What is Click for Cash System – Scam or Legit? Review 2016

What is Click for Cash System – Scam or Legit? Review 2016

“A revolutionary million-dollar system,” “Highly controversial,” and “Secret way to make money online.”

That’s how they start their Click for Cash System promotional video. Therefore, the logical question follows…

…”What is Click for Cash?”

Why is it controversial? Why is it secret? Is that Click to Cash legit at all? Or, is Click for Cash a scam?

That’s why I did extensive research and wrote the Click for Cash Review. Please read it and see whether it is for you.


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What is Click for Cash – The Narrative

The Click for Cash story (if true) would be stunning. The only trouble is that it is far from any truth, though. It’s full of contradictions, plain lies, impossible promises, etc. I don’t know if there is ANYBODY who could believe it. In other words, it is a fiction. And as such, a plain scam.

Anyway, here’s the narrative:

Carl Randolf, a founder of Click for Cash System scam
Carl Randolf (aka actor)

Carl Randolf (an actor, of course, as all other characters in the video), the founder of Click for Cash System, was pretty much a failure…


…Until in one day, he stumbled into his “dream come true” in a coffee shop. That “a dream come true” happened to be in the form of a man who belonged to a secret mastermind group, which included some of the best and most successful internet marketers on our planet.

That man revealed Carl how he was making millions of dollars online. Not only that, he invited Carl to his secret group and (wow!!!) they accepted him. Carl became one of them.

Since then, Carl the Actor is making millions. The goal of that secret underground group, of course, is to develop even better systems that make even more money. Every month they gather and introduce some new revolutionary systems to generate money online. Then, together, they skyrocket the efficiency of these modern systems. All that, of course, within 60 minutes.

And yes, you are right. Carl was the lad who happened to develop his unique Click for Cash Money Machine. (Now comes one of the contradictions:) Carl claims he has made all his millions by exploiting his new baby product. Just a few minutes ago, he said he made his millions by joining the secret mastermind group and exploiting THEIR systems.

Anyway, Carl says he has tested his secret Click for Cash system on a few people. All of them have got remarkable results:

Sandra – the desperate mother of three who was struggling to feed her family. She had been living in poverty all her life and used to eat in food stamps. She knew nothing about computers and could barely use her email. Now, three months later, thanks to Click for Cash, her bank account shows a 6-figure number: $171,032.48

Felix – a 58 years old factory worker whose pension was ripped away by some legal technicality. He started his Click for Cash 5 months ago, and just the last month, he made over $32,000.


And, of course, Carl Randolf himself, who now lives in a huge mansion, drives Ferrari, flies a private jet, and has millions of dollars in his bank account. All, of course, thanks to Click for Cash money-sucking system.

Now he is about to introduce his baby (Click for Cash) to the underground mastermind group.

The socalled underground secret mastermind group of Click for Cash
This is supposedly a secret underground mastermind group of the most successful internet marketers in the world?

If the group accepts his product, two things will happen:

  1. They would skyrocket its efficiency
  2. They would permit Carl to give the system to 100 new beta testers for free.

And these are the results. The mastermind group of geniuses:

  1. Gave Click Cash “thumbs up.”
  2. Turned it into the software.
  3. Made it simple to operate (you only need five clicks to start making money online).
  4. Tuned the system ten times more efficient (yes, they did it in less than 60 minutes).

The group gives Carl a challenge, though. He has to test the new system on three completely failed internet marketers.

If these failures succeed in making money online, Carl is free to give the software to 100 new beta testers.

All three guys spend less than a minute to chew themselves through the Click for Cash sign up process. After that… a lunchtime.

Sixty minutes later, they return from a restaurant to inspect their bank accounts.

Failure #1 had made $532.48
Failure #2 had made $745.21
Failure #3 had made $678.32

All three are crying and jumping for joy (finally, success had arrived at their lives) while Carl is flying his jet back home.

Now, the big moment has come, the doors are open, and it’s YOUR chance to make millions, drive Ferrari, and live in luxury.


Only if you qualify.

So, what do you need to do to qualify? The answer: You have to be dead serious that you want to make money online. You have to be dead serious that you want to become a millionaire.

To prove your seriousness, you must pay merely $45 to help Carl cover the Click for Cash customer service cost. That’s a one-time payment, and he never asks you anything else. No other things to buy. No more money to invest.

STOP! Do NOT hurry to sign up, though!

Keep reading, and I will show you how much their story and promises hold water (if at all).


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What is Click for Cash – The Promises

In his video ad, Carl Randolf, the Actor, gives you sky-high promises. Like, “I firmly believe that YOU can make more than $100,000 in a year online.”

It sounds incredible, doesn’t it? So, how to achieve it? Fortunately, in his 1 hour 20 minutes long video, Carl makes it crystal clear what Click for Cash does for you; and what you do NOT need. So, let’s start with these:

Things you do NOT need

  1. You don’t need to build ANY websites, EVER.
  2. You don’t need to worry about traffic.
  3. You never have to waste time writing boring content.
  4. You don’t need an ounce of technical experience.
  5. Everything you ever thought was necessary to make money online. You can forget it ALL.

Now, this should cheer you up, right? Wrong!

Why? Because all famous “marketing gurus” out there do NOT agree to what you just heard. They tell you that to make big money online requires time and hard work. Also, it requires building a website, driving traffic, SEO, writing quality content, etc., etc.

Here, however, you hear that you can forget it all. This almost sounds like a Gospel to a sinner.


What Click for Cash Does promises to do for You:

  1. When you join Click for Cash System and do what it says, you can easily make over a million dollars online this year. Even if you have never touched a computer before. (My comment: Wrong. I don’t believe it.)
  2. You are to get about everything you ever need to your wildest dreams come true. (My comment: Wrong. I don’t buy it.)
  3. By the time you finish this video, you will be fully armed with everything you need to start making over r$100,000 online or even $1,000,000. (My Comment: an ugly lie. In that video, they give you NOTHING!)
  4. It does not matter if you are a 21 old college dropout or a 60-year-old former construction worker. Click for Cash works for you. (My Comment. Wrong. It does not.)
  5. With Click for Cash System, you will make 100% pure profit. (My Comment: Plain wrong)
  6. Everything is done for you. All the websites are already built for you. All the deals happen automatically, and commissions are directed directly to your account. (My Comment: How about traffic? I have to spend tons of money to buy traffic, right?)
  7. The system is so simple that it now has only five clicks, and you start to make big money. I am talking about thousands a day. (My Comment: Plain wrong. Winning PPC campaigns are not as simple to set up and keep running.)
  8. Follow Carl’s instructions. Make five clicks. Copy and paste exactly what he says and voila! Money starts to pour in. (My comment: Plain LIE!)

I don’t know about you, but I don’t buy it.

The Price

Now that’s where everything gets increasingly fuzzy. In the video, Carl makes it plain clear that EVERYTHING is free. The only thing Carl asks you is to pay $45. This $45 is (listen carefully) “to cover one month of my customer service cost.” Besides that $45, there will NOT be any other thing to buy or any additional money to invest.

That is HIS promise.

However, right under the video, you will see this:

Click for cash price changes all the time

Suddenly, it is $49!?

Not only that. Be hesitant few minutes, and they lower the price down to $19:Be on the fence and they lower the price down to $19

Keep sitting on the fence, and they drop the entrance price even further. This time down to bare $9. The fact is, they do everything to get you in.


Because it is a well-known fact that your best prospects come from your current customers. Therefore, once you have bought from them, it is 3-8 times easier to sell you than a non-customer. That’s why.

OK, well. Let’s see what that $9 (or $19 or $49) is going to mean for you.

Click for cash Pricing plans

As you see, they finally offer you four different pricing plans:

  • Option #1 (Leave this page) – My comment: The best option of all!
  • $9 buys your mere 10 Click for Cash Money Generating Campaigns
  • $19 buys you 20 Money Generating Campaigns
  • $49 buys you 50 Money Generating Campaigns. Plus$20 free PPC Advertising Credit.

The big trouble here is that these Click for Cash Scam artists are lying right into your face. And that’s nasty.

There’s NOTHING to do with the one-time customer service cost. You buy a limited number of PPC campaigns, and that’s just the beginning.

Hey! If you are a person who knows nothing about computers, better don’t touch PPC. Really! I tell you, even setting up and keep running these 50 PPC campaigns will be going to cost you hundreds of dollars and many marketing skills. Read more from here to see if PPC is for you.

Here, however, I want to show you the paragraph #4 from that article:

Winning PPC campaing requires skills and hard work

See! Are you ready to face PPC challenges? If not, you are going to lose your money.

Even worse. They give the same Click for Cash sites and these 50 campaigns to everybody who joins them. So, mostly, you start to compete with each other.

Therefore – there are NO millions of dollars, NO Ferraris, NO private jets in Click for Cash. The cold and hard reality is that you have to shell out bigger and bigger sums of money.

And guess what? That’s precisely why they lure you into the Click for Cash system. Once you are in, they chew through your pockets like hungry sharks, and I suspect you know what happens after that.

If you don’t believe me, read the next Click for Cash complaint:

click for cash scam system rips away people's money


Click for Cash Earnings Disclaimer Says

Scroll through the Click for Cash Earnings Disclaimer, and you will get a more down to earth picture. A polar opposite to what Carl the Actor painted to you in his video. Read this:

Click for cash earnings disclaimer does not guarantee you any success

And this:

CfC earnings disclaimer does not guarantee any success

And this:

Earnings disclaimer says Click for Cash does not guarantee any income

Did you read the last sentence? They do not purport this as a “get rich scheme?” Really? Hey! Who is lying here?


What is Click for Cash – WARNING SIGNS

Warning Sign #1: The Click for Cash Video is Fabrication

Apparently, the video is a fabrication. It’s pure fiction and nothing else. In other, similar scam reviews I have already covered in more detail about how scammers use actors.

And although Carl (aka Actor) keeps claiming he has provided life proofs how regular people from the street start making hundreds of thousands of dollars, the truth is that the video proves NOTHING.

Everybody with a decent camera can shoot a video like this. All you need is access to a lovely villa, a Ferrari, and a private jet, and few pals who agree to be actors.


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Warning Sign #2: The Video is Full of Lies

The price of $45 (or $49) is a lie. I already explained it.

The way how you are supposed to make money within Click for Cash is a lie. The video makes it clear, all you need is to make five clicks, and that’s it. Everything is automated, and money starts to pour in. The reality, however, is that you have to buy PPC campaigns. Then, you have to learn how to run PPC campaigns.

The video makes it crystal clear that Click for Cash is Get Quick Rich scheme. Yet their Disclaimer says the plain opposite.

The video tells that you can start making hundreds and thousands of dollars immediately and with five simple clicks only. Their Disclaimer says that they don’t guarantee you any success.

Carl, the Actor, says that before meeting the mastermind group, he was pretty much failure. Yet he can develop a unique money-sucking machine from zero?!

Etc., etc.

Warning Sign #3: Click for Cash Support Page Gives an ERROR

Try it out. That’s what you will see:

Click for cash refund policy page not found

Just in case you think it’s a safe bet as you can ask your money back. That’s always the case with scams. They give you a 60 or 90 or zillion days money-back guarantee. You feel so safe. However, try to ask for your money back, and you discover there is NO way to contact them.

Warning Sign #4: Clicksure Promise Gives an ERROR

If you did not know, Clicksure (the Chinese affiliate network company) promotes Click for Cash product. It declares it a safe bet and provides its guarantees. However, hit the “Clicksure Promise” and Error 404 pops up:

Clicksure promise gives an error

Hey! It’s dangerous. Are you supposed to shell out your Cash based on empty promises to get it back and with no way to contact them?


Warning Sign #5: Numbers Don’t Make Sense

I give you one example (there’s more). Do you remember one of those failed marketers in the video made $678.32 in 60 minutes by just clicking five times?

You remember. Good. Let’s do the numbers now. $678.32 per hour means he could make $16,279 per 24 hours = $5,942,083 per year.

Question #1: Why on Earth you ever need training if you can make $6 million a year right out of the box?

Question #2: If a complete failure can make $6 million a year by clicking five times, how come Carl (the founder of the money-sucking system) has only managed to make LESS than $6 million… And that in 3 years?

About Affiliate Marketing

The core of Click for Cash is Affiliate Marketing- a particular type of marketing, which is genuine and widely used all over the world.

The idea behind affiliate marketing is that enterprises who have products (or services) to sell are continually looking for new customers. And they are willing to pay you a small part of their profit if you bring them more customers.

So, mostly, they tell you, “If you bring me a new client, I pay you a certain % (commission) from every item that he buys from me.”

The company sets up an affiliate program (tells how much he pays commissions, who can join, etc.). If you enter that affiliate program, you become their affiliate. The more customers you bring in, the more you earn.

In fact, if you know how to do it properly, it is a very lucrative business.

Now, coming back to Click for Cash, there are way better places to learn affiliate marketing than this stinking scam.

Final Verdict

Click for Cash is nothing but a scam and rip off scheme. Stay clear.


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Share Your Ideas:

What do you think? What is Click for Cash? Is it legit or a scam? Have you had a personal experience with it that you want to share? Please leave me a comment below.



  1. Trina Gardner says:

    Thank you for your honest ‘review’ of another scam. I have looked for a way for years to ‘make money’ from home with my computer and seems the only ones that make money are the ones ‘selling’ their how-tos. Amazing just how many scammers are out there!

    • Hey Trina and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      Have you tried Wealthy Affiliate already? An awesome internet training platform and helps you build up a real income stream online. Here’s a short (but encouraging) testimonial on how one young father made $4,550 in his 7th month in Wealthy Affiliate “Month 7 – $4550

      And while it’s possible to make money by selling how-tos, Wealthy Affiliate training is not restricted to the “how-to” niche only. Truth be told, you can thrive in *any* niche. And they will show you exactly how. Try out and see whether it is for you.


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