. “I didn’t know if I could finish the run, but I knew I could take one more step. I did it. And then I took another, and another, and another. A couple hours later the sun came up as we finished the run. I had made it.” – Al Horner, BUD/S Class 45

5. “The only thing that got me through was my classmates. They were pulling me while I was pulling them. No one gets through training alone, no one!” – John Roat – BUD/S Class 29

6. “As one of my more famous teammates is known to say, “Can’t Quit, Not Dead!” That is the kind of motivation you need to get through training!” – Roger Guerra – BUD/S Class 48

7. Denny Johnson, BUD/S Class 42:

  1. Make up your mind to do it.
  2. Proceed one step, one hour, one evolution at a time.
  3. Help your teammates whenever you can.
  4. Keep going.”


9 Quotes From “The Navy SEAL Training Guide: Mental Toughness”

1. The common denominator among these men was the fact that they all had a very strong competitive personality, and they really enjoyed competing against challenges most others found too difficult or even impossible to overcome.

2. I saw many people quit at BUDS who had all the necessary attributes and traits required to serve as a SEAL, except one — the ability to remain mentally focused when faced with continuous and very stressful challenges or situations.

I also saw many make it through the course who were quite ordinary from a physical standpoint, yet they kept going day after day, evolution after evolution. At some point, they seemed to arrive at a mental state that basically said, “Others have made it through this course, and I can too!”

3. Most planning experts agree that the majority of people, organizations, etc., that fail to reach their goals do so because they did not apply an adequate form of measurement to keep track of their progress.

4. Mental toughness in this situation means consciously noticing the things that you are able to do well and honoring your efforts with positive thoughts.

5. The guys that start BUDS thinking that they won’t make it… DON’T MAKE IT! Those who begin BUDS with an “I will die before I quit” mentality are the guys who are standing tall on graduation day!

Navy SEAL Training

United States Navy SEALs [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

6. Toughness involves having control over your thoughts. In a situation where your fitness level is not where you want it to be, and your negative thoughts are getting the best of you, you have a choice. You can let the negative thoughts take over and drain you of energy, or you can consciously choose positive thoughts that empower you and push you to press on.

7. Instead of thinking about the entire six-month course, the week’s training schedule or even the daily schedule, many trainees focus on literally getting by one small event at a time, be it getting dressed, eating breakfast, running to the obstacle course, completing the obstacle course within standards, etc. — the focus is one successive micro-evolutions or time frames.

8. In the SEAL culture, winning and accomplishing the mission at hand is to be done at all costs.

9. Addictions: People lacking confidence often resort to destructive behavior such as overeating, abuse of alcohol, or drugs in order to cope with their feelings of inadequacy.


Navy Seals Quotes on God

Marcus Luttrell (the author of the quotes) was the only SEAL who survived SEAL Team 10 Operation Red Wing in Afganistan (June 2005). On that tragic day for SEALS, 3 SEALS and 16 Special Ops were killed.

Here’s what Michael Luttrell says about God:

1. “I had no answer to those questions, only hope. With absolutely no one to turn to, no Mikey, no Axe, no Danny, I have to face the final battle by myself, maybe lonely, maybe desolate, maybe against formidable odds. But I was not giving up.

I had only one Teammate. And He moved, as ever, in mysterious ways. But I was a Christian, and He had somehow saved me from a thousand AK-47 bullets on that day. No one had shot me, which was well nigh beyond all comprehension.” ― Marcus Luttrell

2. “My God had not spoken again. But neither had He forsaken me. I knew that. For damned sure, I knew that” ― Marcus Luttrell

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How About You?

Now that you have read these Navy SEAL inspirational quotes, I am curious about what impression you came away with.

Did they boost your motivation to another level? And which one did you like the most? Leave me a comment below, please.



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