26 Niki Lauda Quotes; 24 Quotes About Niki Lauda – Read Now

26 Niki Lauda Quotes; 24 Quotes About Niki Lauda – Read Now

Has Niki Lauda – one of the biggest names in motorsport – ever inspired you?

He has inspired millions of people around the world, as you will read and see in the article below. His life has inspired boys and girls, men and women, young and old.

Even though Niki Lauda died on May 20, 2019 (aged 70), what he did and achieved (in sport and business) lives with us. His attitude, determination, and life values are just such a great source of inspiration.

And that’s why I collected these 26 Niki Lauda quotes. Also, I added another set of 24 quotes about Niki Lauda.

I handpicked these with bloggers, internet marketers, and entrepreneurs in mind.

I chose these quotes that will help you strengthen your determination to succeed. Please read and see if they inspire you.

They have inspired me.

26 Niki Lauda Quotes

Niki Lauda Quotes About Business

1. “I see myself as a classic middle market entrepreneur, and this is the role I fulfill.”

2. “Business is much less transparent than a win in a Grand Prix; in a race, you drive over the finishing line first, and you have won. In business, it is different.”

3. “I want to bring passengers on my airplanes to present to them my product.”

4. “If I make a mistake and die in a race car, tough luck,” Lauda said. That’s my fault. But the people who fly with me have the right to expect safe travel.” – Niki Lauda (after his Lauda Air Flight 004 from Bangkok to Austria perished on May 26, 1991)

Quotes About Taking Challenges

5. “Whenever I see something that challenges me, I take it on.”


Niki Lauda Quotes

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6. “I’ve been through a lot, and I realize the future can’t be controlled. I’m not worried. You can always learn to overcome difficulties.”

About Customer Satisfaction

7. “I always want to know whether the customers are satisfied; customer satisfaction is, after all, my ultimate goal!”

Decision Making Quotes

8. “To make a decision, you need to be in a perfect environment: you have to be motivated and surrounded by the right people.”

9. “Whenever there is a discussion, I make it clear that I do not want any grey zones, just black and white.*

10. “Grey zones do not interest me at all.”

11. “When you have something in black and white, you can deal with it quicker.”

Quotes About Paying Attention to Details

12. “I am someone who places great value on the detail. That was always the case, even in my days as a racing driver.”

13. “Ultimately, an aircraft owner does not want to have to deal with all the intricate details which are necessary for the business.”

14. “I see myself as the mind of the business which takes care of every last detail; if you do not do this, you cannot be fast enough.”

Niki Lauda Quotes About Determination

15. “I always go extreme ways.”

16. “You must always aim for further growth.”

17. “When you have the chance to fight for victory or a podium finish, you have the motivation to push that extra bit out of yourself.”

18. “A race isn’t won until it’s over.”

19. “I said then and later that I had conquered my fear quickly and cleanly. That was a lie. But it would have been foolish to play into the hands of my rivals by confirming my weakness. At Monza, I was rigid with fear.”

Niki Lauda Quotes on Success and Failure

20. “From success, you learn absolutely nothing. From failure and setbacks, conclusions can be drawn. That goes for your private life as well as your career.”

21. “Really, you should always discuss the defeats because you can learn much more from failure than from success.”

22. “When things change a lot, some guys handle the change better than others, but that doesn’t mean the guys that take longer to get the hang of things are suddenly slow drivers!”

23. “Taking your first title is much more complicated and more difficult; it takes years of work – from a go-kart to Formula One. The second comes more easily because you’ve already got the experience.”

Stay Focused Quotes

24. “The less you talk, the more time you have for the essential things.”

25. “Don’t talk too much; be focused on the goal and achieve it.”

I Never Give Up Quotes

26. “Giving up is something a Lauda doesn’t do.”

Best Inspirational Quotes About Niki Lauda

1. “Like all the Formula 1 greats before him – Fangio, Moss, Clark, and Stewart – Lauda reset the bar: he was fitter, more dedicated, more professional and, as 18 impressive pole positions in 29 races across ’74-75 indicate, consequently the best of his time.” – Autosport

2. “For more than 40 years, Niki Lauda has been one of the most prominent characters in the F1 paddock. From humble beginnings as a pay driver at BRM, he rose to become one of the sport’s superstars, leading a stellar period in Ferrari’s history.” – Autosport

3. “Niki will always remain one of the greatest legends of our sport – he combined heroism, humanity, and honesty inside and outside the cockpit. – Toto Wolff

4. “As a team-mate over the past six and a half years, Niki was always brutally honest – and utterly loyal.” – Toto Wolff

5. “At 27, Lauda was young and fit. But his physical toughness was nothing compared to the mental strength that enabled him to survive not just that night but the weeks of treatment that included the reconstruction of his badly burnt eyelids with skin from behind his ears.” – The Guardian

6. “One of the last proper heroes of our sport, a true gentleman, and a great human.” – Carlos Sainz

7. “Dear Niki. Thank you for everything that you did for me. I learned so much from you. Your passion, your fighting spirit, to never give up, your belief that you always meet twice in life, and even your patience with us youngsters. Myself and all of your 100 million fans around the world whom you also so strongly inspired to never give up in the hardest of times…” – Nico Rosberg (F1 world champion)

8. “He was one of the few men who could sit down with Enzo Ferrari & Bernie Ecclestone, look them in the eye and they knew he meant business” –  Sky Sports F1

9. “Bye-bye, Niki. You gave us all great life lessons and memories.“ – Damon Hill

10. “A great human being, determined, relentless, talented, passionate, forthright, honest, humble, and great company. Living on borrowed time since his awful crash in 1976, he certainly made the absolute most of that gift.” – Martin Brundle

11. “Niki Lauda was one of a kind. To live through so much, to achieve so much and to do it with a twinkle in the eye, glinting under that red cap. He was different class…” – Ted Kravitz

12. “Courageous, chatty, and extremely funny.” – Johnny Herbert

13. “An extraordinary man who used his talent to the maximum, his iron will to confound us, and his charm to enthrall us.” – Rachel Brookes

14. “He worked like a professional, meticulous in his preparation of both himself and his car, something for which he showed a natural, instinctive gift.” – Enzo Ferrari

15. “More than a machine: Niki Lauda was an F1 rebel in his own way. Lauda was not an emotionless automaton but a driven competitor who cared little for others’ opinions” – The Guardian

16. “He was a man without a scintilla of narcissism.” – The Guardian

17. “After the accident, his refusal to undergo cosmetic surgery to a face terribly scarred and discolored by fire made him an even more distinctive figure. He set a trend by covering his burnt head with a baseball cap displaying the logo of his personal sponsor, but few of his peers would emulate his lifelong preference for shapeless tweed jackets and chain-store jeans: the casual non-style of a man who really didn’t care what anyone else thought.” – The Guardian

18. “The ultimate symbol of bravery in our sport and a wonderful man to talk to. Helped make Ferrari and Mercedes winners. Unsentimental – he swapped his #F1 trophies for car washes – but funny. – James Allen

19. “At the wheel, they called him a computer, and he was always one to see things in black and white. But he was also a great pragmatist. And a gambler.” Formula1.com

20. “Lauda, however, also had the analytical mindset to sort out racing cars, which would serve him brilliantly throughout his career.” – Formula1.com

21. “It’s simple. When I started to take an interest in Formula One, I had two models: Jackie Stewart and Niki. And I had the chance to spend two years by his side. These were the two most beautiful and best seasons of my career.” – Alain Prost

22. “He taught me how to put things into perspective. When I did not feel well, after a loss, he taught me how to get detached.” – Alain Prost

23. “The bravest man I’ve ever met, not only because he was an F1 World Champion in the crazy ’70s and had the most incredible comeback in sport’s history, but also because of how he treated people. Always honest, straight forward, blunt. Niki told you the truth in your face, no matter how uncomfortable. He was totally unpretentious and incredibly funny. I learned a lot from him and deeply admired him. I know how much you enjoyed flying. – Daniel Bruhl

24. “His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable, his tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness and his courage remain a role model and a benchmark for all of us, he was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather away from the public, and he will be missed.” – Lauda’s family

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