What Is the Millionaire Blueprint Scam – It’s Not What You Expect. See Why.

What Is the Millionaire Blueprint Scam – It’s Not What You Expect. See Why.

What is the Millionaire Blueprint scam? And… Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam to begin with?

Well… The Millionaire Blueprint promises to make you a millionaire within the first 3 months after signing up for their system. I don’t know about you, but to me, it smells like another shameless online scam. And, as I will prove it to you in the Millionaire Blueprint review below, it is a scam indeed.

So let’s dig right into the details.

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Quick Summary

Name: Millionaire Blueprint (also Free Money System)
Website: www.millionaire-blueprint.com
Price: Free sign-up, required deposit: $250
Demo Account: 60 day test drive = $79
Alleged Owners: Walter Carter; Walter Green
Skill level: Beginner (No skills needed)
My Overall Rank: 1 out of 10

My Verdict: The Millionaire Blueprint is a scam and deceptive rip-off scheme. Stay away!


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Full Review – What Is the Millionaire Blueprint Scam?

Truth be told, when I first discovered the Millionaire Blueprint and tried to understand it, I found the product highly confusing.


Because, honestly, there are TWO similar products, The Millionaire Blueprint and The Free Money System. It is not so easy to figure out what is what.

More interestingly, there are also two men behind these two products, and both of them are called Walters. They are Walter Carter and Walter Green.

Anyway, let me state clearly and right from the beginning – The Millionaire Blueprint and the Free Money System are the same product:

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam
Millionaire Blueprint and the Free Money System are the same product.

Walter Carter

He is a multimillionaire and the alleged founder of the Millionaire Blueprint. He brags about having a passion for only two things in life:

  1. Exploring and Exploiting the opportunities that are available online
  2. Making money from doing so…

And, as you might suspect, he is also bragging that everything he does is completely legal.

So, why did Walter Carter create a Millionaire Blueprint?

First, it’s a kind of revenge:

Walter Carter reasoning behind Millionaire Blueprint
Revenge was one of the main reasons why Walter Carter created the Millionaire Blueprint system.

The second reason for this is that in the past, Walter Carter happened to be “one of the most senior analysts/traders at one of the largest investment banks in the world.” Then and there, he was lucky enough to design a wildly successful trading model. This model became his secret formula that is now powering the Millionaire Blueprint software.

However, one day he was “backstabbed by the group who was trying to sell my software,” says Walter Carter. They “cut me out of the deal.

That’s why he now is giving his secret money making software for free.

Walter Green

This is the second Walter in the picture. He is the man behind The Free Money System.

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Walter Green

If true, his story could be a beautiful fairy tale. However, it’s a common trick in the world of scammers.

Read and see if you agree. Enjoy.

Walter Green, a former equity partner for a major law firm, loses his job because of his serious health problems. He can not pay his bills and ends up broke.

Then one day, in one of the darkest moments in his life, his cousin calls him. And… WOW!… His cousin introduces him to a secret system, a loophole in Binary Options trading. In fact, Israelis were the ones that had discovered that Holy Grail back in 2010. However, through his company and by accident (or luck), Walter’s cousin got that secret, the code, and everything.

Now he is making millions of dollars by exploiting that system. However, he desperately needed legal help from Walter. That’s how the deal between these two was born – Walter gave his cousin legal help and, in return, got access to that secret Holy Grail.

Today, six years later, Walter Green is bragging about having 48 million dollars, ten huge mansions around the world, Rolls-Royce and other fancy cars, etc., etc.

However, he has a good man and has a passionate heart. That’s why he wants to introduce his secret method to YOU. The method is… The Free Money System.

He promises to make you a millionaire – in 3 short months.

There is only one string attached to the deal – you have to act at once. NOW! Because tomorrow… Well, he plans to retire, and you never hear of him anymore.

End of story.

Did you enjoy it?

If you ask me, his story resembles all those infamous Nigerian letter frauds, do you agree?

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Well, from his story, it seems so. I become very cautious.

The General Idea Behind the Millionaire Blueprint (The Free Money System)

Walter Carter has built his software system to trade Binary Options. However, he makes it plain clear: “If you may think this may sound a lot like a Binary Trading, you are wrong.”

Way Wrong

Also, he says that it is not even trading.

If so, what is the Millionaire Blueprint?

Here’s the small dirty secret:

The secret of the Free Money System

The main idea behind the Millionaire Blueprint is currency manipulation. It means they take US Dollar, change it into a British Pound, then into a Japanese Yen, and finally back into a dollar. And voila…

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Making money from currency manipulation

Obviously, the Millionaire Blueprint software is more complicated, but you got the picture, didn’t you?

And for you, also obviously, everything is automated. It means you don’t need to move a finger other than investing a little of your money. After three months You will be a millionaire.

At least, that’s is what they promise.


What do you think about how much you must shell out to get access to the system?

Walter Carter says that he gives you the Millionaire Blueprint software completely free.

Does that mean you can earn your first million dollars with zero investment from your part?

No! And here’s why:

There are two things that are free, indeed.

  1. Millionaire Blueprint sign up process is free.
  2. Millionaire Blueprint software is free (According to Walter Carter, his super-duper-wonder-software itself costs close to $500,000. But then, who knows?)

Anyway, they give the software to you free of charge. Good news, right?

Wait! This is just the beginning. It is a bite to get you in.

Do you want to earn your first million with the Millionaire Blueprint? Then you need to open a new trading account with a broker of THEIR choice.

What will you do with the account?

Exactly. You must deposit $250. It’s YOUR money. The Millionaire Blueprint system will use it for trading.

It does not stop here, though. Faster than snow melts before the summer sun, you will learn that you need to deposit much bigger sums. Remember, you will be going to deal with high-pressure salespeople who use every trick in their toolbox to rob you blind and leave you out to dry without any feelings of guilt or remorse.

Look at this Millionaire Blueprint testimonial:

Millionaire Blueprint complaint

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? I don’t know about you, but I smell a rat here.

There’s more to come. So please keep reading.


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After all, with so much to gain—and with absolutely nothing to lose—shouldn’t you at least take a look?


What Is the Millionaire Blueprint Scam – 10 Red Alerts

There is a good old saying that if it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it is probably a duck.

That’s just exactly what I see here. Is the Millionaire Blueprint is a scam? To me, there are strong signs that indicate it.


Because it looks like a scam. It stinks like a scam. It behaves like a scam. Therefore, it probably IS a scam.

Red Alert #1: Unrealistic promises

  1. They promise to give you exact steps for turning $10,000 into a $1,000,000 portfolio quickly, with NO additional capital ever required. (Truth – as soon as you deposit an initial $250, they call you and try to get you to invest extra $500, $1,000, $5,000, and now $10,000!?)
  2. Millionaire Blueprint is 100% Easy Cash Generating Software. (Truth – for THEM. Not for you. No software can guarantee you 100% success while predicting markets.
  3. Walter Carter is going to make you a millionaire in 3 months tops. – (Truth – plain Get Quick Rich Scam scheme).
Walter Carter makes you a millionaire in 90 days
This is what Walter Carter promises you.
  1. NO work needed from your part (Truth – internet marketing, like every other business, requires hard work, time, energy, perseverance, commitment, etc. Don’t touch any products that promise you quick wealth with NO work from your part. (your link)

Red Alert #2: Selling dreams

Ferraris, Rolex watches, nice mansions… That’s exactly what Get Quick Rich scams sell you – BIG dreams full of hot air.

Red Alert #3: No Professional Videos

Look at the Walter Carter – driving Rolls-Royce and owning fancy mansions around the world… Meanwhile, being unable to produce professional sales video. I don’t know about you, but these contradictions arouse doubts in me.

Red Alert #4: All Other Marketers Are Dead Wrong

all other markets are wrong
Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Or, are all other markets wrong?

Affiliate marketing, SEO marketing, Blogging, Forex Trading, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin/Litecoin, Stocks, Penny Stocks – all these are old hat marketing and the standard internet bubble. Compared to Walter Carter’s secret ULTIMATE METHOD – Currency Manipulation.

It is stinking, to say the least.

Red Alert #5: NO Marketing Skills Needed

Walter&Walter claim that everything is on autopilot and their dream team does all the job for you. And you… do NOTHING.

What is the Millionaire Blueprint scam - No experience needed?

Well, the truth is you cannot be successful without having skills. Their own disclosure says that binary options are a high-risk market, and you have to be ready to lose all your investments.

In his promotional video, Walter Green introduces a young lady, a complete novice in marketing. He then helps the lady open her Free Money System account. After that – yeah, initial deposit $250, and that’s it.

After that – sit back and relax. The Free Money System autopilot does all the trading for you.

Within a minute, over $100 are added to the lady’s bank account.

Now, Walter encourages (notice this?) her to invest another $100.00, and a minute later, she has made $431.03:

Account balance of novice marketer


Did you notice the trick?… Open your wallet…!

Next, Walter sends the lady home, promising that she will be a millionaire in three months. And yes, the bare three months later that lady is… a millionaire:

account balance after 3 months 1 million


Fairytale? According to Walter Green – No! The Millionaire Blueprint software produces this miracle for you.

To me? Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam?  I have a strong red warning light flashing.

Hey, my friend! Be extremely careful. Money doesn’t grow on trees! This Quick, Easy, and no Work from your part should activate an alarm and big a red flag. Dear friend – it is a TRAP to suck you in and make you their milking cow.

Red Alert #6: Fake Video Testimonials

People are giving exciting testimonials in that Free Money System promotional video. They glorify the system and tell how they got rich.

But hey! These people in these videos are paid actors.


Yes. You can find plenty of them on Fiverr.com, all ready to record whatever testimonial you need.

$5 buys you whatever video testimonial from Fiverr
Do You need a testimonial? Buy one from Fiverr.


The following is the screenshot from the Free Money System (Millionaire Blueprint) video testimonial:

Fake video testimonial The Free Money System

Well, now go to fiverr.com and type in “record a 50 word HD video testimonial”.

Huh, I got this:

You can buy fake testimonials from Fiverr.com

Same guy, right?

Hey, man! You lie to me, don’t you?

Walter Green claims that THESE exact people were the very first registrants of his software and the beta testers of his software.

Listen, THIS is an outright lie. Walter Green lies through his teeth, lying with a straight face.

Is The Millionaire Blueprint a scam? I leave you to answer.

Red Alert #7: Fake Scoreboard (Scarcity Counter)

If you visit the Millionaire Blueprint (Free Money System) site, you notice that only a few vacant spots are left:

Fake Scarcity Counter

They pitch you hard to sign up at once.

However, if you go to their site the next day (or 10 days later, or 10 months later), you will see that free spots are ALWAYS available.

Yet again, that Walter Green lies right to your face.

Red Alert #8: False Sense of Urgency

Walter Green claims the financial elite in the world is afraid of getting his video out. Also, he claims to retire soon. Therefore, you have to act at once OR miss the opportunity of a lifetime.

Walter Green warns he will disappear soon

Again, a plain, outright lie. The video is sitting stubbornly there, week in and week out.

Red Alert #9: They Don’t Want Your Money… Really?

Walter Green says: “Remove those credit card details, Paypal details, Escrow details from your mind.”


Because they will NOT ask that data from you:

Walter Carter does not need your money


See these complaints:

Millionaire Blueprint Complaint

Millionaire blueprint complaint Ron

Free Money System Complaint Julian

Yet another Millionaire Blueprint complaint

Penisoner lost his money with Millionaire Blueprint

Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? Hey! If this is not stinking scammy, then what is it?

Red Alert #10: Positive Reviews Come From Affiliates Only

Have you ever checked the positive Millionaire Blueprint reviews? See, all the reviewers who give thumbs up to the Millionaire Blueprint are affiliates of the product. Check the links, and you will see. The links are affiliate links.

They don’t care if you lose your money or not. They want to make commissions on you.

Now, this, in my humble opinion, is highly stinking. People are so greedy and desperate to get your hard-earned dollars that they are willing to sell you even an outright SCAM product.


Can You Earn Money With Binary Options?

Yes, it IS possible to make money with Binary Options. But it IS also possible to lose all your investments with the system. Binary Options is a high-risk business, you know.

Yes, even with the trusted broker, the risk is high. To succeed, you need knowledge, skills, and experience. It is NOT as Millionaire Blueprint tries to convince you – just invest your money, snap your fingers, and cash begins to rain down on you.

If you plan to invest in Binary Options, I highly recommend that you read “Are Binary Options Safe?” before deciding to jump the train.

Final Verdict

What is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam?

After doing my in-depth research, I have concluded that the Millionaire Blueprint (aka The Free Money System) is nothing but a vile rip-off scheme. It is designed with a single goal – to separate you from your hard-earned money.

Final Verdict: Is the Millionaire Blueprint a scam? YES. Stay away!


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Why not give it a whirl right now? You’re certainly not committed to anything.


What About You?

Thank you for reading my review, “What is the Millionaire Blueprint.”

Now… What do you think? In your opinion, what is the Millionaire Blueprint scam? Do you have any experience (good or bad) with them that you want to share? Please drop me a comment below.

Stay safe!

Egon (EgonSarvReviews.com)



  1. Yii Hee Seng. says:

    Thank you for your article. I believe it can help many people.

    • Hi, Yii Hee Seng,

      I am glad you took time to drop a comment. Also, thank you for the encouragement. I feel sick with disgust at scammers behind schemes like this one here. Anybody who want to make some legit side-money online, there are way, WAY better ways than trading Binary Options. Especially if you happen to be a complete novice.

      If you ask me, well, here’s my top choice (which I am using on daily basis). First, it’s free to get started so you risk nothing. Second, it will take you by hand and lead you step-by-step through the process. And third, you will find a tremendous support system to help you out whenever you get stuck. These are some of the benefits why I have preferred it.

  2. Karolina says:

    Hi There,

    I just signed up for this and came across your article…I found it through a yahoo article claiming that there are good ways to make money online and it gave an example a girl in Toronto that was able to profit from it. After reading your article, I am worried that I have made a mistake and I’m even more worried that they will take more money off my card. In the video they mention that you can withdrawl your $250 at any time. right after the call with the cs rep – they asked me for 3 proofs of ID (which I haven’t provided yet)…Is this normal when you do online trading? She told me that they need proof that I am who I say I am in order for payments to go through. Any help would be much appreciated…thank you for your article.

    • Dear Karolina,
      Thank you for asking. Let me tell you that I have been scammed by I product/service that offered 100% money back guarantee. When I asked my money back they kindly answered me and asked the confirmation from my bank that they have transferred money to them, etc. I provided everything they asked and then they kindly answered that this is not their company. The one I had paid is another company with a similar name, etc. Long story short, I lost my money.

      The big trouble is that scammers design their techniques right from the beginning with an intention NOT to pay anything back (even when it has 100% money back guarantee). Even worse, they have affiliate programs attached to their products. Thus, when you pay them, they pay part of it to their affiliates. Therefore, they don’t even have your money anymore.

      Anyway, if this is your situation, we have to do something to get your money back. Do NOT invest any more money into their system.

      Here is a good article on how to get your money back from scammers. See if you find it helpful: http://www.kyleeggleston.com/scammed-online-how-to-get-your-money-back/

      Also, I recommend you to google “how to get money back from scam.” Hopefully, you find some instructions that fits into your situation.

      And do NOT give them your credit card details. Never. If you have a Paypal account, you can provide them your Paypal email (the one that you have connected to your PayPal account). They can transfer your money to your PayPal account.

      This might be correct that they first need to identify you. You can send them a screenshot from your bank account that you have transferred them. Also, you can ask your bank to provide a confirmation that this transaction has been taken place. See what they answer.

      And finally, I recommend you to play safe. If you are serious about making income online (small or big), you can do it. But you have to find a trustworthy platform in the first place. In my humble opinion, this one here http://egonsarvreviews.com/irecommend is by far the best internet marketing training platform. All in one place. And the best of all – it has a free Starter membership. That means you don’t need to pay a dime to start your journey to financial freedom. There are no obligations for you and therefore no risk either.

      Let me know about your progress with getting your money back.

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